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us I 

i£ 12.0 


LA. Ill 1.6 














WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 








<^\ ^\ 







Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquaa at bibiiographiquaa 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the imagefi in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

□ Coloured covers/ 
Couvertura da couieur 

r~~1 Covers damaged/ 



Couvertura endommagte 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g^ographiquas en couieur 

Coloured init (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre da couieur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illuatrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations an couieur 

Bound with other material/ 
Reiii avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serrie peut causer de f'ombre ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge intirieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaisaent dans le texta. 
mais, iorsque cela 4talt possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas M filmtes. 

L'Institut a microfilm* le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a iti possible de se procurer. Les ditatis 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-itre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mithode normaie de filmage 
sont indiquis ci-dessous. 

|~n Coloured pages/ 


Pages de couieur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagies 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurtes et/ou pelliculies 

Pagea discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages dAcolories, tacheties ou piqu^es 

Pages detached/ 
Pagei2 ditach^s 

r~y\ Showthrough/ 
l^uJ Transparence 

pn Quality of print varies/ 


Quality inigale de {'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du material suppl^mentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmad to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata. une pelure, 
etc., ont M filmies d nouveau de fapon it 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 











Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplimentaires; 

Irregular pagination : [il - w«, 1 - 119, 1 - 50 p. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ca document est film* au taux da reduction indiquA ci-dessous. 

10X 14X 18X 22X 










Th« copy filmed har* has b««n raproducad thanka 
to tha ganaroaity of: 


Indian and Northern Affairs 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha baat quality 
poaaibia conaidaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spacificationa. 

L'axampiaira film* fut raproduit grftca k la 
ginirosit* da: 


Affaires indiennes et du Nord 

Laa imagaa auivantaa ont tut raproduitaa avac la 
plua grand coin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattati da l'axampiaira filmA, at an 
conformity avac laa conditiona du contrat da 

Originai copiaa in printad papar eovara ara filmad 
beginning with tha front covar and ending on 
tha laat page with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion, or tha back cover when appropriate. Ail 
other originai copiaa are filmed beginning on the 
first pege with a printed or illuatratad imprea- 
sion, and ending on tha laat page witn a printed 
or illuatratad impraaaion. axemplairea originaux dont la couverture an 
papier eat imprimte sont filmte an commenqant 
par la premier plat at en tarminant soit par la 
derniAra page qui comporta une ampreinte 
d'Impreeaion ou d'iiluatration. soit par la second 
pitit. seion le cas. Tous lea autraa axamplairaa 
originaux sont filmis en commenqant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une ampreinte 
dlmpreaaion ou d'iiluatration at an tarminant par 
la darniire page qui comporte une telle 

The laat recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^(meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (meening "END"), 
whichever appiiae. 

Mapa, plataa. charts, etc.. may be filmed at 
different reduction ratioa. Thoae too large to be 
entirely included in one expoaure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand comer, left to 
right and top to bottom, aa many framea aa 
required. The following diagrama illuatrate the 

Un dee symbolea suivants apparaitra sur la 
damiAre image de cheque microfiche, salon le 
caa: le symbols «»> signifie "A SUIVRE". le 
symbols ▼ signifie "FIN". 

iMm cartea, planchea. tableaux, etc., pauvant dtra 
fiimte i dee taux de rMuction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour fttre 
reproduit en un seui clichA. il eat fiimA A partir 
da i'angie sup^rieur gauche, de gauche i droite, 
et de haut 9n bea. an prenant la nombre 
d'Imagaa nteeasaire. Lea diagrammes suivants 
iiluatrent la m^thoda. 











I -No, 

MWOTHtOUt OtS AfV*l«FS iNOlfcNNtt IT DU ttjjft 








(Beinsf «" Appendix to Jieport of the Minister of Affvicuhnre.) 


' •' ^^' — i8"4.j Price 15 cents. 


• « s 

M *»#.* ■. Si 


'Vsv* , - 


Archivist EEPoar 

fiiHt of books, &c., presented, with the names of the givers '"'" 
State Papers, Lower Canada, Calendar. 

Q. 107. (xovernor J.H.Craig, 1808.. 

^" 1^^' *^o ''ind miscellaneous, 1808.. 
Q- 109. do 1809 

^i-UO. do 1809 

^i- 111- do 1809 

^- 112. do 1810 .'.".'.".'.'..".".'!.'.'."." 

*' '^' ^^ and iniMceilaneous, 1810. 

Q. 114. Acting Gov. Dunn, and Gov. Sir G. P.evost, 1811 

Q. 115, ^Tov. Sir,an.l miscellaneous, 181l'........ 

Q. 116. .Accounts, 1811, 

Q. 117-1. Governor Sir G, Prevost, 1812 

^- 118. do t8i2 

n III M- M ''° '^"'^ miscellaneons, 1812 
t^. 120. Miscellaneous, 1812 

Q. 121. Governor Sir G. Prevost, 1813 ...*...*' 

*-^- 122. do 1813 .....,.,,..,.. 

n III' .T- ,. ^" ^"*^ miscellaneous, 1813..... 
(l 124, Miscellaneous, 1813. 

State Papers, Upper ^'anada. Calendar! 

n ill'l' ^'«"^--^^<^v«''""'- '^^ Gfore and miscellaneous, 1808 
^■^"~^- ^'^ '^" 1808".'.. 

Q. 312-1. do 

Q. 312-2. do 

Q. 313-1. do 

Q. 313-2, do 

Q- 314. Acting Governor 
Q. 315. do 

I. Ei-ock 


1809. , 

,) oip M- ,. »"d I^i««t--(^overnor E. H, Sheafte, 1812. 
^i- 31G, Miscellaneous, 1812 

Q. 317. Lieut..Governor R, H. Sheaffe,"L;eu^Gove';nor "de" Rottenbu;; 
and miscellaneous, 1813 














Honouralj|« A. li. An()kr8, 

MiiiisLorof AgricMiltiiro, 
&('., Ac, Ac. 

tion of thoso ,„tor»t<id in l,l,t„nc«l invesligalions. 

relatLTT"™ °'""' "''°'' "'"'■""'°" °'"'°«°PJ'-S '" I--""" of the, 

Hh. 11 '"™"*"'' ""^ •"■"""■" '■°'- °°W'"« "•« '""'""•»°"' stating <» 

.n be othe,. provnce,. Very .aU.fa«tory p.,^,,,.. h„ „»„ ™,„e. bu. a, the i„. 

v««at,„„oovo,..ap»riodof ab„„t two eenturie, and a half, the work i, no, .0 
fa. advanced a. ,„ „d„i. of a thoroughly complete report of it being now prepared 

.•alendarofT'l''!''»"' ""'■ "'°'°'''"°' '"""^'"" ""'^ "" """""""ttan of tbe 
as ueuttl in the Archives Branch. "H»'«u 

The wliole respectfully submitted. 


T .^ Archivist. 

London, November, 1893. 


■ i! 


Ll.^T of Books, &c., preHonted with tho Names of the C 


■ • « « K « . 

Agriculture, l)ii|inrtiiu'iit of. . 

IJoHton, liiHtiliitt) of Teclinolofcy . . . 

RiilTiilo I'ublio Library ,, , . . 

CnyiiKii County HiMtorieivl .Society 

Civil Kutfiiieerii, .Society of 

Cniiksliank, Krncst ,, , . . 

tJeoloffical iVriiHeuiu , 

<iosMeliii, (I'liblM' A) 

• irittin, .1. A 

liurlxiiu' OoiiniiisHioners 

Kelton, Ciipt. Dwi^fht II 

Lavul Uiiiveisity bucbcc 

.M.wale.t..r Colle^v [st. Paul. .Mi„„ 

Manitoba HiHtoricul .S.HMety WinniiH-^f 

Master of th.. Kolls Lon.Ion, Kn^.. , 

Toronto , 
l*<>Hton,. ,.,..„ 
Buffalo.,*. ,,,. 
Aulnnn, N. Y ,,, 


Fort Erie 

Ottawa. . 

Ht. Charles, l'.(^ 

Hamilton . 

Montreal . 

liuiiiey, .Midi. . 

Matheson, David " 

Mcx)re, Charles 

Oblat K.athers 

I'rinc.' Kd.vaid Island, .Secretary of 

Kayniond, Revd. W. < ) 

Record CouiniiaMionerH 



Paris, Kiiince. , . . 

Charlottetown . . 
St. .lolni, .\. ]{... 
Providence, R. I. 

Remington. CyruH K Hutfalo, N. V Ip 

Rochester I ristorical .Society. 
Shewen, K. T. P 

Smithsonian Institute 

Toronto F'ublio Library 

Ward, .1. W. W 

Wentworth Historical S.Kiiety 

Windsor, .Tustin 

Wi-sconsin State Historical Society 
Yale University 

RojXJrtN. , 

Catalogue, , 


Manuel, Collections No. lO. 

Publications. * 

A Century of Municipal History. 


•fean Nicolet Piiin|ihli't„ ' 



Annals of Fort .Macliinac 

Ke|Mirts ]««;< to 'it;t. 



Domestic l(i4;M(i47 and l(i4;H-lG(iO part IV. 

Henry VIM., l.^'W, Vol. 13, part 1. 

Colonial East Indies and Persia. 



Missions dc la Congregation dcs Missii.nnaircs 
Oblats, IHC.L' to IS't.X 

< )fticial Publications. 


Karly Records of the Town of I'li.vidence, 'J m.I*. 


Rochester, N. Y. . Publications. 
Sackville, N.B . . . P.amphlet. 
Washington . . . Re|)ort. 

Toronto Pamphlet. 

Ottuwti .Pamphlet. 


Cambridge, Mass. 


New Haven. . . 

•lomnal and Transactions. 






N<iv»>iiil)er 2-J, 
December ]. 

December 1, 

It IV. 

Dece-nber 2, 

December (!, 


I'lice, 'J Mils. 


Governor J. H. Cbaiq, 1808. 

(Im Craig'H No. 34 of 22nd October ) ^"^" ^^^ 

Artillery ^ ^^^oi^o uiaHgow, Col. commanding Royal 


nT«.j K n ^^ '''°"''* "*'^ *''"''^ <"0 ini't'Ji to Indian U88i8tincn ^91 
Queries by Gore respecting the Indians, and anewer^by Crail" III 

J. Soid '''' '"'"""" ^^^''^^ ^^«- ^') ^--*«d from England, nigned by 

elaspod for the means h'o (Craig) bus emZed to fk^ ^ '"^ 

be gleaned frornVh^pa^^rs -3 e' en^e^^o^tif K^^^^^^ ,- 

the opening of Congress. A state of defence neceHsarvnl T'""^ '''^ 
•nstruct.ons, as well as his own views on the snhwZ". -^^'V^''^-'^^ ^^ 
. the preservation of Quebec as the tirst con iderat on M^ is't^e oT\1 ? 

18 sure that he (Gore) knows the vhIha T t PP°* Piwince, but 

can accomplish anything more in cas^ of Mtt.?^l. f/ .1 t^''':''^' ^^''''^ 
enemy for'a ^hort time Twill eventuX bo SpS to 1.1 '"f^ '^^' 
th.s place (Quebec); when collecting 111 the fSnossibofrn^' ;." 
provinces we must endo-ivnnr tn rrot o. V .. P ^"'° "°^^ both 

feseigers and cuTottWo^s and'^^^^ ^^'T- "^ "- 

least can be gained. The destruction nfVb • *^"' '^'^^ ^'^"^ '^^ 

distressing to them The Ame i?..nVr. "^ '""^'^fnes would be very 

commnnd'of the l^kes fs of gr™:Um;ort'nre 'Tf tbe'l 'S> '''''''' T'^ 
ployed with us they will cerHinlJTi , ?^ 



Q. 107 


DecMiiber U>, 

I)<'<finl«'i' IM, 

Decfinbt^r 22, 


Deceinl.>er 23. 

Deceiiilj<T 2H, 

T>eceniber 2!t, 

December 2'X 

January 5, 
York. ■ 

arc not kept on our nuh. Governor Hull rostrictK himnelf to adviHinLr 
ho Ind.anH to romam neutral. The policy to be purHued by them 
Wanir; "''""•'":•"" '" ')' hiHtoryof the Indian eilled the I'roS 
Wants commun.cationH on the 8ubject of his (({ore's) resources uider 
8 andH that not one of his forts is in Htate for .naUin.. a. v roHlHtanc o 
thmks it fortunate that there is no temptation to ^is^gSl" jn 

Requisition. (No. 3.) Gunpowder require.1 for the garrison of^Jtebec 
for field service, &c., signed by George Glangow. ' (5 

nnHt,^"!"^ I? ^°'"*'n ,^**'^«/«'' instructions as to his future coiuluot. He 
an hi.s brother called on the commanding officer at Amherstburgto con- 
suit «H to ca hng out (he detachments they had been ordered to Vepare 
and placnig them at that post, to ward danger from the re in fore men ts 
expected by our neighbours in addition to which they hav 2 nti ed 
two hundred extra men for duty at Detroit. Hin «Lwer Jas th he 

allow nf"'t^"" *^ "'"'7 !"""' r^ '^' ^^"^« "*■ ^^' P'-ovisions would no? 
a ow of It; recommended applying to him (Gore).' Asks that he point 
out what course is to be followed. In the event of the arrival of an 
ex raord.nary force, what Ih to bo done about calling out the miM^ia? 
Must hosti hrst take place ? How are the militia to be provinioned ? 
Has come to thiH nyer to review them. The County of Kent very loyal • 

nlZn^ f-'^'r ^holo ready for service. Essex also appears loyaKi? 

(Enclosed in Gore's of 5th January, 1808.) .r ^t* 

Speech made by Sir John Johnson to the Indians qri 

(In Craig's No. 34 of 22nd October.) " 

Sif E jZson' """"' '"'' "'^^ ''' ''"^"^'^ ""^^ Caughnawugas by 
John^^on to Eyland. Trannmits the results of the meetinir held with 
the Iroquois of the Lake of Two Alountains and thTcrughnawagaB 
The reception o the three young Indians who went to England to pre: 
sent their complaint, has made (hem insolent. On his refusing further 
OuZc in ?•'•'""" ^«' V«^/^'^'*'^' l''\^« yo""K men threatened to go to 

mimarmgeabr^^^^'^ '° '^'''' '''''"' ^'' '^'y ^^'" ^A""^ 

(In Craig's No. 34 of 22nd October.) ^^^ 

Gore to Baby. The loyalty of the men of Kent. Should further 
mnurr^rl'^. n"^ ^" the garrison of Detroit, une-fourth of the 
m litia should be called out; will direct Ll.-Col. Grant to receive them 
.no the garrison of Amher.tburg. To wait for hostilities miTt reX 
If onT'.;,Hf of';!!'- ^v ' f"^ "-"munition to be issued as ^necessary 
nnfl % ^' ""u"'' ^f ""^ '^'''" ^"fflcient, more may bo called 
out, even if necessary, the whole body. At this distaiice particular insiruc 
tions are impossible Beef to be furnished for (he militia. Has a rconfi- 
dence in his (Baby's) zeal and discretion. oi^n 

(In Craig's No. 25 of 15th July.) ^" 

PT.u*^ J^t--Col. CIrant. Encloses copy of his letter to Baby Lieuten- 
ant the County of Kent. The defence of the country can o dy be 
directed by persons on the .pot. If the garrison of Amherstburg ap! 
pears weak lie should receive the militia. Arms to begiven out as neces 
sary. Rations to be issued the same as to regulars 9^q 

(In Craig's No. 25 of 15th July.) ' "^"^ 

Same to Craig. Has been much honoured with the secret despatch of 
6th December, brought by Ensign Shawe. The unfavourable reports of 
his (Craig s) health prevented his communicating sooner Is in a 
fZ F? "• ' ^"" J^K '.'^ intelligence. Only one comfnuuication received 
f. om Er.k,no and that just after the Chesapeake affair. Does not agree 
with h.m that in such a state of uncertainty, we should be prepared for 
hostility. The extent and slender population of this province aC bSt 


Q. 107 




■Jivnuary 8. 




too gofKl /rroiindH for tho nl 


Heyon.l .refon.linK it f om^a ,,ar£l S"tu m"'" ^^^"•'''•^^> " inHtruotion«. 
done; thin fUcf must be E)," K,ra tho la 'w',T, '""!.'T"' "^^'« ^o*^''' ^^ 
'oturn of the militia. Tl.o i,u?b Lts fmm -^^'^ '»>« P«'>P'e. So.uIh 

doubtf,.!: except those at >Sr ^ th^ ^^""« l^oint are 

chiefly emiRrantH from the Cu,d y^,'.. ? "' ^''" *"habitantH are 

attackH. A^reeH with hi,r(0, J Zto Iu/T^ T-^ ^" ro,,el Huddon 
the enemy i„ cane of an attorn f on ol «»Jv'^;il"l'ty of harraHBing 
thatfortresH. Our superior tvn H ^f'' ' """" ""^'«'' '"«« «''ght of 
;' Duke of Kent " nhoffiri ^L ed^^ «tfl '"'^' ^^"'':?'■ ^''« l>'^^' the 
letter and his (UoroV) answe'r Uho /l "^^^^ 
Grant. Importance 0fVpeaS;'t;';el7i%''\rr 

Grant. l^Von\:.oo7/ ^^^^^^^^^^ nubject to"Lr-d:.l 

:w. st^ Joseph «^ourc'ar:^.;^:r^rs 

that could we destroy the Am ,r n«n V' '^r '■''-"'"'''*• Considers 
mackinao many IndiaL wouhlTedZ f^''^^" of Detroit and Michilli- 
they will beagainst us TZki two' ,'?hl ' 7k ^^'T ^^"^ ''" "''^ ^''^ us 
to be counted upon ; importanco « • fi nn'"" ^^T'"''^ "^^'^^'^ '''« ""«o«t 
monds Kiliott li- chargo^of ^e^ost of^AmT"' ? •"?"-" '''«™ ^ '*«««™- 
of tho Indians withourreiular troons ^^ '^^"'"^''^•u ^^^ i"offlciency 
presents stored hero insS of a^^T k "^''rt,^.^ "^ ^'^^''"g 'he Indian 
diHposed to favour our cm se f he is l^v IT; l^' ^-Phot^oems to be 
abouta thousand of his b,Srenvvil?''^i'T "" '"A^enco over 

Canada. *''^ ™''"'" "* ^J'« Majesty's Province of Upper 

(Enclosed in Gore's of 5th .July 1808 ^ ^^^ 

Craig to Castleroa-h rNo H ? P; r *u 
returns have been <le.rpatchod"bv this nl!"^ originals of tho enclosed 
notvvithstanding whu kehZ said in Vo ^TV""''"''; 'V"-^'?«^ "ot scruple, 
lie has discovered that demands fo, sfn ' ^^/'"'"^"'''^ 'his by same means 
forwarded through His Lo dshi^,?'« Im ^?"' ^^"^ Ordnance must be 
will be taken as ^ill secure ho Jnef'r' '"^ '^''^^''''' ""^"h «teps 
the bayonets here without scabtrdsHoZ h"'* '^ ^T"^ '^''"««* "'^ 
incurred greater expense th^n g„tt nithom ?/ »!"" '"''^' ''"''"' ^^^'^^ 

Gore to Craig. rExtract \ n. tV!^ ^"""^ ''"™*'- 8 

enceen..., ,0... ,.e,„p„j:t;rr^if-S-t^ho.,.^^ 

Enclosed. McKee to Prid <a \u 224 

appears that the Americans snTr'lnnF" ?-^ *^" enclosed newspapers it 
us daily. Has been obS f f L^'"^' to gam the Indians. They leave 

The de^ad Indi^nsTow 'Su 't fo 4',' r,""'"""'*''''! *' disown :iXl 
CraigtoCasdereagh. rNo 7? k ^"'T.^'^^^h'^^^^'yday. 225 
the charge with which His JVr.iLfi^^ "l""""''^ '" ^"''^00. Has assumed 
of importance has occurred StJ nfM • k''Tu^ ■^'™' ''"'^ "^hich little 
quiry. finds communication wi h nJli^t t.f' .mproving. Upon on- 
wr.ting on subjects where cauTi^^n iTn^H i tt^*' ^"""S^^ *« ^^''^ant 
approve of his abstaining f^o^ ent Hn ' ^"P"' ^'^ ^«^^'«hiP ^i^ 
Everything in pretty much theTamo s at^^/P"." «ny military subjects, 
utmost good annears (o nr«L-i • **'® '**' ^^^en he last vrote " The 

mud6 for callinl oul and LI^\«J7mI nf Th ""• "T^ ""aDgemont is 
Camnnniii,^o,,„f„ u- ■ . '"""ng a titth of them af, tho HKr.nt«=^ .._. 


P.,^^ • ^ "" **"" arming a 

Camp equipage to be added to the 

at the shortest noti 



■eqmsition already made. SiaceTast 


Q. 101 


January 12, 

January 12, 

.January ^3, 

January 22, 
Downin'r St. 

January 23. 

Februaiy 4, 
Douninu'' St. 

Otter he has written to Lt.-Gov. Gore and sent an officer to him with his 
tw r ih ''^''^- '^' "• ^JT' "^ '^' eo-operation that might be necesi uy be! 
dS son ^TrT."r '•'" "''?* "^i '^''' T^ ^^"^ United States is freely 
Ee wni hi ■^^-^:7«'-^'^i- h^'« ^lespntched Col. Shuwe with letters sJ 
the.e w,ll be a completo understanding. Has delayed calling 

?on nf"<r""" r "'"'-^'ITu"* *''^ ^^'' 2^^'^ '"«'^- From the present dtTpoS 
tion ot the public mind he expects cordial co-operation in Measures for the 
public benehtJa Is for districts of Quebec and Montreal to be erected 
Fears the £),000 allotted for each will not bo sufficient. The position 

t auditor ot the public account.'! vacant by the removal of Mr. Coffin to 
UpTc oTthe'iws'"^' '"''" "*'^''' consideration, appointed Mr. Hale, 

10ti;o;nht''!n.'f7Tf °^T'''''"^^^ inwards at Quebec between 
aM?2?tSv:.le;.'''""^^'^^' "'' "''""■'^^ betw.e,.13th October 

temtr ,nu? r. n'?T ^•^"^«r»'^'."^'^"ers of State between 26th Sep- 
tember and Ibth October laot, inclusive iSr 

Same to same. (No 11.) Enclosing copy ofthe rates of exchange and 

cunent prices at Quebec for the month of December last ^ ?s 

Jinclosed. Prices current. " |a 

• ";— — *^° ^'■''-'^- (D.'-r"'..) Recent intelligence has rendered it exDodiont 
la the judgment of His Majesty's ministers that the defence of Bd?h 
possessions in America should be strengthened. With this view a reo-i 
njent ot 3,000 rank aiid tile will sail fo^r Halifax under the comnumd ^of 
fell tr. i rcvost. further remtorceraents tobegoverned bycircumstances- 
a though measures will be taken to suppoA with tiTope H s' 
Majesty's North American subjects, yet inuch of the exertion must be 

Bir -'to^h. ^:;f T'' \^''''''\^'^'- TJ- number of militia considered nel'^ 
sai„v to DC raised and i^med, and the method in which it is to be done 
E< specting the rank officers ofthe militia will take. Not less than 1« 00 
stand of arms will be immediately forwarded and uniforms, to be ssned 
to the mihtia only m case of actual service. Two companies of ar Ml rv 
will be immediately se.t to Halifax and two additionaf c mplies he d 
di-.'r :r'' '" ^T''"^ '° Quebec upon any intelligence which may i - 
dicate an approaching rupture. Camp equipage tbr 10,000 men will 
also bo sent In order to liquidate the extrairdinarv expeZsTsup^ y 
of specie will bo forwarded. His Majesty relies on' the WislaturS <i 
the respective provinces for making every exertion for tne gener 
defence, with their internal resources. The residue His Majesty w 
recommend Parliament to provide. No time to be lost in estab iKhScoi 

MabrcH P P''"l^':71"="-t«''-. f «0Py ^'^' tl'is will U' communicated t5 
Major General Provost before his departure in order that he may take 
corresponding steps in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. ^ ^^? 

retarv'o? ^''^f ^^^^f ^ C-*^"«''al Sewcll, enclosing despatch from the SeT- 
'Ty ''^^ '^t*^* and o her papers relative to the claims brought forward 
oy a deputation of Indians who went to England last year. AgainsTl' o 
Governor s express orders, they are come down to Quebec. He refused 

iir:'\?^-s;!^'^:L!^" '^^"^ '- '"'' '-'^^ ''^ ^ '-«") «-^^ ^^-^ 

(In Craig's No. 3-i of 22nd October.) 

Draft of a letter to Sir J. H. Craig. Enclosing copy of a letter from 
Mr, Harrison, stating that £100,00() will be soon f.}^,r4it^Q^ 
una tnat £lU2,(ib-4 are now at Portsmouth for shipment to k ^^aKV 

^nrthaJ tL / if ^T-'^ desire that general oriers be publis ed sta t' 
ing that the dollars be issued to the army at 4b. 8d. sterling each. 73 

> him with his 
J necessary be- 
tates is fi'eoljr 
?ith lelterB so 
lling togetlior 
•esent di.sposi- 
to bo oi-ectfd. 
The position 
Mr. Coffin to 
,ed Mr. Halo, 
Page 1- 
bec between 
13th October 

^ proc( eding8 
sen 26th Sep- 

exchange and 


I it espodiont 
ea of British 
view, a regi- 
command of 
• troops His 
tion must be 
idored neces- 
to be done. 
I than 16,U()t» 
to be issued 
!8 of artillery 
npanies held 
ich may in- 

men will 
sps a supply 
trinlatures of 
the general 
^lujesty will 

1 forces may 
nnnicated to 
le may take 

om the Sec- 
^ht forward 
Against the 
lie refused 
ich particii- 

letter from 
to Qucbue^ 
rova Scotia, 
dished stat- 
lach. 73 

Q. 107 

February (!, 
Downing St. 



February fi, 

Febr'.iary 8, 

February S, 

February 10, 

February 12, 

February 24, 
<t>uebec. ' 

Febrnary 24, 


March 2, 
•iSwantoii, "\'r 


arr V ,i, the civil and military command of the province of New R.-nnl 

do H ^^ 

Address by the Legislative c'ouncil to Craig, Em-lish ^'''''''^ 

do Jo F • "^ .1 ' 

Address by the Legislative Assembly to Craig.'SngliHh. 
" ^" French 

,m,one,- of war o„ ,he ,„„„„ ,hip ,„ Chatham. 'Scommonl "Ihl 

inclosed Exlnot of:, loiter trorr. KrBkinl.. ooi 

Paragraph fi'om tho Ifalmal InMU.jence. Stt 

of Artlfn "niv l°""l''; '■^°- "•' '^""'"""g Potitio,, from tho widow 
:om:.e',;i'?i;r'prti,!r P"'"-J"""« »" ^"" !-""■!« or Montrca,. rI 

^r;hJ^™- s-r ,1^ ^:t^ hT^-B J^"-" 

John Henry to Ryland. The inhabitants of the northern nart of V.J 

towards thatobieo.t: fc"!!"thP,nyjk-r 1- f ^l^'^^^ . J«"« everything 
nt i..f«..coiirsP «n-th'p..t'' T ^ ?' '*'"'■'' ""'' 'n«'»''*i tl'o suspension 

course with Canada, we may look for the origin of (his paltry 

attempt to deprive oui- navy of a fo" 

hostility of the A 
of Buonaparte 

w masts and spars, in the invettmto 


merican Executive and the desire to abet the des 



March 6, 
Windsor, Vt, 


Q. 107 


March 8, 

March 10, 
Boston . 

March 10, 

Marcii IM, 


mind in the northern part Tf Vermont Th °^ '^1 '**'« °^ '^^ P"f''io 
informed men is that war wJtK v^Ti ■ ^.^® P''evalent opinion of woil- 

ascribed this to SrJearTtiftl""'' '"^r'''?^'^- He' should have 
districts in Vermont wrlL'toheif-iS^tStr''' ^''^ '^' ««^«''«» 
are determined, if forced from their neZnl^ f .*" l^^-^'^'^'^y of Congress 
unless Great Britain surrenders fh« Si V^' ^ l""^^ P^'"<^ ^^^h Pranoe, 
done, they say that if there fs a f im« Ih ""^ '^^''^' ^' ^his will not be 
from Gieat Britain, it s now The boTi ? ff^^'^TT ^"° ^« «^t«'-'«d 
resistance; the timid. wL^oTeseeindi^llVL?"^''"'^ °f/° ^''^^"'^^^^ 
"armed truce along the bordei-' 1-^^^^^ '"^ 
B>' tain. An alliancS with Wmrt« *« 7'"h ^ ""'T ^'^^ ^^^^' 
value the advantages deriLftZT/V%.'^''^^^^^' ""^ ^'^^^ ««em to 
The general conviSn" ?ha Z in eres'ts oHi^/^''^.^^^ ^••^*«'"- 
not now regarded and will neve. «^«?n^ > -^^ Northern States are 
the Nation: General dTstress n, evaT ^,"'^°'",!"'^^« *" the Councils of 
not yet received instrSi^ns i to tW :J^ «°"««tor at the frontier has 
not yet certain that the b U has L?on« fhr "T"'!' ^/'^ ^^"^^^a. It is ' 
man who would tamely uLmft Tbannrtffl' wV' ^" ^"^ ""' ^«""'' « 
more rationally of the conouPs>V nf n.n' 5^ ^ And that men now spenk 
amunition, oiBcers &c am^t Mnl °C "'''^'' ""'^ *'^ ^'^^^^ are the arm. 
influence of a Pre 'crMSte^m^^^^^^^^ ""^'''^'^ ""^^ ^h« 

from the appointment or?u'vJverLrrlTn7.".r"r^"^ '"^'"^r 

determined to preserve the Tnl m J w General that Great Britain is 

fron. the banki-up cy of his a Je 7' u?t ^°'' \? ''^ ^^^^ ^« ^^^ '^^^ 
by reflecting thai it^coltrfZ".:; t Ittf C^o'L^^^"^^"'^ ^'^l.^^«^-- 

seSKiX^Luifof ^iin?i^^'7'"^,rP>' o^ - a^^- 1 ^ 
a repeal of the Act of 28th of H;?^ ^';/^' P"^"P««« «f obtaining 
to be P'-ejudicial to the Ir^vinci^LC,^ «.>."•>''> ^■'^"P*^^ ^9, stated 
to Canada or the Sugar CoEs ThT ^''\*^^t equivalent advantage 
thi-ough the oporatio^ of th A^t on anT.f "^'^'IT' *" '^' '•^^^""^ 
upwards of £2,000. Co^cur8^^th ih/w. ?^''' ""^ ^^^ y^'^''^' h''« ^een 
of the Act in question ^^^ ^^'''''^ "^ ■•ecommending a repeal 

Enclosed. The Address '^<^' 

fait';^?!^^^£,^C' mtsiof td V"PT r ^^^^'^'^^^ -^ — ^ of the 
the States. Also a iT to f^^ "\t ' intention of immediately quitting 

State, to the t/ove.^;.!'"' £rachuseUs Tn "/l' 'T'"^^'^ SeL^ary of 
England. The principal men of Bn^tl ' ^he danger of a war with 
to be at war wifh gS BHt-nn ^n ^ ^''^?'' ^^"'" determination not 
The mob appears to bf n tieir ide T^"""^^ "' 'A '"u^^"^*" resistance, 
lost everything and by those wl oh'.. v-fP""'.}'^"^' '^^^'^ ^y ^hose who 
secret exertion is being Sto Souse h/''''^r^ *? ''^^«' «"^1 «v«'7 
must end in their su'bP on to X m^^^^^^^^ 
of the people will awal.i in the cUt: o^rCotict ^^"'^ '''' Tf? 

pro'i'Verson'to J^^T&.of^TZ^T ''' '^''' ^^^^^^ ^ '" 
Mr. Johnson, who unde. ntslf ? '^ '"^' ^"^ "^ ^"« ^"^ E"iott, and 
appoint. ' ' ' 1"^'^"^ circumstances, it is impossible to 

Ki'S^Sperr H^!^:fes,/irf.rr^' '-T ^"^'-^ ^ -P^ of the 

can Governmentfn conSon w^^^^^^^ ''"'"' ^'^ the Ameri- 

with Great Britain whS?.?.!^'/':.^^.". ^h^^^peake.'' It nowremains 

Government has DUshedT-oftrniL' 'rl^'" "'"' ^^^ ^ "^^r, as the American 

Q. 107 


March 25, 

April 2. 

April 5, 

April 0, 

Apiil (i, 

April S, York 

April 10, 



irritating system Thithat^"\ 15"'".^ u ^^^^^'^^ ^is present 
will be ready to withdraw from the r^nlT*^' the Now Englancf States 

Government and adopt a policy c^nln^alto'Th?' -''.^^"'^ ^ r^'^^'^'^ 
of property and of taleSt rJ« nn^^i 1. ^V-^ interests. The men 
remedy. The Commander of S'-pL^^} ^"*'' '"'« «^ ^"^ ^^eient 
himself by orders Cot to S" ^^^'^^^P^^'^^ !« ^eq^itted ; he justified 

captain of a ship in ?,om a P re ch port stStsThatlrA"^''''- ^^« 
sels were condemned on the ohnr^n «f » • l .* ^^° American ves- 
of war ; thej, were oo.a"ca*d. ° H fp^'ute- K"" "^ ° ^'^'?'' % 

(111 Craig's No. 25 of 15th July ) ^55 

4-^:n?^fe^S2a^£^^Slfi;;riS"1"^ ^^« 1"^-" 

Affair? to residf a Amhersbur^'tflf furtr'^H'^'^^'oS'^^™' ^^ ^"^^'^n 
stores at St. Joseph'f necessitated },i T • '^''^'"■'- .^^^ '^^« ^^^'^^l of 
grounds without tLir 3' esel wiiT '^^V"^^^!- their wintering 
having a second year's supplf r^o;e'^^'"^ '"" ^' ""^^^^^ ''^ ^^'^^'-^ b? 
Craig to Castlei-eairh (No Ifi^ i?.,«i« • . . ^^'^ 

Eeid (Read) conviS of havinc; .„Hn i'^''"^ memorial from Henry 

Sentence passed on Henry Eeid or Read. JJS 

faituTo X^sl?slLlin1,r r I '""f ^ ^"^'^ ^^^-^^^ ^^ '^ 
the inhabitants of GloZy"(oSe«nT^ ^ W "T.^'''^ '" ^^^^ «ff«'- ^^ 
file Cannot enclose afJ'd'et^irTet' ex rpt^'tSt "he v 1'' h""l' ^"^^ 

appoint Lt.-Col. ^^l^ '!X.^oX^J^, ^^P-^ ,^^ 

inS^^:.;^sia j^;^.. ^^ii^sr'^i^^n'^^'-^' ?««•-- -*-^^ 

Doptity Commissary General has SVed in'^ "'? P^l««^'y q»iet. The 
intends to send $100 000 HowLl!. "^o'^^a 'on that the Treasury 
case of hostilities State J'' TfJ^'^ '^cceptablo, it is quite inadequate in 

Provincial ParUrment'^atw days'^hT^nrt' H^'T^°^ ^^^^'^^ '"^^ 
temperate. Among the ActKnL«Y- * Proceedings have been very 

Chateau St. iZi^^vvhich is J^uoh ni^n"? ^or raising £7,000 for repairing 
house, the C.uteau boi:;' unSbiTaW: ' "' ""' '' "'^ ^'^^"^ '"^ '^ P^^^^' 

■ heid'it AmCSbufgtTh rKlr^^''^ '' ^ P^-^-*« --"S I 
great influence. Co? B liott is to 1.^''';. ^'"' "'*"''" '« '^^'^ to have 
services are required,: therr"atLLrt'to'^^iort """^^^ '''^'^ '"^^ I 

con^'y-Vs^fStfoSoio'^ ^-•- ^«"«- -^ich mfy 

States of AmercaXzard^.ir^K^'';'" disposition of the Eastern 

munication w'ith Ver^'mritn'fnE'rt X^t^^^'"''' •"^"'- - ^^^ com- 
m\ Henry is a trentleman n7nKii-'f'' u^ .'/"" '"^^"^ prohibiting it. 
States an/is welf aciSiL wUh !'« n^K^f 1-^^^" ^""^'^ ""^^ i" the 
At present he lives in Zntr J « J"™^ of the lead,ng people in Boston. 
hiB^correspondence rbdnrmal\" .;y "'' ^^e ™o«t distant idea that 


Ajirjl 14. 


Q. 107 

that abandonmo" rprincinla w£ ^fZ"^ , ''^/"'■'""'' =l<»P«i'- ■•"■f 
object, Cxreat Britain must use anradXesBconciSf^^ J'^^T^'*'^?' 

I i 

April 25, 

April 25, 

-y „..„>..v.o .„,.! u. ijiB zoui in the service. 

.hat from the bo,Ti;fom;HorLcrSt.1hotM 

borders of the Miamia east ho,.H«,.r;f f i ft- , • "*-"''"« ""so on the 

botwee,, IbeBO wS-B'dTnotexZl l^o°";°''«;'u"''"'' "><• '"^""o' 

.bin>oB.. „ithouta„;,.t?r,,rb:c,< a;:e'y:n t 

bra-Bht for«rd. m! °a "el ,o„t m ,kXV" """ M^'^rPl" ""'"e 

^ori:vi"ir.^Kf£SH"- ft 

for hi. volunl ar, Her"cee ° "ifflcently thank Mr. Elliott 

distrit i'ron,?i';:;!;d tis:^:z,z '«»''. "^p-'^^^-' fo^^tl 

vidual efforts. S co SdeL orga.nzed plan over indi- 

for England's r^e^^^^Z:^^^^:^^^^^^ 'T^"" '' '^I'y ■ 
as " constructive treason " Z J • ^^^^''^ ^^ prevent tli s 

evervflin?;7.iiii;f 'fJ\'l^_^V""'^"f '^^'' who before disagreed in 
of w^r; ThVacceSlion'of "theNT 'ir ""^ ^^-^P^'^f 'l'" ^i^h Canada in case 
niand of La.e SrpUl r„.?rX.ffto"'a,:;rS "bft^h^S 

Q. 107 




May 3, 


May 5, 

May 6, 

May 7. 

jVIay 11. 

Connecticut Rirer is over m "into n»T„'d thro„X HiJ? J'"'-'",'*'?- "> 

v^oCL^'^SeS: --■""-».--?" S:th„s i,'r 

b„f ":/*"■ «'"=»I'""''"i°" °f tte United State, .,.„op, and the^SS 

./eSi'^dr !%• ti^Liv^r 7,;s SSs-pSteTfrS 

Royal assent, one on y of which— fLt i.«l..t;nr,V^ • i P."^^^®,"^^^ lO' "le 

preparing; when he transmits therL will s Zi ^rern^rl^'^n'^'^';? "' 

l^^nglish. 125 

give protection to either party on our side and ,fl .T^' u-" 
Majesty's ten-itory from viol-itinn W n t i ^^'^ ^^ preserve his 

under a reliable officer • ^^'" '"''' "^""^ *« ^'^^« this post 

encourage'ment, and has beeTconfi-t^Jt ^ I'^irL'^eTu;! 
tToT'tP?'' ^"\d---* f-1 warranterwithout rthe-^tstruc" 

Foreign Affairs bv M, Pintk? f f . ^^^.^ Majesty's Minister for 

communicate to the CoC of T ««"- \' ;!"?«. thereof he had nothing to 
probabiuTy of a r pt^re with ^h. a"' ^'''' '^^^'^^'^'^on diminishes the 
ivoid the LnL«it?nrAeT'ru- -''•'"" ?'''''' '^^^^'^^ ^^ does not 

persuaded tSTakenartC^i^l ^""Pa^? '^•''' *'^«^ "'^"•'^ "°t easily be 

secure them o fh^' ^"•^'"••^" .«" «»'' Pa-'t would easily 

lem. i-robabihty ot the appearance of the French in some part 




Q. 107 


Mny 12, 


May 12. 

May 13, 

Of the province likely to bo either in Orleans or Florida In the «v«nf 
of their appearance we must use our strongest measi ros to atfa«lf f 

reads' ,!r.StZ¥^aS.„?- 'a'r. I,"r t''^?" ^^^ 
(bnciosure calendared at its proper date ) 

e^nopf tl ni^fl,. fP ^ ^ *^^ Spanish settlements load mo rather to 

ha, also recl™„tel ™ te ru;,rb 1", "" P"'"'? """ 

point out his desire that IT ri'«„ mstruct.ons given particularly 

Q. 107 



May 31, 

May 3, 

May 3, 
Downing St. 

•Tune 3, 
Downing St. 


open to them, thoir ol.IiJZrto om n^lA f ^r ^^ *^« ^"'^ '"^Ihod 
received lar^; advances rnZ.ievbefo^^^^ ^'■^'" ^?^™ '^^y ^ad 

have arrived ; both CanidiaT and A? • ^ '""^ P*''^'^- ^''^'"e ''afts 
Some of the former we e put in m ZvZZ ^«'«.°°"d»«ting them, 
from this Government. M? Woo? e^ OolTecToi nf^r T • P7,^«^^^'«» 
wrote to the judges of Montreal on tiis^ubTect ^^"™P'«'" ,?^«trict 
(In Craig's No. 25 of 15 July ) «""Ject. Page 261 

raisi'";:ro? tt^tlltrV/^r^^i'bi !f„^d^ Sfr^n.^^^ -^i-^ "f ^^0 i 
their ability; finds it imnossihrp/nm- ,^ *.t*^ ^'^^'^ ^°"' «x««ods 

a reasonabh time thSoro h« . Tu f!?''^ *'^*' ""'"^«»- Proposed in 

that the money advanced was nnt « ,£1 f /^ u He represents 

mends that he l reimEtd i^at L fsTo" /wed r^A^^^^ 

recommend the lepavment of ^Sn r .„^ do' rowed ($200), but does not 

for a speedy answer ^'''^'' ^''' '^'*''«»t directions. Asks 

Draft of letter to Cmiff. Transmit* nn n..ri • ^ ., ^^^ 

an Act authorizing the format nnnf fi? n 7" >" Council confirming 
The sixteen followhiir Acts hTv. T ^'^^ Q'^«bec Benevolent Society^ 
to objection:- ^ ''''^'' '''^" considered, and do not seem liable 

9n!i ^T'T"r^ ^^^ regulation of trade. 

5th. Eegulating provincial post houses.' 

Ki^'^SS'i^fTK-iSJr "^^"""^ ^'^^ *«"- «^*^« Court of 

7th. For building a new market house in Montreal 

8 h. ^or completing the market house in Quebec 

mh FJirTH'^ '^"^ t^^''^'«" «^' seamen • 
Quebec Z'llTaU^^Zfo^in. ^H^ -^«h'PPj"^ - the ports of 

nth. Respecting a ien8^Sdo«,i^ Tu^''^^-''^ *^« ^^- Lawrence, 
have resided in FnmZ " ""^ ^" ^^'^^sty's subjects who 

JoJ?- li'''' the recovery of small debts. 

stabts.- "'' »o>"ination and appointment of inspectors and con- 

itlh IZ *^^ ''!"^' ^'«S""ati«n of the fisheries in Gasp^ 
orer„g\^4.|SirtL%^r;^P"^^^ ^^^-^ ^^« -^'-i- right of 

^^& S~F^^ Of knight. 

Dra of -lotto; fo sfr'^ h'V" "^'f^' B-evolent'^ociety. 174 

Although no detinue s'^JtlemJf.t wi?lf -.Ki^.t^^; if ^P^'f '-« re-'^^'^" 
us hostilities annear imnrnf^nhlo kAT ■'^^-"' Oas jui, uucon place, vet 



Q. 107 


■ Ill :,UU 

.Tiiiio 8. 

.Tune 14, 

•Tune 14, 

June 14, 

June 22, 
/ Quebec. 

June 22, 

July 7. 
Downing .St 

July 15 

July 15, 

July 15, 

care to have other articles required forwarded 
memorials of Mrs. LeMnistre and Mrs. DavidHoii." 

Has considered the 

Bions but His M,ye;t7as;o;;rorg;.;;:;;Ti;nd'^r 

J^fThe't^e^aTsrCr-^r' " ''' ^'"'''-'''' ^^P-""'' 
of H^Vf"-^?'^- (^^^.^^•'»«^-) Thinks it would contribute to the iS^ostt 

Imhe^HHr ^ Vr"'"' '^ '^' (^'"'"^'> «'^'^"'*' '"°*^t 'he Indians hmselfl 
Amheistburg. They appear to expect it. He is to be very guarded in hs 
speech ,o us not to give offence to the Americans. ^ ^ ou 

rjyland to Joseph Planto. Disrais«inK' him from his office on account 
of h.s share m the publication of a seditious paper. ??o 

(InCraig'sNo. 29 of 5th August.) ^ ^^"^ 

Same to Panet, Tascheroau, Bedard, Borgia and Bianchet dismissing, 
them from their positions in the militia. ^'ancnet, aismissing 

(In Craig's No. 29 of 5th August.) 

Same to Hon. G. E. Taschereau. Desiring that his son J T Tasch 
ereau be no longer employed as his (Taschereau's) deputy 314 

(InCraig'sNo. 29 of 5th August.) ^ ^ "^ "*** 

Lat^o^T Jo^ZlnlJr''' "-'"' ''' *'^ ^^"™^ '' *^« ^'^'^^-^ '' ^"e 
(In Craig's No. M of 22nd October ) ^^^ 

(In Craig's No. 34 of 22nd October ) 

Draft of letter to Sir J. H. Craig. (No. 10.) Despatches Nos 17 and 

8 received. Information gives reasonable grouna to believe that hostf- 

Jities will be avoided. Trusts therefore that the specie remitted wl 

meec all demands. If affairs should take another tu.rhe wU^p ovTdeThe 

Bupply necossaty Directions given to Sir G. Prevost to keop^ Ws fbrce 

tTearrto'T'- 7'^' '''''' '»'«''ig«"«e transmitted by him (Craig an! 
pears to come from a person of good information and discretion fnd he 

tSZ^ZTT'- Un^.--,--«ng circumstances the failne fo 
laiso the Glengarry Fencibles is less to be regretted. The reduction of 
the f^ne imposed upon Reid will be approved, also the jairbilTr Ga n/ 
and the extending of the encouragement proposed to Mr Foy Letter on 

?e';urfo:wa?rthetT'7Pb-'"? '^''" ^'•''«™'"^^ '^ the AZminUty U" 
n^r^ 1 TK V ^^''d^hips' sentiments upon the subject as soon as 

CsenrMa^es'tv^roq r " h^"'"'^' :^" *'^ «^ *he 28th offfis 

PianLtionr ^ " '"^'""'^ ^° ^^" Committee of Trade and 

Craig to Oastlereagh. (No. 23.) Encloses exemplifications of the 
several Acts passed in the last session of the Provincial'Legislatm.e AUo 
r2« p"^'' respecting the erection of two jails in ?he D ti-ict of 
Gaspe. Hecommends their erection. Assents to the Act for aunl vin/a 
Owi Jtr™ ^^.^^'•^^'^^ the completing a jail in the District oftec 
?id ?t na^s'^The^r''"'^ ' '""*''^' hill respecting the jail at Montreal' 
are " ATAr.t tn T 1^ ^•«"^'^'"'"g ^«ts of last session requiring attention 

time the fot oft J ]'. TVT W ^"'^ '^' " ^^^ *« «°"tinut for a limited 

Ze Act %tlt.'1f^u ^^■M«?'^y respecting the militia." Discusses 

m. thA . § ""* ^'"' *he repai'- of Government House to be levied 

on the country and not on trade. Eeturn. having been made to ihe 

several writs for members of the House of Assembirtherwill be no 

obstacle to the meeting when found necessary. ^ ' 1S5 

Schedule of the Acts. i^J 

Same to same. (No. 24.) Enclosing copy of proceedings of the Execu 

JiTne ?8C"8 '" "'"'^"^ "'^''^'^ betw^eenTeth ^October, ^1807, and iTh 


Q. 107 




July 15, 

•Filly Ifj 

•'uly 10, 

August 4, 

AiigUMt 4, 

AuguMt I, 

infliionco over them. The L'eneral oninion i« tu«\ If u ^"*^'""»' "'s 

(KncloHureH calondarod at their rospoctive dates ) ^^^ 

Cnug to Ca«teroagh (Private.) Acknowlodgos two letters bv L. 

us Quebec in the opinion of many. His fFrenoU'J\1umn u ■ ^''*^'°" 
ing a houHe there ^ Ci^iench s) difficulty in procur- 



the £600 allowed to all 7ove?no.fund7r th^n ^^r^^'^'^od for 

inctlT"- """""^ °"™°' f'"^' '" «-"» from J„„',;a,.y to J.t] 
^nc/osf J. Current prices in Quebec for the month of Julv 9q? 

Same to same. (Xo. 28.') Thp " AmoUo " ,.,;«u i ^^"* 

but none of the stire ships nor any oT h^' JtM '' «""^«y ^^ived, 
despatch of •J2nd January fhrth/nLptK ? ^' P?"^'«ed in the 

iogeU ? b'u wa': J^J^Ii ;"„ruu"o?'' T- ""«"■ '"'JV "efbroaght 
attempt to awomble tZm ifa" been „.'',f/'"^h''''n'"^-.'*'"«V'"'" ™ 




August 5, 

Q. 107 

August 0, 
Downiug St. 

like the Bubordination and ponati-nint letu 

old influence it might be (^^ lib ron?Lv,f ^ «e.gneur8 posHesHed their 
have sprung into rfol ce and whh*ti«7" k"^ r'^"''^' '*PP««'' n«^v' to 
returned to\he new I^oune Jneint Sf^f Z^?'^'"'''^^- '^^' '"^'"bers 
"nd only sovon seigneurs The lawvLf ''*'^^''™' ^""'•^««" farmers 
the House, always together and S .k^T u ''"'^ P""'*''^"' P»''ty in 
(iovernmont tT b •ce^Eemsdves inZffln' 't^?^ "T^*"'^' ^'^^ ^«^« «f 
Aorse, and the prose vLThr n«nn^^^^^ The na.l.tia is their s^a/Ae„</ 
Holdi^rs their tferne of ^meJi^ ^ZlrT /^« degradation of being 
to enforce the militia svaterTn H«fv f"^, ^,<^'fflculty of attempting 
French force, no hi fs to be exnl ?«H 7. "having to contend with J 
t rary. arms i A their hindVludgr.'^^^^^^ TLrarT' ""l ^^r^"" 

nexation to France Srilral proposition was made of their roan- 

that they would even join tg: Americans'!? tlTr"""^ *''« ^"""^'^ '« 
by a French officer. Is per^tTd ih. fl u ^«''0« ^^^ commanded 
would houseless. By our K tho«o trlwl "^ ""d expense iust now 
ho could call on in case of atVS t !u """"^ '^^"'*^ ""* ^e those 
hension might mal o them mL trT 'able" BvZ' "' ^''f''^ "PP^«- 
powerod to keei) the miTtia t(Sfith„; fi^ T^ ^® PJ*'''®"^ '"^ ^^ »« era- 

■broughtintouso. Embt" t^'nt'I thS^corrof ran^^'^h ''"^^ T'^''^ '' 
seven CO onels and mor., li«.,^ ""» tne score ot rank; there are twenty. 

rank. In hrSerPr,,vin.« J '*"t ™fJ?^" '^" t«"«»«ious of their 

who areompowofrd of th^ I-e, ,,^all o^ Lioutonants of counties 
to the authclrity of the G;:;So . 't eitS'rto'''^^^^^^ 
frontier might furnish them with motive fo'i ho doin^,/^ h^, iTv"'"" 
iirmed the rank irivon to T.ipnt n^^i^., i • t> "'"nK- nas only con- 

has been publishing articles cLlon f. t ^ "«T"P''P''' ^^ ^«««^*e«, 

•lism.ssed those with commissions from the miH ,a Conv of H- • ? 
one bsed. The infliinnoo ,^f thr. n. „a- '"'""»• '-'Opy of dismissal 

=r ^:iS^ -^"- ™^^-' '-- 

tr";;'7 7 -2!t--iia:ircd at tneir respective dates.) 

T?n!.i? y ^'^"^/ ^'^ ^"''g- I^«tte''« received and laid before the K,n„ 

cuU Sn n?';''"™ ^i'i ^*^P^«" ^«"^«" ^^ ^'^^wer to Ui 20 on the 
cultivation of hemp. Also one enclosed from tho Treasury witEpar- 

Q. 107 


Aufriwt 16, 

Atijfiist 25, 

•Sf pteinber 2, 

September 2, 

September 14, 

September 22, 

OctobtT 14, 



Octol)er 19, 


but at p,.o«ont''tl.e..e' are onl^'ttel': . "^ tZ 'nit"' Tret^ t "' '"^"'' 
Cttuned by the death of Chief Juntice Alcook ^aken 1 1 ?nr ''fS'^u^^ 
successor, when appointed will fill it P wv,/ .1 '^»'' ^'ranted his 
mendH John Eicha'^lnon an.rcL"' e 'de S Our'/'Vrd"?? ''''''"'; 
such inconvonionco in future nronosPH M,„7t J; ^ .•♦• , ^" «^oid 

appointe.1, recommends Joh^FillZntuJ^^^ ^"^ 

Ar.toineJ.D„«chesnay. fCy attomion tn ^hjf ^k"""',* ^^ ^^«"*^'"'*'' ««d 
Craigie HuporseJed a^H Dep U^^^^^^ necesnary. Mr. 

in the Executive Council R^oom m f ^ "®^?'' *'^"««'' '^ vacancy 
Be^uestMhatM:?. JaTorlVvii^^S-irnS ^""^« '' '^'^'^"l 

that ho (Seweli) may continue fbr a ror?t m« • k? '^^^'^ '^"^''"^' ^^°"^ 
can be replaced.' T Jo persons Sr GreeceTnd Jl/l.'X^^T^?® *'!' ^' 
sent here to instruct the pe<,nle in the on^?nr«nfK ^^P'P^"' ''a^« been 
trious, doing his best- the iatti?. ?n« a "^^u^^P' The former is indus- 

siding' Pri'vate acToints a? coicu in slSKhatso f '"^'""f ^^l'- 
upon the effort of Mr. Jefferson A ZhIV^B ^°.^'*'' ^ '^"'* depends 

gentleman intimates that even thelsnnLnnf "'^'■"'"^' f'-oma pHvate 
and no exertion on the part of Jefferson Zlf '' 'T'""*" ^""^ ^"^"'^hed 
The embargo still a souCof dltrs? Se Ind'^e B!s".?n'" '^^'^''^'^«,- 
state for want of houses. Anxiety about fhra^ltl'^^irsS %\1 
Same to Castloroagh. TNo 30 ^ Tmn^t^u ^ ""'" •"'pain. JJ2 

chungo and crrent pHceS the'mo'^TSVuT °'"'° "=«' °' »- 

^.'f p. .^"T '""""•' °* •J""''™ •■»' ">e month cf AuK„,t w 
hame to Edward Cookn^,. v. hit tr "" ^^ -f^ugusr. <{J7 

quite approve of Mr Youn^ reoeiv n^th^'' 7 '*'''' S received. Does not 
House.' Ilis treatment of his o.edit<^?«^t^"^ «^*^^« Trinity 

member of the Executve Council irfsIV'iH^f? '""^''^ '^^ ^^^-^^ ^« ^ 
Same to Castlerea..h rNo 3^ ' Fn f ' '^"■*"' ^^''^"'^- ^32 

on the Army Estabfehminu'n this movino^'Jf "^ ''''^ '^"'^"■^^^ ^^^^''^ 
during tho-'last tweivrmonths to-" f *'''^''' ''■"'""''' "'"''" ""'""' 

jpcially appointed to adm^Sr tKX To" Veelrofthttrp^ 

Enclosed. List of officers, -34 

List of xMagistrates. ' 335 

Craig to Castlereagh. ("No 32 ^ iVfr q^^r^iw i xl ^^^ 

as Chief Justice and! menTbeV of th! Fvlf' T."" ^^^. "«c««««iy oaths 
Attorney General is hu.Teft vacant ?;^*^^"^'^« ^"""^'i'- The office of 
this crisis. After much dXmtfon 'r I '' ^ ''"'^ 1'^'""^ ?•««« t« AH at 
the Chief Justice, oT£^ Bowe-f a beTm^ ^ll ^^^^^l'' ^''^ther to 

the latter a commission wlXwaiC. S mS , '" ''?' P^^'*' ^"« .^'•^•«" 
expedient to allow the office trremfi^vaSt^^n P'""""'".' "« '* ^«« "«* 
PeraultasHisMujos.y'sadvoca^rwhi.h ;■ ■^^''' "T«^ ^^'•- ^''^er 
M. Sewell-s appoi^tm^ent^'u LtCsra Sir ^'^ '''' ^"-"* ^^^ ^y 

(In Craig's No. 34 of 22nd October ) mountains. 371 / 

Bnclced. Curren. prices at Quebec for September. ||? 



Q. 107 


Octolxr '-M, 

OctolxT 2(>, 


NovenilMT 23, 
Downiiijf St. 

December 2H, 

Craig to CiiHlleroiigh. (No. ,"{4.) Hub cniisod un invoHtigiition to be 
made into tho compluintN of the IndianH. EncIoHOB correspotulonce on 
the 8\jbjuct, viz.: — • 

1. Ryland to Johnson, Kith Novombor 1807. 

2. .TohnHon to Uyland, L'Hth Dccombor, 1807. 

3. Spooch by JohnHon to ti)is IndianH, 22nd Docombor, 1808/" 

4. PiocoedingH in Council with tho Indiana, 23rd Docombor, 1807. 

5. Letter o» loforonco to tho Attorney (renoral, 23nl January, 1808. 

6. Attorney (ronoral'M report on tho Indian cluimH of tho Indians of 
tho Lake of Two MountaiiiH, 

t). Ditto of tho Indians of Caughnawaga. 

8. Eeport of a commiltoo of tlio whole Council on tho above. Page 345 

(KncloBuroH calondared at thoir rospoctivo dates.) 

Same to CiiHiloroagh. (No. 35.) BoHpatclioH received. Tho only par- 
ticular answors required are to No. l>, relative to tho Forges of St. 
Maurice and Nom. 10 and 12 relative to the culture of hemp. Has hit- 
herto declined signing' tho lease of tho Forges to Monroe and Boll, who 
however, retain tliem ; it appears advisable to sco if they will not accept 
the lease on more reasonable torms for tho province. Inconsequence of 
the detailed Htatement sent he awaited instructiona thereon. Has notas- 
sernbled tho Council for some time owing to the vacancy in the ofHco of 
Chief Justice and tho abHonco of several members. These objections 
now removed. The unsatisfactory reports ot the hemp culture. 372 

Same to Castlereagh. (No. 36.) p]nclosing printed copies of the Jour- 
nal of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada during tho last sitting. 


to ('raig. Despatches Nos. 26 to 30 inclusive, and one of 16th 

Septomber, marked separate, laid before the King. Tho decreasing pro- 
bability of hostilities, and tho necessity (^f supporting tho Spaniards pre- 
vented the militia supplies being sent'out. His (Craig's) letters on the 
gubjoctofthomilitiaaro clear and satisfactory. His Majesty approves of tho 
persons concerned in the publications of seditious newspapers being re- 
moved from office, 33q 

Craig to Gore. (Extract.) In loiter of (Jth December he has entered pretty 
fully into his ideas on the subject of tho Indians. Nothing since has 
altered his opinions. Repeats that they must bo either for or against 
us. By a letter from M.v. Baby, it appears there are greater difficulties 
than at first supposed in tho way of obtaining their co-operation. Thinks 
our power to withdraw all supplies should act powerfully on them. Tho 
Indian Department must be active and vigilant and keep those topics 
before them. 219' 

Governor Craig and Miscellaneous— 1808. 

■tiiiiiiary 3. 
Downing St. 

Jaimary 15, 


Q. 108. 

Earl Camden to the Bishop of Quebec. Will recommend tohis Majesty 
that he be granted leave of absence to return to England. Shall then bo 
ready to converse with him upon the topics touched on in his letter. 
Gives no oncouragoTi-^ii^ he will recommend that he be allowed 
to divest himself of lii ■• uiooose, 148 

Wm. Lane to Lt,-*; o! (Tr^K,!, 
Store accounts Lo b ;• hiid liofore 

Enclosed. Extract from tho ; 
ing the store keeper's accounts, 

Transmitting remarks on the Indian 

Co!. Bowes. 18& 

nstructions to Sir John Johnson respect- 


Q. 108 

H«i|itt'iiibnr 7. 



mii'/*^'"!";'" ^^".^*»"'«»' ChtabliHhment i,. 
m.nuto« ol Council leHpecting pHrishea.) 

the CanndaH. 

T)r('('iiibnr C , 


.Ill IIP 13, 

June 26, 

.rimiiitry 7, 

tTanuarj 7. 



Jivpiiary 7, 



January 7, 



January 20. 

January 21. 

February 20, 

February 24. 


(Extract from 
■hndosed. ObHorvHtionK „n tho Humo ^ ""^"^ ^^^ 

MomoH OM the BiHhop of Q»«b«cV papew. i«8 ^no J5! 

tioMH on thorn ^" roturno<l. Submitn 8omo observa- 

lu Loner Canada "^ "'" '"*^'"n f>opurtmont 

year 1809. P'oeonts loi the Indmns in Lower Canada, for tho 

Same to same. T.anHmittinL^ letter from Cra.V wWK ■ ^^ 

land, or Iho Crown i„ Cum X Tnd™ « T' "'? 1"',"'°" °'' "'« »"»««• 

to t^r twj;;;^-::;-^^^-?:^^^^ ^^ «^- ^-"•^- ^^ 'ea.^ 

24ott;f?8ofhe^^i';&;t^7eTr- ^^-'T--to his letter Of 
nance of hi« po;itl thn'in'th fp^^iS ^" «;^'>' '"-^« ^he mainte- 
much more ho now tho necessity for ar^^^^^^^ "i possibility and it is 
be.n^. BO urgent. All tho clergy arrdeSvnte eft. '"'"'^f^rs nalaries 
MiniBters, respecting the EstabShminf n ' f^ nu ''\*''''^°^^ 
the restriction^ placfd u;on the pt^nrsv tl'o^r'^ of England and 
ernnient. Tho Canadiai CatholiChavo iC exiLtl 1"^.'' ?"'''^ ^"^- 
raise no particular objection Is coi fi,tn?« ^^I^^cted the hrst and can 
existed to prevent esLabMshment V^"'? . "^'^'"''^ ^""^ ^^^' 
Catholics to the Bostonois S they ^wf t"h« a' ^'^'^'^e^ the Canadian 
union with the States would p.Yven tL m f!n"''"'l f "^ '^'''^ ^^ " 
least from English rule, therLP.eThe ,et id p 'roMt^'''^'"^' '" '^' 
cause no trouble Affor tbo ..r...^ P'Utot the question would 

he dm not expect to have to retn.-n witf!! u ■ '^'^'^ '^"^''® passed, 

his people, clergy and himse f a b^h ^ -^u"'"^' ^""""^ relief foi! 

church Without e^HTablishi^'^iets^o hTve^Jt'^^"' J^'-'-'j^tion to a 
,.^^,.„. J t r I ^ . ""!.. jjDjio lu nave rho maffoi. ^^ ^i • 1 .. 

•-omened to uord ua«liereagh and loouosts t^ v.JTJ" , \ '''"^ '®"«'' 
intimation to return to Canada i7impS^^ '''■"'"'' ^'^^'^^"^ ^^e 

John Black to Edward Cnn^A Wo-i „■ j, •x.l , 103-^ 




Q. 108 


Marcli 8, 
< iueboc. 

M.irch 15. 

Miirch 18, 



March 27. 

March 29, 

Marcli ,30, 



April 2. 
April 14. 

of the Forges of St. Maurice. If not adequate, a note from him rCooke) 
will be immediately attended to. p^^^Q jjj) 

Craig to Eri-kine. Enelo.se8 memorial from the merchants of Montreal 
Understands one on the same subject was forwarded by Mr. President 
Dunn last April. The effect of the non-importation and embargo Acts 
on this trade. As this despatch will be delivered by Mr. Gillespie, who 
is fully informed and a trader himself, everything necessary can be 
learned from him. jg 

(In Craig's No. 37 of 29th October.) 

Alexander Lennox to Edward Cooke. Had the honour to write'on the 
24th ult., requesting ho would m.)ve Lord Oastlereagh in behalf of the 
widow of Colonel La Corne St. Luc, who spent most of his fortune in the 
service of Government. She is now in great distress. Mr. Stuart has 
the memorial copy of Col. St. Luc's commission, to which reference can 
be made. m 

Geoige Ilari'ison to same. Has laid before the Treasury a letter from 
Mr. Taylor, I'cquesting to be furnished with the reports or minutes of the 
Executive Council on the accounts of Henry Caldwell as Receiver Genera! 
of Lower Canada, from 11th October, 1799, to 11th October, 1805 Is 
therefore commanded by their Lordships to move Lord Castlereagh to 
give directions that the said leports be transmitted to this Board to be 
communicated to the Commissioners of Audit. 112 

John Young to same. Requesting that the enclosed memorial be pre" 
sented to Lord Castlereagh. Hojies his Lordship will take up his case. 114 

Enclosed. Memorial to Lord Castlereagh asking for lands and a salary 
as master of the Trinity House of Quebec. li'5 

Copy of a memorial to Sir Robert Shore Milnes, dated 3l8t July 1805, 
on the same subject. ' j^^ 

W. Fawkener to The Lprds of the Committee of Council for 

Trade and Foreign Plantations, having had under consideration several 
acts passed by the Legislature for Lower Canada, have reported to His 
Majesty that the Act (No. 1G3) for the incorjior'ation of an association 
under the name of the Quebec Benevolent Society is proper for His 
Majesty's Royal confirmation. As it does not ajipear necessary to submit 

the other Acts, returns them. 

March 29. Bishop (Anglican) of Quebec to 

Ofters his 


. , . - assistance in 

any measures for the benefit of the Protestant Church in Canada. Thinks 
some augmentation of the salaries of the ministers of York, Kingston 
Quebec, Montreal, and William Henry is necobsary. The clergy livuig in 
the country have many adyantages over those in towns, as rent and^the 
expenses of living are much lighter. Wishes it to be considered that the 
present practice of issuing marriage licenses by a lay surrogate is produc- 
tive of ill consequences ; objections are, however, made to the power being 
veste<l in the Bishop. As tbe Catholic Bishop exercises the power it does 
not seem equitable to withhold ii from the Anglican. The whole annual 
profit does not exceed £40 or £50. Wishes to change the title of his 
commissaries, thinks archdeacon a better title, as there are so many 
military commissaries in his diocese. 123 

W. Huskisson to Cooke. Is commanded by His Majesty's Treasury to 
request ho will move Lord Castlereagh to have transmitted an account 
of all pensions chargeable upon the Civil Establishment and the grounds 
upon which they are granted. 126 

John Black to same. Trusts his petition is on the eve of being decided 
upon. Asks that he be appointed agent for the Seigniory of Sorel. 127 

Bishop (Anglican) of Quebec to As the convoy sails for Quebec 

on the 25th inst., ho will understand it is important he should carry 
back the final determination of Government upon all points to which 
there appeared no objection. 128 

Q. 108 

April 14. 

April 23. 

April 28. 
April 29. 

Ajiril 29. 

May 2. 

May 19. 

May 30, ry 

May 31. 

June 1, 



June 2, 

••Tune ,S, 



«Hi<] patent. ' '^* "^ *1"^''^« respecting the powers of 
Enclosed. Patent. 130 

Qtierietj. 131 

Bishop (Ansrlican) of Quebec to a i • .• ^42 

complete the building^ of^ach^rch;tQu;i;;^'°^ '''' ^^'««« ^o 

see houie. 'wili .tiorfon ^ "^^^^^^^^^ Heu of a 

residence on bis riturn to Quebec ^'^ P''""''^'" ^' ^ ^^'^^op's 

t.ons to the Govo.-nor ; hopes the euhi^ot n • ««""«d !" tl'e Instruc- 

mentioned there also Will be mn I 7 • ™^'"^:''>g« licenses will be 

a grant of waste land. Ob eite St tT!!''^?'.".*"' ^^^^ '"'^^^^ "'^^ ^^'^^'ve 
of the Minister of William HerrvL^%!;^ ^« '^^^ ^^I^ry 

has £100 now ^ ' ^'^''^ ^° ^'"^"^^ '^ to £200. He only 

pline ovor the 'der^gy S ^,''"tars 1 f ^"u •"""i!'^ " matters of disci- 
with the necessar/JfflcersanTpowero?pnt '•' ^' '^'""''^ have a court 
to Church discipl?;.e over S Kgll, d Xr^h^or^' ^V^-^^' 
latter are answerable to ecclesiast'ctf ru e '"'' ''^ ^^'" "« '^' 

John Black to same. Pravinff that hit' ,..f .■ , 181 

on. -^^"ying that his petition be speedily decided 

George Harrison to Edward Cnnb-A tt • , j , 182 

Commissioners a report ofTLcomSille?^^^^^^^^ '"^ ^"^"'"^ '^^ I^«'-d« 
nth inst., on a letter from Mr La3 A it . . n '•^'"^'^''""*«' ^'^^ed the 

ment. "" '" ^'^'^'"^ ='^''"" ^^^ some position under Govern- 

.ri^;,isst;^.^^s,s:thic.ST?;;sf ^•^^f ^ -"- «^ ^-^ 

to be sent to Quebec since thrbe.innWrAhl''-^"'^ '^^ 

stract of the same sent to Halifax Tn the mm[Mnf^^^'''u^^^'^'■ ' '''«« ^b- 

ff^rnrr-'-^^-^--^^^ '^^^''^^^' III 

i!^^>^:!^i:i.^^^^^a:::l ^"r'^";:^ ^^^-osssustai^:? 

fhoir goods at Niagara^y the Vn^edT^ cT^^ *^« ««'^»'« ^^ 
immed.ate restitution, that they may be Ji/nf.r''- ''""^ '" ^''«"- 
the season closes. Consider tL sXuro n , !^' 'V"'^''«" "^^^^''^ 
over zea of the customs officer. Co b ders it n . ''''""'"^' ^''""^ '^^ 
had no right to pursue citizens in tVeewt.vs ''%T'l'^'' '''"^«^ ^»oats 
ment should put a stop to such ^olence ^ American govern- 

In Craig's No. 37 oV 29th October") ^^ 

copy of an address of the Ilouse of AsrembiTf ""' ^^"^ ^'^^^ ^^^h 

-.ig the repeal of the Act of 28th of His ^.i. ^ Lower Cana.ia, respect- 

the committee will take the sLe i, to o f T' '^'''P- ^'^^ The Lords of 

^part relating to the valuatio^ Sj^^and heaSfll^r^ ^"^'^"^"^^•'^ X 



June ;', 



Q. 108 


•Tuly 4, 



July 18, 



July 21. 

Julv 2;?. 

Julv 2!i, 

St. 'H.ichs. 


Aupust 1, 
• ^uebie. 

August 2, 
St. Hochs. 

August 3, 

John Barron to samo. Has laid before the Admiralty the letters 
reHpecting (T.ullaume Martin, a prisoner of war at Chatham. Directions 
given for his release. p^^^ jgg 

Win. Walter, secretary, to same. Renpecling the papers necessary to 
elucidate the accounts of Henry Caldwell, Eecoiver General of Lower 
Canada. J^^J 

Wm. Milford to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury Enclos- 
ii.K Piirticularsof^ articles presented to the Metropolitan Church at 
Quebec from His Majesty. ^q^ 

£'nc/osf(Z. Particulars of communion plate, &c., boujrlit of Eundell 
xsridge and Kundell. 2oi 

List of altar cloths bought of Charles Smith, upholsterer. 206 

List of books bougiit from Mr. Payne. 20? 

GcorgeHarricon to Edward Cooke. Having laid befoio the Lords 
Commissioners of the Treasury a letter from Mr. Mitford transmittintr 
particu ars of the articles to be sent as a present from His Majesty to 
the Metropohtim Church at Quebec, he is commanded to transmit said 
paper to hiin (Cooke) ii. order to have a communication made to the 
Lieut.-CTOvernor at Quebec. 202 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 

./Q/'^i^'"°?' ^V''T^'', ?'^q"^8t'"g that his application for the Forges 
ot ht. -laurice be looked into as soon as possible, to cnal)le him to 
proceed to Quebec. Asks to be appointed to the position of superin- 

endent of the King s ship and batteaux yards, inspector of all the tim- 
ber expended in the military dei)artments and by the ci-. il ffovernments 
and agent for the Seigniory of Sorel. If these cannot be granted, a ks 
that he be provided for upon the Canada establishment. 208 

Stephen Cotirell to — -. The committee of the Council for 

Irade and luireign Plantations having considered the letter from Sir J 
nn'.£':.;'f y f'^'"'^-^" the culture of hemp, desire he (Craig) should be 
authorized to give all encouragement to that industry Whatever 
measures shal be adopte<l by hir^ will meet with the sanction of this 
Council. Lord Casilereagh to oe informed that their Lordships see no 
good reason for increasing the indemnity to growers of hemp thoutrh 

he value has risen to an unforseen height, yet the expense of raising is 

ot^grealer than when the price was fixed at £43 per ton on delivery 

at Quebec Montreal or Niagara. They may, if they see fit, dispose o^f 

in any other way or ship it to England, where they will recevo the 

rund l?^'-0 """:' ''''^r' "• '^ f^'*^, ^^"^i'^'y'^ stores, unless that price 
be under £:,0 per ton, which is the least price to be paid for Canadian 
liemp tor the period of two years. 911 

Bishop (Anglican) of (^lebec to Sir J. H. Craig. Thinks the house 
belonging to the widow of Chief Justice Elmslej-'the .n<.s el o-ible for 
a see house. "^ "-n^iuiu un 

Craig to Bishop of Quebec. Though the house belongin.r to Mrs 
Elmsley IS not all that can be desired, yet considers it would bc7 better to 
purchase it than to attempt to build. .^{g 

J. ilale to same. The price fixed for her house by Mrs. Elmsley befbre 
leaving the country was £4.000 ; he has since beei authorized fomal 
such arrangements as will expedite the sale, therefore w<.uld accept £3 500 
con^SS ^'"- ^''"''"^ "^' ^'''''' *" ^■''^'^'^^' l^^^'^'-« the transfer is 

Bishop (Anglican) of Quebec to Craig. Is anxious to obtain the belt 

nforma ion as to the value of Mrs. Elmsley 's house and the amount 

le^uued to put It m a fit « late. Thinks Col. Bruycres or some other 

person should examine the building to ascertain the"se two points 2-'0 

R H Bruyeres, Lt.-Col., R. E., to Lt.-Col. Thornton, Military "Secre 
tary. In obedience to the order of the Commander of the Rirces has 


Q. 108 


A I- u«t 4, 
*ln bee. 

August 4. 

August 8, 



September 12 



September 18, 

Se])t<'nil)er L'2, 
near Andover. 

September 2(i, 

October (I, 

October !!. 

October 20, 


oxamined Mrs. Elmsley's house. Is of oninlon thnt ;t • • .u 
ohgMo situation and fully worth tho n?LTli! . n" '? ^^"^ »""«* 
would finish the interior and m^,infb,^ ''*'^-, <^o"S"^ers £2,500 

1.0U.SO could not be o^ecL'u^ Wn^eo'r""^-^ "^ ''"''''''''• ^ "«- 

Officers all an^ved'^t^^SthUHllladdac'VoTd"^ 

oomoson, will b^^ha L 3m w«..« '^■''!;"- ^"^ P'«'^ ^^^"^ ^^^^ t.ial 
tion of the American Cour^ " '"'"^ '" waters out of the jurisd ic- 

-. Than, .r t{^L^E-;S^''-||:5-^^^^^ 
(Enclosures caleridareil at tlieir resneclive dates 1 '^"' 

disappointed on tho Ist^ f M,,^ , ° 1 t "■ ""? '"""" "« ""X "»re 

him in lieu of a see house Hin incronsl , .f «g'"<l\tne allowance made 

accounts com.nenciL It InH? 1807 ^ ^" *''« P^^lic 

opinion (hereon ^ ^^- ^^^^^^t'^ Lord Castlereagh's 


^horttin/o before M^VndhaSvit"o^^ ''''I '' '^^ ^^"°^'- ^ 

for some relief, and stated hat Tf ThTlu u ''®'''. '^'^ '"emorialed him 

chased for goVorn.nent.hetl d bl reln^^^ '^ P"" 

then she had honed to bp -ibl^ f >V i ^^ V*^*^ ^'''^'''^^^ way; since 
aBishop'sresidS sheh.shfo. ■ ^' ^'°''"^' ^^'^" ^'^^^''^ «'' ««11 one as 

foSrs^E ",17°" '" (Cas.l6.-e„gU ?) Befs to Icnow what „i„ bo dono 

(In Craig's No. 38 of the 29th October ) ^^a 

DeplSStioX:^;;;;:'?^'"' ^'^ "^^ -^^ ^'^« storekeeper General's 
(In CVaig's No. 38 of 2!)th October ) ^G 



OctolxT '.'!•, 


OctolxT 31 






Q. 108 




states. Si^nuMl by Forsytl. Uicl.n.dH,),, and Co., MoTuviHh McGillivray 
aiH (.(,., .lanius and Au.lrow MdJill and (?o., Parker (lorrard DL'ilvv 
and i./0. -.'^ *^ 

I'ago .3 

Knolo.sod OHtima(e..f tho loading; of oi^^ht battoatix bolonirinfer to tho 
rompany .o./od on Lake Ontario by .lohn Lec8. tbo AnKU-ican Collector 
oi i/iisioniK at JNiiif^ara. ■.» 

(uM.r^o Jlawdon, Storokoopor frcoral, to Jlyland, oxplainin.r tho 
ouM.n lor Iho larger roqinsilion for Indian pro«onl8 thJH year than 

( I n Crnu/f^ No. 37 of 2!)tli Oelobor.) 

.l.nnS '.*' ■';'^^'?;y".'^'''- (No- ■•57.) Unclosin.iT copy of a memorial from 
thomoid.antH .. Montreal concornod in the Indian tnuk, in tho territory 

M =niMl\. I w '^'-''"r- ^'*^*\'^^^' '«l'«''« «> Mr. Krskino, His Majonty'^ 
m,niN(t>r at Washinfflon, on tho samo 8ubjoct. 2 

(lOnclosuros calendared at their rcHpoctivo datew.) 

A^trVl^'^''- ^^'*' '^'V . "'"^■■'•^'"^^ '^ ro.,uisitio„ for Indian prosonts. 
As It IS £.J(,( .„ oxcoss of last year, sends iottor from (ho Storekeeper 
(.oneral, oxplainin,^r tl,o reasons for tho increaso. Also encloses a re( ui- 
silion (or stationery for (ho St<.rekeopor General's ottice and the,)osed 
cs(ahl>shmen(,ot (ho Indian Department for tho ensuing year. sJrious 
inconvon.enoo caused by the Indian ]>resents not arrivinsT at Qnobec till 
tiie Autumn. ^ „- 

(Enclosures calendared at their respectives dates.) 

ro^inlmen.;! 'iT ^^'' ''"^ "'""'"^'"^ '"''""•■'"' "^ ^^'- 1^»"" ' ^^ron^Iy 
EnclomL Memorial of Thomas Dunn. 4 

Memorial of Mar-rot Lo Maistro t.. Lord CastlereaLHi. Askin- fbr 
rolio( in (he ((.rm of a pension. ^ "^ 235 

( Harrison to IJlward Cooke. Askin^^, for tho information of the 
raMiy. when Mr Robert Shore Milne's salary as Lieutenant-Gover- 
nor of Lower C'anada eeasod. 237 

Craio- to Castlerea-h. (No. 40.) By the despatch of 7th .July, ho was 
p.opared for ho removal of Sir Gooroe Provost and his foiW from 
Halifax to a distant stadon, and able to ropl:iee his force wifh a reiri- 
men((romth.sprovinee. Had reeeive.l a despalch from Provost statins^ ho 
hM.i tro^di instruetions makino- his dopai« ire depend upon acontin-enov. 
Should ho now bo ob,i.^-ed to sail, it would at (his season bo very drtlieult 
to send troops. Impossibility of procurinc,^ ships for (ranspoi-(s. Had 
previous yd,ree(ed I'revost to roe.-,ll the lUlst fiuin New Hrunswiok in 
lu- event oMms (I revost's) departure. The loss of 1[.M. ship " Banteror" 
near i ort JNeut ; the crew saved ; Iho provision made for them '{2 

Same to same. (No. 41.) Wishes to eorrect the .lolavs in ^.n-antin^. tho 
waste lands, whu n disoouraoe settlors. One difiieullv w.-.s'the oflbrin.- 
tor sale ot parts sliU uMyTanted of the eurvoyed and" snbdivi.led lowif- 
ships; the interest of the money to be used (o defray (he public oxnon- 
80S. jhe sae was a eoniplete failuro ; they were put up a second 
(iim>, but no bidders odered. Kver since then the council has not con- 
sidered It rio-ht (o -ran( any of these Lands. Thinks that after the fai- 
iiro of tho experimenf the land should bo Lrranted as before. Benetit to 
thoprovinee throuoh seltlin- complete lowi.ships, instead of scattered 
settlements. Lncloses copy of a report of tho whole council on the sub- 

Enclosed. Koport or the whole committee. 40 to 45 

[.\ Same to s:ime. (No. 42.) Transmitting certiHed copy of the rates of 

e.sc4ian,oe and current prices at Quebec fbr October. 4,; 

.Emlo&ed. Prices current at Quebec for October. 47 



Q. 108 

NoVfiiilxT 15, 



N<)V(iuibf'r 15, 

Miiviiiiilier If). 
Novcinbcr 20. 



Same to Hamo. (No. 4;}.) Enclosins memorial of tlio North-west Com 

pany, and also a j.aper forwanlod with it, roforrintr to ho bfli M h^ 

Uu,.ht before the Parliament of Groat Britain for i ohi "it J" t i 1 o? 

spintuoiiH hqiiurH amon,^ the Indiana. * ^ P„ l%n 

Enclosed. Memorial. , 1 age oO 

Paper roBpoctin^- the bill. ^.^ 

of Mr'^li'la'Mrn'r^^''-. f^' '^^•\, ^^^"''"•'''"^' "''"'''^''^ ^''""^ t'^« ^idow 
ot Ml. do la lkiu^re and letter- on the name subject from Col. BruvcireH 

tinned'irher. ^''""""' ''^'''^ '"^" '^"'^ ^'' ^""^"'"''^ P'^-'^" ^^^on- 
Enclosed. Letter from Col. Bruy^res recommending the memoi-ial.^*^ 

Memorial, in French. 1^ 

Nov..,nl„... Hi. Order in Council a,.pointing M. de Sulaberry an honorary member of 
the Executive Council of Lower Canada. ^ "^ ^^,.1'* 

Order u, Council appointing Mr. James Trvino an honorary member 
of the hxocutive Council of Lower Canada. ^ .??a 

S.rliobertS Milne, to (Confidential.) ILvh not yet received anv 

satjstac-tory information either on the Hubject of hi« retiri.ra bw= ""e 
or (he grant of a township in Lower (Janadli. ^ allowance 

Jinclosed. Extract oii the subject of the grant qTo 

«'«Hop(A.^glican)of(iueDec"toKd. Cooke. (Private) Enclosin-- lot 
toi- from Dr. Stewart on the state of the Church in Canada ml exS.cts' 

^ot ;^r:riir" ''- ""^'^ "^' ^^^^"'"^' ^^ ^^-^-^ mn:^:rs:: 

Enclosed. Letter from Dr. Stuart. ^f J . 

Kx tracts. '^^^ 

mutccl and that ho be allowed to settle in Canada. o^u 

VeuZ\r ^^'"''^ '■•"'" '•'« ^'•'"^""'•^' '^'1---^' l^i'- to commute his 

'■ for UuM 'ivinf '''■'^'''- . (^''V '^^■^ i^^"cl'>Bin« requisition for stationexy 
tox the Civ.l Department of Lower Canada, for 18U9 auonexy 

tnclosed. lioquisition '"* to same. (Mo. 4b'.) Enclosing naval officers' returns of the vJs^^ 

^ts:t-i^-;^,^n;:^z:A - - ^ort of Queblic b| 

sto;:::'gr uir'w'lSlO- ''"^- ^r-'-^Ing « requisition for Indil 
stoliui^pel. " ' "'^'"'" **"■ «''^^i«"«'T f<"- '1^0 office of the 

Enciosed. General requisition for Lulian stores. f^l 

dan.d'fn r a""w-, J^''"'^'"i"ing account current o^ Receiver General 
Co ci n "^P'"'' ''^m'- ^''"' '"P'^^"' «^' '^ ^'""^'Httee of the who e Exec tive 
Council on the public accounts for the six months commem^i'glUh 

Craig to Ci.stloreagh. (No. 47.) Enclosing certified conv of the v-fl 
of exchange and current prices at Quebec f ,r the nxont3"Nove.nber 

Enclosed. Prices current at Quebec for November ll 


be sent by the next m-ii I tnon^KuxT- '^r • ■;- - •"• '"^"n ^uuns snail 

case. ' '^^'^ ^^'^ Mr.joHiy'« law officers to meet the 

Enclosed. Report of the Attorney General. IJ 




Xovcmbcr 21, 
Ib'idt,'.' I''ii'l(ls, 

• ^ii'bcf. 


l)('i'(>iiib('r (i, 



Dt'i'i'iiibor (i, 






General on the suit between the crv^indr. T ^^ ^he Attorney 
be sent bv fboiv'^PI 't.^:!^'''^'^ ^ ^he Provincial Courts shall 

„... ..^v^j^w. u yji nju .aiiornc 
± Ian of the Seigniory of La Salh 
Statement of the case. 



q. 108 



-nS s''' i„ V''!!',r^/^ '"V"" *^ ^r^- ^^'': ^•*-) Authorizing 11,0 ^nu.UnK of Inn.l 
MilnoT "" ' ''^"" '" '^""""''^ ''^ '^ townHhipT •'> «ir Itobon Shorn 

Nil (lato. 

Million. p 

thriXTscMr^''''''""''' '''' "'" ^"'^'"" n^Tartment, Lower Can.Eb? 
(In Craig's No. 38 of 2!)th October.) ^^" 



I )('i'('iiil>cr 
<.^U'l)(r. , I 

i«.M |ISO!t. 
.Iiviiiiiirv :<, 
Downiii),' St. 

.liuiuary LTi, 


Q. 109. 

Governor Craig, 1S09. 


Jlylaiid to Monro and Boil. AnIc: 
'!• otlbr for the St. Manrico KorL' 

Mg, if tlioy are willing to make 

(lOiiclosod in Craig's No. fM) ()f2lMl Kd 


ro and Boll to Jiyluiid. in in 

iiary, ISO'.I.) 


••^aimarv L'.">, 

.Tamiiiry 31 
J)owniiij; St. 

Vcliniarv (!, 


Fi'luuarv \'2, 

, . , - - —J •. ... .niMwor to hJM ottoi' of (lii>''i(li nli 

(Knclosod in Craig's No. 50 of 2l8t Fobruarv 1809 ) ^^ 

Draft of u lotlor t.. Sir J. II. Craig. Tranninitting extract of a letter 
to tho of Quebec, authorizing incroaHes to ihS nalarios of certahi 
cloiv-ymon, also an allowance of £m) a year to the JJiHhor(AngHc^^^^^^^^ 
of Quebec, till a see hou.e shall be purchased or erected ^'"'^"''""; 
Craig to (Castloreagh ?) (No. 4!>.) Transmitting copy of recor.l of 
tho proceedings had m tho principal courts of Lower Can adah the 
cause between the Crown and Mr. Christopher Sanguilt pZ rie >i of 
thoSo,gn.ory of La Salle, now in appeul\o His MajoHty^^ tCprivy 
Council. Thinks ,t proper to mention that Mr. Sa. guinet has not Z 
yet taken out the transcript prepared for him of the pn.ceeding ; should 
he fail to prosecute his appeal within 15 calen.iar months th^rjudgm n 

Same to same. (No. 50.) Enclosing certified copy of rates ofexchanLre 
and current prices at Quebec for the month of Detomber ""^ "'^"'""^'^ 

A/j(,Vrwe(/.— Quebec prices current for December " a 

Drat of- letter to Sir J. H. Craig. The customary oaths to ho dis- 
pon.sed with in the case of Sir liobert Shore Milnes, towhom His M iV tv 
has been pleased t.) order a grant of land in Lower Canad," ''5 

t>.aig o lohn Henry. (Most secret and conHdential.) Instructions to 
pm-eod to Boston on a secret mission. He is to endeaviur to obt d the 
most accurate information of the true state of affairs in that part of he 

mu^rViat'Slv" """^' '"' intelligence of some of the leading mn 
must naturally possess a very conside.-able influence over the other 
L stern States. Il.s own Judgment and the connections he has in the tc wi 
must be his guide as to how this information is tobeobtained. Warns him 
against the sanguineness of the Federalists. He (Henry) is to send fl^ 

r;;: union'^'if rf '':;'^ '""-^^ ^^^^;"^' -.ntemph;?:" ^;:, 

11 ; y V " "•*^""-, "'•I'''"''' lil^oly and thev manifest a desire for 
f7l 1 1 !'fl ■'"' "'/^' '' :»>t'>orized. if he can form an intimacy wUh any 
of le leading par 3;, to insinuate that he will forward communications 
Lnclosos credential in case such should bo required. He is to obti n all 
possible information while passing through Vermont; to wr rfrequon 
tly How his letters are to bo addressed for safety ^T. 

W- shhu'to^ ""i:"*^'"/^' '"""^''' ^^; ?»"g'--^«^) t" ---• The feelin^at 
W. shington. I'our days spent in debate over a resolution for repealinir 

p. is r'lwt": "" ""' "'-'"r T'' ""^^ ^"•«"^'"^' '«"«'■« of "lar^le an^ 
lepiisai. Ijritain iinnoars I'eadv for "•• iiiii/iaKl-> .^-iii ' i^ • 

h.g .l„hV„Uie, a,„l «Vm» ,„ ^inl ilvo'Tw^^' r f rc^LT.t "hT'Eo 

^t.dMly'nSr'"' '"■•'■■"«"■ "'■ ""■ ""■'''" '" "■» C<"«™»» 'o »-t on 


Q. 109 

Felinmry !,'). 



February 14, 

Fetiniary 15 

sociinty iiLMinst the loss of if q,.r„ 'I'l '• '^"^"^"S" it aftords no 
ti-om tho'^ m itiu s ould t tZ I' '^^^"^'^"^^ "^'^J bo expected 
and uttompt to ^^ "' ^ it Z ,nuo \ P;«v.nco ; .hould we lose 

.•o.lui..od i.l the laue;^;l^r\te ';Sert.Te The "^^""'^ ^e 

i=r!sCs=:^^:;lS^^i V^ li^ -ertn -- - 

of that distance i,n,sab on tou,; tf'ti: Vi ' '' 'T^^m"" '""« "^''^« 
we might guard th'e remainder Zin^rc^t^^^^^^ 
ing the St. Lawrence at n<wn, „f/T ^ v ^ ,^ ^e had by cross- 

Tlfedifflcultiosln Jho vw Sm. ' '"f n^"' "^""''« "P '^ Kingston, 
is quite «ngua"de,l byZ^sell IS wo hf'" ''^.'' '""'" '^^^ ^'"^'^^ Cham'phiin 
possibility Cf bui din- Vo n,T "u^ ""*' °" ^''^"^ ^ake, and no 

Quebec. ^Sees no , Sabil^?v . f '"'' ""^'T''' ^' '^"^^ post' except 
The militia show .^S fspiitiTl't''' '^''^'^' leust 'ia.OOO Jn. 
them. In addition to thl f h Z ^ " ""'"* '>^^« ^''"ops to help 

ment of at ZSZZ comminles'an d""'''' ^'""':1 '"''^"'''^ '^ ^«i"f^^''«e^ 
three orfbnrsmaileivessraondisni '^'T '/p^'l'^'-y- ^ f'^^^ate and 
A. B. (John IlenrvO to— tel^ The supplies required. 10 

Groat indignation foiton7^7ubiect of ? "^ Pubhc feeling in S^ermont. ' 

IJnclosei Long paper undS.. 5/ '•"^'";^'" '^''''- ^«S"« ^2 

questions on the stable' of fodin r n V ""^'?"«*'. answering thirt>.six 

embargo laws, poliiit ttl rJ i^ftke UnkeT'stSP'"'' ^ regarding'^the 

to be taken in case of war "^^"^ ""'"^ measures likely 

A. B. rjohn IIonI■v^ fr>' 17 I . . 58 to 81 

February 18 Same to His lost t.,. l»* ' ' * - "x .^^„„^. „o 

^Vmdsor, vt, t,,„ . town n tho ^.'.'t ■' '''''^ written from Burlington, 

Windsor, the p Spi Itot^. fntt'll 'f'^''^" ^^ ^^^■"^""*- ^« "o^ « 
(to use local p . 3 4) pr Lmi^at" "^ p"':'*"",'- ^^''^ Democracy 
over san^rniae -ale,,!- tfon. ^fH " ^ 7-^' Federalism. Distrusts thi 

«.ate will nogocht Crate V for 'It^i'l?-"^'''- ^^^^ ^^'""''^ " ^h'^* ^he 
and maintai.fits net lUy'e^^^'b f^^^ ^^-; with England; 

■should unite with it." The DenK,crats on Ef T^ '^ "° "'^^^ ''^^^ 
would not unite the people th::^^^?^^;^;--^ ^^ ^^^ war 




Q. 109 

February 21, 

February 21, 

February 21, 

Feliruary 21, 

Fel)ri>ary 2.3, 

^■. H. 

Febmary 2,3, 
Quel ire. 

February 23, 

t\ClTttel on!niL"'''';K ^'^''"''y "^ ^^^'^'"g ■' thi'-k^ it safer to rely 
on the lattei opin on in the proHent ntate of things. The Goverr or of 

Vermont m a prudent. induMtriouH man, but ha/not theVeauSjeH 

required to conHdonce ; he hm at least pled^^e^d h mse f to 

co-operate with Mu.s.aclu.Hett8. Finds it necessary to conect by means 

coilSue^sfof^cSnlil': ''' ^"^'^"^^"^ ''''' ''^^' ^'«««"-- -« «^-' ^oX^ 
(In Craig's (separate) of 9th June.) ^^^^ ^^^ 

of thf^tT"''-''"r ''"'^"'"'^'^ '^'^^"'•^^'''^'"-'^^"therstepsi^^^^ 
oftheSt.Maunce Forges, to ascertain whether Messrs Monro and Boll 
were disposed to talco the lease on more favourable terms to the P^vhice 
than the rent at which they had purchased at auction. Encloses a lettSi 
to those gentlemen Eyiand and their answer, which Tonta'ns a 
detailed and candid account of the whole transaction. ConsiSs t to 
IhJlear "'■ "''''"' ■•-ommends that he be empowered to sign 
(Enclosures calendai'ed at their respective dates ) ^'^ 

j««re>,.:g™„f?f°iS. ''"""'"'"''' p'""™ '■™"> J"""- '*"■<. «>-f 

Unclosed. Memorial. f2 

Same to name. (No. 53.) Transmitting copy of proceedings of the 

^oT'^H^S^T^'' concerning Waste Lands between^6th Stem her 

4?h'iu;?o ind 28t"h"T7' '''''i«n«^ ^--eniing Matters of State Ween 

W .st« T 1: J'-^n'-ary, 1808. In the proceedings concerning the 

Waste Lands is given a full report on the claims of Mr Cuyler Under 

atrMrTll'""'r"" 7' t^'^''" '--"g- I-tent to thermily o??h" 
late Mr AIIsopp for sundry lots of land in Farnham which had been 
prayed for by Mr. Cuyler; but after the suit between The Crol and m" 
Delorme, who lays claim to a portion of land of Farnham the7e wil sti f 
remain upwards of 2,000 ; he can recommend both M • CuXr and 
Sir John Johnson for grants. It does not appear necessary to bdmAoris 
especial notice any of the proceedings of the Executive Council i Matters 
of State except the report from the Inspector General of the Ki.S 
Domain and a letter from the Eeceiver General. The "^earures adoS 
in consequence are now in operation and ho thinks they w loirto £ 
ment consulerably the Provincial revenue by forcing a regular lvme.ft 
of the mutation fines due to the Crown. xeguiar paymen^t 

Same to same. (No. 54.^ Transmits proceedings in the BKecutive 
Council on petitions for leases of the Crown and Clersry reserves in this 
province between Uth June and 28ch January, 1808 IpnHcat ons 
resir^Si^;''''-^'- ''''' ''-'- .^'ha.-god. The'^rising valZ' of" ' "o o 
mton s for T? ^"T "" f "^"^'^^^'O" ^o Edward Burke as Auditor of land 
Slwi^fo; t^;r cuSer'^ ' '■^^^"^"^^-'^ ^'-^ ^^ -'--^ ^e granted by the^' ??!''^ ^'^®nT^ *" • ^^«P«« the caution he has observed in 

sending letters will be approved of. It is believed that war will not be 
declared during the present session of Congress. It is tl ou'^ t In ' '"mned 
irrtopul^lll.'^ '''-''''-'■ ^'^-^^'-y ^- l-rs^Mr.'^Jeti-r 
(In Craig's (separate) of 9th June.) "^'* 

Craig to Castleroagh. (Xo. .55.) Enclosing certifi'^d copy of rates of 
exchange and current prices at Quebec for the month^of jinuary. 

Enclosed. Quebec pilees current. g^ 

onttT i" "'■""''V ''^"c^"«'"g copies of the two letters and an enclosure 
contained in one from a gentleman (J. Henry) whose correspo.liSe in 

Q. 109 

8 it safer to rely 
he Goverr:or of 
e great abilities 
ged himself to 
)nect by means 
iro equal to the 
Page 261 

8 in the business 
Honro and Boll 

the Province 
ncloses a letter 
lich contains a 
Considers it to 
owered to sign 

38 Monk, Chief 

seedings of the 
th September, 
State between 
ioncorning the 
lyler. Under 
) family of the 
hich had been 
/rown and Mr. 
there will still 
r. Cuyler and 
to bring to his 
icil in Matters 
of the King's 
sures adopted 
II tend to aug- 
ular payment 
he Executive 
serves in this 
ilue of thoMO 
iditor of land 
ranted by the 
s observed in 
V will not be 
it an " armed 
Ir. Jetferson 

•y of rates of 

1 of January', 



an enclosure 

spondence in 

Q. 109 







Miircli 5, 

Miircli i», 



f hncloHurcs calendared at their respective dates.) ^ ^ 

A. a. (John Henry) to . Has carefully collected and sent bvsnfo 

p • vato conveyances all the information worthy of cmJit thTl L cfH^ld 
po t offlcorar " policy of the two parties in the United .i^.^ThTblc 
t^wh. He n fLTl "tr ''^'' •''""''• ^^"^ "«^ 3'ot bad time to^u Igo 

wh h w n i Sate f 'rr''""'"'-' ^^^ Ha,np.hire, and fihode Island, 

meis roH w h iV« '< T ^^'T'-"" 7^ «*'«"^'*'> ^^' *!>« parties and the 

i,S. . r I ^h« Junto" in Boston may safely pursue The best 

nfo. mul men here do not expect immediate war, tm think means w^ll 

Ic . 1' tnisT'tho" Zr'" "T' ^^'•''^"" '' ^"'"--^ hostilS 0. a 
raru.tur, fvi:^^^^^^^ Government with a mo,e plausible ;xcu9e 

fi 1., .1 V . V'^ ^" '"'■''^ '^^^'^i'^" of Congress. However it is con 

Hiti\ j;';rno'rtho'>'''*"' win perceive the s^na.e and throvv a 1 respon-' 
Hioii t OS upo the American Government. The effect of Mr r,mninn.'u 

(In Cruigs (mipunito) of 0th Juno.) "'" 

y.; liictwitiri:^^^^ ^""'^'''^ ^"^'«« ^^>'^'^ be^bUoweJ 

SUtes S IcU o if XtdoLd'fl M of withdrawing the Eastern 
are disinclined ihv it Tl?„ ^ . ^l"" P'"<^'^''^"^. "« ^he common people 

^ilnH\!mM\^^^^ '^. ^'.^"^"'^^^ .in May will decide what 

(111 l.niiK'. («c|,„rato) of tho 9th Juno.) '™ 

Moro oi,.on.r,r'';r,iri,ri,:;,°^];jr''' "■■■""" -■>• ^w«atitJhjoot 

(111 Cnii-V (,*o|«,nito) of mh Ju„o.) ' ^'■' 

n.iirt.''ol^7;;;;:;;;;h,":ir,''l,!,vr,"'''" "f ','"' ''"•"'" ""v" "■»' ">« ^■^^ ' 


H'ani rnuist in the uieantimo 

be had to tho election, which 



Q. 109 


Miirch 20, 

April (i, 
Boa ton. 

Ai)ril 8, 
iJowniiig St, 

April 8, 
Downing' St, 


April S, 
iJowiiing- St. 

iiMothor e.xpeiimont in tliiH nort of Government. " Whilo the luLrh road 
oM.i.tory IS Hlrowed with tho wreckn or vvlii(on«d with tho moniimonts 
ot ropublicH tlnsalono ronuiiiiH to oncourago innovation or render tho 
popular theories even plaUHJhlo." p,.,,„ 077 

(In Craig'H («o|)arate) of 'Jtii .rune.) ^ 

Grn\^ to Castloreagh, (No. 56.) Knclodnir cortiHed copy of ntos of 
e.xchange and current prices at Quebec for the month of February 

!■ 91 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for February. ;)2 

A. B. (John Henry) to . Nothing of any moment has occurred 

since hiH hist communication, Tho election of governor, on which peace 
or war dopcuis, was made on t|,e 3rd inst. The returnn .)m tiie di^stant 
sta es not yet received but the success of the Federal candidate seems 
certain. 1 his success, however, to produce the desired effect, ought to 
be more complete. Wonders that Democracy has still so many adherents. 
Keasons why Mr. Gore had not a larger majority of Federal votes In 
his jotter ot 5th ultimo, had briefly stated the plans which he believed 
the Junto in Boston would act upon in case of war. Tho first ston 
would be an application to tho Governor General of British America for 
aid, especially that which would protect the small sea ports from the 
naval force of the Genoral Government, There must be some ono in 
Uuiada prepared to decide on this and other matters of similar impor- 
tance whenever It shall bo necessary to apply to him. His own opinion 
IS that the general government will travel round ail intrigues Ufore 
declaring war. In his next will submit his reasons for thinkiTiL' so 280 
(In Craig's (separate) of 9th June.) ^ ' 

Draft of letter to Craig. (No. 18.) Despatches Nos. 31 to 4G inclusive 
receive.. On the subject of No. 32, ho (Craig) has long since 
received His Ma|es y s pleasure lor appointing Mr. Sewell, late Attorney 
Genera , to be Chief Justice, and for appointing Mr. Uniacko who is now 
proceeding to Canada to succeed him. In No. 3J, the explanation res- 
pecting the complaints of tho Indians who claim certain rights in the 
Seign.oi-y of l\vo Mountains appears satisfactory. By No. 35, he is glad to 
tnd that he (Craig) has not confirmed tho lease of the St. Maurice 
Gorges recommended by Mr. Dunn, and that he has hopes of amicably 
setting asido the sale and making an arrangement more advantageous to 
Government. Is sorry tho culture of hemp is not proving more satis- 
tactory; efforts should not to bo discontinued. His Majesty has taken No 39 
into consideration and when his successor is appointed Mr Dunn will 

r K"'x>''' M '■''^"'" *''■"'" ^^^ l'""*'^'^" of puisne judge, with a pension 
u-,1 , , ,''■ '^^' ''expecting the ungranted residues of townships. If any 
bill should come before Parliament for prohibiting the use of spirits 
among the Indians of North America he will take care that the considera- 
tions in No. 42 shall bejattended to. Kegrets Mrs. Bruydre's application 
tor the pension granted to her late husband cannot be entertained. 95 

Same. (No. 19.) Has sent a separate despatch recommending him 
Craig) to investigate the circumstances of the Indians in Canada 
Jintirely concurs that in present relations with the United States the 
Indians must be conciliated on the principle that if not for us they will 
be against us. No immediate necessity for altering tho system of 
paying the expenses of the Indian Department. His Majesty approves of 
the appointment of Mr. Elliott to succeed Mr. McKeo, allowing tho 
latter his allowance till further orders. 99 

Snmo. (Private.) The existing state of affairs, though presenting a 
liope that hostil'fios may be avoided, yet prevents our desistinff fmm 
cautionary measures. Therefore recommends him (Craig) to persevere 
in the strengthening Quebec, and making the militia fbrce available 

Q. 109 


April IL', 


Ain'il 2(1, 


May G, 

May 1,5, 


Caro to bo takon Unit tlioNo monHnreH be not miHconstriied and mmlo th 

j^iound for TriiHundorHtmid 

A. H. (John Homy) to 

iriff or rofaliation 

Ah ho is iinxioiiN to t 

I'auo 101 

ransinit with the 

utmost H,,co<i all the tacts and the public opinion on important matK 
Ills corrospon.lonco must of nocoHsity bo rathor desultory, but flatters 
h.msolf ho IS perfectly acquainted with the state of aflairs here M 
t.oro IS elected by <i majority of "VJOO, thus raisin^r an insuperable burrie,' 
o prevent war. Tho Now Kn^land States side a^aunst the Adm stra- 
t.on Reasons why tho Federalists are not stronger. By the ai ot'a 
small sum ot money tho Federal "junto" obtained copies of dospatol es 
of the American minister at i'aris, from which were selected the'^le toJs 
mibnshed uiulor the tit e of " Sum,reHHed Documonts," a copy of w S 
' « .f ,• J^-) ««"l .to„M.-. II d. T^he notes were writlen by the au I or 

r' .! n '^"•''^'^V;' >''''' ! "» '''••««'3^ ''«'P«'' to allay the feeling, a^niin t 
Groat BriUin. Thinks if war should be declared under the extftinir 
Btato of affairs the New En^Uuul states would not bo a party to t^ 
Heasons for thinking tIjoGcneraKJovernment would try every expedient 
be ore declaring war. \VU forward a statement of the number of'Smo 

aslttiined't'" '" ^""'^'''' ''''''' ^''«" ^« ''"" accuraTly 

(In Craig's (separate) of 9th June.) ^®^ 

l'>fhZJ'"7^r~\ ^^f '*"'^ to communicate on local politicssince the 
12th inst. Has not yet accurately ascertained the number of tho res! 
peciive jmnies in the Now England states. New Hampshire Co necti- 
cut and Bhode Island are decidedly federal. Elections n Mas'sachusetts 
take place next week ; he .Iocs not doubt the result will bo fa voSlo The 
elections forOongress in the :Southorn States indicate achange Thinks the 
minc,r,ty wil be more numerous than Mr. Chittenden's letter stated The 
New .England Federalists are well satisfied with the proclamation restoi in!' 
he intercourse botwcven the tM^o countries; tho l)omocrats affect to bt 
ploase<l with It a so. The chief benefit tc bedrawn from tho sottlernentof 

f";;!' I^i^'^Tk^Tt V)'i ^^»«»^P'^''t«. bafHed in his attempt toTnvove 
England and the United States, may think it to his advantage to declare 
war against Ameri(.i; great advantage might result forGroatBHt^ifn f om 
this step, as party feeling would bo forgotten in n common cause tZ 
pi-esen state of affairs not favourable tS the Democrats On beginning, 
this letter, had intended to make some observations on the troaty^taU "d 
of, especial y that part relating to the boundary line. The Am ■ ican 
Governmen will certainly try to arrange this matter so as to S,t Una 
por ion of the fur trade. This subject is^amply discussed in a mom Hal 
of the North-west Company to the Governor General. oftq 

(In Craig s (separate) of !)th June.) 

Same to — — . As tlioresoems a groat probability of an accomraoda- 
t on between he two countries ho will now luive mor'e leisure for wS^ 
o general poises. In the more critical period, passing events took up Has nothing to say on local topics. ThTnks tho n irv i 
made in the Government paper of tho sincere disposition on Mr ^tluli 
son s part to bo on friendly terms with Great Britain should avvaken 

(In Claim's (soparalc) of 9lh Juno.) ^'^ 

P,-,!;"r£V' ^'»"^''"■«"S!'■ ,(N»-,5«) Knelomn;- memoi-ial from Mr Justice 

I'S ri »"t""--'^"'SrrtLu' ;?r t si'r™,?:r,i ■;" 

deration, to which no answer has been rflfPi\wl tt;! , "^ .? 
recommending Mr. Crawford's peSion ' ^^'' ^''^'^^o"" ^or 

Enclosed. Memorial. " ^^^ 





Miiy ir>, 


May 22, 
Bob ton, 

May 22, 

May 24, 

Miiy 21), 

May 30, 

Q. 109 


Kxtrnct on tlio Hubject from th( 

proceodings of tho Kxociitive Conn- party l.d.cvoH l.i,„ to ho sirKH-r.;, n.ul both di n.^r ,hn T o 
^M•o^v,^.^h of tho Fo-leraliHtn nhouM dooido tho ProHi'hn.t to 

M . . . i?*"'^ ^''" •"""'^'^ ''^ l''"'^"""- Whutovor „my bo Mr 

Madis, m s MotivoH for mpouring to abu...l.>n tho Hy«tom of hostiitv 
u^'un.H r, a.n, his actn h, far noom to prove bin kI,, Jrity an <^^o oJ 

vvillKlrawn his Hupport from the 


lischainod. Has also 
"National Inlelli^oncor " on acoount of somo roinarkV aKc'ib'in.M'ho 

(Fn Crai^r's (soparato) of Dtb .liiiio.) "^^ 

Sniiio to - — __. As soon as tho result of tho election in this stnto •« 
r, ?ll r"V" ^" 'V^'^'^'^y -'^'^^ »ho relative stron^.tb of the arties 
n ail to Northern States, including. New York, which bus ioinod '' tbn 
le;|^uc '• Is now confident that a w^r with (iroa B, ita n ?^-£ natin^r n 
p. esent causes ,s scarcely possible. Whatever Mi' Midi on'sl 
des,^r„s, bo mnst adopt a friendly policy towards To ti.llnr 
puld.c opinion blows in hor favour. ' Two m,)^!^ ,.- , i ^Stal of Now 
\ork was not counted an ally of Massachusetts. The Xtions or th^ 

Will ie^tX;:i.t:.';:ti;t t^ =r^^ z;r' '''- ^^'" ■«"- -'^ 

(In Craiic's (soparato) of t)tb Juno ) 

Enclosed. Memorial. ^^^ 

Same to same Knclosin^r certified copies of the rates of excban^« 
and^current pnces at Quebec for the /nontbs of iS and ApHl 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for March JfS 

n ■ , r. ,'^'' do April. fo' 

onfr!f • C*^f'«'-«'>^'V Transmitting naval officers' returns of vessels 

So8 Id sTh /„rn itr' t"'""'^ '^'^^"^^"^^ l'^^--" 10th Octo 
i-oyio, .inu otn April, lhOi>, mclusive 

Same to same. (No. 58.) Despatches received. Transmits account 
of the exports from this province to the West Indies for 807 und 1808 
The report of the Kxecutivo Council on the provincial accounts fh- hnlf 
year ending 10th October last, will be forwarded w thSeby Is not 
aware of any property- or revenue hero, that comes undo -the Scrintio, 

respecting this property. The value, etc., of these estates. WilUo his 

^. 109 




tTiiiii 1, 


•Mini' .), 

.rune (I, 

.Tune 7, 

•Tunc S, 

.(une !», 

June {), 

Cra.K toOftHtloroagh. BoKi-otH that ho hus i\nun\ it i„,liHnoP«ahIv neS 
nvy to I.H,n.sH Mr. Stuart from M. otH.-oof Solidto.MJo.H/nil. I .^"4^ng 
lor so .l(.>nK^ I an not as yot tillcl ..,. the vacancy ..n acco n t I i nr? 
va,ln,K report (hat His M,.Josly has appoiruod Mr. uS AttmLv" 

o Now i)run.w,ck, v,u,„,l by tl.o ,le„H, „f Mr. L„dlo,v 1 i, c ,1 .iL' f 

in.r f u.,. i>l •■ > . ; •/ I'^McloHcs MpoochoH OM the openiiiK and clos- 
W . . , . 7«^'"!f'»' I'm-hamont. I{oaso..H for the comp oxio.^w}"^ch he 
(CaKtliMoaKli) vviU notice (hoy boar. The nartv of whifl, L 

J.H Kod it oxpodiont to dismiss it and call a nivv o e tho ho^o hit nono 

Pronct''^' ''''''^ "" '•'' "P^"'"^ «f ^''« P'-«^'"-«l Puriiament'! 
English. 144 

Answer to the above, English 15!), French 180. i<.q {on 

Enclosed. Schedule of the Acts passed of? 

Enclosed. The menioiial. '^'^^ 

Letters accorai)anying the memorial. 990 ,„ 5?? 

selves. "^ "i-gti.nents as they spealc for them- 

Enclosed. iMomorial to Craig ^^^ 

Ditto to Castlereagh 

mem:ri.dl. "''^"'^ ''"" ''" P^^''^ '' ^-^^^^ -closed 
Craig to Castlereagh. Enclosing certiHed conv of th.. 

Hi the United States fn ^an,\ Al^ ir "'««coa by the state 01 alia rs 

original lotteis rocoivea from him 6ctw«.n°?I^l, V k """'^ '',"'' '■■« 
May ,„.., at which time he rec'eiJ^yiuUnXn'fto retuT''^ """ '^^ 


with the 

rates of 



June 10, 
Downing St. 


(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 
Dinit of a iottor to Crui^r. Transmittinjr com 

Q. 109 

Juilf! 10, 

Downing? St. 

June 11), 

Sfptcnihor 7 
Downing St 

September 7. 
Downing St. 

September 8, 
Downing St. 

T^^^ 4 TIT /-I "i "', — T^' ^"""^"■'"uri^ con\' of letter from tho 


Te'^n^d^r "' ""'-'''''■ ^"'"'^ '^'^P^^^^^ «^ 19.l/octot;'tt>herti; 
Crni^r to a,Hl!eroagh. (No. fi3.) Mr., Lieut-Governor of CW 
hasarnved at Quobec, and will .^^o down to that district in the cotu^eSf 
the summer. Jhs Majesty's assent lo tho Gasp^ Jail Jiill not yet re 
ce ve. , though ho (Oastlereagh) mentioned in his despatch No O^ot 7th 
July last, that it would bo a))provcd. The bill was presented fhrRov, I 

nXs! z:s^y^i:^^T\'-r'' ''^r:;duiii[a 

unless legulail^ notihod of ,ts approval within two years from that 

rriSt."lLI'"'';-.n?"'^\ ^^r- ^^-^ ^^''^ 1^'^ before the King Ws 
(Craig s) letter of 5th Juno detailing tho reasons for dissolving the Par! 
lament. Has no doubt he (Craig) was influenced solely by a desire fbr the 
Kings interest, and as he represents that tho Enghsdi part of the iom 
muni y an< the sensible part of the Canadians upp%ve,\rusts it wHl not 
bo a tended with any prejudicial effect. Hopes i'n future if any u, fi^- 
tuna e difference should arise between him (Craig) and the LegisXe 
Assembly ,n dissolving th.m, he will talco care to use such temperate 
ends and chosen language as may not leave it in the power Sf the Assem- 
by, afterwards chosen, to question the propriety of his statement 
His M^ijesty approves of Mr. Stuart's removal and^Mr. Bovve.'sZS 
ment m his place as Solicitor General. ' ' 21I7 

' ,-^"f'?: <^^/!r'^?-^ Having written officially on tho subject of the 
dissolution of the Legislative Council, thinks it righi to exp X his t rf 

fn' 7rf 'Ti!'\'% /^'^^"^"'^^ «^' '"""".^'^"^' '^ Provi.fcial aSX con t ! 
tu ted like that of Lower Canada ; all the privileges of the Brit sh House 
of Commons are exercised where there exist little means of influoS 
and inducing the members to coalesce with the Governmen Thf 
example of the Amor can states and tho nature of a popula assombl^ 
aftord great opportunities for turbulent minds to raise tliemso v4s1n o 

;S'd,'S;.;;i', '";■' '^^^TT' \y «'^'^'^«^"^' thoAdministrakn Se 
g.eut i fficu ty lies in the fact that there are no means of punishinj/an 

«tcr\ ^r^V"^ dissolution, and if they are popular it is sure to S ^f 
success. Caution must be used in taking these extreme measures The 
two grounds ..complaint against tho Assembly which he specifies are 
their proceedings for preventing Judges sitting in the assembly and for 
deavouring to e.xpol a member on the alle^ition of his beim/a Jew 
although he had taken the .■egular qualification oaths on the GWls^' 
Considers neither of these objects illegitimate to pursue therefore do;s 
not doubt the Assembly acted in the .spirit he representrGmit care 
shmild be exercisec n the wording of his speech on disso ut on as J 
new Par lament woul, be very liable to object to it on tl.o ground of is 
interfei-ing with thoir freedom, .C-c. Judges might be adm^t^od to se U 
in the Legislature if he (Craig) should at any time see tit to acquiesJe 

60'T«-^ ^^"- ''^-^ ^"' '1'^ ^^■"'^ '^'' ^^'"«- h'"« despatches from No 
50 to O.i Since receiving his letter on the subject of the For.res of St 

present hae any giantn of land and u, wbat extent, al.« what irant» a e 
usually made l„ persons of hie rant. :» glad to Und by hie''d«parcb 

Q. 109 


IJowning St. 

August 7, 


gomeniH adopted upon tl.c^cl iZ nf S' n ? ^*""^' ^«" o^ the umin- 

h..s intentions respecting Mr Ct vlor nrS s'V t P 7 u ^'"" ^'^ ^"'''T out 
should boon no account a^ienaed^^;pov;o^^^^ '^' ''^^^''^^^ 

ec(,ng the registry of the sales of XATofttr'^^^ 
the recovery of arrears due thereon %'nnt^^ lung's domains and 

any decision respectin.. the innli .'nt-.n^-Vu P''^'*"''*^ «"^^^'<^d to give 
Cannot authori.Ja pension t'Sn Coffin R """' "f '^^^ ^^'''^ ^'i^"- 
chants respecting the trade of the nrn,; ,^«P.''«'^ont=ition of the 3Ier- 
Committeo' for ?ra,io /u!d ,lnu i^nr'Tu ^^'^ •''" ''"'"^•^'"•"^^ ^^ ^^e 
emoluments of the Judge of Gas. y A n^,^^^^^^^ ''" increase to the 
dential comna.nication o^'h Jun'e ^^'''^'"^vv ledges his (Craig'..) eonfi! 

Page 307 
Governor Craig— 1809. 

to the w'ilIovt1f'chl?juf u-ct Ehn^ 

Sf])tniiil)er 8, 
iJowiiiiiir St. 

September S, 
Downing St. 

September 8, 

September 8, 
< Quebec. 


Craig to Castlereairh CNn fi(i-\ n^ .. i 
copy of despatch dated" 8th An "• I to E'?'?-''''''"'^;^^^'^^ transmitted 
such particulars as to the ^ tt'e of the r™^'' ^^''^^ ' ^^'i" collect 
Majesty's Alinisters to settle the noin "'''^?" ^' ^'" enable His 

'■esign on hearing he hSLen^an Id r'"' •'""''• ^'' ^"""'^ wish to 
ntion in accepting his (Dun, s fe'i" nth^f H?' ' ' '' ''l'^ ^^"^^^ "« ^esit' 


, Same. (No. 24.) The Bislum m^. Y ''^'^ ^°"''^^^i"'ition. 4 

had laid before the Governn f " ren^^'^' "?• ^'' ^'"^^^ i" England 
state of Lower Canada, which' wa 7ZZTr\' "i f' -«'e«i'tftical 
who, before giving a final o,)inio reo , i4d f 1 ^'^^'"^^^^e General, 
Officers ,n that Province. Ha isun osed^tl e 1 b "^ ''"''?;* "^ ^'^^ ^aw 
the subject before the Council o?' M« , ^^^ .'^'^"'^ ''^^^ brought 

waits until it is officially recommend if" V-^"^^ that, however, he 

increase of expense in Canada fom T- .. '".^-'''^'^ «f' t^o very great 
account of the' sums dni^Lth^ P'''^' ^'^ ^^i'^^.s it right to Lti for 
Canada. Transmits state nen-ts which sT"'^^'^ Lieut.-Governors of 
Canada alone for the hist ye" r and 117 ^"* /^' «'^P«nditure for 
exceeds thnt of former yeai-s c^eutvifn '"''•*" ^^^2,21!) which 
detailed explanation, not withthe Ob ec.or."'"'^ '^«'^i"fe' for u 

of knowing the full etfoct of.his nieLurt^^.^ '^"^ ^^'th"i view 

will lio '•<...„.• „„.i ,. "M""' "leasures; trusts ?ir> u,i,i;f, •.,,_! "' 

..i. . .j,u .,, i;-.yupt ,„ ^ ^ hostilitiov. A) "• "'"""o":'! expense 
. Craig to Cafltlereagh. (No 67\ p •■ ^^^^'scs economy. 7 

judges of Quebec and Mont.-eal an.f otth^p"''"'^'"-^".' "^" ^''^ P"i«ne 
Kivers stating that owing to tLprce of tL ''""'" J"^^'« «fT'''-eo 
Fosent salaries are insufficient fmlheirsuppi'rt!'''''''"'' ^^' ''^"'^ ^^^^'^ 



Q. 110 


September 8, 

Sei)teniber 11, 

September 12, 


Ssptemljer l.**, 

October 10, 

Octolier 20, 

October 27, 

November 4, 

December 14, 

Enclosed. The momoi-ial. Pago 10 

Craig to CaBtlereagh. (No. 68.) Enclosing petition to His Majesty trora 
the minister (Jehosaphat Mountain) and other membersof the Piotestant 
Episcopal congregation of Christ Church, Montreal, asking for money 
to help to finish their ciiurch, the shell only of which is put up, and 
for want of funds to complete it is falling into ruin. 12 

Enclosed. The petition. 14 

Same to same. (No. 69.) Enclosing certified copy of the rates 
of exchange and current prices at Quebec for the months of July and 
August last. 17 

Enclosed. Quebec piices current for July. 18 

Ditto for August. 21 

Craig to Castlereagh. (No. 70.) A Mr. Black arrived here and deli- 
vered his Lordship's despatch. No. 11. He proposes to give £1,000 a 
year for the lease of the Forges of St. Maurice, and states he has already 
lodged security with him (Castlereagh). Asks for further advice. Should 
he not close with Messrs. Monro and Bell, they might refuse to relin- 
quish their right. Some time must elapse before it could be settled ; 
only then could negotiations be opened with Mr, Black, As he considers 
him a person of no capital nor credit, lie will not come to ary agreement 
with him unless he can really give that security required by the Council 
for renting and working the Forges, Black also asks to be made superin- 
tendent of the King's ships and bateaux, they are under the charge of 
the Quarter Master General's Department, no single man could diH'>liarge 
the duties which are at present satisfactorily managed. As to his appli- 
cation for a further grant of land, Mr. Black has already had a complete 
township, which he sold. If he must be provided for, he considers a grant 
of land the most suitable way. Does not recommend him foi- any 
office. ' 24 

Same to same. (No. 71.) Is under the apprehension that some 
accident must have happened to delay the communion plate ordered b}' 
His Majesty for the Metropolitan Church at Quebec. 28 

Same to same. (No. 72.) Transmitting copy of the proceedings of 
the Executive Council on matters of State between 28th January and 
22nd August last inclusive. 29 

Same to same. (No. 73.) Enclosing a requisition for Indian stores 
and presents for Lower Canada, a requisition for stationery, and the 
proposed establishment of the Indian Department for 1810, 30 

Enclosed. Requisition for Indian stores. 31 

Ditto for stationery. 32 

Proposed establishment of the Indian Department for 1810. 33 

Craig to Castlereagh, (No. 74.) Enclosing a requisition for station- 
ery for the Civil Department of Lower Canada tor 1810; requests it may 
be sent out as early as possible in the spring. 34 

Enclosed. Eequisition. 35 

Same to same. (No. 75.) Enclosing certified copy of rates of ex- 
change and curient prices at Quebec for the months of September and 
October last. 37 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for September. 38 

do do for October. 41 

Craig to Castlereagh, (No, 77.) In conformity with the instructions 
in his despatch of 2l8t June last, has written to the persons holding Civil 
appointments in this province, asking them to transmit an account of 
the duties and emoluments of their several offices. Encloses the returns 
sent accompanied by a general abstract, also list of persons from whom 
no replies have yet been received, but which will be forwarded as soon 
as they come in. 44 

Enclosed. Returns. 46 to 93 


Q. Ill 




Pago 10 
s Majesty irora 
the Piotestant 
ig for money 
is put up, and 
the rates 
July and 
here and deli- 
give £1,000 a 
tie has already 
idvice. Should 
jfuse to relin- 
ild be settled ; 
.8 lie considers 
iry agreement 
by the Council 
made superin- 
the char^je of 
)uld discharge 
.8 to his appii- 
ad a complete 
him foi- any 
Dn that some 
ite ordered b}' 
aroceedings of 
I January and 
i- Indian stores 
nery, and the 
810. 33 

on for btation- 
etiuests it may 
f rates of ex- 
leptember and 
he instructions 
fi liolding Civil 
an account of 
see the returns 
nu from whom 
rarded as soon 
46 to 93 

Q. 111. 

Governor Craig, 1809. 

August 10, 
( I rand River. 

September 1, 
Uraiid Kivur. 

January 11, 

February 1, 

Feljruary 18, 

bcM8oJ"''^'°" ""^^^^ '^*'"""' '""''"'"'^ ^" ^"^'S'^ ^^- 77 of 14th Novem- 

John Norton to . The intention of attempting to cfvil^e Ihe Bri^ 

ish Indians as also the probability of a rupture iitliAmSa leads him 

to make some observations on the state of the Indians and thei?lands 170 
Same to Hon. Wm. Wilberforce. Kespecting the Indian lands 7S 

Enclosing a memorial 

Robert Prescott to 

the King. 

Enclosed. The memorial. 

J Monk to Eanhleigh and Co. Transmits copy of a memorial to Lord 
Castle..eagh. States ^grounds on ^ he LLs his pSi^.^^ ^^^ 

to be laid before 

(In liashleigh, Son and Lee's letter of 5th May ) 
Memorial of Col. Lauchlan McLean for lands. 


February 28, 

March 5, 

March 10, 

Marcli 30, 

April 8. 

April 27, 

May 5, Hatton 

May 9, 

May 20, 



June 2, 


Idle and Co. to Edward Cooke. Complaining of the infringements of 

their rights for cutting masts and other naval timber in Caiada 155 

Alexander Mackenzie and Thomas Forsvtb t,> Pn.til ^" ,^^7 , \^^ 

Memorial of the merchants of London trading to Canada to the Privl 
Council, respecting the duties on furs. U 

Enclosed. Schedules of duties ...r. {J, 

George Harrison to Edward Cooke. The Lords of the Treasury on 
considering the memorial of the widow of La Corne St. Luc think shJhas 
asti-ongclaimtoan albwance. If Lord Castleroagh concurs in thet. 
ariTpro^e" '" ''"'' ''^' ''''^'' ^^'^'^^ '^ ^^^ hertuchrniud pe.S^ 

Unsigned paper on the subject of the Mohawk lands. H 

af HaSK'SSCf '"■ ^"^'" "^ ''"'' ''' " ^•^^«°'' ''' 

clifnf cS't^T ""'t^T ^^ George Cooke. Having received from their 
to T !,.?;. '*''l^^u"''' ^ P"^'^'*'" f«'- ''-^"''^ -vhich had been forwarded 
to Lord Castlerengh, they are desirous of knowing whether it has beer 
received and whether any steps have been taken unon it A 1 . 1 
copy of a letter receiv=-/at th'e same tim f om MrToik to b^S h? 

(The enclosure calendared at its proper date ) 

■■ Albion ".p be l„i,lb,,i.„, he' J'i:„T!r|°„.'^^'^^- - "--' J J 
(In Harrison's of 20th May ) -^ ^^^ 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) ^^^ 

bir Alex. Mackenzie to Ed Cooko Thini^u u „ 
the claims of the Chevalier lTt,.J!^l''t.l^ ^ ".^T.^^^'-y ^o recall 
explained ; conrines himself to giving" liis'oninion as to t h^ 1 ''l^'^'TK 
procuring the means of subsistence WrM^d^e'a Gail'^nd IWs 1^1;^ 



June !l, 


•Tilly 7, 


Q. Ill 

Sunih Taylor, widow of Natluiniel Taylor, to Lord Ca 

Memorial asking for an adiiition to h 


r present allowuiico. Pai^e 197 

August 1, 

Scptciulii'r H, 
Duwiiiiig St. 

September 11, 

Sciiteiiilier 22, 

Xoveiiiher 11 



Xoveinbor 23, 

Decemlier 20, 



December 22. 
Duuiiiug St. 

December 22i 
Downing St. 

Downing St. 

u:rr^, (,-\'=g'^c^^») ol (ixobcc to Kd. Cooke. Thinks irom the tone of 
his (Cooke 9} answer to the application made by Sir Alex Mackenzie 
cj. ass,stance for building the Protestant Chnrolf at Mont^.-o^l t at he 
(M ckon/.e) mus have conveyed the idea that he had received a "par! 
v.cular assurance " from Government of the aid requested. In case ft 
might be thought he assumed much more than should have been one 
ho explains the transaction in question. 19a 

sahrry." ^'"'*''' ^^''"^'"" '" ^''''"'■«^'3^' ^^ ^""^'^ Castlereagh. Mer orial for 

A r?hf^"^ *'' 'f n'" ^? \''" Anglican Bishop of Quebec. His letter to the 
Archbishop of Canterbury expressing disappointment at receiving no 
official communication on the subject of the grant for finishiuL the 
Church at Montreal has been transmitted to this^fflcx^Th^..l hopes 

Teturnto OuT/' ^'^ ^-'i' ^'fl"'^) ^' ^^^ -P^^^ed tha't on T 
PhZ u ^fT ^,'^«:»«'-'«l ^vo'ild have been sent to the King The 

Lxr;ession b^^ Tt 'rr '■ ^'"' ^^^^-.^^^yto move the Iloustat tte 
next session but a detailed memorial is necessary. Eeasons for the 

CaSa.' '^ ^"^ "'^''' •""''''■' respecting ecclesiastical rights in 

CoSfor t'.!,?''.*" TT~- ^^' ?^°''''^ «^ '^' Committee of P^vy 
S^r r n.u ii^.n^''' taken the joint memorial of the merchants of 
ijower Canada into consideration and are glad to find that thov hnvA 
been anticipated in several instances by certin bills whchhav? sinle 

The^Lords V'.T"" P "' -.' H;;^'f ture. An account of iZl A ts 
Ihe Lords of the Committee will be ready to attend to any further 
representations on the subject. ^ pij 

Same to Ed. Cooke. The "Act" for erecting common jails vvith 
Court Halls in the Inferior District of Gaspd, has been laid Cbi'e the 
SXf Mr'^'lH''"'! ^^"'^^" '''' '''-'''' ^^^ their Lrdshipsobsev! 

George Harrison to Hon. Cecil Jenkinson. Having laid before the 
Lords Commissioners a letter from Craig, transmitti^ig Je Re eiver 
Generals accounts for the half year endhW lOtli October ISOfi-u?, I 
report of the Council on the public accounts f 1 the tme perfod s 
there'r''"' '" '''"^"'* '^'' ^""^*^ ''' ^^''^ Liverpool's obJ"-^^ions 

Craig to Castlereagh. (No. 79.) A report that H. M. Ship "Fox- 
uZt I u""" 'r? °'' "^'^"^ione.l him to refer to the letter book to si 
what letters had been sent by her. Sends a copy of one of which no 
duplicate appears to have been transmitted. ^ ^ ' "^^^^'^ ".J 

George Harrison to Hon. Cecil Jenkinson. Having laid before the 
Lords Commissioners Craig's letter enclosing a list of^sSonomic'd ins 
truments required for the Surveyor (reneraFs office nCiSHs com" 
manded to transmit the same for Lord Liverpool's opinio. Sereo 1 2^ 

Enclosed. Craig's letter dated 3rd November 9 ? 

List of astronomical instruments. ^\q 


Diaft of a le ter to Craig (No. 1.) Five Acts passed by the Legisla 

1 e of Lower Canada in May last have been approved off ^544 

Sanie (No. 2.) Tn.nsmilting Order in Council authorizing the givin* 

^r.?..fin -r .^''';,«'''.P^^«.^«d by the Legislature of Lower Canada fo"r 

erecting jails in the District of Gaspi^. j ?J 

Same. (No. 3.) Despatches received and laid before the King Can- 
not recommnnd tbo onr U"!t-"-^n r>f +'■- 1 ,; • 1 """ ^vwi,..,. KjUU- 

— ..jjj.iu ,u..)n 01 inu ptiistio iudijes for an incr(>n«fi of 

salary, as the ground of the memorial, the advanced price of ho cco^ 
sanes of hfe, might be put forward by every other public officer iil^tTe 

Q. Ill 




tior.N he (Cnwr^ hL ,.i...!„ u,'"',^_'Vi"V.''"'.^'h '^^ Montreal. The ir.Htruc- 

GovERNoa Craig, 1810. 

.Ttiiiuiiry 14, 

Jamiiiry 15, 

Ffhruary 21, 

Feliniary 21, 

Vt'bruary 21, 
t^iebec. ' 

Kfl)niary 21, 
< c'liebec. 

Q. 112. 

Oraiii; to Castlereajrli. TNo YO ^ I<^.r.i«„- i-^ . 

of excha>,go current pH^Jh at On 1^ f ^' f.'^'^'^ \"P^ ^^ ^^^ ''^^^' 
and December la.t. ^ ^"^'''''' ^"'" *he months of November 

^^^losed. Quebec prices current for November. ■^'''^' | 

M^L^: :::m^i^^.S ^^£t«';;f r?^'?-'-er of Chief.usticf 
Hitherto it has not been usuatn'^' '"'"'" ^^'"Z ^'""'^ ^^ ^^ tOAvnship. 
Civil Governmenr One qSr of TTnvr'v' ^"' ^^^''^^^ ""^^er th^e 
six Executive Councillors^o .t- „' in ^1^^''?.'^ V' ^'''"^^'^ *° '^''^^l^ «f 
"ess, under authority of a «lnn<l iT ?"'^"^'«"^-o to the hmd busi- 
empowered the go 4;^,o s to dSe wt?*^ ''^ •^""'' l'^^ ^ ^^'^^ also 
members who had m y atten ed oc.T ollV'^^^ '"^'^"^^ ^« fe''^«° to 

7,000 acres each, to the^Bishon of (On; t n f i^Vr "^ p'' ^''''''' ""^'^ '""de, 
representatives of M, Sn^ ifeo p. . ^r Bab.y,an,i 11,000 to the 
largest quantity intended toTc gmntld to TllZi"""' V^T'"^^ '^''' '^'^ 
acres. Mr. Monk does not ann^u to ,!,?.;• ^ "^'vidual was 12,000 
having given his time to the, Tdbit-.^^^^^^^^^^ any claim on the plea of 

IxScf of i'T'' ^T' ^^T^'- -^^^ December, 1809. ' 

J.xtract of a despaich on the subject of irrants of i-md 11 

Craig to CastiercaL'h (No 81 ^ Th«T »„; i 1 «/ ''i"". 13 

the 2nd inst. Enclo.tes Snte Icovnf^b "''"'' u^^'''''^'^"^^^ "^^^O" 

£:nclosed. Speech, En^'iish ^ ^ ^' 'P'"'^ ""'' ^^« «««««>on. 15 

Ditto French. l^ 

Craig to Castloreach rNo S"? ^ F,w.^^.=; jj 23 

lative Council and /ssen^bl^^^^^e e^ent of h1; M^^^^^^ '^' ^''^'''■ 

the «ftieth year of his reig.f, to be laid befot ^ &'^ "'^""'"^ ''t 

Enclosed. Address, Entrlish ^' ^^ 

Jitto French.' 31 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current "^ ^ 35 

Sjiino tn r,;.^.,) ."t.,1 T-> 1 J. 3(j" 

bame to Lieut.-Ool. Bunbury. (Private ) Con, 

IMnrcli 24, 

Enclosed. List of the members witb fb«;, • 39 

Bions or trades. n«'noo'«, with their circumstances and profes- 

of the Dem;;7a^piHy hVre ^esT^n ^^T"^ Y i "'^'"^■^•^' ^^"'^^ '"^ '"^Po^? 
England. This par y has lon'^ been en'^ f f ''"'"^ "'""""'^ ^^^^'^^ ^each 

pernicious priniple^ amo;S''thr^nS;;r ll ^ZlT "" ^'^'^^ "^^''«■'• 

"= '-■,'101 ant. it now becomes necessary 



Q. 112 


March 30, 

April 27, 

May 1, 

May 10, 

May 12, 
Downing St. 

May 12, 
< Quebec. 

^fay 17, 

May 17. 


Page 55 


PA, 89 

- ,»r8 into his 

. jlajenty. 98 

itis of exchange 

to take decisive stops to qiieli the dissatisfaction. Has seized the press 
in the service of this party and arrested the loaders, Messrs. Bddard, 
Blanchet and Taschereau, together with the printer, on a charge of trea- 
sonable practices. Encloses copy of a proclamation issued on the occa- 
sion. It has produced a considerable effect among the wavering ; he has 
not had time to hear of the full etfect yet. Believes the people at largo 
will be brought to a sense of the folly of their allowing themselves to bo 
led astray. 

Enclosed. Address to the Canadians (French). 
Speech on the dissolution of Parliament. 
Proclamation by Craig : English, 81 ; French, 89 
Craig to the Earl of Liverpool (, duplicatt ; 
reasons for dissolving Parliament, for the information < 
Same to same. (No. 6.) Encloses certified copy of r 
and current prices at Quebec for the months of February and March 
last. 114 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for February. 115 

Ditto for March. 118 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 7.) Conceives it to be bin particular duty to 
forward a report on the ^tate of this province. A lengthy report on the 
general affairs and political situation. 121 to 157 

Enclosed. Letter dated 27th July, 1805, from Milnes to Earl Camden. 
Sending memorial of Monseigneur Pierre Dcnault to be acknowledged 
bishop of the Eoman Catholic Church. 158 

Enclosed. Memorial. 160 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 8.) An Act was passed in the year 1805 for 
laying duties on the importation of certain articles therein mentioned, 
and on sales by auction, to provide a fund for the erection of jails in the 
districts of Quebec and Montreal, which was to expire on 25th March last. 
This measure has been so much moi'e productive than was expected 
that by the expiration of the year the fund will amount to about £72,000. 
The charges will be £13,000 for Quebec jail, ihe same for xMontrcal, and 
£2,000 for Gasp^, which will leave a large surplus on the subject of 
which he wishes for instructions. Tbe operation of this Act was very 
unfavourably looked upon by the merchants. Eomarks on the civU 
expenditure of the province. 1<^3 

Enr-losed. Statement of cash received under the Jail Act. 169 

Draft of a letter to Craig. (No. 4.) He is to collect a military report 
from each colony or station within his command, with a detailed descrip- 
tion and necessary plans with I'emarks on the inhabitants, their political 
character, cS:c., to' be kept to form a collection for the infor'mation of His 
Majesty's Government whenever they may require to refer to them. 170 
Craig to Liverpool. (No. 9.) Recommending the Hon. Pierre Amable 
Do Bonne to be a member of the Legislative Council. 172 

Ryland to the Chief Justices and Puisne Judges of the Courts of King's 
Benidi, Quebec and Montreal. Asking for a report as to Attorney General 
UniaTke's fitness for the position. 229 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 10.) The state of the police both in Quebec 
and Montreal has been a ennxti of complaint ever since he (Craig) arrived. 
Encloses two presentments of different grand juries. DifTifMilty of 
inducing gentlemen to act as nrtagistrates. The Quarter Sessi' is often 
adjourn for want of a sufficient number of Justices. Has appointed 
a barrister, Mr. Cuthbert, lo bo chairm.-ui of the Quarter Sessions, 
with a salary of £400 a year, with £100 adt.";itional as Inspector of Police. 
At :Montreal, has appointed two Justices as Police Magistrates at £250 a 
year each. The advantage of these appointments. Trusts the measures 
will be approved. 17o 

Enclosed. Presentments. 177, 180 

Q. 112 


May 18, 

May 21, 

May 21, 


May 21, 

May 22, 


May 29, 


May 31, 



May 31, 

June 1, 

.T'lne 1, 

.Tune 3, 
• Quebec. 

Eopo'-t of the Committee of the whole Council on the defective state 
of the police in Quebec and Montreal. Page 183 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 11.) Enclosing .such returns relative to the 
revenue and expenditure of the Colony an appear calculated to bring 
the important subject undei- one view for his Lordship's information. 
Explanation of these returns. 184 

Enclosed. The returns. 188a, 188b, ,188c, 188d 

Sewell, Williams, Do Bonne, and Kerr to Craig. Eeportingthat they 
consider the Attorney General's knowledge of criminal law very super- 
ficial. His knowledge of civil law often detective and he possesses little 
acquaintance with the French language, therefore they ao not consider 
him qualified for the office. 234 

James Reid to Ryland. Having been absent from the province during 
the sitting of the only court where Mr. Uniucke had any business to 
manage, he is unable to report on his efficiency. 233 

Monk, Panot, and Ogden to . Reporting that they have hardly 

had a chance to judge of Uniacke's efficiency but do not think he quite 
comes up to what the Attorney General should be. 231 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 12.) Transmitting copies of the only two 
Acts passed by the Legislature last session, also piinted copies of the 
Journal of the House of Assembly for 1809 and 1810, and a I i-anscript of 
the Journal of the Legislative Council for 1810. 189 

Same to same. (No. 13.) Transmitting copy of the proceedings of 
the Executive Council, Lower Canada, on Matters of State, between :i2nd 
August, 1809, and 19th March, 1810, inclusive. 190 

Same to same. (No. 14.) Referring to correspondence which has 
already ta' i place on the subject of granting the waste lands. Thinks 
there was some misunderstanding respecting his despatch No. 41, where 
he enquired as to the residues of townships, as the answer. No. 23, 
seemed to refer to Crown and Clergy Reserves. Requests an explana- 
tion as matters are at a standstill. 191 

Minute of a communication made to the Attorney General by order of 
the Governor suspending him (the Attorney General) from his office. 236 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 15.) Enclosing, in order to complete the 
report on the state of the province, two papers, the first a copy of Chief 
Justice SewoU's letter to him (Craig) respecting the politics, waste lands, 
&c., of the province, and discussing the subject of uniting Upper and 
Lower Canada, on which ho is well able to write; the second, an 
extract of notes by a gentleman, also on the subject of the union. 193 

Enclosed. Sewell's letter. 196 

Extract of notes. 210 

Craig to Liverpool. Encloses an abstract of disbursements on account 
of the extraordinary services of the army in Canada, and of moneys paid 
on warrants to supply the deficiencies of the Civil Revenues of Upper 
and Lower Canada between 25th December, 1803, and 24th Junr , 1809, 
also a detailed explanation of the particulars by which the increase of 
expense within the last three years has been incurred. Observations on 
these expenses. 213 

Enclosed. Remarks in explanation of the increased expenditure. 215 

Abstract of disbursements. 223a 

Craig to Liverpool, (No. 16.) In Juno last Mr. Uniacke was appointed 
Attorney General in the place of Mr. Sewell, made Chief Justice. That 
gentleman's total ingnoranee either of the French law or language, 
knowl(>d.o;n of both of which is absolutely necessary in Canada hag 
brought matters to such a standstill that he decided tosuspend Uniacke; 
however, to avoid unpleasantness he desired him to ask for leave of 
absence to go to England, which he (Craig) granted. Asks that he be 
removed from office. Has appointed Mr. lOd. Bo'wen to act in the meantime, 



Q. 112 


June 4, 

June 4, 

June 6, 

Juiie 0, 


June 8, 

June 10, 

June 10, 

June 10, 

Jiilj- 10, 

fi?« ''«^?'""^*^"'J« that he be appointed. Enclo.seH some coirosporulence on 
me suDject. ' p ,,„. 

(KncloHures calendared at thoir respective dates) "^"^ '" 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 17.) Enclosing Addresses from the Legis- 

in J,^,?r?l "nli ".?'" ""^ \'f]^^^y on the event of His Majesty having 
entoi'ed on the fiftieth year of his I'eign. 2'}8 

Enclosed. Address from the Legislative Council im 

JJitto from House of Assembly. 941 

Assomhlv\n%''"^FC^*- ^f?: ^^-^ ^Enclosing address from the House" of 
Assembly to .ho King re ative to the payment of the civil expenditure 
of the Government of this Province. Similar Addresses were voted by 
them at he same time to the House of Lords and the Commons in En^ 
land, stating thai the House of Assembly is enabled to engage to pay 
Addr'essi."''''"^^ ^'"'^ °^ *^^ (Government. Encloses copies of those 

Address to the King, English. 0^ 

F'-ench. -J° 

Ditto to the House of Lords. o^fi 

Ditto to the House of Commons. 25" 

.. w"f *'' Liverpool. (No. 19.) Mr. Caldwell, Receiver General, died -^' "S'^- I|'i« appointed his son John to fill the position till His 

Majesty s pleasure be known. Recommends him for the situation. 254 

of S Vn'l ''''"''; «i^^.f' ^^-^ Despatches received. Has directed a lease 
of the l^orgesof St. Maurice to be made out in favour of Monro and 

^on'nf ZT ?lu''\''^ ^^?*l; ^''- ^^"d has applied for an exten- 
sion of her lease of the Jesuits' Farm, adjoining the suburbs of Quebec, 
10, a term of nine y-nine years. Does not recommend its being granted 
biddei"' thinking a short lease should be sold to tht highest 

h!iTiWT^- ^^■''- "^^ '^^''''^ ^'"' ^^'^^^ heen passed annually 
b!t!' ^^'^-^'f. '■^^P'^cting aliens and certain subjects of His Majesty wh"o 
have resided in France coming into the Province, or residing therein, 
ll! thfwl f """ *'f >«"er preservation of His Maje'sty's Government, and 
hltiil tl- P ""^ "" temporary provision for the regulation of trade 
between this Province and the United States. The first Bill is of much 

In llvn T"" T-' ."'"'''^'u' P^'''°"' belonging to the Province have gone 

to l^iance certainly with no good intention, and it would be dangerous 

a low them return. These Acts are not now in existence, not hav- 

ng been passed last Session Is convinced the Parliament will not pass 

the hrst two again. Begs that they should be supplied by Acts of the 

Imperia Parliament, the first to continue only during the war, but the 

third, relating only to trade, might be made perpetual ' 258 

Same to — _. Circumstances have occurred which make him (Craie) 

desirous that the seat in the Executive Council be withheld from Mr de 

baiu berry. V,"° 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 22.) Enclosing certified copy of the rates 

and Maj'list '' "'"*^''* P"'"' '"' ^"'^'' ^''' *^" ""^"ths of April 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for May 9ra 

Ditto for April. ^ f^ 

nf™^!^" V*''"?-"'''- P«- 23.) Transmitting naval officers' returns 

oJohM. 'isno''^^^ ^''^^7*^' *"^ ''''^'*'^ outwards at Quebec between 10th 
Uctober, 1809, and 5th January, 1810. 270 

Same tn .same. (No. 24.) Ecusons for his delay in furnishing the 
information respecting the Lidians, required by Lord Castlereagh in his 
despatch of 8th April, 1809. Encloses' the intbrmation asked f?r i^^ the 
form of questions and answers by officers of the Lidian Department. 271 

Q. 112 




J>OWllillt,' ^t. 

Bi o by Lt..Col. F. D'Eschambault. lH 

I>itto by Lf,ui.s do Salabony. *?* 

J)itio by Lowvi^rny ,ic Montigny. ^"" 

. JlT'f '""'/■ '" ^'■'"•^- Despatches laid before the Kinff Will ^ 

' nil I nWJu or''"" 'p ^'"" '^« ^'''^« «^ ^ho eccleHiastical' es abl h-" 

r lo LVnl^h ''"^^''^'''""^•. Some obHorvations arc necessary 

of the ol CO of o7n^;«. Ym^^ '«'■ *h^ b-^ttor management 

conv nf'f /i I ^r*" "^ ""^ Montreal are approved. Has ordered a 
oxtfao d nar^'o '^^^P^cUng the disbursemt^nts on accoun of the 

S u V f.uw/r ""■ '^' ^"'■''" in Canada to be transmitted to the 
and M^Mowin- '• ^"'^"T'^^"""-'' *^»- Uniacke's leave of absence 

^u o Mr Just c?,?? Rn "'" '/'^ '"'''■'■'"'« ''PP'-"^-'^'^- The recommenda- 

boHului^dToHi'M^:";;/"-'^^"^^ ■" ^'^ ^^^'^''-^"^^ c--'' -;'• 

/ l-f 




•I.annary 8, 

•Taniiiiry l.S, 


•'aniiary 20, 

Q. 113. 

Governor Craig and Miscellaneous, 1810. 

(hricloHure calendared at its proper date.) 
Co nn, il n" ^^^ Attorney General. Enclosing extract of minutes of 
Council. -De.n-es he will prepare draft of a lease to Monro and Bell of 
the l-orges of St. Maunce as (herein ordered. Encloses also conv of ho 

Knclosed conditions of the lease. l^ 

Letter fro,nRylund to the Attorney General directing that o new 

of ulaUul.muSd.'" P"'""' ''" '''' ^'''"'"'"^*^ ''^'^«»-^^-- ^'^-PP-v" 
Kxtract fmm repor' of a committee of the whole Council igl 

tho^iraa ol-fhr.etst'"-^' ''''''"'' '' ^'^^ '^^^^^' ''^■- ^-«'-. ^'l 






Q. 113 

li, i 

.lanimry ; 

.Tanuary 27, 

Ft'l)ruary 7, 

Kehrnary 14, 



February 18, 

Marcli 10, 



March 25, 

A|.ril 14, 

.Tune 7, 

J\uie 8. 

July IC. 

July 21, St. 
Johns, Nfd. 

July 31, Ply- 
mouth JJock. 

Augiist 1, 

Norman Fitzj^crald Uniucke, Attorney General, to the Governor 
Genera). Respecting the propriety, under oxiHtin/>: circumstances, of a 
controlling ))0\ver over the trade at present carried on between Canada 
and the States. Pago 253 

The Lords of the Council direct that Mr. Groce wait on thorn while 
meeting on the subject of Danish and Swedish vessels. 247 

Attorney General Uniacke's opinion as to the otfect of not passing the 
temporary Act regulating the trade with the United States. 255 

Ilnrrison to the Hon. Cecil Jenkinson. Transmits the accounts of the 
Eecoiver General of Canada from llth October, 1808, to lOth April,1809, 
with report on the public accounts for the same period for Lord Liver- 
pool's observations thereon. 105 

Lady Dorchester to . Asking that he ( ) use his influence 

to obtain her son a staff appointment. 106 

Hariison to Cecil Jenkinson. Transmitting the requisition for Indian 
presents for Lower Canada, for 1811, together with the proposed esta- 
blishment of the Indian Department, for Lord Liverpool's opinion 
thereon. 107 

Stephen Cottrell to John Wm. (xrece. Informs him that Russian, 
Swedish, and Danish vessels bringing cargoes belonging to these nations 
or any other not at war with Great JBritain, to any of her ports shall bo 
protected while so employed. Instructions have boon given and pasacs 
will be granted. 248 

Harrison to Cecil Jenkinson. Transmitting for Lord Liverpool's opi- 
nion thereon an application from Mr. Glaus, Deputy Superintendent 
General of Indian Affairs, for an increase to his salary. 108 

Bishop (Anglican) of Quebec to . Encloses a representation 

which he (the Bishop) lately made to Craig, respecting the ecclesiasti- 
cal affairs of this province. Takes this opportunity of submitting the 
result of an application made by him for 'imds. The documents relating 
to the application are enclosed and comprise four papeis marked C to 
F. 109 

Enclosed. Pepresontation on the state of ecclesiastical affairs. 112 

Two documents accompanying the above, both extracts from the 
Council Minutes. 134, 136 

Papers respecting his application for lands marked C to F. 

139, 141, 142, 143 

John Black to Cecil Jenkinson. With his memorial for lands and the 

accompanying ducuments. 144 

Enclosed. The memorial. 145 

Accompanying documents. 148, 150, 152, 153, 156 

William Parker to Robert Peel. Enclosing a memorial from William 

Crawford asking to be appointed to the vacancy in the Court of King's 

Bench. 173 

Enclosed. The memorial. 174 

Isar.c Coffin, Vice Admiral, to Liverpool. Requesting his (Liverpool's) 

favourable consideration of the memorial in behalf of the widow of his 

uncle, the late John Coffin. 176 

Ryland to same. Has arrived in port with despatches to be delivered 

in person, but finding it impossible to proceed till next day, sends them 

by mail and will wait on him as soon as possible. At the time of his 

leaving Quebec the measures pursued by Craig had placed the province 

ill a stale of tranquility, and no immediate danger of disturbance was 

apprehended. 178 

Rich^.rd John Uniacke to . Asks that his son, Norman Fitz- 

jrerald, be returned to his office. 179 

Q. 113 

itances, of a 
eon Canada 
Pago 253 
thorn while 

passing the 


t)unts of the 


Lord Liver- 

bis influence 

[\ for Indian 
)poHed osta- 
m's opinion 


at EuBsian, 

hese nations 

)rt8 shall bo 

and passes 


er pool's opi- 



) ecclesiasti- 
niitting the 
jnts relating 
marked C to 
airs. 112 
ts from the 
134, 136 

L41, 142, 143 

mds and the 



152, 153, 156 

rom William 

rt of King's 




widow of his 


be dolivcrod 
, sends them 
time of his 
the province 
turbance was 

Norman Fitz- 

Q. 113 

Augiiiit 5, 

AngUHt 10, 

August 11. 

August 22. 

AuKUHt 23, 
Co vent 
( lurden. 

August 3I>, 



Spi>t<>iiil)fr 5, 

Scptcnihcr 5, 

September 8, 

Septeml)er 12, 
Downing St 

Oi'tober 2, 

October 0, 

()ctober 18, 

Octolier 27, 

Xovcniber (i, 



November 6, 

Xovpnibcr (i. 

Craig to Liverpool. Eospecting a suit for wages instituted by three 

soamon against their captain. 

Enclosed. Bocuinonts relating to the proceedings. 

Same to same. (No. 25.) Enclosing certified copy of the 
exchange and current prices at Quebec for June and July last. 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for Juno. 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for July. 

John Black to E. Peel. Enclosing copy of his petition for 
be laid before Lord Liverpool. 

Enclosed. Memorial. ' ' 

Page 3 

4 to 42 

rates cf 




lands, to 



Paper signed V. Gibbs and endoi-sod " C. Answers to the Queries in 
])apers marked B and A." 204 

John Black to Wilmot, private secretary to Lord Liverpool. 

Asking for his good offices in procuring him a situation. 207 

Same to Adam Gordon, Secretary of State's Office. Asks for his good 
offices in procuring him a situation. 209 

Norraan F. Uniacko, Attorney General, Lower Canada, to Col. Bun- 
bury. For an audience with Lord Liverpool. 212 

Nat. Atcheson to E. Peel. Enclosing memorial from the merchants 
interested in the trade and fisheries of the British North American 
Colonies, for Lord Liverpool's consideration. 213 

Enclosed. The memorial. 214 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 26.) Transmitting naval officers' returns of 
vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards at Quebec between 5th 
April and 5th July last. 50 

Draft of a letter to Craig. (Confidential.) On matters relating to the 
constitution of Lower Canada. 51 

Eyland to Gordon. Eequosts he will have the goodness to forward 
the letters sent, with the despatches leaving for Halifax in October. 218 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 27.) Some account of the works being car- 
ried on at Quebec. 67 

Memorial of Jane and Sarah Lees. 219 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 26.) Enclosing certified copy of rates of 
exchange and current prices at Quebec for August and September 
last. 60 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for August. 61 

Ditto for September. 64 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 28.) Since the departure of Mr. Eyland the 
province has been in a state of perfect tranquillity. An ett'ort was made 
to obtain the implements of the printing office in order to resume the 
seditious publications; he (Craig) prevented these designs by buying in 
the press, &c., at auction, though the bidding was high ; intends "to dis- 
pose of it again to ditl'erent printers. Attributes the quiet in a great 
measure to the discontinuance of the paper. The expiration of the 
Alien Act has allowed some known charactei's to return from France. 
The harvest bad this year. Arrangements for procuring meut, &c. Has 
received applications from some Highland families for lands. 73 

Same to same. (Private.) Has received his (Liverpool's) commands 
by Mr. Percival, to whom he will thow all civility. 82 

S.'imo to samo, (No. 29.) Enclosing requisition for stationery for tiic 
Civil Department, Lower Canada, for 1811. Eequests that the same 
may be sent out as earlv as possible. 79 



Enclosed. Eequisition 
Xovemiier (i, Same to same. (No. 30.) 

lishment of the Indian Department 

losing requisitions, and proposed estab- 




Q. 113 




Enclosed. Kequi^ition for rmiiaa pronontH, Lowor Canada, 

Novc'i)il)«r 10, 

Novf'iiil)f)r 14, 

NovMiiber 1!) 
< Quebec. 

November 111, 

November 23, 

December 23, 

December 2('i, 



Downing St. 

No date. 
No date. 

No date. 

No date. 
No date. 


Ditto for Htationory for tho Indian Department, Lower cSda, 

foMs'lT^'' ostabllHhmont of tl.o Indian Dopartmcnt, Lower Canada, 

Simon MeGillivray, of tl.o firm of McTuvi«h, Fraser k Co., to Live*.^ 
'w ii" ''^"^i"'"'^' .''"P'o^ '»t' documents tranhmittcd to tl.o Marquis of 
VVclosloy from tl.e committee of BritisI, merchants interested in tl.o 
trade and fisheries of His Majesty's North American Colonies. Re- 
niarks. y^- 

Enclosed. Documents 224, 228, 231, 243, 244. 

ni'i)'t% ^'y"''Pool. (No 30.) Transmitting copy of tho p.^oceedin^js 

19th March and 7ih August, 1810. gg 

(Letter dated 6th November, is also numbered 30.) 

Same to same. (No. 31.) Despatches receive.l. Th.- subject of the post 
othco here has long been open to great complaint. Hud hoped a surveyor 
would have been sent out ; but tho Postmaster General here was ordered 
o make a report instead; his ideas about bridges, roads, &c., were good, 
but he quite overlooked the state of tho country, which in many cases 
prevents any improvements ; ho also dwells upon the difficulty of man- 
aging the postmasters, the control of whom. seems to belong to the 
XHrector ot Posts which situation is at present vacant. Difficulties in 
arranging the Halifax mails. 89 

Same to same. (No. 32.) Ha.l enclosed a demand for Ordnance stores in 
January 1808, was informed that they had been loaded, but affairs ia 
hpain taking a sudden turn had been sent there instead. Asks that the 
requisition be hlled as soon as possible. 94 

Same to same. (No. 33.) A communication from Mr. Morier, at Wash- 
ington and an attentive consideration of affairs has strongly impressed 
him with the Idea that war is probable. Under this conviction thinks 
It right to resign his command, as he has not recovered his health suffi- 
w'r. ^ undertake the extra exertion which hostilities would call for. 
Will cheerfully sacrifice his wish for retirement if it is considered he 
can be of use. qs 

John William Groce (o Liverpool. Memorial asking for a grant of 
lunu. O/iQ 

of fand ""^ ^*''''""'^''>' ^"^ P^®'- Recommends Mr. Greco for an allotment 


Draft of a letter to Craig. (No. 8.) Letter of the 23rd November re- 
ceived. itegrets that indisposition will prevent him (Craig) from under- 
taking the extra responsibilities caused by the unsettled state of the 
country, owing to His .Majesty's illness is unable to give any instructions, 
but hopes he will not be inconvenienced by holdini^ the appointment til 
arrangements can be made. • 1 1 

c„lTpHTn'''v-i^""-^^^;j'^';''^'"^' for a renewal of her lease of a farm 
called JJelle Ville near Quebec. jnj 

Attorney Genei'al Uniacko's draft of a proclamation of general pardon 
in honour of His Majesty's jubilee to all prisoners except those detained 
for treason or murder. ' "^"""^ou 

Attorney Gono.ra! Uniacke's opinion upon John Muro's lease of part 
of the King's wharf. V59 

Attorney General Uniacke's opinion as to the resolution to be made 
upon lods et ventes. 9^ T 

Attorney General Uniacke's opinion to the Trinity House respecting 

Q. 113 


No iliitt'. 
No clat»>. 

No (liitf. 



4«o;;7.h:r"C",rLt'r''''''°" '- ^'•"' '"""'■■ *^>'""' "-4" 


.Tuly !l, 

October 1(>, 


December 2!», 

•Tanuary !», 

February 2, 

Governor Cra[o, A.Tmo Governor Dunn, Governor Sir G 

Prevost, 1811. 
Q. 114. 

M Klliott to William ClauH. Indians to the number of 125 arrived 
hero They are unanimouH in Hayii.L' thov will wait tli« Kin.r 7 
mands eithc.. for poaoo or war. Idvlsed iLm to be p coub lowardH 
all natioMH and each other, and nupplied then. liborally^wirp.Lo.l 

(In Craig's of 2I)th March.) ^^ 

^vlTJ T ""'""• ''^"^'"«'"g heads of what passed at the Council at 
Brown s Town except the answer of the Ilurons, who accused the sfv 
>-at.ons of perfidy on almost every occasion, toll nj them thov thou d 

hroTh "'N'.-P'°'^'r^ rf'^"'«'' '"^'l "»t ci,'cuIato\hem amoL the r 
brother Nations, lied Jackofs mission appears to liave Sd The 
Indians for war, they consider they hiie been tnpled upon bv 
the Americans. Dreads thoy may commence hostilities themsolvos^ 
and our government be blame.l for encouraging them Si Set and 
others have proceeded to Detroit where Golornor III 'I nnr.S ..^ 
with a boat to carry them home. Had Urted h s pt y w t " to "eT 
WiuU. directions as to those who left the Grand River Tg 

Eneosed. Subsaanco of speeches at tlie Council at Big Pock ?() 

(In Craig's of 29th March, 1811 ) ^ ' ^^ 

fnuToV'-''"'''\- ^"^-l^^i'ig^P' ^h of the Shawanese Prophet which 
fully convinces h.m our neighbours are on the eve of an In.lian w- r I 
inswor to thou; demand for supplies has told them the"r speech™! bo 

ihet atnV'".';:^"''? ''''^''\ ^"^"°^^« in.-'tructions TtoCv thTpro- 
phet and his adherents are to be treated. Has already served 6 000 with 
their annual presents and tho provisions exnended to 9j.(i. '„i. u 
amounted to 70,770 rations. RoLons f" the':"' outlay'' .V L for 
flags. 18th Xov. Since writing the foregoing has had a ndV-Uo confeT 
ence with the Prophet's brother who said^haf at firs tL'y hl'nded to 
keep their plans secret but as Governor Harrison has pushed them o 

Enclosed. Speech of the Prophet's brother. It 

(In Craig's of 2t)th March, 1811.) '^ 

GoretoCmig. Enclosing letters from Capt. Elliott, Superintendent 

ti J propht.?ri;?o?het™ A;r'v""^'= '"t" '^'"'^'^ ^^-^^ ^oAXT-Z 

uit riopnets Diother. Asks for instructions. an 

(In Craig's of 29th March, 1811 ) ^^ 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 3.S.) Enclosing certified copy of rates of 

iSJ^'nTr' P'"" "' ^''''''' *"'• '^^''^'' '-d Normbei ast 2 
JiJiclosed. Quebec prices current for October. 3 

,, . JNovembci', i: 

tilUheVoH, ,TTr''l ^'"''"^^ the 29th December did not reach here 
till the 30th ult. Thinks upon consideration that our policy is to prevent 
a rupture between the Indians and the United States^ 7 wai To neai- 



Q. 114 


February 2G, 

February 27, 

Marcli 2, 

March 2S, 

Marcli 20, 

Marcli 29, 

April 3, 

our frontiers would be very incoiivenient in every way, and would 
expose U8 to suspicion on the part of the Americans, which would 
sooner or later involve ourselves. The bad eflFocts inevitably attending 
such a war. Thelndians must be advised that to avoid hostility is for their 
own good. They must be carefully managed. Wishes Capt. Elliott's 
letters were a little more explicit as he neither knows to what tribe Red 
Jacket belongs nor in what mission he failed of success. Page 80 

(In Craig's of 29th March, 1811.) 

Gore to Claus. He (Glaus) is to instruct Elliott to bo more than 
usually circumspect in his communications with the Indians so as to 
leave no possible suspicion of favouring their projected hostilities against 
the United States. He is (o impress upon the Indians the certainty of 
misfortune to themselves in any attack upon the Whites, and that it is 
their father's regard ior them which induces him to advise them to 
maintain peace. They must be delicately managed. 108 

(In Ciaig's of21rtt May.) 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 34.) His failing health will compel him to 
give up the Governorship and leave Canada at the first opportunity. 9 

Gore to Craig. Letter of the 3rd February received. Had lost no 
time in directing the Deputy Supt. General of Indian Affairs to caution 
and restrain the Indians from committing any act of hostility on the 
white inhabitants in the neighbourhood. Encloses copy of his letter to 
Col. Claus. Eed Jacket is a Seneca i-esiding on the American side, his 
late visit to the Westward was for the purpose of drawing away the 
Indians from the British to the American interest. The Canadian 
Indians were indignant and Rod Jacket had to fly to save his life. 106 

(In Craig's of 21st May.) 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 35.) Enclosing copies of speeches on the 
opening and closing of Provincial Parliament. The session just closed 
much quieter than he had reason to expect. Gives a general idea of the 
temper of the House. 12 

Enclosed. Speech delivered by Craig on the opening of the Parlia- 
ment : English, 23; French, 26. 23, 26 

Answer fi'om the Legislative Council English 30, French 34. 30, 34 

Answer from the Legislative Assembly : English, 38 ; French, 44. 38, 44 

Speech on closing : English, .52 ; French, 56. 52, 56 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 37.) P]nelosing letter with enclosures from 
Lt.-Gov. Gore on the subject of the Indians, together with his answer 
to Gore, in which be details his reasons for wishing to discourage hosti- 
lities on the part of the Indians towards the Americans. They appear 
to have made up their minds as long ago as last November to have 
recourse to arms. By way of avoiding the horrors of an Indian war, 
had communicated with Mr. Morier, giving him permission to verbally 
inform the American Government, which ho did. Reinforcements neces- 
sary in Upper Canada should hostilities take place. 63 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Same to same. (No. 36.) Nptwithstanding the observation in his 
(Liverpool's) despatch. No. 7, of 12th September, 1810, he has been induced 
to give His Majesty's assent to an Act for continuing the duties imposed 
by that of the 45lh of His Majesty. The fund arising therefrom is to be 
appropriated to erecting a proper building for the meeting of the Legis- 
lature. The general favour with which this Act is looked upon has 
compelled him to assent to it. 01 

Same to same. Enclosing; certified copy of rates of exchange and 

current prices 
Enclosed. C 
Ditto for March. 

at Quel)ec for February and March last. 


bee pi-ices current for February. 


Q. 114 


April 18, 

May 5, 



Mjiy 21, 

IMay 31, 
Downing St. 

June 18, 

.Tiuie 18, 

•Tune 18, 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 38.) Hazards enclosed triplicate of a docu- 
ment b}' an insecure conveyance as he is afraid neither the original nor 
the duplicate which he sent to Mr. Barclay at New York have arrived 
His health unimproved. Pj,„g ^q 

(No enclosure.) ° 

Same to same. In reference to his despatch of 6th November last No 
27, describing the states of the barracks and hospitals inOuebec reports 
t^it he contemplates erecting a building to accommodate" some of the 
otncersas the townspeople charge them most exorbitant rents for 
their lodgings. A hospital is also a necessity. Has looked for a site 
but the grants here have been so numerous as not to leave a single lot 
to Government, within the walls, eligible for the latter object Has 
therefore considered the house and lot belonging to Mrs. Elmsley and 
now for sale, and appointed a board of officers to report. £4 000 the 
price demanded. Encloses report, which was so favourable that he 
ordered the purchase to be made. The officers' quarters are nearly com- 
pleted,and the foundation dug for the hospital. 91 

Enclosed. Report of a board of officers. 94 

Order to call the board of officers. 99 

Report of W. Somcrville, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, on the neces- 
sity of a new hospital building. jq^ 
Plan of the late Chief Justice Elmsley's house. 103 
Statement as to value of the late Chief Justice Elmsley's house 103 
Craig to Liverpool. (No. 39.) In despatch No. 30, bethought it right to 
warn him (Liverpool) of the hostile intentions of the Indians of the 
Upper Country t.)wards the Americans and of the steps taken in the 
matter Encloses two letters from Lt.-Gov. Gore and also copy of his 
(Gore s) instructions to the Deputy 8upt. of Indian Affairs. 105 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates). 
oo'^i'^'t!:!* "* a letter to Craig. From the circumstances stated in letter of 
Jdrd November, it is thought advisable to authorize him (Craig) to 
deliver over to Sir George Prevost the authority with which he is vested 
who has been instructed to hold himself in readiness to proceed to Canada 
upon the first intimation he may receive of his (Craig's) intention to 
roliniiuish the government. Transmits an additional instruction to be used 
il iiccessary for placing the officer in command of His Majesty's Forces 
in Canada for the time being next in rank to the Lieut.-Governor in the 
list of the Council ; a successor under any contingency, would thus be 
provided. His continuance in the Government left to his own discre- 
tion. J,, 

Craig to Liverpool. (No. 38.) Transmiuing copv of proceedings of 
the J^.xecuiive Council concerning matters of State between 8th August 
1810, and the 11th March, last, also concerning the Waste Lands of the 
Crown between 29th January, 1809, and 11th March last, together with 
a copy of the proceedings in the Executive Council relative to petitions 
for leases of the Crown and Clergy Reserves between 29th January 1809 
and 11th March last. *" 1J3 

Same to same. Transmitting naval officers' returns of vessels entered 
inwards and cleared outwaids at (Quebec between 5th January 1810 and 
5lh January last. ' ■^^^A 

Same to same. (No. 39.) Transmitting copy of the Journal of the 
Legislative Council together with the exemplifications, agreeably to the 
enclosed schedule of the several Acts passed in the last session of the 
Provincial Legislature ; also some nrinted copies nf (ho same and of the 
Journals of the House of Assembly.' Copy of an Act for erecting a jail 
in the District of Three Rivers and for providing the means fordefrayinjr 
tlie expense thereof is also transmitted for his Maiest3''s approbation 
Recommends this as jail as indispensably necessary. 115 

Enclosed. Schedule of Acts passed. ' hq 




June 18, 

J<me 20, 

July 5, 
Downing St, 

July 13, 
Downing .St, 

July 28, 
Downing St. 

July 29, 

July 31,- 
Downing St. 

August 2, 


Q. 114 10, 

Augu.'it 21, 
Downing St. 

Same to same. (No. 41.) Enclosing certified copy of the rates of 
exchange and cui-rent prieeH at Quebec for April and May last. Page 121 
Enclosed. Quebec prices current for April. 122 

Ditto for May, j25 

Thomas Dunn to Liverpool. (No. 1.) Craig sailed for England on the 
19th inst., therefore the government has devolved on him as oldest 
Protestant member of the Executive Council. Craig's unremitting atten- 
tion to civil matters has left little to be done just now. 128 
Diaft of a letter to the officer administering the Government. Six 
months additional leave has been gianted to Attorney General 
Uniacke. 23q 
Draft of a letter to Craig. (No. 13.) Lieut.-Governor Gore having 
requested leave to return to England on his private concerns, the Civil 
Administration is to be placed in the hands of the senior military officer 
during his ab.sence. Transmits an instrument authorizing this arrange- 
ment. The selection of a proper officer left to his (Craig's) selection. 131 
Draft of a letter to the officer administering the Government in Lower 
Canada. The Prince Kegent entirely approves of Craig's management 
of the Indians hostile to the United States, and desires that the same 
methods be persevered in. Hq 
Craig to Liverpool. He landed in London on the 28th inst. Had em- 
barked at Quebec on the 19th Juno, leaving the Government in the hands 
of Mr. Dunn. Reasons for selecting that gentleman. Only the very in- 
firm state of his health could have induced him to give up his charge. 
His malady will not at present allow him to pay his respects to him 
(Liverpool.) 132 
Draft of a letter to Craig. (No. 15.) His despatch of the 29th inst. has 
been submitted to the Prince Eegeni, who considers him in the state of his 
health to have been perfectly justified in acting as he did, and regrets the 
cause which compelled him to solicit the appointment of a successor. 134 
Dunn to the Chief Justice. Having received a memorial in behalf of 
John Stephenson, respecting 201 chests of tea refused entry at the post 
of St. Johns, and a letter from the collector of that post, corroborating 
his statement, he takes this opportunity of desiring thattheopinion of the 
whole Council be asked as to the propriety of adopting the enclosed or 
some other form of ptociamation making public the prohibition of the 
statute Yth Geo. L, sec. 9, which would probably have the cttect of check- 
ing the import of prohibited goods and saving much trouble to the Cus- 
tom House officers. If the Committee do not consider a proclamation 
advisable, asks to be informed what course is to be pursued. 157 
Enclosed. Memorial of John Stephenson. 159 
The proclamation (not adopted). ici 
Dunn to Liverpool. (No. 2.) The important despatch of the 6th April 
relative to the enforcing of the statute of the 7th George ist, received on 
the 13th July. Had submitted it with its enclosures lo a committee of 
the whole Council. Encloses copy of the minutes on the same. Encloses 
also a quarterly statement showing the amount of East India produce 
imported from the United States by way of St. .Johns. The vicinity of 
this post to the frontier affords daily opportunities for importation. 11^^ 
ordered that no seizure be made of East India goods until after the 24th 
inst., when the instructions will be carried into effect. Encloses procla- 
mation and Order in Council on the subject. ' 135 
Enclosed. Copy of minutes of Council. 13^ 
Statement of imports and exports at the Port of St. Johns. 144 
Proclamation: English. 147; French, 149. I47 -,<) 
Order in Council: English, 151; French, 154, lV\\ 154 
Draft of a letter to the Officer commanding in Lower Canada Trans 
mitting copy of memorial from Jane and Sarah Lees for a grant of land 

Q. 114 



August 26, 
• Quebec. 

September 23 
< Quebec. 

Sejiteinbei- 24 

Downing St. 

October 3, 

( )(tobei- 4, 

October 1(1, 

October 11, 

October 13, 

October, 21 


will hZJi -^^ Prop'-'ety of laying an attuchment upon the pronertv 
^f'lL V •""'" ^ the progress made towards the fina set Sen^ 
ed to"the";r7vrc::'' "' '' ascertaining whether he is actually tS- 

Dunn to Liverpool. (No. 3.) Despatch of 23rd April recervefr Ind 
laid before a committee of the whole Executive Pnnn^i fr>.. !f''?*^^^*. ^"^ 
and advice. Encloses copy of tho'minu^T'^orth?; ISl' n^^S^^^^^^ 
The proclamation he recommended was issued on the 12th "n?t Mhm,: 
of proceedings of the Council relative to tho prohibition of sunDowd.l 
arms, etc., being exported without, license gunpowder, 

Enclosed. Draft of the proclamation ' i^^ 

person to undertake the Civil Administration of TTnnpr P.n , \T 

Draft of letter to Prevost. Eobert Gilmour has been promoted to hf 

Deputy Assistant Commissary General to the Forces. ^'''"'"^^^ ^^^2 

Keturn of camp equipage remaining in store at Quebec. Js? 

A. H. Pye, Deputy Quartermaster General. Enclosing a return nf 
the camp equipage in Quebec. ^^'JsiUa a letmii of 

Prevost to Liverpool, (No. 3.) ReportiuL' tho death nf Afr i„ i i-} 

a member of the L^^gislitive ci,unc?ll nM^G^n^Yo^^^^^^^^^^ 
Has appointed Mr. aby, Adjutant General of Militia, GranrYoVe" in 
his resigningthe military position. Ho was becoming too indrm .\nS 
efficient officers are absolutely necessary at this critical tm« p 
promoted the Deputy Adjutanf General Ld appointed rirotC of ^^^^ 
a;pro:eT " ^' '" '^'^"^^- "^'P^« thesrappointments wUl^'be 
Same to same. (No. 4.) Asks to be allowed to issim nn nil. ,.. ^'^■^ 
eu of forage for th^o horsis of the Adjutant GetrardQuSS^^^ 
General of the Militia in Lower Canada i^q- 

Same to same. (No. 5.) Encloses a report of the quantity and hUuI^ 
he camp equipage in His Majesty's magaziuos in th?s J", Ln Su^^L^^^ 
that in tho present state of relations with tlie United Statis "sunnK If 
camp equipage of the new patten, complete for 5,000 m n be /enro^ ' 
early next season as po.ssibje. ue sent out as 

(Enclosures calendared at ihoir respective dates ) ^'^ 

Sewell to Prevost. The death of Mr. do Lanaudi^i-fi m.,l-« . f 
ary to draw attention to the present state of t'rSg "laUvt Co ndrt 
he fears the business next session will be delayed for want of a quorum 

U :>■■ 



Q. 114 



October 21, 

Octo))er 22, 

October 24, 

October 28, 

Oc toiler 31, 

■'Toveiuber 7, 

Xovciiibcr 7, 

< ,|uebec. 

Xovenibcr !•, 

November !) 


if .some new members are not appointed. Transmits list of the Council 
Slating Ine present residence of each memijer. Page 187 

Same to same. On the state of the police at Three Eivers ; and 
recommends Mr. Coffin to be chairman of the sessions. 189 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 6.) Chief Justice Sewell, as Speaker of the 
Legislative Council, has represented that owing to the great ago and 
serious infirmities of several members, inconvenience has been 
caused ; recommends that John Eiohardson, Jean Baptiste Ilertel de 
Rouville, John Caldwell, Ignace Aubert de Gasp(5, James Cuthbert, 
Charles Gaspard de Lanaudi^re, Jacques Perrault and Charles William 
G;ant be appointed members. Encloses descriptive return of the Legis- 
lative Council, also Sewell's letter. 182 

Enclosed. List of members. 181 

(Sewell's letter ci'lendared at its proper date.) 

Same to same. (No. 7.) Enclosing representation from the Chief 
Justice on the state of the police at Three liivers. Has appointed Thomas 
Coffin to be Chairman of the Quarter Sessions there with a salarj- of £200 
a year. Hopes it vvill be approved. 188 

(Enclosure calendared at its pi'oper date.) 

Same to same. (No. 8.) Enclosing return of small arms in the 
Ordnance store at Quebec. Arms and accoutrements sufficient for 
10,000 men necessary next Spring. Has recommended Lieut.-Colonel 
Deschanibault for the brevet of Colonel and to be substituted for one of 
the absent Inspecting Field Officers belonging to the Canadian Statt'. 
Concluding he was to finish all works begun by Craig, he has 
given orders to that effect. Asks for authority to put up additional 
quarters in this garrison. 191 

Enclosed. Eelurn of small arras, &c. 193 

Extract of a letter from Lieut.-Colonel Bruy^res, Royal Engineers, 
to the Military Secretary. Respecting the woVks being carried on by 
the Royal Engineer Department. 203 

Pi evost to Liverpool. (No. 9.) Enclosing memorial of John Caldwell, 
Receiver General of Lower Canada. Recommends it. 195 

Enclosed. The memorial. 19G 

Same to same. (No. 10.) On the 22nd October he had sent a statement 
of the Legislative Council, now encloses one of the Executive Council ; 
an increase in the number of members is necessary. Recommends 
Antoine Louis Juchereau Duchesn.'iy, James Kerr,'^Ross Cuthbert, 
Michael Henry Peroival, John Muir, Oliver Renault, and Wm. Balchelor 
Coltman. 199 

Enclosed. Descriptive list of the Executive Council. 200 

Same to same. (No. 11.) Enclosing extract from the Commanding 
Engineer's report, showing that besides the works begun, barracks are 
necessary at Quebec. Has applied for a detachment of Royal Militarj- 
artificers to assist the Engineer Department. Hopes the application 
will have his support. 202 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date) 

Same to same. (No. 12.) Transmitting Naval officers' returns of 
v.-t nig ertered inwards and cleared outwards at Quebec to ^th July. 220 
ie to same, (No. 13.) Enclosing requisition for f onery for the 
Ci Department of Lower Canada for 1812. 

.closed. Requisition. i!22 

bane fo same. (No. II B.) Enclosing the following requisitions, &c. 

Enclosed, liequisition for goods to complete the Indian prosent.s in 
Lower Canada for 1812. 210 

The i-anie for Upper Canada. 211 

Requisition for stationery for Luiian Department, Lower Canada, for 
1812. 213 

Q. 114 


December 31 
Douniing St. 

T 'icL'iiiber 31, 
lJo« iiing St. 

-Feljiuary ii, 
Downing St. 

Fel)ruary 13, 
Downing St. 


^^Proposed establishment of the Indian Department, Lower Canada for 

Ditto for Upper Canada ^''*-® 215 

^^ Eo^,nsitio„ f„,. pr„vi.i„,„ and ,,,„ fo, ,w I„dta„s in Upper C.„™ 

(.•.nii'/'"'""'" ''"""'^ P"""°"' '" ">« I"<"-> Department of Uppir 

«rtt.trnrnl^^"™par<it t ff '"''""!'? ™«'"™''- ^'"' '-- 

and will be forwarded aT^rninlTl^f J'™.n"u°'' ^''«'''''"™ Conricil,, 

forage L- llw hole, of 't ,.??.."'? '^'"''•''"■■'''<'""™ '" "eu of 
Militia. Tira,™ ,'t °„ M't ir" ""'' Q«f' »™'a»ter General of 
Three Kiver°aplu"ov'd <^h»i-™an to the (Quarter SeBslons at 

aulitThe i™y ai,o1,'r™' "'"'• ™°°''°"'» 1'--*"^ <» Q-b'JJ 

.*" i[ii 

•fuly 17. 

Jiinuary !l, 

M.iicli 13. 



.lime 11, 


•laimai-y 8. 

Governor Sir Georue and Miscellaneous. 
Q. 115. 

He^Jy'Sylol^,"'"""""'''"''''""""'" »»<' P"™» by the estate of the iS 

«va;;7i7ndl''„ah:K;„ ""■""■ "'' ""<"'"""" ""•" «™s -fcS;?^ 

K^.-JZ^"" '° ""'■"■ ^" ""■ «"''J«'" »'■ I'i. clain, to .„,„„ idands nea! 

dated 12 Dec, 1788. ^^'iccniing Cxiaiidc. Isle and adjacent islands, 

2nd, Eoport of the Fund Committee. j!!.^ 

No^b^rlw '"""''" ''''"""'' '-^^P-ting Grande Isle, dated Jt'h 

8a— 4^ 17 




Q. 115 

.January 9, 


.January 24, 

February 2, 

fl '4 ' •*! ' 

February 7, 

February 11, 

February 12. 

February HI, 

March 13, 

George Harrison to Robert Peel. TransmittiiiLr accounts of tho late 
Receiver General of Lower C" ^a from 10th October, 1809, to 28th 
May last, for Lord Liverpool's . arvatione thereon. Pago 24 

Same to same. Transmitting a requisition for Indian presents 
together with tho proposed establishment Q|'the Indian Department for 
1811, received from Craig, for Lord Liverpool's opinion thereon. 26 

W. Fawkener to . The Committee of Council for Trade 

and Foreign Plantations having had under oonsideration a memorial 
from the merchants interested in the Trade and Fisheries in the British 
North American Colonies, stating that the Act of the 28th of His present 
Majesty, Ch. 39, passed to encourage trade between Canada and the West 
Indies, has not produced the effect intended as stated in an address of 
the Assembly to the Governor, 27th February, and the report of the 
said Assembly of the 2nd March, asking that the said Act be repealed, 
have directed him to enquire whether the Governor transmitted these 
proceedings to tho Secretary of State and whether he expressed any 
opinion thereon. 9g 

..Enclosed. The memorial. 28 

Extract from the proceedings of the House of Assembly. 29 

Same to R. Peel. The Lords of the Committee of Council for Trade 
after considering the memorial of the British merchants, praying that 
East Indian and other foreign goods be prohibited from entering Canada 
through the United States, have decided that the provisions of the Act 
of Yth Geo. I., Stat. 1, Ch. 21, Sec. 9, are sufficient to prevent all foreign 
goods except those from Great Britain from entering the country. 38 
Enclosed. The memorial. 40 

Extract of a letter from James Irvine, Chairman of the Committee of 
Trade at Quebec, and .Tohn Richardson, Chairman at Montreal, dated Ist 
May, 1810, to Nathaniel Atcheson, respecting trade. 44 

Nathaniel Atcheson to Thomas Lack, enclosini; a letter from Wm. 
Goodall to be sent in with the memorial. " 48 

The letter from Mr. Goodall. 49 

Ryland to Peel. Brings to his recollection some points relative to the 
Colonial politics of Lower Canada upon which a tinal decision would be 
of the highest importance to the interests of the Crown in that province. 
Encloses a paper on the subject. 5I 

Enclosed. The paper. 53 

^ F. Freeling to same. Has had a correspondence with tho Postmaster 
General of Canada on the subject of a memorial from the merchants 
praying for a better regulation of the posts in Upper Canada. Has trans- 
mitted the official points to the Board of Trade through which the me- 
morial was presented. Encloses parts of the correspondence, not consid- 
ered as official, as a confidential communication to Lord Liverpool. 59 
Enclosed. Extract of letter from George Heriot, D.P.M.G. 60 

Ryland to same. Transmits copy of a paper received by him from tho 
Lord Bishop of Quebec, Mr. Joseph Octave Plessis, which he considers a 
gross violation of the prei'ogatives of tho Crown. 62 

Quebec, 25th October, 1810. Mandate of the Lord Bishop of Quebec 
referred to in the above letter, ordering that public prayers be said in 
Roman Catholic Churches after parochial mass for the d"elivery of the 
Pope who is kept a prisoner in the fortress of Savona in Italy. 64 

Ryland to Liverpool. As the time approaches for his return to Can- 
ada, gives an account of the extraordinary expenses attending his mis- 
sion to England. Encloses memorial and statement. Refers to the points 
on which h.o wrote on the 11 th and 19th of February. If steps arc not 
8|)eedily taken for strengthening the executive power, and giving the 
Crown due influence over the Roman Catholic clergy, trouble may result. 
Difficulty of combining the English and French inhabitants against a 

Q. 115 




March 21. 

Alaifli 21, 

A|nil 4, 

April 22. 

April 23, 

May 1. 

May it, 


^i^o,^l:i-:^^^i!g: «^-- ^-^re for the ,ood or 
£nclosed. The memorial of Eyland ^*S' JS 

btatement of expenses * "^ 

J. KeiT, Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralfv tn P,...;„ t? i "^^ 
Enclosed. The exposition. ^^ 


(Enclosed in EyUuid's of 15th June ) ^^® 

(i?.; Quebec, 10th September 1810 FvH-nr.f nf „ i«ff •'^^j 

to f'ISI- ^"5'"'' ^'^^''^ ^^"^ ^^*«^^«^'' 1810, from George HerVot 

Thf memoHal '^''' '' ^'^ ^^'""■'^' ^^■^^^"- ^"^^^'"^^'^g ^im paymaster. L^9 
F«STlr-'^ ? ^'""""'n ^*;'""^ '^'"^ purticuhars concerning the Jesul! 

it J 

! < 


Mny Ut, 

May 14. 

May 21. 

Miiv L".i, 
Ordn ik;('. 

Muy 31, 


.Tun.' I, 

June 4, 


.I\im> 7, 

.Tiiii(> i;i, 

•Tuiio 15. 

.Tniit- IT), 
Re i gate. 

.Tnni' L'(!, 


Q. 115 

Eyland to Peel. Respecting the money i-cquired to complete tlio 
Metropolitan Church at Montreal. Pa^e 136 

Same to . (Most private and confidential.) Wat; taken by 

HurpriBe by the communication in Provost's despatch of 13th inst. 
Encloses two letters as an additional motive for interesting himself in 
the matter. If ho (Ryland) were to lose the secretaryship he would l)o 
badly otl'. I37 

Memoi-andum on the annual establishment of the Indian Department 
in Upper and Lower Canada, including pensions, for the last 12 years. 13!) 

R. H. Crowe to Lt.-Col. Hunbury. The articles mentioned in the 
requisition for ordnance stores, dated 2nd December, 1807, have boon 
ordei'cd to be forwarded to Quebec. ' 141 

John Wilmot to George Harrison. Returns letter from Peel enclos- 
ing an application from Major Cotfin to bo compensated for services 
rendored by his family at (Quebec. Thinks they must have been referred 
to him by mistake, iis he has no means of knowing anything about Major 
Cotlin's pretensions. 148 

(^Inclosed in Harrison's of 13th June.) 

Un ..eke to Liverpool. I^'or an extension of his leave of absence. 142 

■ Ryland to Provost. Hopes he will excuse the liberty he takes in 
writing. Craig's reasons for sending him to Kngland have probably 
been made known to liim ; therefore thinks it right to lay before him 
(Prevost) his correspondence with the Secretary of Stalo. Transmits 
copies of nine letters. A correct idea of the matter relative to the (rov- 
ernmcnt o*' Lower Canada now under the consideration of His Majesty's 
ministers ri\ay bo drawn from thom. The points of the greatest import- 
ance are tae St. Sulpician or Seminary P]statos at Montreal, and the 
assumptior of the patronage of the Romish Church. If the business 
is got Ihi'ough in time will sail in the July packet. 182 

Same to Peel. Cannot tind among his papers the documents which 
would enable him to state the annual expense of the Indian Depai'tmcnt, 
however, it can be easily ascertained. Encloses a rough calculation of 
the saving which might be made by substituting an allowance in cash to 
the Indians instead of presents of goods. An exact account should bo 
obtained of the value of the annual presents given to each tribe before 
any olfor be made to the Indians. Thinks about two-thirds of the actual 
value of the presents in cash would satisfy them. Hopes his suggestions 
may prove of some use. A P.S. states that Lord Caiitlereagh's despatch 
to Craig (No. 21, of 10th Juno, 1809), will show the great difficulty of 
obtaining a settlement of the Indian Storekeeper's .iccounts in Upper 
Canada. I43 

Enclosed. Calculation of the saving to Governmeut by giving money 
instead of presents. . ' 146 

Harrison to Peel. Encloses letter from AVilmot of 31st ulto. The 
Lords Commissioners find that Major CotRn's family have no claim upon 
the fund for the relief of American Loyalists and do not know of any 
other source from which relief might be granted. 147 

Ryland to same. (Private.) Encloses an extract of a letter from 
Lt.-Col. Thornton, Military Secretary, to Sir James Craig, as it contains 
some particulars respecting the General which he (Ryknd) may be 
desirous of knowing. I49 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

.Fohn \Vm. Greee to same. Asks that u day be appointed for an inter- 
view. 152 

Thomas Daniel Cowdell to Liverpool. Asking a passage to British 
America for himself and his two sons. 153 

Q. 115 

■ llllH' L'7, 






.Tilly r,, 


July S, 


■Inly II. 

•filly lit, 

July in 

■fn\y L'll, 



•Iiily ;ti 

AtiK'iiMt ;{, 



flm yf ^?.i • ^^ "^ ''"'•^ ^'^^''^ ''« will Hoo that 80 far back as Un 

. wun CoucI,, Deputy Commissary General, to Gordon fYo ^0 { 

f^Z^'C^T-'' '""■'^'*"^ "^^^l"'''^'^' ^"'' Canada vvhii.Gonn; 
• ho u! 7''"'^''' «'>"""«-, ow.nKto the imeortain state of alia is 

10 (.. II.,H statomont „, despatch No. 46, of 19th Juno that •,llnr, 

vh. 1 . P ""^' " ''i'^'" ''eo" procured from the States. 262 

.TiJlrsijoi;;.;'';;;;-'",™::'"'"' '''■"'•■""» p°'»""°> f™- '"' co„side™;i"; 

Endo>,ed. Jistimate. i;^'* 

Statement. 257 

' -^ ■ 188 

Eobort Pilkin^-ton, Lieut.-Col. R„yal Eno-jneers to Rieht IFon M 

g;;::iri;;,..t;;t™ijLti'.!;;;;;i;;r" "- ™'- •• ^"^i-o^^^. 

Kudosed. The proposal. j^JJ 

.io!lirrof the 'T^easuivM"'; '^ ''-"'"'•^"^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ I^«-ls Commfs- 
Moiitrs oi tie lieasury to transmit letters from Craitf dated Oueboo 
18th June last, enclosing account current of the E^eitr General; 




Ai\KiiHt 5 

All},'IIHt M, 


AiiK'nst S, 
iicur Kdiii- 

Aii(<\int 10, 

AutfUHt l!l. 

AiijfUMt 21. 


Allffllst L'.'i, 

AuKUst I'd, 


Si|>tfiMl)i'i' 4. 



Si'|itciiilicr (1, 

Si'j)tfiul)(i- 1 1 

Si'ptcniliur I I 

Sc'iitciiibcr 111, 


Q. 115 

to^'othor with a report of the committee of the whole Council on public 
accountB for the six months commenuiing the 11th April, 1810, for Lord 
Jjiverpool ti ohservatioHH thoroon. • Vutra 1!»2 

P. Langiin U. Poel. Further respecting his claim to Grande IhIo and 
adjacent iHlands. ^d'A 

Craig lo same. Jloturns Mr. Lan;i,an'8 memorial with the accompany, 
in^papers. Consitiors his expectations most iinreasonal.le. 201 

Richardson to (iordon (?) Enclosing a memorial f>om the Misses 
Jjeos. 203 

Enclosed, The memorial. 204 

William Ilaldon to Harrison. The Indian storosordercd by his (Har- 
riHoriH) letter of 9th April, were shipped at Portsmouth on the 3rd and 
7ih instant. 212 

Craig to Peel. Some observations on the memorial of the Misses 
Lees. 20(; 

Major General Charles Grant, Viscount de Vaux, to Lord Liverpool 
Mom.jrial for a grant of land in the Isle of France instead of 
Canada. .,qj^ 

Harrison to Peel. Enclosinir copy of a letter from Storekeeper Gene- 
ral, dated lOth inst., reportini,' the shipment of the supply of Indian 
stores, for the information of the Karl of Liverpool. 'n l 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper dato.^ 
T. S. Gooch to .^ • 1- - --■> 

October .'), 



Keqiiests that Mr. .James Jackson, who has a 
situation in the Army Paymaster's Department, in Canada, bo mvon an 
order to the Governor for a grant of land. 213 

Crew to Peel. Encloses an extract of letter dated 24th inst. from the 
Iransport Board, relative to the trnnage required by the Board for the 
Ordnance stores to bo transported to (Canada. Does the lOarl of Liver- 
pool think It advisable to hire a transport or to detain them till next 
spring ? 214 

Enclosed. The extract. 215 

f ^^"'■';^T^/" Lieut.-Col. Bunbury. The " Manilla " now ready to sail 
from Halifax to Portsmouth. What tonnage is required for the militarv 
stores for Quebec ? 21 (J 

The Prince Regent in Council has approved of the drafts of three com- 
missions for Prevost, and Lord Liverpool is ordered to have the docu- 
menis prepared for signature. 217 

Kyland lo — . Sir George Prevost has signified his intention of 

continuing him in h?s position as secretary. Mr. Hrenton is to fill the 
office till his return to Canada, which will be either in the winter or 
early next spring. After Prevost's appointment took the liberty of 
transmitting to him all particulars of his mission to Fngland. Can he 
be of any service to His Majesty's interests in Canada? ' 218 

Promotion of Hubert Gilmor to be Deputy Assistant Commissarv 
General. 2'>o 

(In Harrison's of 28 September.) 

Commissioners for building a Protestant church at Montreal to Crairr 
Mating that the £4,000 voted for biiiiding the F 'otestant church at 
Montreal is still unappropriated, owing to a mistake .n the wording of 
the grant when Montreal is described as being in Upper Canada 
ihe money is in the hands of William Dacre Adams, agent for the upper 
province. Asks that measures be taken to secure the monev '-'S^ 

(In Craig's of 22nd Novembc.) ^' 

Lt.-Col. Mathews to Gordon. Takes the liberty of referring him to a 
cony of a raemoria! received from the Misses Lees, of Stirling, with their 
request that he would make enquiry at the Earl of Liverpool's office 
re8p.;cting the success of the original. He was acquainted with Mr 
Lees, brother of the memorialists, who was a most useful officer Mr" 

Q. Hi 






N'iivcihIm'I' 11 



.Nii\t'iiilicr I."), 

N"i-iiil]i'i IS, 
H. .M. S. „f 
" Ait'thnsii " 


John Black of HulifUx l,a« written to find out (l,o huccoss of Sir r„nr„ 
K..O 1 ^^"vu oi-oua. ui.-ool. Hud Iihh hIho written to onnnim mhnt 

•T '. Hurnc. to HarriHon. copy ot" h letter addtorod to 

Octiil),.)' L't, 
ll( iii,iril> 

()(t()l)('i 2!l, 



itfewio. From Koinpt. ^^1 

(Enclosureo calendared at its proper date ) ^^^ 

3Ipmorial. ' 2 

(Enclosures calorulared at their respective dates.) ^^^ 

latf/e Cotndl.'''''^'^' ^^''"^' ^^''^ '^« ''' ^^^ '^ --* "' the Legis- 

iMemorial of Fiancis Holmes Coffin R N on h«l,nlf «p j,- .u*"'"^* 
-idow of the late John Coffin. ' ' ^''"'^ ""^ ^'^ "^^t^ge? 

(hnclosure calendared at its proper date.) "®^ 



NoVfllllMT 'Jl, 



(■I 115 


Dt'Ct'iiilx'f 5, 



I)<'Ccinl«T 1(1. 
DcomuImt 1(», 
Dcci'iiibfi' 10. 

Dcoctiilii'i- 17, 



I>»'ci'iuli('r 17, 



Dccrlillicr IS. 

Dcci'inlicr L'(». 



Dtrciiilx r •_';<, 

Miiicli 3(», 

l)in\ iiiiif^ St. 

Ryliind to Peel. Docrt the right of proHcntation lo Church livings (as 
well iiH the right of tMOcting puiiahes) belong to tho Crown ? I'lii-o 2(;8 

Piovo8t to Livorpooi. (Xo. 15.) Huh Hont Cupt. Mucdonoll to ontloa- 
voiir to ruiHe a Foncihio corps from the Glengarry cmigrantH. Motives in 
choosing this gontloinan. As soon as HOO men are onliHiod asks to bo 
aulhoiizod to appoint Major Hattersby, Lt.-Col. Commandant. Siicli 
other otIicoiH as are required shall bo selected and their namon Hiibmitted 
for approval. - 

Enclosed. (Jonditions foi- raiHing a corps of (Jlengarry Light Infantry 

I'Viicibles. %, 

Uow.l-Wiinbiirn to Peel. Kespocting tho memorial of tho Count do 
Piusaye. 2T2 

Craig to Liverpool. Jtecommonding that Mr. Ryiand be advanced to 
a seat in the Legislative Council. " 27H 

Provost to same. (No. ItJ.) Respecting the uniforms for iho pro- 
posed (flengarry Foncibles. 1^ 
Craig to Poeb Letter of tho I4th received, acciua inling biin that Lord 
Liverpool's sole reason for hesitating in submitting Mr. Ryland's name 
for a seat in tho liegislative Council is a doubt whether that genlloman's 
situation as dork of the Kxectitive Council is (|uito compatible with it ; 
asking bis opinion on the subject. He (Craig) considers liyland quite 
elurible and does not see bow the dulies can conflict. 2T.'> 
Harrison to same. Having laid before the Lords Commissioners of 
the ricusury Sir George Pievosi's letter dated 9th ult., enclosing a 
requisition for stationery for tho Civil Doparlmont, [;owor Canada.'foi- 
1812, he is commanded to transmit the same for Lord Liverpool's opinion 
thereon. 270 
Same to .same. Having laid before the Lords Commissioners of the 
Ireasiiry a letter from Sir (leorgo Provost, dated Quebec, Ofh ult., 
enclosing requisitions tor completing tho supply of Indian stores for 
Upper and Lower Canada, tor 1812, be is commanded to transmit the same 
for Lord Jjivei pool's opinion thereof 277 
Order in Council that the Governor of Lower Canada be instructed to 
give his assent to tho Bill intituled " An Act for erecting a common jail 
" with Its dependencies in the District of Three liivers, and to prov'ide 
"the means tor defraying the ex|)enses thereof." Tho Governor's atten- 
tion to be called to Mr. Secretary Windham's letter of the 5th Juno, 180b', 
to Mr. President Dunn, and to rec(.mmend to bim to promote some 
measure tor the application of the surplus money which may be raised 
under the Act which provides for Ihe erecting of two jails and also for 
raising money to defray the ex])enses thereof. 271) 
Harrison to Peel. The sum of ,£4,000 voted for building tho Protos- 
tant Church at Montreal, described by mistake as Montreal, Upper 
Canada, consequently remains unai)propriated. Asks that the (Governor 
of Lower Canada be directed to draw upon Mr. Adams, the agent for Upper 
Canada, for the above mentioned sum as it may be required from time 
to time. 281 
Ryiand to Peel. (Private.) Has had some conversation with (rore 
concerning Indian affairs. Asks for the loan of tho proposed establish- 
ment of the Lidian Department in both Canadas and the requisitions for 
presents for the ensuing year, that ho may make a better estimate of the 
advantages which would arise from granting money instead of presents. 
Also asks for the loan of the establishment and requisitions sent home in 
1705. 28(; 
Draft of a letter to Pi-evost. He is to suspend the measures for raisin-r 
a regiment of Glengarry Fencibles. Reasons. \\ 
Listot the Executive Council of Lower Canada with tho names of 
additional members proposed. 2tJ(> 

Q. 115 

Q. ur, 



Accounts, 1811. 
Q. 116. 

• 'luniiiiv I, 
I'liwiiii'i^f Ht. 

•Tniumry 2, 

.Tiiimarv •), 

■fiinuiiry (i, 


•'iiniiiuy (i, 

•Tiiinmry 22, 

i'VI Hilary 

Governor Sir (i. Prevost 1812. 
Q. 117.-1. 

f.;:';s;,cV;,r;,;l;r "^°" '■'- "-■ '^° "-'''"-^ut.f;i;^,:-i;:: 

iK .8 of Amticr "'""'^ "" "■""""» l"°P«""ioi« to ,i„ct (ho 

August, 1811, and on land matters between 11th Mai4 and i:/th .j^f,.,!^ 




Q. ] 17-1 


Down ill'' 



I Kiwiiiiin- :!. 


Maivli :!. 

Maicli :f. 


.Man-li J, 

I lovost to Liverpool. (No. 24.) Enclosing memorial from Edward 
Jiuwon, into acting Attorney Gonurul, aeking that he bo appointed 
Attorney (ronoral for Lower Oanadu and suggesting that Mr. Uniackebe 
appointed lor Upper Canada. pj^^^j £5 

Enclosed. The memorial. 2() 

.u ^^^'uf '^"'"" ^^ P''«voHt, (No. 5.) Transmitting copy of minute on 
the bill tor the erection of a jail in the District of Three liivers to 
which his Royal Highness the Prince llegent assents. Eegardin"- the 
appropriation of the surplus money. 32 

Same. (No. (J.) List of 16 Acts passed by the Legislature of Lower 
Canada in March, 1811, which havoboen approved bv the rrivyCoiincil. 34 

bamo. (No. 7.) The requisitions have boon forwarded to the proper 
Department with directions that the articles required are to be for- 
warded by the hrst opportunity. The existing state of atliiirs make a 
report c/ii the military defence of the ])rovincoB necessary. Anv su-'- 
geslioiis as to measures to be taken in case of attack will bo receivcMl 
with iiitei'ost. ..q 

Provost to Liverpool. (No. 25.) lie opened the Provincial Parliament 
on the 2l8t l^el>niary. Encloses the speech on opening and the addresses 
in reply Irom the Council and Assembly. Thinks there are some dan- 
gerously disaffected persons amongst the Canadians as agents of Franco 
and America. Believes the latter country would consider war a.^ainst 
Great JJritain premature and is at i)rcsent ondoavourinir to corrupt the 
minds ot the Canadians to render their designs easier at a more distant 
period. His efforts to arouse the inhabitants of Canada from their 
lethargy receive considerable assiHtance from the arrogant <leclarations 
inade in Congress respecting the easy conquest of their'country ; thinks 
their i)rido will help him in his plans for a militia force. Will seek the 
aid of the Catholic clorgy in influencing the people. The Canadians' 
indiflereiu'o to militia service arises from a disuse and consequent aver- 
sion to arms. Arms, accoutroments, and clothing aro required. Major 
General Brock has every reason to expect he will receive from the Le-ns- 
atiire ot Upper Canada all that is necessary for defending that provii'ice 
Is anxiously expecting the necessary means of adding to the number of 
members of the Legislature to ])rovent embarrassment in case of the 
doatli ot any of the jiresent members, au event by no means improbable 






from the intirin health of two vr three 

Enclosed. Speech on the opening of Parliament 
French, 53. 

Address in rej)ly from the Legislative Council. 

Ditto from the House of Assembly. 

Provost to Liverpool. (No. 26.) " Enclosing statement of the oxpoils 
and imports of the province for 1811. (^(j 

iMiclosed exports and imports. ^({a to 78a 

Same to same. (No. 27.) States that York, the seat of Govornment in 
Upper Canada, is a position well adapted for a citadel and depot of mili- 
tary stores; at present it is quite unfortified. Encloses report by the 
commanding engineer on the strengthening tho King's reserve there- 
will inspect tho post himself in the summer and report. Has authorized 
some repairs to be made in the several ports in Upper Canada in case of 
sudden attack. ^o 

Enclosed. Report of Capt. \^igouroux, R.E., on tho project for forti- 
Jying tho ground at York, whereon the Government House is situated 81 

Same to same. (No. 28.) From tho state of alfairs here ho has considered 
It exi)odiont, without waiting ibr His Majesty's commands, lo issue a 
warrant for tho raising ot the Light Infantry from the settlers of Glen- 
garry. Asks for jiermission to allot a projiortion of land to such as 
enhsl. Colonel Baynes nominated to conduct the levy; recommends 

Q. 117-1 




Miiifli i;t 
Maich k;, 


Miircli 17. 

Miucli ;{1, 

l>i)\\iiiMg Si 

A|,iil I, 

April 2, 
• .'iii'hcc. 

A I oil L". 

A] nil 2. 
I'DUniiiff St. 


l*'l\MlillJ,' St. 


i?Hc/06'erf. Jioport of tho Trinil y Board ^'^ 

he may bo able to jucjl how H r Tlltu '^"^'J^^'* «"«'«««d) f''<'m which 
itulnstry in future. "''"^ ^'^ expedient to encourage tho 

Enclosed. Memorial of (ii'cce ^^2 

Ditto of Campbell. " 104 

With tho momorials are wont ffin fw,^ f.r.ii„ • i ^^ 

1st Transactions on Bocrnco.'r Fann'^/^or''"' '^^"""°"*^ ^ 
the"' < iK^n7bure«r' '' "'"'"^^ ^"^'"'^^^'^ ^•-" ^'^^ commencement ff 
Report of a Committee of the whole Council ]f. 

l>raft of a letter to ProvoHt. (No 9 ) Mr 'rnhn ni t ,. ^"^^ 

boon recommended as a prober nor^nn f? ? ^'aokwood having 

Council forLoworCanada Knddmdm in " ""''l 'V^"" Legislativt 

in case he (Prevost) should tSl'^rp^'K'^ ^'^ ''"""^ ^^'^^^^^^^ 
Provost to Lvornool riVn '^'^ ^ r "i'"«e nim. j^^ 

reporting tho prog e s n^i^ in ul^ lovv o??l"^V '"''' '''''? ^'^'- ^"ynes, 
Fencibles. ^ ^ " ^"'' '' '^>^ «^ ^'^^^ Glengarry Light Infantrv 

Enclosed. The letter from Col. Havnes ^'^'^ 

could bo asce,-tained whetho^ lei, StLr >hn f '^"^' answering till it 
public. The accounts have n t L b^ent^^ 

Ditto for November. 156 

Ditto for Docombei'. 158 

Ditto for January, 1812. 1'>1 

Ditto for ^f'ebruary. ' I'M 

Ditto for March. 167 

Draft of a letter to Prevost fNn lo^'P,. „ ^ 1^0 

to Canada. Hopes he will bo U, on the -u- iv T .'"" "^'«»«'l) to be sent 
the 41st and 4!)th to return o ir e r f kI k''^ '''"^' **' ''^""'^^ 




Aiiiil y, 

Apiil L'l. 
I >ii\\ niiiH: 



August 5, 
Ddwuiuj; St. 

.Tiiniuuy !) 

Maifli ;{, 

A] nil 3, 



Q. 117-1 

for Now Brunswick atul Nova Scotia hiivo been forwarded to the offlciws 
admiiiiHtering the (Toveinmout but transmits copies for his (Provost's) 
information. Pn„,g ^-j,- 

Provost to Liverpool. (No. 36.) Transmittinf,^ to he laid before tiio 
Prince Eogent, tlio memorial of Mrs. do Jianaudi^re. xll 

(The n\emoria! is in Q. 117, part 2. ])ago 178.) 

Draft of a letter to Provost. (No. 1(5.) In answer to tiie letter onclosini-- 
the memorial from Bowen, states that the api)ointm(!nt of Attorney 
Genei'al for Upjier Canada has been tilled. If any opportunity for com- 
pensating; Mr. Bowon should arise, he will romomber his memorial. 31 

Provost to Liverpool. (No. 21.) Despatch of 28th July received, on 
the subject of the hostile intentions manifested by the Indians a<,'ain8t 
the Americans, copy of which he imniediatoly (brwar'ded to Major 
General Brock. Knclosos extract of letter since received from Brock 
by which it will bo seen that ])revious to the hostilities which have 
taken i)lace on the American I'rontior, ho (Brock) had fully anlici- 
])atod his (Liverpool's) directions on that head, by his judicious 
measures in assuminj; the government, lias deemed this extract of 
suflicieiit im])()rtance immediately to ti'ansmit it lo Mr. Foster at VVasii- 
ingtoM, to enable him to repel any attempts to charge His Majesty's 
Government with encouraging the hostilities actually commenced in the 
Wabash, In consequence of the threatening language of the American 
Govornmoiitand the apparently warlike measures which they are pur- 
suing he has sent his aide-de-camp, (^)t.Coore, to Washington for the pur- 
pose of receiving any information Mr. Foster may wish to send by this 
the only safe mode of conveyance. j2 

Enclosed. Fxtract of letter from Brock to Provost, dated ;3rd Dec" 
^^^^- , , U 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 4.) Having transmitted the memo- 
rials and othoi' papers on the subject of the claims of Messrs. Greco and 
Cami)bell to the Lords of Trade, encloses copy of the answer by whic'i 
he (Prevost) is to shape his conduct. \^q 

Q. 117.-2. 



GovEHNOR Sir George Prevost — 1812. 

of Sarah Morris to Sir Hobert S. Milnes fo 
Extract from 


a re])ort of 

^rant of 


the Land Committee on the 


Ditto from a report of a committee of the whole Council on the same 

Memorial of Elizabeth de la Corne, widow of Charles de Lanaudi6ro 
(in French.) j^g 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 37.) By this time he (Liverpool) is pro- 
bably m possession of the circumstances relative to Henry's treachery. 
The papers left by his predecessor leave no information of any conse- 
quence other than what has alreaily ajjpeared in the public prints 
Henry's thorough accinaintanco with the (Canadian character, roli-Mon" 
and language, and above all his deep resentment against the British 
might induce Buonaparte to give him a favourable reception in Franco.' 
Expects Mr. Madison's next move will be to cause a declaration of war 
to he laid on the Tables of Congress. Has therefore directed the Com- 
manding otttceis in the Provinces to be especially prudent and cautious 
in their intercourse, with the United States. Kncloses extract oi' his 
letter to Major General Brock, that to Sir John Shorbrooko contains 
the same except as respects the Fort of Detroit. 181 

Enclosed. Extract of letter to Bi-ock. 133 

Piiye 17(» 

Q. 117-2 

A I 111 I .M, 
llduniiig- St. 



April i;{, 
l)ii\vniii(,' St. 

April 11, 

April II, 
l>ciuiiing St. 

April L'd, 
< •ilclicc. 

April 20, 


April L'll, 
I'liwiiiiig St 

April L'l, 


April 2], 
' 'Uflii'c. 

Mny 15, 

1 '"Wiling St. 

Draft of a loltor to Provost. fNo 12 ^ Dii-nf.ti„.,u K„„^ i 

I)raft of H letter to Provost. (No. U.) Transmittin.r memorial' of 


Ji'iicfosed. 'J'hc iiicmorijil '' " 

to .1 cnips o VoKTircns, to Horvc .lurii.i. the war 
wai , til,, conditions iiiKior wliidi tliov are to ' ' 

o bo formed 
or JipprohoMsioM of 
laiscd. 11()|),.8 (1,0 


I'mu.l ,-,,,,1,,., l,„v,MK |„„ ,!,<, ,liK|.„t„ b„y,>„,l (ho I„.,„„Ih ..r,!..,,,',,,!";, 

.o.^.h"".;:';,.;.:,';;!:;;; ,;;',',;:?;;::;„'■''"• '^■> ■' - -"."Kon..,^ p,.„„„i„ 

i^nrlosed. The for ruisioi. (he corps. Z\ 

"'2;;.t;r"'?, '"■■ '"- '"'r ■•' "- '""''■''•""."-; *"'''°"' '"'2:;;;; 

-an(.LOi.ea. I ho iiieinon;!! " " 

-Dr.'ift of a letter to Provost riVd T7 ^ n„ +1 • .• i ,■> "'^''' 

on a secret servce. Trt.sts „o hostilities will be shovvn 

giveti. Trans- 


ix. ill 180!) 

hvfW.xA.., • /' -'-xvi.l:. iiuMis no nostilities 

mill ,.f '"T""." <'<':'«'-''m«"V"'^'' =^" explanation can be 

mils copy of a despatch trom Lord (.'asM 

iiiir witl 


ereaifli to Poster 

Hi^niifying (he 

v' .^ '^ ^ '!!!:,. ?^'1'"".'Y'.(^'!'«^'!>«0, will not think that 

when forwardiiiir Mr. Henry's memorial 

he admitted Mr! Henry's account of 1 

in the letter of lljth September 



118 service.s to be a correct 

one ; it 






May 15, 
Downing St. 

May 16, 



May 17, 

■M^ay 18, 

May 23, 
Downing St. 

May 20, 

May 27, 

< iueliec. 

May 2!», 


Q. 117-7 

was only done in conformity with official usage. "Will not discuss 
Craif,''s part in the transaction. Hopes that in making arrnngements 
for the defence of the Provinces, even under the menace of hostility, no 
measures will be resorted to which could be cited as a want of faith in a 
power not at war with Great Britain. Page 239 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 18.) Notwithstanding the irritation 

Produced by Mr. Henry's disclosures and other existing caunos, His 
[ajesty's government apprehends no immediate rupture with America. 
In the event of hostilities he (Prevost) is to consider himself vested with 
the same general discretion in taking measures for the defence of the 
Pi-oviiices which was given to Oraig. Trusts the expenses already 
incurred for strengthening Lower Canada, will be adequate without any 
\ further demand on tlie Treasury. Repeats that he is to avoid any act 
which can irritate the people of the United States. 243 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 43.) Enclosing a memorial from Mr. 
Justice Williams, a member of both Councils, whose long services 
render him worthy of His Majesty's consideration fora suitable provision. 
Recommends that he be allowed to retire on a pension of £500 sterling. 
Mr. Justice De Bonne has handed in his resfgnation; recommends him 
to con.sideration. Has filled up the vacancies by appointing Oliver Perrault 
and >]dward Bowen. 246 

Enclosed. The memorial of Jenkin Williams. 250 

Short account of the various Civil appointments held by Williams. 252 
Provost to Liverpool. (No. 44.) Respecting the requisitions for rum 
and provisions to the Indians. Encloses a code of instructions for the 
good government of the Indian Department for his (Liverpool's) consi- 
deration, by which the r;inagement of Indian affairs would be under the 
military control. 255 

Enclosed. The code of instructions. 258 

Schedule of allowances for officers, &c., of the Indian Department. 281 
Same to same. (No. 45.) Despatch of 5th February relative to the 
fortifications and barracks at Quebec received ; has directed that the 
works approved by Craig be proceeded with. Encloses an estimate for 
erecting a barrack on Cape Diamond and also copy of an estimate for a 
commissariat stor-. Has approved these estimates and ordered work to 
be commenced. Encloses plan and estimate for building proposed 
barracks on the vacant space adjoining the Jesuit Barracks. SI82 

Enclosed. Estimate for a barrack on Cape Diamond. 284 

Ditto for Commissariat store house. 286 

Plan of Jesuit barracks and adjoining ground. 288fl 

Estimate for barracks adjoining the Jesuit barracks. 288 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 46.) A lengthy report upon the military 
position of His Majesty's North American provinces and the means of 
defending them. 292 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 19.) Transmitting copy of a notifi" 
cation of the promotions in the Commissariat Department in Canada, 307 
Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 47.) The Glengarry regiment complete ; 
Three Rivers the headquarters, whore about 400 fine young men are 
assembled under Major Battorsby. The promise of a grant of land has 
been a great incentive to the men. ;.iog 

Same to same. (No. 48.) Enclosing extract of a communication in 
cypher which has just reached him from Mr. Barclay, Consul General 
at New York. Assures him (Liverpool) that every prudent precaution 
as far as the resources of the country will permit has been taken. 310 
Enclosed. Extract of letter from Mr. Barclay statinir that " war is 
inevitable." " -^n 

Same to same. (No. 49.) Enclosing extracts from Brock's report on 
the state of affaii-g in Upper Canada. Has given strict directions to the 

Q. 117-2 


war 18 




June 1, 

June 8, 

June 8, 

June 9, 

June 11, 

June 14, 

J tine 15, 

June 16, 
Downing St. 

June 22, 

June 22, 

.frC:r ra''?.?rSribt a^v ""^"^ r""^ """■^» *» Sea.e, 
irritatioa. ''°""'"° ""^ «"rearaetaiico caloulaled to cause 

Krt„ir;ir^ir;:t2i'ja, offlc. ■ , "''^tiJl 

than he had exneWpH «il 7'™^"*^*^^ in a more satisfactory manner 

temporary Bills. "^ ^^'^ ^'"' °^ ^^PP'^- Respecting the three 

Enclosed Speech on closing the session 'iB 

Speech from the Speaker of the Assembly ^^^ 

Provost to Liverpool (No 51 ^ Fn^w . .. 329 

current prices at Quebec foflp'ilnd C" "' '^^'""^^ ^"^ 

^ncZ«..^. Quebec prices cur/ent foi Apri^.' 332 

■Ditto for May. ^ij'h. 33^ 

tro<>rl4's w'rS^eteJ'tL'fo?! ^-^-"g^--^^ ^^^ dis,osing of 1' 
Cons^ul GeneriTlrN ;'Vo;k d rd'forff' ^^^^ "•«''^''«" ^^^^^ t^e 
minister at Washington writes me on fh„ 9?- ^f^\^^/^- " ^'^ Majesty's 
the clear proofs off Knt nuTnce of thfp "'*TV'''* notwithstanding 
will be proposed on Monday a'Sit is laid wMl'.^ ^'"''•'"^ 3* ^««™« ^«r 
of Representatives." Notwfthstan linp- thf«^ J ""'"'f '" *'^« House 
to be sent homo in deZt^h No wi f K '"^^^^^^lori the troops asked 
l8t Baft, of the 8th for the 41sf' rJ ^^ «™barked, substituting the 
commenced. It s reported that' the T^'"''''"' shall have act'^iHIy 
posts in UpperCanadCwhrch ctcumsttnce rZ ^ '^^^^'^T^ ^^eir 
remain in its present position ?iIUl" sprin? "^^ '' ''^""•« ^^« ^^^ *« 

of Iri^LTLt^^iptLSTtr^ ^r P'^ ^o the circular 

and those parts of thTSi,entT,X""r*'^\^1^"*'" *»>•« colony 
that the Alien Act effectual rnrovlj t^«.««"trol of France, state's 

foreigners into the prSe w?thoT h? pSSon' o/te'r""^" ^^ 
Believes the Act is strictly enforoeH Jli^ii^ • T <^overnor. 
but brought neither his ?RrLr,«K . • -^^'''"^ '*'"^'^<'^ yesterday 
the Legislative Counclnirs ^ commission nor the mandamus iv 

be^irnt;t:iriSfar ''- "^^^-^ ^e-n." atrad^g vessel, h\1 

(In Provost's No. 53 of 22nd June.) ^49 

Jixtractof a letter statinjr that (bo ''nnfQ,.:« » a 
a British cargo c. board had been defni^lh' ,t" tt™^"'?"" ^'^^^e' ^^^th 

(In Provost's No. 53 of 22nd June ) ^ ^"'"''^ ^''''''- ^^l 

Draft of a letter to ^No 1 N T..„„ •. 
the Secretary to the Postmaster Gene2l .^'^"'™'t« ^^PJ ^^ letter f,-om 
No. 30, recommending ^nnc ease Jo iL T'^Z l^ ^'^ (^^'s) 
Halifax and Montreal *° ^^^ salary of the postmasters at 

I^e^Ontario, while .awf.,|y'Sn^^; Z ^^ed'STtirg^ - 
(iinoloHuros calendared at their respective dates ^ ^^^ 

^___^bee„ .hown .o ^.oha,,. ™s,e„ ..auCrfi 0„t ^^ X. ^°o\S 



Q. in-2 

! t 


June 22. 

July 4, 
Downing St. 

to doubt the correctness of these accounts though not yet officially com- 
municated to him. Transmits them that redress may be hud. Page 347 

(In Prevost's No. 53, of 22nd June.) 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. Enclosing copy of a letter from Mr. 
Beckett with a pardon for Genevieve Pich^. 362 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No, 2.) Despatches received and laid 
before the Prince Eegent, who is happy to hear of the willingness of 
the Assembly and people of Lower Canada to second his (Provost's) 
exertions. It is desirable to acquaint the Legislature and Assembly 
that the addresses on opening the Parliament have been laid before the 
Prince Regent, who hopes he will not be compelled to call upon his 
Canadian subjects for the sacrifices they would willingly make, but that 
his declaration of 23rd June will secure peace. Trusts he will be enabled 
safely to suspend all extraordinary preparations for defence. Hopes 
all arrangements for raising the Glengarry Regiment have been aban- 
doned in consequence of Lord Liverpool's letter of 30th March. The 
appointments mentioned in letters No. 10 and 25 approved. In answer 
to his despatch No, 27, has to state that no idea of the expense of forti- 
fying York can be gathered from the report. Despatch No. 29, relative 
to the interior communication has been transmitted to the Postmaster 
General. The establisbme'w on Anticosti to be continued for the present. 
The Prince Regent regrets there ai'e no funds at the disposal of the 
Crown from which to assist Madame DeLanaudi^re, The claims of 
Messrs, Grece and Campbell arc nnder consideration. The instructions 
given to Brock and Sherbrooke approved of, 185 

Governor Sir George Prevost, 1812. 

Q. 118. 

June 18, War 

June 24, Camp 

June 25, 

.Tune 2G, 



W. Eustis to Brigadier General Hull. Letters received. Arrange- 
inents for provisioning the troops approved. Circumstances have recently 
occurred which render it necessary he (Hull) should march to Detroit 
with all possible expedition, 75 

(Enclosed in Prevost's No. 59 of 30lh July.) 

Hull to Eustis. Heavy rains impede his progress. Expects to arrive 
at the Foot of the Rapids by the Ist July. Five strong block houses are 
now established on this road. Soldiers in good health, Cenoral Brock 
arrived at Maiden on the 14th inst., with 100 British troops, on the 17th 
he sailed for Fort Erie and it is said will return with reinforcements. 
Large numbers of Indians are collecting at Amherstburg, Feels convinced 
in case of hostilities his army will be superior to any which can oppose 
it, 7(5 

(In Prevost's No. 50, of 30th July.) 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No, 54.) Enclosingintelligence just received, 
which comes from so good a source that, though not official, he transmits 
it by a vessel just sailing for Cork. The writers, being the principals of 
the North-west and South-west Companies, have taken extraordinary 
means to obtain the earliest information. Asks for money. The arms and 
accoutrements shipped for Canada last autumn have not yet arrived, 2 

Enclosed. Letter from Forsyth Richardson and Co,, and McTavisli, 
McGillivray and Co., dated 24th Juno, 1812, to II, W. Ryland, aski/ig 
that he inform the Governor that war if^ declared against Ori'eat Britain, 4 

Hull to Eustis, Constant rains h.ivQ rendered progress slow, S( loug 

p at Fjrt block houses are erected to preserve the communication. Has srar- 

^^' risoned them and left the sick there with al I necessary comforts. Sugitestrt 

relieving the troops stationed in the block houses, by the militia of the 

Q. 118 


June 29, 


July 6, 


July 15, 


Ztear frlTii;.' Ijpt^ ?oTe"afth^^ ^he Indiana 

Mr. Arthur'H block house is on th« 4L. ^^ . .^''u^?P''*' '" ^^ree days, 
half way between this'a^V^ Fo'^t of'2 eS '^'£^^^1 ">^^^ 
w. I carry some bag^^age in their canoes ^ ^^' f^endly Indians 

(In Prevost's No. 59 of 30th July ) ^^S^ 79 

wh^rr l^,^iJ3:us G^eit'eS^^^^^^ ^^ ^-^-- ^y 

him through the publio nr jnts w!a 1 ' ?^ '^'^^^ *^«« J"«t '-eached 
from Mr. Foster /etbut^thffUct ^amrt^H^ T,''?''^ communication 
Bhip from Portsmouh that the t^onl' ^'"'u^^V Understands by a 
hi.i to the resolutions of tL town TeuL^of' ^T?" ^'^ "*"?'^- ^^^^^^ 
New England Palladium of 16th June (enclosed? " ''"*"^"'^ ^" *^« 
taCerKth!r;*^:r..^^^^^^^^^^ of .th Jun. is.! 

jl-xtract from the PaZ/,a(/fMm, Boston Tuesdav Ififl, t ^ 

Monthly return of the "-arr son of \fSr ^' ]■ '^''"®- 20 

Lieut. Poi-ter Hanks, for ^irSth 'of Ju e ""'"^°' — ^nded by 

(In Prevost's No. 65 of 14th August ) ' ^^^ 

fr ',;;";L1t^rg^id'l:attlotrrt^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^-- p-^^-n! 

levy to 600. Re'^^TlZ ^1' tZT It %7^^^^^ 
not consider a sufficient number had been rnf« J^ nT^'' ^"'^ ^« ^««« 
the regiment to that name Had limUed fl^« P " G/engarry to entitle 
300 as the state of the miHta.y oh ^would nofTno'^^f ^^''^''^ *° 
both recruiting services at the^ same H,T T?/?ir.\"^ « ^^"7 O'^ 

The 103rd has been safely 

landed at Quebec Tt has iJ«,^^V "'°" ^"" ^"^'■" '^^^ been safely 

troop. ,ponVeT™til'.. be^LrSstrSe'e^Slli? ■"'T " 
to prevent ncursions of the fin«m,r u,!^ ? . ,, ^•cheheu Rivers, 

cautionary measure "w^lfpr^^UTsyrtf:;;^^^^ 

for service m Nova Scotia. If the lateness nf+lf ^i^^ Regiment 

the 1st Battalion of the Royal Scots ^0^2.^'''''^ '^°"^^ P''^^^"' 
wnter in Halifax. The AmL-ican G^-al Offi.^^ ^"'^''' ^^^^ ^'" 
Niagara District had planned thrsurnnr of Foh P ^^'^^"^^^nding the 
ately the report of hostilities had b?ou^hfr!nI ^T'^^.' ^"' ^^rtun- 
which induced them to relinqLh theii aftlnf p*"' ^/T^'/o the Fort, 
himself justified in offensive cDeratro'&P- ^?u''' ^^"^ considered 
Detroit Ind St. Joseph's were^ weak and tharth *^^ ''^'°"o" '^^' 
Niagara was the utmost he cou Jdn of nL . ^! reduction of Fort 
done as well at any future time tdenflHf'"^''"'^.*^'**^^^^ c«»'d be 
measures. Has r^epeatedirvecomteS ^'""'t^'^ ^^^^^^'^^ 

officers in command^f the' other dTstrfcts of BS?^S^i° ^'''^ ^?*^ '^' 
present state of politics in the United Stnfn« . „ '*'''^./"^«."«a- In the 
ovoid every measure with hTp ll!f . ^ ^® considers it prudent to 
America. BrocThas cl led out thTfln ?"'^'"^-^ 'P ""'^« the people of 
800 men. The W cSs voi-v Ltiv5 .^^P*'"?' ^f the militia, about 
River. So far ^Te 'aTBiJZon de.rhim^r.fP'f ' '?u^ "^ '^' ^^^S^^^ ' 
from the Grand River hav^Tome fanstTt ;tVBt>'r\''' '"^*"« 
A report that the Americans hav« tnL^ n , ? (^^o^k's) summons, 
possess superio-itv of vessef^ nf ^at Ty^^u^^^'P"" I«!'^°d. We still 
barrassment from' the scf rcitv' nf'n,.'m'u fA^T ° ^^^ Untario. Em- 
sent to Halifax for half th 'L^f i^'^^f/^tot' ZV t' ."^^"*'^= ^«« 
now to establish a paper medium and h«5«!K.^^- ]^ '" necessary , 





Q. 118 


July 16, Head 
<JunrterH of the 
crn Army of 
tht> United 
StateH, Sand- 

July l(i, 

July 17, 
Height above 
Fort Michilli- 

July 17, Fort 

July 18. 

July 18, 

Jr.Jy 25, 
Downing St. 

July 30, 

July 30, 

Brock, on the declaration of war, had to resort to a paper currency. 
General officers badly needed. Page 39 

Hull to Lt.-Col. St. Geoi-ge, comraandinc, Amherstburg. Asks for 
the papers taken on board the boat captured while under the command 
of Capt. Chapin, as they can be of no service to the British. The 
bearer, Brown, to receive them. Wishes to know his determination 
relative to the private apparel and baggage taken. He has it in his power 
to retaliate and avenge any delay in the restitution of the property. 192 

(In Prevost's No. 3 of 17th August.) 

Lt.-Col. St. Geoi'ge tn Hull. Upon examination, the papers prove to 
be almost all public documents; to select the private ones from among 
them would be too much labour. As to private property, he (St. George> 
must wait the determination of his Government on the subject. Regrets 
the use in his (Hull's) letter of the words retaliation and avenge, and 
hopes he (St. George) will not be obliged to use the means for either 
which ho also possesses. 194 

(In Prevost's No. 3, of 17th August.) 

Article*' agreed on between Captain Roberts, commanding His Ma- 
jesty's Forces and Lieut. Hanks for the capitulation of Fort Michilli- 
mackinac. I54 

(In Prevost's No. 65, of the 14th August.) 

Charles Roberts to the Adjutant General. Michillimackinac has cap- 
itulated. 151 

(In Prevost's No. 65, of the Uth August.) 

Return of ordnance, ammunition, stores, &c., taken possession of in 
Michillimackinac garrison by Capt. Roberts. I57 

(In Prevost's No. 65, of Uth August.) 

Prevost to Liverpool. (^No. 58.) Enclosing Speech which he (Pre- 
test) delivered to the Provincial Parliament on the 16th inst., to which 
satisfactory answers have been made. Has called their attention to the 
necessity for a modification of martial law and a paper money. Believes 
these measures will meet their approval. Reasons which have induced 
him to ask for this currency. Has received official notice from Mr. 
Foster, of the declaration of war. Encloses proclamation continuing the 
embargo till the 5th August, with permission to such vessels to depart 
as were ready to take advantage of the convoy of H.M.S. " Savage." Has 
received instructions and commission and was sworn in as Governor on 
the 15th inst. 49 

Enclosed. Proclamation. 53 

Speech. English, 60 ; French, 63. 60, 63 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 3.) Transmitting copy of a noti- 
fication of a promotion in the Commissariat Department. 67 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No 59.) Has received despatches from Brock 
that an American army of 2,000 men under General lull has made its 
appearance at Detroit and that a detachment crossed to the Canadian 
side and is now occupying Sandwich, causing the militia and troops to 
retreat from thence to Fort Amherstburg. Immediately after taking 
this village. General Hull ordered a proclamation (enclosed) to be issued 
which has already done haim. Lt.-Col. St. George is at present secure 
in Fort Amherstburg, should he be forced to retire, it will be necessary 
for him to embark for Fort Erie. State of the ordnance at Amherst- 
burg. Brock has sent copies of some documents found on board a 
schooner captured from the Americans which are enclosed. 68 

Unclosed. Hull's Proclamation. 71 

(Three letters taken from the Americans calendared at their resiiec- 
tive dates.) 

Same to same. (No. 60.) The exhausted state of the military chest 
exposes the service to serious difficulties which will not be altogether 

Q. 118 



July ,'«), 


July ;jl), 

AuKUMt 2, 

AngUHt 2, 


AuguHt 4, 

AllffllNt .O, 


Canadian's havraTel roo Sd nreiar^^^^^^ -^'7''' ^'""'fe' '^"^f. ^ut the 
(J;:ncloHUro calendared at it8 proper date.) ^"^''^ ^^ 

meTt;L''th'rz't?>rn,rer ^""■"'•'° ''"^^"^^- ^^"« ^-^— 
ther,n:t£;:7Mr'- R^ifh^u-^ol "^i:;'^**^'^ ^^^?- ^ ^-"-^'^- -'' 

Pierre J3. for the "ac;;"^ Blackwood and 

ComrnSir^of the Z's" FoS/^P^ ^^ ^ ^«"«'- ^-t this day to the' 
(In Prevost-K JnJo. 63, of 5th August.) ^-^ 

a c^ori ?ca^r ;t^rtL?'h'''r""- ^as received from Mr. Poster 
the contents T wh ch^ ma' nl-uV'T''^ despatches from England 
United States to agr^e toTfusCl'of"K^"^'rK^' Government of the 
negotiations for new ' V^ f 'P^"'''«" o^^ as a preliminary to 
truco t.. mw YoS to'be Jom^f'^-'^l'l .'''"'^f despatches with a flag of 
further mov'nTent may be mSTv the Unti^r/'""?^"^- ^^^P^ - 
as ho (PrevoHt) hears that siTch n,^« . h„ States troops ; as soon 

the forces under his comm d 1,^; J f ^^^«,feon issued he will see that 
B'vynes who is sen w'Ttho 11 vv I! uT ""i' ^^^^''^'^^ 'i^ewise. Col. 

the^ bearer of a denmrch to mV l^^«l 'l^ ^"'''' ^': ""?^'''- ^e is also 
made. ueHpaicti to Mi. Baker communicating the proposal 

(In Prevost's No. 63, of .5th August ) ^^^ 

Notification. 96 

Report of tho Boaivl on the Bubjoct of Array Bill. ,11 

S;^'oV„'„\°r;Biii°°'''""'-°'°°°"°"'^°''''»---^j-'- !2§ 

array' i;*^o"eS:nV'tSS?;Ff ""T "' ^'^ ^' "^ '™« "i» ' ' 
favourable raramsl ,no™ ^J,. • P''" """?*» overythingappeared ' 

to ohan«rtl,e ,,re ; rDecr tT. " """""i'"', ''''''='' "o"™ materially 

=rat;L.ts, JrtH£^-"' r 
q^-^:^;s±L^tsS --- --t S 

(In Prevost's No. 4 of 24th August.") ^^^ 

Mr Foeter atMltS „^^ra,S ati^VtrS^^^^^ 

tXioTi^:; rarSa^tf rrbe1,fr ' ^'"""'^^^^^^^^^ 

Unltei State, on the"Vrti;;:''ZS r':™;; ',1.: "l^- ?h' tt 



August 6, 

AugiiHt 8, 
liieeii Busli. 

AugUKt 8, 
Green HuhIi. 

August 10, 
Downing St. 

A\igust 10, 
Downing St.l 


Q. 118 

flag and also copy of one forwarded to Mr. Bakor. Is glad to find hm 
policy ;it least has not widened the breach between the two countries, 
and unloBB the Hiifely of the province requires it he will resort to no 
measure likely to causo had feeling. Page 120 

(KncloHuros calendared at their respective dates.) 

Prevost to Liverpool. (No. 64) Encloftin;; rates of exchange and 
current prices at Quebec for June ami July. 128 

Enclosed. Quebec prices currcii! tor .Tune. 129 

Ditto for July. 132 

H. Dearborn to Col. BayncH, insuring him of his disposition to meet 
the views of Sir George Prevost, but regrets it is out of his ,iOwer. 
Ilovvovcr, ho will ^cive orders to the commanders of the frontier posts 
to take defensive measures only, also write to Hull to suspend all 
otf'onsive operations. Will write to the Executive of tlm cnii 'd States 
and state the measures ho has taken. 169 

(In Provost's No. 2, of 17th August.) 

Same to Prevost. Has this day communicated his answer to the pro- 
position bi-ought by Col. Baynes. The measures to bo as promptly 
carried into effect as circumstances will permit. 171 

(In Provost's No. 2, of 17th August.) 

Draft of a letter to Provost. (No. .5.) Despatches received. Since his 
letter of 4'h July, the Prince Eegent has received intoUigenco that war 
is declared. IUh Highness anxiously hopes that when bis inten- 
tions respecting the repoal of the orders in council are known in America 
tranquillity may be restored. Owing to the extended warfare in which 
Britain is engaged the means for defending Canada must be limited, but 
trusts to thp known valour of the troops and their commander should 
Canada be invaded. Groat satisfaction felt at the way in which Cana- 
dians have shown their anxiety to protect their country. The Prince 
Eegent feels perfect confidence in confiding to him (Prevost) the com- 
mand of the Canadas. 32 

>raft to Provost. (No. fi.) The Prince Regent has given his sanction 
tr the levy of a corps from the Glengarry oniigrants; clothing to be 
forwarded. The establishment is to be limited to 800, and land is to be 
allotted to each man when the regiment shall be disbanded. The 103rd 
must by this time have landed in Quebec. Trusts he (Prevost) has 
dot^ Itched the 100th to Halifax. Has locoived a letter from Sir George 
Beckwilh from which it appears that the 4th Battalion of the 60th 
arrived at the Barbados, and that the Eoyals had boon embarked on the 
same transport for Quebec. It is left to his own discretion whether 
or not tho 41st bo kept in Canada ; the 05th Regiment is on its way to 
reinforce tho troops under Shorbrooke, who found it impossible to dis- 
pense y?ith the 98th, therefore sends the 102nd to strengthen Bermuda. 
Brigadier General Horsford is to exercise both civil and military duties 
to allow Sir .lames Cockburn to return to England, folds out no hope 
that the requisitions for specie can bo filled. Is aware ot the awkwardness 
caused by tho want of it, but nocossity prevents. Heard with regret that 
tho transport which sailed last autumn for Canada has not arrived. At 
tho time he received the communication, two transports were just sailing 
for tho Mediterranean with arms, etc., thinking that the service might 
admit of some delay he had obtained the Prince Regent's consent to 
change the destination of one of them, tlie " Lady Shore," with arms, &e., 
for 10,000 men. It is now under orders to sail forQuebec. On the declara- 
tion of w.-ir h.-^d (iirccfcd the Commissaiy in Chief to fill roquisitioiis for 
provisions. Trusts ho (Provost) will believe that the utmost has been 
done to reinforce the troops in Caimda. The method of employing the 
Indians. Estimates for barracks to be considered immediately. Should 

Q. 118 


AuguBt 10, 
Downing 8t 

AugUHt 11, 

Downintf Ht 

Au(fUHt 12, 



AuguMt 14, 

AiigiiHt le, 
Camp at 

Autjust l(i. 

AMs,'UHt 1(>, 


AugUHt 10, 
Fort Detroit. 

Auffuxt 1(), 

Au^'ust 17, 

August 17, 

AuguNt 17, 

have known sooner of the wish of Mr. Juh; Joe Williams and Mr De 
Bonno to retire. Doubts if ponmon. can be grunted. Pa^o 135 

g.une to PrevoHt. (No. 7.) Trannmittinl^ loHer to Mr. I)e"barreH 
notifying t.o appointment of Col. C. Douglas Smith to be L eut 
Governor of Prince Edward Island. ']« 

95fh RetimeiftH""^'- ''"P'*'""^' *'^ ^''«*^'"« ''' the Glengarry and 
Edward Baynes to same. Ifad delivei.d hie (Prevosfn) deHpatches to 
Major (renera Dearborn on the 8th inntunt, who r.coived K pohLiv 

b^ would h^'V'rr'- T '^^' "P."" ^""«°'*" '^ ««"«'»''" "" a,?m ti ^; 

inJ TfflcorH ? "•^''««'t"V"" •" giving positive orders to the command^ 

nLu?eH t 11 f.n 'LrT*r'" ^Tu ^" '^"""« themselves to defensive 
measures till further ord(u-s. The same to be communicated to the 

oX f 7dern:;vT''"'' ""' '^disapproved of when c utermanding the 

lose L ' r. .'iMr"'"'' "{ r''"^* ^^■^■•^"'' ^*^« ^"^'^ be nUowfd to 
eiapso betoio hostilities could commence. Had consented to tl.ia 

arrangemen,. Dem-born stated that he had no direct conU-olove?!!^ I 

furnsZH d""'": ^'"^ -'f '"r'^'^^"^ " Bimilar line of conduct Has 
furnished Deu, horn with orders for the commanders of the Canaciian 

dZrecItK '' ^"'r '^^ ."^'fr'' «"'>^- ^«"--' DeaJborn s??on^ 
deprecated the employment of Indians in the contest. He als. objected 

''a:s:::^:\^TJ^^]^-:f'"^ -^ -p^- exchange^riel 

acquainted hira thai a la-ge detachment of the 1 r.itod States m-mv had 
taken possession of Sandwich on the 12th instunt. Hu 1 cVn menoed 
with^ii; t'Tal/f '""' Amherstburga few days after. The 41'^;° 
R ter^r'u afvl '1 K^ '" ropoliing these attempts against the fort by the 
Upper cSa. «»«««««^"« '"ay bo favourable to the security of 

(Enclosures at their respective dates ) ^^^ 

M^^nrT 'lu' ^^^ «"[;■«>' '•^'- of Port Detroit entered into between 
Major (reneial Broc - and Major vienoral Hull 

(In Prevos.'s No. ., of Int September.) 

Return of <Tdnance taken in the fort and batteries at that fort. 

(in Provost's No. 7 of 1st Sept- tuber.) 

Return of Ordnance an.l ordnance stores taken at Detroit. 

(In Prevost's No. 7, of ist September.) 

Copy of Proclamation issued hy Brock on the tak ^r of Detroit 

(In Prevost's No. 7, of 1st September.) 

Brock to Prevost. This post surrendered today with 2,500 prisoners 
Br S'^/r' i Krf "f «^-^"««e«. and without the sucriHce of fi on 
British bloo.r ",j only about 700 troops and 600 Indians with which 
to accomplish is service. Was admirably .supported by Co Procter 
and the whole ^uitf .nd very individu,-.l under his comZid 218 

(In Prevost's No. 5 of _'6th August ) 

tl.eEl^^onJ^T'''''- '"''■ '■' ^-g-*"'--- on his succeeding 

Cof Srvn/T'/i ^l""- ?-^ ^^"^'"'^'".^ papers rehtting to the mission of 
Col. Baynes to the Headquarters of the American Arm y leo 

the 12tV?urLf %i ^ ^'' ''"■"''"" ?^ ^'PP'^^- ^•^"'^''••^ t««l^ P'"«« on 
2 300 n .Km^T I • V\" r^""^/'^*^?'^ '^"^ ^^^^'^ ^^''foit with about 
^,<iW under Hull and took nost at Sundwl'li T^he C'ln-d-- - m-'-'^- 
being unable to oppose then> retreated to Amherstburg. "several skir'^ 
raishestook place, the 41st distinguishing i^omselves. ^Encloses HulPs 
I roclama ion. J?ro<k's nieasures respecting Militia. Encloses >Tie8 
of two letters between Hull and Lieut.-Col. St. George at Amherstburg 




Q. 118 



August 17, 

August 24, 

August 26, 

Uonoral Brock-, fiillj^ awnro of tho iinportanco of that post, hud previous- 
ly Htronglhoiiod it in every way in hiH power and on the nt-wn of the 
invasion made all pronanitionM for marohintf to its relief. Part of the 
49th proceeded from Montreal to KiiitjHton to bo followed soon by other 
troopH. Han <,nven Major (Jeneral Hheatlo a temporary employment 
upon the Statrin Upper Canada. Our Naval supremacy has helped to 
ward off the fall of AmhorntbuiT,' and will no doubt enable reinforce- 
ments to reach it Hafely while the surrender of Fort Michilliriia(d<inuo 
will give Brock great advantages. The present safety of tho Upper 
Province is to be ascribed to the energy of that offlcor. Is enabled now 
to relievo him somewhat since tlie Army Bill Act has passed. Tho 
frontier lino from Montreal to Kingston appears secure at present. 
Arrangements for disposing of the troops. Hopes tho measures ho has 
adojited will moot His Royal lligbnoss's approbation. Pago 177 

Enclosed. General Hull's proclamation. 71 

Proceedings of the PLxocutivo Council, York, 3rd August, 1812, respect- 
ing the Militia. . 1S:^7 

(Letters l)ctween Hull and St. George calendared at their respective 

Brock to Provost. The enemy ciossod the Detroit on tho 12th ultimo, 
occupied Sandwich and ravaged tho country as far as tho Moravian 
town. Particulars of tho surrender of Detroit; encloaos copy of the 
capitulation. Tho force giving thomsolves up eannot bo estimated at 
loss than 2,500 men. The Indians under Elliott and McKoe took an 
active part and their cctnduct was highly satisfactory. Has appointed 
Col. Myers to the command at Niagara; Cupt. Glegg his aide-de-camp, 
will deliver this, ho is charged with the colours taken at Detroit and 
with those of tho 4th U. S. Regiment. Encloses copy of a pioclamation 
which he issued immediately on taking possession of this country. 
Capture of the " Adams," a fino vessel. 228 

(In Provost's No. 7, oi Ist September.) 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 4.) Since his despatch of tho 17th respect- 
ing the surrender of Michillimackinac, Hull has made three attempts to 
approach Fort Amherstburg, in all of which he was repulsed and forced 
to return to Sandwich. No movement of importance against Upper 
Canada has taken place. It is now evident that Hull reniains inactive 
from want of reinforcements and supplies, which he is daily expecting. 
Our forces o;i the contrary have been able to detach a body across the 
Detroit River into the United States. Tho mode of acting upon tho 
enemy's line of communication and supply has been attended with con- 
siderable success. A mail from Detroit was taken on tho 5th inst., and 
another on its way there. It will bo seen by Hull's intercepted letter 
how much that otticor's hopes of conquering Upper Canada are dimin- 
ished. As General Dearborn had not the power of including that part 
of the army under Hull, in tho arrangement for a cessation of hostilities 
he has not thought it necessary to restrain Brock. Has therefore used all 
possible moans to forward him supplies of men, money and stores. Has 
reason to think Brock reached Amherstburg on the. 12th with reinforce- 
ments, which, with those from other quarters ought to be sufficient to 
compel Hull to give up his ideas of conquering' Upper Canada. Has 
received no further word from tho United States since Col. Bayne's 
return. The objects gained by a cessation of hostilities on part of the 
frontier. The Army Bill expedient has surpassed his most sanguine 
expectations. Hopes the measures ho haspursued will beapproved. 19G 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date,) 

Same to siime. (No. 5.) Encloses with great satisfaction a letter from 
Brock annouiicinir the surrender of Fort Detroit on the 16th. In des- 
patches N08. 3 and 4, had detailed the operations which had taken place 

Q. 118 




AuffUHt 2(i. 
<'ret«n Uhh\ 

AtiguHt 31, 

September 1, 

'Se|)tember ll 

September 22, 

ill U|)per Cjinadii in cnHciuonoo of Oenorul UmWh invasion Additional 
imrlioulurs; cannot withhold from (ionorui Ik(,ci<thotrih '«nr.. 

(EncloHuro caiendurod at its proper date ) ^ "^'^ ^^'^ 

■ mJS"'';vl1hr'Ctf h To " I'rcident has received no offldal infor- 
matioii trom the British Government to warrant a continuanoo of th« 
•ov.H,onal measure, t.^mporarily agreed on l.etweon c\,l navnes and 
Z . i '^'"•«*'»':« '"^o'-f"^ ''in^ that at the end of four dayl Cm th2 

rh t : s:ri?;",,'r"'"r ''r ^^•^"'' ""^ ««p'- ^« ^he^sam; oifec 

"n oitrr m. V 'h„ T''^'"'^ 

U S.troopr^" "" '"»""""' t''» ^•^'""'""Ji^' officors of the 

(In Prnvost'H No. 6 of 3l8t August ) ^^* 

tho two .„„„tn«.. Tho comluot of the AmoricanUCnmr n dS- 

^™,:;^S':;t!;r;t^,r ''- '•""-' "«"- ™"^ '■"«. '-' 1 

(Enclosure calendared at the proper date ) " 

the'narlicXs' ^f ll^'^ /^"^.'osing despatches from Brock containing 
Canar '' termination of Hull's invasion of Upper 

liritish (roveriimont in tiio r declaration of 28rd Inn,, nf tS i • . 
conciliate the United States, is not di^ed s uffl^i , tty the it^^^^^^^^ 
to ro«ture tranquillity. All preparations are making by the Amo^k^^"« 
or the subjugation of the Canidas. Notwithstanding teirdXron 
the western frontiers, they are assembling in great^umbers on the 
Niagara frontiers, and seem to meditate an immediate atTack Brook 

cautionary measures he has taken will be approved ^ ^47 

Same to same. (No. 9.) In his despatch. No. 7, had transmiUed n^ir 

culars of the surrender of Fort Detroit, lias novv the honou" to report' 

Imt Brigadier General Hull, with the first division of the prisoners^ 29 

officers and .^43 men, have arrived at this place, the ronudnr. about 

140 men, to be forwarded as soon as possible Hull has been"dlowed o 

go to Boston on parole, accompanied* by his aide-de-camp fothrnu, 

pose of justifying his conduct to his ^Government. iK al owed ^tl 

foT^V.} ;'"■•"' ■" f ^'■"'' '" P'-^''«'«- Tl^e loyal and brave l.Ht 
jliown by tui; miiiLia loads mm to hope for a satisfiictory result "shonTrl 

;ir:;u7N:>iT'tiout'^15VTT'"'T ^^^.^^ -''''- ^« iB eompti g 
on ;his?;oiitSr ^ ' ''' '"^*''"' ^"^« ^««" ^'"'^^^'•^'l and'placed 




Q. 118 


September 24, 

Scjitriiibor .fO, 
Downing S' 

October 1(1, 
Downing St. 

October 1, 
Downing St. 

October .5, 

Octotor 5, 

October 10, 
Downing St. 

Oet(A)er Vi, 
Fort (Jeorge. 

Oetober 1 7. 

Provost to Bathiu-st. (No. 10.) The satisfactory operation of the plan 
for raising monpy by Army Bills. Indian presents not yet arrived, the 
importance of keeping the Nations in good humour. Page 256 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 9.) Transmitting copy of a lettei 
from Mr. Jack, dated 20th August last, enclosing at the desire of the 
Lords of the Council for Trade, the draft of a Bill to amend, at the 
suggestion of the merchants trading to Canada, the schedule of the Act 
Geo. 3rd, chap. 39, which is to be laid before Parliament next sesssion. 
Asks for his (Prevost's) observations thereon. 264- 

Same. (No. 10.) Despatches No. 59, 3 and 4, laid i.ofore the Prince 
Eegent. Brock's prompt measures in dissolving the Assembly of Upper 
Canada, and his determination to enforce Martial Law, are proofs of his 
Judgment and decision which have not escaped observation. The 
Prince liegent desires that his app'-obation be conveyed to him. 207 

Same. (No. 11.) Despatches received His Eoyal Highness approves 
of his having removed to Montreal. Peasons why His Majesty's Govern 
mont are unable to comply with the requisitions for specie and pro 
visions. Directions will bo sent for the eiitablishment of the Newfound- 
land Eegiraent to 1,000 inon. The Prince Regent has also been pleasec; 
to approve of the proposal for raising a corps in New Brunswick. Is 
glad the Act lately passed for giving circulation to Army Bills has been 
of such as.sistanco. As his (Prevost's) desire to avoid hostilities i^ 
quite in accordance with the wishes of His Majesty's Government, there- 
fore the correspondence with General Dearborn is sure to meet with 
approval. Col. Bayno's conduct is satisfactory. 172 

Pi'evost to Bathurst. (No. 11.) Suggestions respecting the Indians of 
the western fi'ontier. 2G5 

A P.S. states that he has transmitted a copy of the despatch to Sir 
John B. Warren, as the public prints say he has been appoint«.d to 
negotiate a peace with America. 

Prevoet to Rt. Hon. Sir John B. Warren. Encloses copy of his letter 
to Bathurst respecting the Indians on the western frontiers, together 
with the extract of letters from Brnck on the same subject. Hopes from 
what is enclosed, the advisability of consvJting their interests in any 
negoti;:i()ns for peace will bo obvious to him (Warren). 271 

(In Provosts No. 11, of oth October.) 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. Despatch of the 2Cth August received and 
laid before the Prince Regent, who most highly approves of the judicious 
and decisive conduct of Brock, the zeal of Proctor and the intrepidity of 
the troops. By the exertions of this little army Upper Canada has been 
secured. His Royal Highness has boon pleased to appoint Brock a Knight 
of the Bath. While givingdue credit to Brock the Prince Regent wishes 
to remark how much his (Prevost's) t-xortions have contr' bated to this 
fortunate conclusion in Upper Canada. 219 

Major General Slioatt'o to Prevost. Giving an account of the Battle of 
Queen.ston Heights and death of Brock. 281 

(In Pi-evost's No. 13, of 21st of October.) 

Prevost to Bathu'-st. (No. 12.) The troops of this neighbourhood 
have moved into winter quarters. Last accounts of the Ame ican Army 
state General Dearborn to be at Gi'cen Bush, near Albany, with about 
3,000 men; Brigadier General Bloomfield to be at Plattsburg with 6,000. 
A force has moved towards ('hiiteauguay and the Americans iH'O making 
great exci'tions from St. Rdgis as far as"Sackell's Harbour to interrupt 
our intercourse. Latest intelligence roprosanls ah quiet about Detroit. 
On the Niagara frontier both parties are acting on the defensive. The 
Americans are making great exertions to obtain a superior force on the 
lakes. The .idvantago of keepifsg up our N'avy. War was declared on 
the 18th of June and hostilities quickly followed, while he (Prevost) 

Q. 118 



October 21, 

October 21, 


October 22, 

November Ifi, 
Do\\ ning .St. 

I )eceniber S, 
J^owning Ht. 

Deconiber !(, 
JJowriing St. 

»nrt fS r ""'■'■»">« 'be difflcultioB nrising fi-oin the want of eoecl, 
effe't '"°"'- ^'"' '"'■•'"'""io" of Army Bills ha, had the h".t 

pv:iZ!:^::^:f^:^^s^: ^< Q-«-on, ^"^^ iii 

,1, „ , , '?''°"-„ V-' ''• f^" 'on. hi" aHle-de-camp, will do Ivor this ■ he i« 
abe logivo all .nlormation lospectins the provinces " ' 278 

(llnclMiiros calendared at their respective date, 1 

he Ciprdti^;?htr;i!iia?;,^z;ywTt' ie"»2eS3':r?,T'it 

■^ B It ofa7;,',''T''p™"""' ""il"!""-"* fo.- the miMn,c6d:d 298 
rnea.irc piop<,.sed by General Des Barro, commandinxr Prince Kdwurd 

province. "* Attorney (General McDonnell a loss to the 

Same. (No. 15.) Despatches Nos. 11 to 14 received. The nocessTtv 
oMheco-operafon of the Indian tribes dnrino- the present hostilitie?^ 
how that co-operation is to be secured. The ru-ran^4ment« f ut i, J 

of the 4 Ist have been withdrawn from other services and will be sent ■ t 

nerm U T'r'""' 'r''''' '^'' ?'■ ^^^^'^'^-''^ «« -)on as the e son 4 
permit Ihe naval means of dofendin- the„ce to be .Vv h^ 
^00 sailors and a propo: u„n of ollieer.sf to bJ sent to (luebcc as eari; Z 
possible in the spring, lioasons why the arms, .tc, :,sl.ed tbr by the i^- 







Decfiiiber 9, 
Downing St, 


Q. 118 

quisitions have not reached Canada. The utmost will be done to place 
such means at his disposal as will lessen the difficulties of the situation 
and secure the province. Paee 2SI8 

Enclosed. Memorandum of stores sent to North America or ordered 
to be shipped to that destination. 395 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No, 16.) Acknowledges receipt of des- 
patch No. 14. Apprehends that the indiscriminate release of all prison- 
ers of war on parole may increase the difficulties of the situation with- 
out a corresponding advantage, however, he (Prevost) being on the 
spot is best able to judge, as he can ascertain whether the American 
army does not derive strength from these prisoners, who have only 
undertaken not to join General Dearborn's force, but yet may join that 
of another Commander. At all events, objects to the prisoners being sent 
to Boston, as it is such a short distance from the headquarters of the 
American army. 3qij 


January (i. 

.T<anuary 14, 

Janiiarv 22. 

Jiinuiiry HI, 




FnljiMiarv ] , 

February 'A, 

Feliniary 7, 
Horse (liiard? 

Fe))ruary 24, 

Poet'j- Corner 

February 27, 

Horse (iuiirds. 

Maroii 2, 
I'oet's Corner 

Governor Sir G. Prevost and Miscellaneous— 1812. 
Q. 119. 

Order in Council appointing William Batchelor Coltman, Lewis Ju- 
chereau Duchesnay, Oliver Penault, Michael Henry Percival, James 
Kerr, Eoss Culbert and John Muir, honorary members of the Executive 
Council of Lower Canada. " I49 

Joseph Cheniquy, the British Ambassadoi^'s chief secretary, to . 

Informing him that prints of French victories are to be smuggled into 
Canada. 25fa' 

(In Stuart's of 25th April.) 

W, Grant to Liverpool, .John Blackwood is desirous of being ap- 
pointed a membei' of the Legislative Council, or of that and the Execu- 
tive together. jgj 

E. Wharton to Peel. Transmitting papers relating to the memorial 
of Capt, Steele requesting to be allowed to letire on his pay. 152 

General statement of the expense attending the Indian Department 
in the two Provinces. I53 

Eyland to Peel. Will as he desires, wait on him in a day or two to 
discuss the surplus moneys arising from the duties collected under the 
Jail Acts of Lower Canada. Eemarks on the subject. 155 

Joseph Cheniquy, the British Ambassador's chief secretary, to . 

Asking for a pafsage in a transnort going to England. 258 

(In Stuart'sof 25th April.) ' 

J. Torrens to Col. Bunbury. Has the Commander in Chief's commands 
that the Earl of Liverpool be notified that the establishment of the 
Caiuidian Fencibles has been raised to 800, therefore it would be expe- 
dient to appoint a second major. 1(J3 

Eyland to Peel, Respecting the requisitions for rum and provisions 
for comjileting the Indian stores in Upper anil Lower Canada. 164 

The Duke of York to Liverpool. The opening of the season for com- 
municating with North America renders it necessary that a decision be 
come to as to what troops are to be sent out to Canada. Proposes that 
a foieign regiment jind a regiment of the line be embarked for Quebec; 
that the 41st and 49t:h l)e brought to Europe if affairs will allow, and 
that the 104th be brought home from Now Brunsv^ick, 168 

Eyland to Peel, Concerning an order from the Lords of the Trea- 
sury directing Mr. Caldwell to pay into the ^.ilitary Cho'^t at Quebec, 
the moneys arising from the Jesuits' Estates. Should these revenues in 

Q. 119 






re bo entirely 


March 12, 
Audit Office. 

REarch 12, 

Marcfi IS, 
Poet's Corner, 

Miircii 10, 
I'oet's Corner 

Miircii 18. 

Miinh 24. 
Mark Liuie. 

Afarcli 25, 
Horse Guard: 

Marefi 2."), 



March 2", 
Horse (iuards, 

April 3, 

A ! 'ril 4. 

iippropriatr.d to military purposes 
tb. t he woul,l. befor^urL^e bee^ki" "^'f ^'TT'' ^'"^^ '" hopes 

outa^y^irLionr^-ol^C— ;-r^r^J^^i-^ 

.aitw'iti tl^stlntyP""^"'^^ ^"^'^«« '« -«^g«^ '" - vessel to 

-rs in 1.9, ana whether it'wlf ^a'/fotr^bJJ^e:^^^''!?^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Joseph Cheniquy to Casflp'-flitrV. &cU^ ^. 176 

of being employed by treBrS^ *'^« '«"«t b«P« 

to solicit the F,-ench cCvernme to rnI?or^" V^"^^^ '^^' ^« ^° ''^''^^^d 
support of his parents I ^prLne^i^t^^^ 
h;m^eph) to ta.e h^ place IZZ ei^ n,f ^J^S^i St 

ne^r tl^ ^t b^^Jt?;^riL;^ S!^^:^^^-!, -^r ^«^. - ^ 

circumstances which have inducoH Mm L .^ l"^ consideration, the 

year beyond the time cal Seated u^on K'lo b^''^^'"/'"^'^"'^ ^ 

amount of his expenses. "^ ^^ ''^ reimbursed the 

Same to same. Acknowledo-OM loff„,. ,•„ . , . 1*77 

inst. Would not have Xd to !^"^/ . '" «"«^er to his of the I3th 

there was fair ground Jo^c^St^ so wT''''^ ""'''' ^« considered 
termination. ^ ° '''• ^^"'^ acquiesce in Liverpool's de- 

tic^^':bJ^'sr-Lt^^^TS,^ili'",?'^'\^^" ^^- '"^— 

Canadian Volunteers. f^T no ?4eo ,Lio"^ 2nd Batt. Ro^al 

Temf "i'^ ?^^''"'^ ^^^^ informZn ^mly be'ound"''^ '""^' '-^'^^To^; 
Memorial of Captain Alexander Macdon Jl to the Earl of Liverpool 

John In^rlis to Liverpool EnclosiiKr or.r..r ^f . ^^3 

military state of Canada m de to tho Com^Tf. %«ommun.cation on the 
in the Trade and Fisheries ottBriS^Xrth A^^''"'^'"'^^:''^^*^«'^'^ 
several highly respectable inh-.bitnnl of p^ American Colonies by 

attention lo tl.i.s ci^mnrunLaUol^Tefefs^hTm tV^rrtZ"^^^ ""^^ 

either to Gore or Ryland. -^teiwrs mm loi turther information 

The enclosure dated 18tb March 1S12 afntoa +k ^n , ^^^ 

be able to resist an invasion ' '^^^' «***«« that Canada would not 

Harrison to same. Kavin"- iiid hf.for« tu^ t , <-. 
the Trea»m-v a lottei- from M Call ' II I w-' . ''°'"'''''''°''''" <>-' 
Military Oho»t at Qiieboc tl o mo,,.yJlri, L'wT,.''' I'"-'''"S >"> 'he 

Augusun Boiton to Liverpool. Memorial. ^^^ 

Torrens to Poo! 

"~"'-'- toCaSa Z.%uI:S:"^'"'"""'" <"•"»-'""'>■«» for whiel, pa«.e. 








Ai)ril 6, 
Piiet's Corner. 


Q. 119 

A]iril (i. 

April 6, 



April !), 

April !), 

April 10, 
Poet's Corner 

April 11, 

April 17, 
Horse Guard^ 

April 1,S, 
Horse (iuards 

April (?) 21, 

Ajiril 21, Ad 
nnralty Office 

Ajjril 21, 
^V asliington. 

Enclosed. The return. Pac;e 198 

Rylaml to Peol. Trunsraits letters relating to a Canadian named 
Cherriqiie suspected of being employed by the enemy as a spy. Thinks 
from his knowledge of him that it is more than probable. 199 

Jane Lynd to Liverpool. Her memorial of which a copy is enclosed, 
was sent in about eighteen months before. As no answer has been re- 
ceived, renews her application. 201 

Enclosed. Copy of the memorial asking for a renewal of the lease of 
a farm called Belleville near Quebec, which formerly belonged to the 
Jesuits. 202 

George Harrison to Robert Poel. Instructions to be sent to the 
officers commanding foreign stations (except Canada from whence re- 
turns aru received) to have strict returns made ut the beginning of each 
year, of the persons proposed to be employed in the public departments, 
with salary, pay allowances, &c., with a comparative statement of the 
amount of the estimate for each separate department and that of the 
current ye&v. 205 

to Liverpool. (In French.) Enclosing petition from Augustin 

Bo i ton. 207 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Chetwynd to Peel. Respecting a Bill to be submitted to Parliament 
to provide that no goods or commodities whatever, except such as are 
of the growth, produce or manufacture of the territories of the United 
States shall be brought from those territories by inland navigation or 
land carriage into the provinces. 211 

Ryland to same. Is extremely sorry that owing to his papers being 
onboard the vessel he is unable to give informaiion asked for. Will 
waiton him (Peel) to-morrow. Asks K) be allowed to carry the despatches 
to Prevost, as he sails for Canada in a day or two. 214 

Same to same. Since being at his (Peel's) office it has occurred to 
him that Sir James Craig did not particularly mention the Jesuit 
Estates in any one of his despatches to Liverpool. Has by him a copy 
of the written instructions which were given him on his departure for 
England. Encloses an extract respecting the Estates. 21.5 

Enclosed. The extract. 216 

Duke of York to Liverpool, Recommends an exchange between the 

1st Butt. Royal Scots stationed eleven years in the West Indies and the 

4th Batt. of the 60tli. 217 

^ Sir Henry Torrens to Peel. Stating where the Ist Batt. of the Royal 

Scots is stationed. 219 

Joseph Cheniquy to same. Acknowledging answer to his letter of the 
15th instant. Finds his endeavours to serve Government disappointed. 
As Lord Liverpool's answer is conclusive thinks himself at liberty to 
offer his services to some other government in amity with Great 
Britain. 220 

John Barrow to same. To Icnow when the troops will be ready for 
transport. 222 

Augustus J. Foster to Castlereagh. Despatch No. 1, containing the 
Prince Regent's command that he should make diligent enquiries into 
the actual military establishments of the United States received. Has 
taken measures to procure the most accurate information and expects to 
be able to forward a complete statement by the May packet. Some re- 
marks on the United States army officers and the political aspect of that 
country. 265 

Enclosed. Debate on the Navy Bill, taken from the National Intel- 
ligencer, of 14th April, 1812. 273 

An Act in addition to that entitled "An Act to raise an additional 
iiiilitary force." 284 

Q. 119 



April 23. 



April 2a, 
Horse ( iuards. 

April 24, 
Horse Guards. 

April 25, Ad- 
miralty Office. 


q/'/'»'^.°* *" authorize a detach men 
States, taken from the mtional 

t from the militia of the United 
Intelligencer, Api-il 2l8t, 181 

April 25, 

April 27, Ad 
inirulty Office 

April 27, 
Horse (iiiard 

April 27, Ad 

April 28, 
Trans ixjrt 

May 2. 

IVlay .•?, 

May 1. 

May (i, 



mll^tP' ^°'''"" '» """■'■ Tl" '""P' "-"""oned now ready to 

JZm'Ro7„Jlf"^ "■« "'-S'" ■"• 'he de.»eh„.e„t, of the ,Z 
John Croker to Peel. II M S " ivrinr.r,,a " • . • ^25 

transports carrying the 60 th to the wTsf Tn r ^'^^ Protection to the 

of the several piact« to wh ch tl ev Zlll ' ^"'' ""'^^ *^ *'« '"^«^-"^«J 

tinct instructiins may brAven foT. ' ,o no.T'"'''^ '^ J^'*^"^*' ^^at dis- 
CharleB Stuart to —^ i' * ' P«rf«'™ance of this duty. 226 

respectini. the suspicions entert Hno.? If"'' . ''"'''" ''^ ^^^^ April, 
Cheniquy states wCt he knows ofhl il.^ "-^'t' .''^ ^'^"'''^'*'»' J«««Ph 
letters from Cheniquy. "" ^^'^'' "' ^'^^on. Encloses two 

?",J*^- ir'''mi'ton'H of 21st May ) ^55 

J. W. Croker to Peel. H. M. S " Minervn " i. f^ • 
the transports to Barbados and Rear Admir. S r ^'''' Fo^ection to 
to g.vo protection to the various ^^ J^S^^Ln^ '"""^ ^'^^^^%i^ 

■ 4?rrsrouTr:iur?t:ilrirtlir;^^^^ frr ^•■^ ^^« ^^- 

of the 60th at Quebec ^^"^''^"^ «« the arrival of the 4th Battalion 

^^Croker to same. Eequeats an immediate answer to his letter of L'e' 

Be^;stiSStr,};^^.itd^r^^' ''''' ^^"''^- 5 

grounds of apprehension of warvvirGi^^^^^^ ^^f • ',? '^' ^""^^^'^^ 

the United States at the peinod d ImlnH tfi 1- V^^^ prevailed in 

yesterday. ^"""^ ''^'"'^'^'^ *» '» hi« (Peel's; conversation 

I'^oster to Castlorea^rh. fExtracf ^ Fnr.i«a- . -^'^ 

sent by the Secretary" of W-u to tbp p"f °'"'''?^°P^ ^^ ^ ^'i''cular letter 
calling upon them fcfr tl eir Utas ^f mmr-vl-'^'" ^"f^^^"* States 
General Harry Lee has acce tc^l tL nfi. ' A"?-''*'''' ^"^^"^ ^^'"^ ^"'^er. 

Talmage had iefused bo 1 t ^t t"H,io?'^ ^T""']' ^^'"'"^^ ^^<^'«"«1 
sbip, iMr. Lewis the future On« 1, u 1" i, Quarter Master '.Jeneral- 

tluvt the returns of cor Un^iou/tii^^^^^^^^ ^T?.'!.'^' ^'''' assured him 
statement. A Bill is ^1^^^^^^^^ -^^"bts the 

ter Master and almmE'; g nT £ Tt^l^ restrictions on the Quar- 
from taking the offices Tlm^Z- nf i^ ^ f,'""' ''"^ i-espoctable men 
m.-ntofadditional offic'ersinf eL S T '" '"''^'"- '« ^'^^ ^PPo^"*" 
publisI.edofanarmSBi't "h.ufdlndi.,^'"r^' T-'^' T' ^ ^'^P^^t is 
United States, prob.blv nte„ e fn . . f '"'^ ^.^'"«' '^^^'"^ ^o enter the 
York elections. ^ ^ >nttn^led to irritate and to influence the New 

Enclosed. Cony of -ir". -ii- ]an^ c .i ^.-r 290 

25th April, 1812: ' letter from the JVational Intelligencer 

Memo, for Col. Bunbur- Mr Destemanvill„ r. , u ^92 

Roads in Lower Canada,' wishes to ^1!'""' ^T^^'"^"^^' ^^ ^^'''t'-^'T 
Quebec. ' ^ '° **'*'' ^" »'>"ie transport bound for 

Harrison to Peel. Transmittino' nil fh„ ,,„ 235 

of Christopher Saniruinel i^la vf 'ti ^ fP"T""?'""'"g ^^o appeal 
Seigniory if La Salfe and tie ?i foin n ' " 1^."^ '^''^ J>"« between' ^the 

adjoining lands of the f 

h»=';;:Sitsrz:iir^, " '^j'SS '^ -^ "™-"'"»« 

Crown. The Cobi- 






May 7, 
Foreign Office 


Q. 119 

May 14, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

May 14, 
Foreign Office. 

May 10, 

May 18, 



May 21. 

May 21, 

June 0, Offici 
of Ordnance. 

.Tnne 10, 
Foreigi; Office. 

Cast'.ereagh to Foster. DespatchoB received. The intelligence of the 
■ disclosuie made by Henry and communicated in No. 1,3, has reached this 
country through the American press. The Prince Regent desiren that 
immediately upon receipt of this he (Foster) deliver to Mr. Munro an offl- 
cial note, disclaiming on the part of the British Government any know- 
ledge of ihe nature of the mission upon which Mr. Henry was sent by 
Craig until several months after the whole was terminated and after Mr. 
Henry was specially recalled from the United States, and that no au- 
thority or instructions were over given by this Government to Craig to 
send any mission of that Hescription into the United States. Ho is also 
to state to the American Government that when this Government was 
first notified of Henry's mission they understood that he was sent for the 
purpose of procuring information at a lime when military preparations 
wei'e actually making for the invasion cf Canada. He is also to intimate 
that the Prince Regent was both surprised and concerned that the U. S. 
Government did not at once on receiving the information require an* 
explanation through him (Foster) and not resort to the extraordinary 
measure of bringing forward a charge against the British Government. 
The Prince Eegent hopes the explanation will be i-eceived in the same 
spirit in which it is made. Page 239 

John Barrow to Col. Buubury. Mr. John Black has applied for apas- 
sage to Quebec. Askt; Lord Liverpool's opinion on the application. 237 

W. Hamilton to same. Enclosing, for Lord Liverpool's information, 
copy of a despatch from Lord Castlereagh to His Majesty's Envoy in the 
United States on the subject of tlv disclosure to the American Govern- 
ment of Henry's correspondence. 238 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Joseph Cheniquy to Peel. States that while in Lisbon he fell in with 
an Italian who closely questioned him about affairs in Canada and pointed 
out the great advantage to bo derived by that country if it could sepa- 
rate from Great Britain and that if the Canadians showed a desire the 
French would be ready to help. He wanted some prints of French vic- 
toi'ies to be sent to Canada, which he (Cheniquy) undertook to send out; 
being suspicious, informed the British Ambassador who caused the pic- 
tures to be seized and brought back to Lisbon. Asks for some situation 
as he is in great poverty. 245 

_ George Harrison to Lieut.-Col. Bunbui-y. Enclosing list of promo- 
tions in the Commissariat Department. 250 

Unclosed. The list. 251 

Greenwood Cox and Co. to . Asking to be informed if Sir George 

Prevost's proposal for raising the Glengarry Light Infantry has been 
acceded to. 252 

W. Hamilton to Peel. Transmits, to be laid before Lord Liveipool, 
copies of a despatch and its enclosures from Mr. Stuart at Lisbon, rela- 
tive to Joseph Cheniquy, together with a letter from Cheniquy to Cas- 
tlereagh. I53 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates). 

R. H. Crewe to Peel. The "Cambo," with the ordnance stores for 
Quebec sailed for Portsmouth on the 19th October, and, after wintering 
at Bermuda, sailed for Quebec on the 20lh April. The 7,000 stand of 
arms forwarded in her completed the supply for 10,000 men, the number 
mentioned in Liverpool's letter. 263 

W. Hamilton to Col. Bunbury. Enclosing, for the information of the 
Earl of Livei pool, extracts of two despatches from His Majesty's En- 
voy at Washington. ' 264 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Q. 119 

•Iiiiw V.i. 

• fllllr IS, 


jTiinc SA, 

•f une 24. 


Kort ( ii'orge. 

October 15, 
Flirt (reorgo. 

October 15, 
Fort tJcorge. 


cnrisidored ^ naiiiax. iho mutter will l)e 

iSr T,::';:;.a„!""'°'"'« " '"'""" ''- '"-"''- ■''«^^- '""" ^ 

oa.» in .808, fir i^o.^iSllnl^^-^TZ :;,r;„'"°»« ^^ '"^ ^"^ 

D ' 299 

Niagara, on L 13th o? October ' "' '" "'''"" '"^^ QueenHton (sic), 

(In Prevost'8 No. 16, of 5th November.) ^^ 

(In'8 No. IG, of 5th November ) ' ^ 

th?^' a'Xl'"""' ^'"■"' *^- '^^'^^"-^ ^* ^"--ton, Niagara, on 


October 2(i 

< )ctob(T 27, 

NoM'iiibcr 5, 

8a— 6 

(In Prevobt's No. 16", of 5th November.) 
RoV:^'^ty:XZ^^^^ «. P-t captain in the 

vanced a/e and intirmiti of some membe t and ,f '^^^erviile the ad- 
render it neces8ary that the number sbnnMb- ^''f "''^ "^ ^^^-^''^^ 
namcB of James McGill Cn i^tnTn„ p l""" \"";?a«ed. Submits the 
Would have recomSed M^GiT S^^ Y 't'"'" McGiUivray. 
attending at Quebec; on fifdtg he dTeL nt tlS k f^T^' '''^?' '" 
bo antedated to give him precedence. ' '^^ m«nrfamMs 
Same to same. TNo 16) B.-xsivifniiic Ar„ o ^ .- . , ^ 
The several commt nica ions S he h' kL t.'" J' ''"'^''''''' ''''''''''^^ 
to him (Bathurst) havetn-' a'o Sown th'.'T"'' ^^'^^^^'■''^^i"^ 
1 resident has not corresponded wi?h tl'e us'IlecKtion'orn'^M' "^ *^'." 
Government, and that the rcne-il of n;l rf i • T ''^ ^^''- ^'^esty's 

made the ostensible object of e la/ o'th^'ti-t 'of^A^^'^' "'^/^'^ ^^'^^ 
ten.ied in the smallest degree to ohool it« .^ "f ATTiorica h.-is not 
designs for the invasion ^??heVS;s Sr'TI "^ '" '"^'^'''-^P^ ^''« 
it would certainly be regretted should it rdi te thL^'i^'H-''^"^"' 
jesty s Government upon the o.o„d faith of Ameripi i ^ ?'^ ^^■ 
to withhold any part of the h'oln . . V ^'"fji^a have induced it 

defence of the ^^aLdas The conte.? ^Z n^^v" "'''""■^^•^ ^'"' ^'^« 
foe can so easily augment his "rcS t^alur extent '"T' T ^"^ 
make those observations as <ill hnnn m- . '^^ '"v extent. Is led to 
gone. His despatoh^^ l^, :^Z ^^1^:^^Z^'' T''"^ '' 
use of the regiments sent to Halifax- and Bermid- V ^ «'"^''" l'"^ 
not need at present a regiment for its lefenf^« v"" /''^'' '^'"'^'''^ '^^•'^ 
'little in need of help. Bermi dVis Vll "Jn. f 7, ^''"n^wick stands 

.■ocks, so that ty^e.^e,ir:oZi,Zatj:^;::^j;y^^j!^?f^ r 

sorely menaced J'rovinces. The smaU force bn h„a I '^'^ "■" ^'^^ 

give in. Is satisfied that wheneve " the nre««-ll"!.-,!!!"!.' ultunately 

I. satisfied that wheneverihe p^^ss" ^ri^S;';.;":^;? 

t :5, 



Q. 119 


Novi'inter 5, 

'>ro''( .'i:bi'r 7, 

Noveiiibt'i- 7, 


November 10, 
Caui]> near 

Novenilicr 18, 

November 18, 

parts 6f the woi-ld will permit, the Prince Rogcnt will consider how 
limited the meaiiB tor the defence of BritLsh North America are. En- 
closes returns of killed and wounded at Queenston and also returns of 
arms, &,g., taken on that da}'. The colours have been committed to the 
charge of Capt. Xinir to be laid iit the feet of the Prince Regen'. Laat 
news from Sheatfe report no further attack on Fort George. (Jroai pre- 
parations making by the enemy to obtain the superiority of the lakes; 
many isliips building in their harbours on Erie and Ontario. Naval 
officers and seamen needed for the Canadian vessels. The disadvantages 
from want of specie are effectually removed. Transports with arms and 
ammunition received, is glad that his (Prevost's) idea as to the employ- 
ment of the Indians is so entirely in accord with his (Bathurst's). Will 
observe the greatest economy in every l>raneh of the service. Page 5 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

PrevosttoBatbuist, (No. 17.) Despatch No. 6, received. As the accept- 
ance of the resignations of Williams and DeBonneand the appointment 
of successors was quite unavoidable, hopes the appointments will be con- 
firmed, jg 

Same to same. (No, 18.) Enclosing prices current at Quebec for 
August, September and October. £0 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for August. 21 

Ditto for September. 24 

Ditto for October. 2^ 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 19.) Transmitting naval officers' returns 
of vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards from Quebec for the 
quarter ending ,5lh July last. 30 

Same to same. (No, 20.) Transmitting a deal box containing exempli- 
fications of the Act passed in the two last sessions of the Provincial 
Legislature, of which he encloses a schedule. 31 

Enclosed. The schedule. 32 

Smyth's proclamation to the men of the State of New York. 134 

Answer of the men of New York inhabiting the western district. 136 
Smyth's proclamation to the soldiers of the Army of the Centre, dated 
lYlh November. y^i) 

(111 Prevost's No. 30, of ITth December.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 21.) In his despatch No. 50, of 8lh Juno hist, 
had the honour of submitting a statement of the debt due by Govern- 
ment to the Provinces of Lower Canada and of the manner in which the 
same had been incurred, at the same time staling that the amount of the 
debt might soon be called for. As the increased expenditure owing to 
the war has exhausted the Civil Chest, ho has been under the necessity not 
only of repaying the sum of £25,000 (iiio from the Government to the 
province, but of advancing the further sum of £15,000. Encloses a list 
of the salaries not provided for by the Legislature and for which ho has 
directed the sum of £5,103 sterling to be i.ssiied to the Receiver General 
from the Mililaiy Chest. Draws' attention to the inadequacy of the 
salary allowed to the bishop of the Catholic Church in this country. 
Has always received f'om Bishop DuPlossls the most cordial and ready 
assistance in forwarding the views of His Majesty's Government. Attri- 
butes the ready obedience of the militia and the facility svith which the 
a^riny bills were circulated in a great measure to the influence of the 
Catholic clergy. Transmits representation from Committees of Trade at 
Montreal and Quebec. 33 

Enclosed. List of payments made by the Receiver General of Lower 
Canada and not laid before the Legislature. 38 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 21 dujjlicate.) Enclosing a return of men 
declaring themselves to be British born subjects, selected from among 


Q. 119 


NovcinlxT IK, 



s;!(L""T''' 'r'"^'y.["'f'" "^ Quoonston in tho service of the United 
A^ndose./. The return. Pa.i^o 39 

Novctiilicr 21, 

lo receive an agent a Himiiar 
Mr. Mitchc" 

line of condiici is to be adopted rogardinff 


Niivi'iiihci 21 

I'll I'riiiiic, 


J^'ovi'iiilMtr 28 




emyH force encamped at Plattsburg is advancing to The viilaJof 
Ummpla.n with tho avovve.i i-urpose of penetrating info ef^on 1 Vl 

S|,mo to .am,.. (No. 24.) Since hie last lepon fiomChamblvtho vim? 
, ,!; 1 . *"■ ■^""''"''' "•""" ^'''^ occasion. The improvement n 

on tl^ O.S ,; T ° "'.7'1»;:"''"«I»'» »"py ol sonoral order i.sneJ 

^^hndosed. Geno.alor,lor»,lntod26tlitfovembo,-. Jingli.h.iS; .Kronoh! 

Ilitio .laM 2711, Novembo,-. Engli.!,, GO; Menol, 01 mfi 

M?" FrS, t" -''■™"'""-' "'"" ''' ""-^ "" sSon'-Riv,,.. Bnjli^,! 

(In Prevost's No. 30 of 17th December ) ^'^^ 

,,roLi!,;f tiire',!^'''"'"''""'^^ '="'""■■"■ '° J""™''' *«Pec«n« 
(In Prevost's No. 25 of Ut December ^ 






Xtpvpiiilicr ,S0, 


Q. 110 

Sumo to Numo. DifRciiIty of j 

proper supply of clerks, Htorekoi-norH. iV 

oviKioning tlie troopn. Has not 


Miglund. feomo roniarks on tho officorH of the d 

c, moil hIiouM 1)0 8ont out from 

X(jveiijli(!i' ;}o, 

(hi 1 


'rovoHt'H No. 2r) of 1st Dc<'eml).'r.) 



'a«o "ili 

ajor (Jetieral Slioalfo to I'r 

eyoHt. Am attack wan made on our battc 

1 )t'L't'iiilicr 1, 

Di'cciiilicr 1, 

December 1, 

i)pcemlK'r 4, 
Fort George, 

December 7, 

December 7, 

December 10, 

December I,'"), 
Downitif; .St. 

December KJ, 

December 17, 

A short 

account of tho en.i,'af^ement. 

(Ill Piev(wt'8 No. 30 nt 17th Documbor) 
.^voHt to Bathurst. (No. 25.) copies of two loiters from 

( t revoHt j. Iho «ul)ject of them is important ,|q 

(hnclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 
Same to same Kiiclosin£r schedule of the Acts passed in tho last two 

rr^uch^N '7;;:'"^'"' ^-■""'-^"^ ^^'^'^" ^'-'^' »-- ---p-^^ 

Enclosed. Schedule. |^ 

HoU-t't,?„™4if ^f,'""" '° '"""■''• ^^ ""="""' •"■ "■» "«"- "' Bla... 

(In Provost's No. 30 of 17th Dccomher.) ^^^ 

Sheatfe to Provost. Enclosini; Col. Bisshonn's ronnif <a' fi,« 
mentof the 28th ult. A rotur^ of^ho'TZrwoSed a d S^^^^ 
cZlT^^ othor^documents, amon,^ thom a' proclamat o n In S' 
Gono.a Smyth. Tho character of the latter is such as to reflect St 
discredit on tlioso connected in its publication. He (A-evc^t w^^ 

£^= l^:ne;;;r:KKir-^ ''-' ^^ --' «^ -Hdonio^isS^ 

(In Provost's No. 30 of 17th December.) 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 2(;.) Enclosing prices current and rates 
of exchange at Quebec for November last. ^uiioni and rates 

Enclosed. Quebec price current for November a. 

Same to same (No. 27.) Enclosing, in answer to despatch No 8 .liudt 

ment delivered ,n tlie Court of King's Bench, the an we, ^ih^ Chiff 

Justice of that Court to tho memorial of the' Judge orThe V cctAdmf 

ralty Cou.-t, alluded to in his (Bathurst's) despatch. VKc-Adnn- 

jut^of^o^asi.;;?;!.;?;.''- '^-^'^ '^" ''- — -• ^^4 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 28 ^ Enclosincr nnnv nf o <.. „f . ,. 
between Major General Wa,.bo-,4 f^lhi™ i^effi .1 eVeS ^J S'^eS 
on parole and for their eventual exchange. prisoners 

Enclosed. The treatv. J . 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No 17 ) His Tin\rn\ \v,rU^, ^^^ 

«.a,jp„int.e„t„f M,-. EJ.a.^d Bo^Ji'^a;' Kni^t-lZ^rj;; "^ 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 29.) Clothing for tho Militia wmtfld TT ^^^ 
upon the next meeting of Parliament t^ be ompo e ^^^^ 
considerable numbe. in addition to those already employed S^,,; 
event o the continuation of hostilities lie would require (^3^ «. , 
ments for 400. and 500 pistols. Also rocommeiS tl 10 ioo S ml" f 
arms be shipped for Quebec. iw.uuu stand of 

Same to same. (No. 30.) Enclosing despatches from Major GenerU 
SI eatk containing an account of an attack made by tho encmv on th 
2Sth ult., which wasrepusod with triflin<r l„ss TK„ „ "^ ?.. '^* 

considerably in killed Jnd wounded 'wit;%'::i^a,Sn(K;n^Va^^^y^^^^ 
men taken prisoners. The particulars are given in Sheafi^-'s £.n?l 
Liouts. King R A., and Lamont. 4!Hh.. werf severely wounde^'^K^^^^ 
also copy of tho general order which he issued on the occasion Til 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.^ 

•Tilly 22, 

Q 119 





I'll flllljlT 
No (llltP. 



j '" '«. Iho re(|iu,-*iti<)fi. * **' 

and 2J8t Ji ly followin.' ' "<'^^^««" 7lh June, 1812, 

Memo, fur Peol. Itoe.'v'o./ ,„ ,• r r- 1^6 

tion of tlio tianeportH K.treor^re respocting the dostin.i- 


Q. 120. 

isoELLANEous 1812.— ConZ/nwe^. 

Miirch 24. 

Mny 20. 

Jtil.y 3, 

•Tilly 11, 

July 13, 



.Tuly 14, 
Horse (Jniiid.- 




Ji'Iy 21, 

July 22, 

July 22, 

expocted. The bounty o fo e H. ho^^^^^^^^^^ """'"i^^^ '^ ^''•«'''«'- ^h'^" 

hu<l to draw from their o vn f ^17. '"""•^' °*^''° »ffic«'-« h'^vo 

^•'otl' 'o.' "nirorm,s. S r7^ , f p;;;,7P«"'^««- ":'« P'TchuBed ^n-oen 
fied with our labourH W f • .^ ''■^P'^^^^^^^ 

Colonel will be half n,h,e(i '""™^ '^''"'^' ^'^''' ^'"^ if not^ made 

a.. Harrison's of 13th July). 4 

nakcr to Ca.'!t!erea"'h ('Rvtr-mt ^ i/„^i • 
makin,^. provision fo.Mhe morr^.f i ''^- '"?^' ^^ ^^" '"^^t of Conf^ress 

United Slates. ''^' '^'^ «»-g^^>"«ation of the Army of the 

Enclosed. The Act. ;")? 

Abstract referred to. 58 

(In Hamilton's of 24th Au.rust) 60 

Harrison to Peel. Enolo.siTur jJi tor from tbo cj,^ , 

reporlin. the shipment of 260^ca'"tlry s bJes ^'^''^'^'l'^'- General, 

(Knclosnro calendared at its prope? date) ^ 

boli^din^^-- ^'-^™^-;-^ that tonnage may 

Comln'isH,.u-y General Kobilon «'^'P«"^>'ture of that province, by 

Vice-Admiral Sawyer to Croker Re|.,tin<r i^ ,u ■ ^ 

ments. "^ *"• ^^elating to the naval arrange- 

Chetwynd to Peel. The Lords of TmrU i • , 46 

relating to the claims of M^" Gm^pi 'a dT^ror^^'r'"^ '\' '"''«''« 
that Mr. Campbell Ins no fl-iim i ' V i ^ *'''®' '^'"^ '^''^ of opinion 
nnd that Mr. irele should l^^JS"^' ^::::':^^7 »? ^^ovember,^811, 

A. Sutherland to William M 

rm of seven years. 

t.^ i-:K ::;;:e;;:ri,^E±";^':i!i£^- ^^^4 

enquire about the m.n of the Highland Fe, 







•^ > V 

< V 








2J, ii^ 

1^ 10 



^ I.II 








» ? 







WEBSTER, NY. 14580 

(716) 87^-4503 





Q. 120 



July 28. 

July 29, War 

August 1, 

A'lpiust 1, 

August 5, 
Trans] )ort 

August 8, 



August 8. 
August 10. 

August 11, 

August 11, 

.Vupust 12. 

August 12, 



August 12, 

Atigust 12, 
in Chief's 

Aug\ist 15, 

Eef^iraent who emigrated to Canada on the disbanding of that regiment 
iu 1799. Page 12 

(Tn Lukin's of 29th July.) 

F. Freeling to Peel. Rehiting to the mails between Quebec and 
Halifax, and to the winter mails from Quebec, which may be forwarded 
from Quebec and Halifax instead of being taken on to New York. 9 

Eobert Lukin to Lt.-Col. Bunbury. Enclosing letter from Mr. Suther- 
land, late Lieutenant 17th Eegiment. 11 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Enclosing a memorial of the committee of merchants interested in 
the trade and fisheries of the British North American Colonies, for Lord 
Bathurst's consideration. 15 

Enclosed. The memorial. 16 

Baker to Castlereagh. General Hull entered Canada on the 11th ult., 
and issued a proclamation from Sandwich, his headquarters. Accounts 
state that it was his intention to march without loss of time against 
Fort Maiden, the British Force being concentrated about that place. 
He does not appear to have been joined by any Canadians, though, in 
consequence of his proclamation, some of the Militia have returned to 
their homes. 63 

(In Hamilton's of 10th September.) 

W. George to Peel. The '' Cambo," with Ordnance stores for Quebec, 
sailed Irora Bermuda the 20ih April. There can be no doubtof her arrival 
at Quebec, as if any accideni had happened it would have been heard of. 62 

K. Wharton to same. States for the information of Lord Bathurst, 
that a copy of his (Peel's) letter of the 6th ult., respecting the provisions 
acquired for Canada, has been transmitted to the Commissioners of 
Victualling. 27 

Commissioners of Victualling to E. Wharton. Supplies asked for, to 
be sent without loss of time. 41 

Charles Bicknell to J. W. Croker. Asks for a copy of the answer of 
the Chief Justice of the Provincial Court of King's Bench at Quebec, to 
the memorial of the Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court, on the subject 
of a claim, set upjjy the former court, of exclusive jurisdiction over the 
whole of the Kiver St. Lawrence. 29 

John Croker to same. Enclosing copy of a letter from Charles 
Bicknell. 28 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date). 

Mr. Herries to same. In reply to his note of this date states that not 
any part of the clothing ordered ""for Canada, except the great coats, need 
now be shipped. Will take immediate measures to prevent the forwar- 
ding of the other articles ordered. 31 

Memorial oi' the Merchants interesled in the North American trade, to 
Bathurst. 35 

W. Wharton to Peel. Enclosing copy of a letter from the Commis- 
sioners of Victualling. 40 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Eonald MacDonell, late Captain, Glengarry Fencibles, to Bathurst. 
Asks to be allowed to raise a company either in the Highlands or in 
North America for the regiment now being enlisted. 42 

J. C. Herries to Peel. Immediately on the receipt of his note he took 
steps to prevent the shipment of clothing for the Glengarry regiment, 
except the grout coats to be sent soon. "" 43 

W^ Croker to same. As a copy of the answer of the Chief Justice to 
the metnorial of the .Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court on the subject 
of a claim set up by the former Coui't ot exclusive jurisdiction over the 
whole Eiver St. Lawrence has not beeij transmitted by Prevost, requests 
that a cojiy may be sent to office. 44 

Q. 120 

August 18, 

August 20, 

AuguHt 20, 



August 24, 



August 25, 

August 2!», 

Sei)teinber 10, 



September 14, 
Ft)rt Augustus 

September 17; 
in Chief's 

September 21 

Seotember 24, 
Office of 

Sej)temb('r 25, 



September 25, 

Sei)tember 20, 



Septcmljer 27, 

T r^''"^..^^ the North-west Company to McTavish, Fraser and Co 
Inghs, Elhce and Co., and Sir Alexander McKenzie. Respectinir a nro- 
posed voyage. ^ J,^^,,^ gg 

tt'^kp^^' ^r!'^'' *^ ?®'''- Enclosing letter from Vice-Admiral Sawyer at 
llalihix relative to American affairs. '' 45 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Thomas Lack to Colonel llunbur3^ Enclosing copy of draft of a bill 
intended to be submitted at the next session of Parliament, in consequence " 
T a ™°'"f' ''fJ presented by the merchants trading to Canada, to the 
Jjords 01 Trade. ' -o 

Enclosed. Draft of a Bill intituled " An Act to allow the importation 
« ?u '\T .""t '','^" "P"'"**" ^'■°'° His Majesty's colonies or plantation in 
the West Indies into the Province of Quebec without payment of dutv 
under certain conditions and restrictions." 53 

Schedule referred to in the Bill. 55 

William Hamilton to Col. Bunbury. Enclosing extract of a despatch 
Irom Mr. Baker at Washington with copy of an Act of Con-Tess. 56 
(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) ° 

William Riggs to Liverpool. He was the bearer of despatches from 
Canada, which on his landing were forwarded by mail. Asks for a pas- 
sage back again and any help possible in forwarding the application 
made by Prevost to procure him the situation of lighthouse-keeper on 
Bic Island. ^ ,., 

Prevost to Harrison. Has issued his warrant for £10,000 in aid of the 
Civil expenditure of Lower Canada. 93 

nr ^4,-^'^'"''^"" *° Henry Goulburn. Enclosing copy of a despatch from 
Mr. Baker, dated Washington, 1st August, 62 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Alex McDonell, Capt. 2iid Inverness Local Militia, to Bathurst Sub- 
mitting a memorial which he (McDonell) had addressed to Loid Liver- 
pool with his answer. Repeats his application to raise a regiment from 
the Glengarry emigrants. g5 

Enclosed The memorial. gg 

The answer, dated 3rd April, Downing St., stating that the measures 
tor raising a regiment are suspended. " gg 

J. C. Ilerries to Goulburn. Respecting the great coats for the Glen- 
garry Regiment. Encloses return of articles intended to be sent before 
the order was countermanded. ^9 

Enclosed. The return. Yl 

Thomas Tackle to Bathurst. Acknowledging letter of 15th instant 
requesling, in writing, information ^is to the policy of the United States 
with respect to their Indian neighbours. Peels himself quite unable to 
give information, except verbally and with a map at hand. Will be glad 
to wait upon him (Bathurst) or any one ho may appoint. 72 

Return of ordnance consigned to R. Fleming, Ordnance Store-keeper 
at Quebec. 246 to 262 

Memorandum of a particular service under orders for Nova Scotia. 74 

Nat. Atcheson to Castlereagh. Transmitting memorial from the 
North-west Company and papers annexed. Asks for early attention. 76 

E. Cooke to Gv)ulburn. Enclosing letter and memorial from the agent 
and company of North-west Merchiiiits. 75 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Baker to Castlereagh. Transmitting to the Secretary of War printed 
copies of lIuU's letters of 7th and 13th ult., giving an account of affairs 
at ivivor Ruibiii. Since the capLuie of Detroit the Indians have been 





Q. 120 




OctolKT 1, 


October !l, 

October 12, 

October 13, 



October!! 3. 

October 14, 
Ht)rse Guards 

October 14, 

October 24, 


active on the Western Frontier. Accounts state that the iranison of 
Chicago, owing to its oxposcd situation, received ordors to retire to Fort 
Waj-no, but were manHacied on the way by the Indians. Apiire- 
hensions for the forts on the borders ofthoOhio. A large body of troops 
are assembling under Brigadier General Harrison, U.S. Army. The force 
under Major General Von Rensselaer at Lewiston with about two or three 
thousand men. Niagaia in a most defenceless state. Major General 
Hloomheld was at Plattsburg on the 'Jt"h Inst., with about 2,000 men 
iMvo sloops have been purchased for the use of the U.S., to be added to' 
the two gun boats to form a flotilla capable of commanding Lake 
Ohamplain. The headquarters of the American Ainiy are still at 
Albany, although the troops are moving to Plattsburg. The naval force 
18 all m port at present. p,j j^q 

W H. Harrison, Commissary General, to J. C. Ilerries. The Com- 
mander of the ln)rces has issued his warrant upon him to pay to the 
Receiver General of Lower Canada £10,000 and stated his intention of 
immediately issuing another warrant for a further sum of £15 000- as 
Jirock has represented to Prevost that the Civil Chest of Upper Canada 
18 exhausted, his Excellency also intends to issue a warrant for £5,000 
to be pail to the Eeceiver General of that province. 220 

Petition of Messrs. McTavish, Fraser and Co., Inglis, Ellice and Co 
and bir Alex Mckenzie on behalf of themselves and the agents and other 
persons constituting the North-west Com])any of Canada for a 
cliarier. ' go 

Nat. Atcheson to Bathurst. Enclosing two papers relating to the 
J^ortii-west Company and asking for an interview on the subject of the 
Con^pany's application to His Majesty's Gcivernment for a charter. 88 

(Enc.osures calendared at their respective dates.) 

General Tupper to General Harrison. Eeport as to the causes of the 
failure ofthe expedition of mounted men under his command to reach 
the Itapids of the Miarais. 231 

(In Hamilton's of 30th December.) 

Harrison to Goulbourn. Enclosing letter from Prevost 8tatin<^- that 
he has issued a warrant for £10,000 in aid ofthe Civil expenditure and 
asking for Bathnrst's opinion thereon. 97 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 
_ Order in Council authorizing the instructions (enclosed) for guidance 
in the capture of all ships, vessels, and goods belonging to the United 

Enclosed. The instructions. jqO 106 

Standing interrogations to be administered to all persons found on 

board ships taken as prizes from the United States. 199 

Torrens to Goulburn. Enclosing for Lord Bathurst's information 

copy ofthe C()ramandGr-in-Chief8 instructions to Prevost on the subject 

of ttie New Brunswick Fencibles, and also copy of one relative to the " 

augmentation ofthe Newfoundland Pegiment. 140 

Enclosed. The instructions dated 12th October, 1812. 141 

The letter concerning the Newfoundland Regiment, dated 9th October. 

H. Donaldson and Co., to Col. Bunbury. Asking on behalf of Major 
Coore Prevost s aide-de-camp, a gratuity of £500, in consideration of his 
having brought home the despatches giving the account of the surrender 
of l^ort Detroit by the American General Hull 144^ 

George Herriot to F. Feeling. (Extract.) The Americans have made 
repeated eftorts to conquer Canada, without success as yet. Reports say 
that an army of 15,000 men is within forty miles of Montreal. All idea 
of an amicable settlement with our neighbours is at an end 5 000 or 
(),000 men and ten sail of the line in addition to our permanent force is 

Q. 120 








October 31, 


I )('i);irtiiicnt. 

Octolier ;il, 


November 2, 

November 3, 

November 1(», 
in Chiefs ' 

NovemlH'r ]1, 

November 18, 



November 19. 

November 23, 



November 20. 
November 28. 

November .SO, 
Office. ' 

December 2. 

December 3, 



December 11, 


the only way to put an end to the war. All their principal towns acces- 
sible by water on.i^^ht to bo attacked at once. ^ ' TaClOT 
(In Freelinf,/.s of 28th November.) *= ' 

iJltnJ^I'^^T''' ^«"''^^^"'; «f lJi« Majesty',. Customs, at St. Lucia, 
to Beiiii? captured and held prisoner in the United States for 

t"br',"fiT ''' ^ ^""^ " -r'^ opportunity for studying, the sentiments of 
the people respecting the wur. Would make an appointment for an 

and a p-unphlot ^'''" ""'"™""^«'*t'«" » f«^ American newspapers 

W. 'lamilton to Goulburn. Transmitting for Lord Bathurst's infor- 
mation the copy of a despatch from Mr. Baker. 149 

the^tjnftod Sf '"''"f^ i^'-^^.T*-) G^iving some idea of the views of 

'(In iCnS^^S'StSn^rr'""" '" """'' ^'""'^^- ''' 

canSii^^:^o^: '^"''^"''- ^^'•^^^*") ^"'''^^^"s ^» -^'^'^ 2; 

Enclosed. The article. gl 

iVat. Atcheson to Goulburn. Asks that the North-west Company's 
application for a chartei- be attended to ' 153 

Baker to Castlereagh. (I^]xtract.) Giving an account of the disposition 
ot the American troops on the frontiers of Canada. 9110 

(In Hamilton's of 25lh December.) 
mit.Prv/rT""' .^^^arrison. Transmitting copy of a letter from Com- 
missary General Eobinson, staling the sums which have already been 
issued in aid of the Civil Chests in Cmuda. "^ 219 

R ditrV"" ^I'fT'lf': O^^y^^^t.: The failure of an attempt madeV 

below I^ort Dehance. Encloses copy of report, from the officer com- 
manding that detachment. ^ 1 > « ^^^"^ ^imi 

(In Hamilton's of 30th December.) 

^nti.^" ^'■'''''"' ■'' ^^'^ii-'-^' Sir J. B. Warren. Instructions for his 
guiuance. -^. 

co^sMomdor^" ^^ (Goulburn. Enclosing memorial for Lord Bathurst's 
Enclosed. Memorial of the North-west Company 155 

^ivin tn A 1 9«"^2'''"tT^'«/" Bathurst. Eespecting the orders to be 
given to Admiral Sir John Warren. iq^ 

h3,;'!"^^''^'-."u^"^^""'^"'""- ^^^'''^ *^^<^ tb« North-west Company 
be favoured with an interview at an early date I65 

I\ Froeling to W Hamilton. Enclosing extracts of letters from 
George Heriot at Quebec. j^ 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

iJi Y; A?"'®'" /^^^^"""^^"■»- Sending copy of his letter of the 18th 
inst,, to Admiral Warren, jgq 

.u^.^';"^".''"^;' ^%"f7'«0'\ Acknowledges^ 

hat 10,000 suits of clothing be forwarded to Quebec with the same nunT- 
oer ot sets of accoutrements and the presents for the Indians. Encloses 
return of the articles which he considered to be required by the letter 
and asking if it is correct. "^ lop 

Enclosed. The return. jg!j 

The Comptrollers of Array accounts to the Lords of the Treasury 
Eeport on a letter from Commissary General R(.binson resnectin-r the 
payment of £ 10,000 to the Receiver General of (Quebec in aid of thi Civil 
onest. ^j^ 

Harrison to Bunbury, Transmitting letter from the Store-keeper 







DeceinV)er 18, 

December 18, 



December 20, 



December 21 . 

December 25, 



December 25, 



December 20, 



December 21), 


Q. 120 

December 30, 



December 30, 



No date. 

>>'(> date. 

B. B. Bronton to Adam Gordon. Transmitting list of warrants. 

Page 188 
Joiin Barrow to Goiilburn. Eespecting transport for the troops. 195 

Howard Douglas to Bathuret. Observations on the extraordinary 
measures necessary to defeat the attempts shortly to bo made by the 
American Government to gain a naval superiority on the Lakes of 
Upper Canada. 197 

Charlotte de la Garde (n^e de Behm) to . Asking for compen- 
sation in lieu of a grant. 200 

Enclosed. Papers relating to the claim. 202, 205, 206 

W. Hamilton to Goulburn. Enclosing extract of a despatch from Mr, 
Baker to bo laid before Earl Bathurst. 208 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Same to same. Enclosing extract of a de.spatch from Baker to be laid 
before Lord Bathurst. 212 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Harrison to same. Transmitting report from the Comptrollers of 
Army accounts respecting the payment of £10,000 to the Receiver 
General of Quebec, for Lord Batuui'st's consideration. 216 

Simon McGillivray to same. When the persons representing the 
North-west Company were admitted to an interview with Lord 
Bathurst, ho promised to use his influence to procure a convoy to their 
ship fitting out for the Columbia River and also arrange with the 
Russian Ambassador some way in which our traders and the Russian 
settlers and traders might meet on a footing of friendship. Asks what 
has been done in the matter. 221 

Hamilton to Col. Bunbury. Enclosing extract of a despatch fi'om 
Baker, dated 11th November. 223 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date). 

R. H. Crewe to Goulburn. Transmitting for Lord Bathurst's infor- 
mation lists of the Ordnance stores embarked for Canada on board the 
"Cambo" and "Lady Johnstone," transports. 245 

J. Searle to Castlereagh. Enclosing copy of letter from John Black- 
wood of Monti'eal. 176 

Enclosed. The letter dated 17th October, 1812, gives advice as to the 
best mode of making war with the United States. 177 

" British Official Account of the Battle at Queenston," ^^om the 
Piattsburg Republican, copied from the Montreal Herald ex . of 21st 
October. ^ 225 

(In Hamilton's of 30th December.) 

January 10, 

Governor Sir G. Prevost, 1813. 

Q. 121. 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 33.) Had opened the Provincial Legis- 
lature on the 29th ultimo. Encloses speeches on the occasion. Nothing 
particular has occurred on the frontiers since the enemy went into 
winter quarters: he has been principally employed lately in reinforcing 
the Upper Province and forwarding supplies for building vessels there. 
The different requisitions sent to England should be complied with as 
speedily as possible. Has been obliged to supply the embodied militia 
in both provinces with clothing till further supplies ai'rive. 2 

Enclosed. Speech on opening the Legislature. English. 4 

French. 11 

Q. 120 

Q. 121 

Jiinuary 15, 



Jaimary 10, 

Jammry 22, 

Jaimary 22, 

January 22. 

January 22. 

January 22, 

Jamiarj- 25, 

January 25, 


January 2(), 

February (i, 

February 7, 
• •uebec. 

Prevost to Batl.urst. (No. 34.) Transmitting copies of the prooeed- 
idfi ■ „?^*^^^*'^'' Council on Land matters between 12th November 
1811, and 26th December, 1812. Pa,,e 18 

Same to same. (No. 35.) The enemy having shown a disposition to 
carry on a winter campaign, has thought it wise to reinforce Upper 
OanaUa and strengthen the lino of communication between Montreal and 
liingHton. lias given Sir John Sheibrooke, commanding in Nova Scotia 
conditional instiuctions i-especting troops under his command. Hopes 
these arrangements will bo approved. 19 

Same to same. (No 37.) Mr. Justice Panet, a judge of the Court of 
King s liench for the District of Montreal and a member of the Kxecutivo 
Council, died on the 2nd ultimo. Mas appointed Mr. Justice Foucher 
1 rovincial Court Judge for Three Eivors, to the situation left vacant by 
the death of Panet and Mr. Pierre B^daid to Voucher's place 49 

. ^^."',^^^" ^^^f"''- C^"- ^8.) Enclosing letter from the Judge of the Pro- 
vincial Court of Vi CO- Admiralty, for consideratio.i. 51 

fnclosed. J. Kerr, Judge of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, to Prevost 
dated 4th August, 1812, urging the necessity of having a prize court 
esiablished at Quebec. ' " 1 

Eeturii of killed and wounded in the action at River au Raisin 75 

(In Prcvosi's No. 43 of 8th February.) 

Return of prisoners taken after the action at River au Raisin. 77 

Cx. Macdonell, Major (llengarry Light Infantiy and Lt.-Col. Command- 
ing tlio Fastorn District of Upper Canada, to the Adjutant General of 
the J-oices. Recount of the action at and near Ogdensburg on the 22nd 
l^ebruary, when after about an hour's action his position was taken. 110 

(In Provost's No. 4ti of 27th February.) 

Col Henry Proctor to Major General Sheatfe. Details of the victory 
over the forces under Brigadier General Winchester, at River au Raisin 71 

(In Pi-evost's No. 43 of 8th February.) 

Return of the arms, ammunition, &c., taken from the enemy at River 
au Raism. , 76 

(In P.evost's No. 43 of 8th February.) 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 36.) Encloses copy of a memorial from 
Kobert IJickson, with a statement of expenses incurred by order of Major 
General Brock lor articles supplied to the Indians; aUo proceedings of 
a board which ho (Prevost) called to consider the same. From the 
report ot this board has been induced to order Mr. Dickson to be reim 
bursed and also given £300 for his services in bringing forward the 
Indians to aid in the capture of Michillimackinac and General Hull at 
iJe.roit. Has drawn for the money under the head of secret service. 
ilas appointed Mr. Dickson to the Indian Department as his knowledge 
ot and influence with the Indians will be invaluable. 21 

Enclosed. Statement of Dickson. ' oy 

Proceedings and report of the board. 2[> 

List of a,rticles to bo sent to Michillimackinac on the openinjrof navi- 
gation, to be distributed to the Indians. 45 

Ditto to be sent to Chicago, for a similar purpose. 47 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 39.) His anxiety about the Naval force 

to be employed on Lake Ontario in the spring, has decided him to visit 

the dock yards at Kingston and ^ork, he will also visit Prescott and 

rort George. rp 

Same to same. (No. 40.) Will give immediate orders for the lowing 
of a coips of I'encible Infantry under Lieut. General Coffin in Nevv 
Brunswick and Nova Scotia, according to the Prince Regent's desire 
feincethoGlengarry levy has been approved he has raised the bounty money 
tor that corps from six to eight guineas for each recruit to put it on tho 
same looting with the other Feucibie Regiments. Has also augmented 



Q. 121 


February K, 



February 8, 

February 8, 

Feliruary !1, 
Quebec. ' 

the bounty to tlie Canadian Voltii^euiH from £4 to £5. Hopes these 
measures will be approved. Asks to bo allowed to extend the same 
indulgence in bounty and promise of land to the Now Brunswick Fenci- 
bies as is granted to the Glengarry Ligbt Infantry. Page 57 

Same to same. (No. 41.) Dospatchos 10, 11, and 12 received. The 
InnceEegent's entire approbation of Major (roneral Brock's conduct 
and his appointment to bean extra Knight of the Bath would juivo 
boon very gratifying to him had he not unfortunately fallen in action 
According to the desire of the Prince Eogent he has taken 1 ho tiivst oppor- 
tunity to signify to the Army in British North America his approbation 
of the judiCKuis conduct of Major General Brock, the zeal shown by Colonel 
Pro(tter and other officers, the bravery of the troops and the sieadiness of 
the Indians under Col. Elliott and Capt. McKee and the humanity with 
"^^ mP^ treated their prisoners. This praise will have a stimulating 
eftoct. The satisfactory conduct of the Militia. As about 900 of the select 
Jiimbodied Militia will be entitled to their discharges next June he has 
ordered a draft from the Sedentary Militia of 2,200 men to replace them. 
Ihe tivo battalions of select Militia will then number 4,000 men exclusive 
ot . oltigeursand Volunteer cavalry. Clothing is to bo issued to them in 
April Notwithstanding the season, four companies of the King's Eem- 
menthave marched from Montreal to Kiuirston. The new ship buildimr 
there is rapidly being completed. The keel of a new vessel has been laid 
It Amhersburg. Seamen are needed. Eighty guns with their stores are 
)n the way from Quebec to strengthen the posts at Proscott, Kingston and 
TT ■ ^^"^•■V"'- '^'■"y^''e^ has been ordered to visit the principal posts 
n u pper Canada to give the necessary orders for strengthening them As 
his 18 the only season when it would be possible to leave Quebec he intends 
[0 spend a few weeks visiting the Upper Canadian posts in order to form 
rom personal observation an idea of their resources. Hopes to close the 
Legislature before leaving, after obtnining from them the liberal supply of 
money required for the Militia and the necessary Acts for carrying into 
effect certain measures. In obedience to orders, will direct Major Genera' 
de Itottenburg to assume the Civil Administration of the Government 59 
Same to same (No. 42.) Circular of 12th September, stating the 
directions which have been given for applying the specie found on cap- 
tured American vessels and deposited in the Courts of Vice Admiralty 
received. The issue of Army Bills has to a great degree relieved the 
embarrassment caused to the public service Yrom the want of specie. 
Iheadditional Army Bill Act passed this session will boagreathelp G6 
Same to same. (No. 4:5.) Brigadier General Winchester, "with upwards 
of 1,000 men, being the right wing of Harrison's Army, marching to 
attack Detroit, was completely defeated by Col. Procter, with a force not 
exceeding .500 Regulars and militia and 6(i0 Indians. The result of this 
victory IS the sui-render of the General with about 500 officers and pri- 
vates with nearly a like number killed and wounded. Encloses letter 
from Procter to Shoaffe with details. Encloses also lists of killed and 
wounded on our side and of the arms ammunition and prisoners taken 
from the enemy, the latter of which exceeds the whole of the Eegulars 
and militia force opposing them. Major General Harrison, with the 
main body of his army, consisting of about 2,000 men, was reported about 
p'k f^'.'^^T'', ^'■'"" Winchester's division, advancing in tho direction 
of Detroit. On heanng of the disaster he may retreat, if not, all reliance 
IS to be placed on Col. Procter and his troops. Small reinforcements 
have been sent to Detroit. go 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 
Same to same. (No 43.) Enclosing prices current and rates of 
exchange at Quebec tor December and January. 73 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for December, 1R12. 79 

Q. 121 


Fcliriiary 1(1, 
■<^iu-hcc, ' 


Quebec prices current for Januurv 

Pl-CVOHt to Biltl 

n the loth. Kt.clohe 

I'l'iHt. (No. 44.) lie closed the P 


I'liL'e 82 

Bill Act has met 

copies of npcochcH on the oc 

Vovincial Puiiiiimont 

his wishes exavt\y. Ee^'iets that tho Hill 

CiiHion. The Army 


February !(!, 

February 22. 
February 22. 

Feliniary 23, 

February 27, 

February 27, 

Marcli 1, 

March 17, 

March 18, 

the Ml itiii Laws (iiii nnt ru^u t" " •? "; """ '■"" "" """i" 

of tSr28:h:r : Jr^V^ ^^^P^^'-"^^ ^^^ «■" ^- -.ndln/thrAct' 
Return of killed and wounded in the action of this date ??« 

(In P.ovost'.s No. 4(5 of 27th February ) "^ 

army ;:[;;^E^Zri"Ei:ilr""*'''*"-' "-'"""" <■'•<""">« An>eric.„ 

(In Prevo8t'8 No. 46 of 27th February ) ^^'^ 

oll^n^bulr'"" ^"'"•""•"^' ^'^ «— of I^t.-Col. McDonell at 
(In PrevoHt'H No. 46 of 27th February.) ^^^ 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ^ ^^^ 

and Norton w,.|f their war^J^nVathtelt/Sfh 4^^^^^^^ 

movement will so work unon tL Am-..;„ a • ^^pes this 

enemy's post at Ogdensbur^^h on this date. . ^''''^ ^° ^^t 

(In Prevost's No. 46 of 27th February ^^^ 

ra.,me,,t which tl>e Iari4 number of pr?,o„crwo„ld toe 11^^^ 
offlcor command ng II Upper Caniuia wiih hf. „... " • ■. j '<""* 

guarding and piort.ioning'^^hom XkTrot be LveaL oT'.t n""?"™ '"' 
have violated .heir engagement,. Tho port ofSSC tothiS paT 




(i* l-'t 



March 18, 

March li>, 

March 20, 

March 27, 

April 2, 

Ain'il S, 

Ai)ril 9, 

April 20, 

April 21, 



ciiliir objection whh taken, Whh clioson foi'tlio |)ilrpoHo of sliortclifn^ th^ 
voyni^o. Knc'loHOrt (ienoriil Ordor by which it will l)o seen ihnt aa 
attomj)! was inado by the American Governmoiit to coiiHidor (ionoral 
liuil and otiior officers as exchanged, notwitbHtanding Jiis (Prevost'H) 
assent had not been obtained. A letter of o.vplanHtion, n\fO enclosed, 
was immediately sent to (TeneralDcaiborn. No answer received as ^-ot,. 
The General Ordor toiind its way into the American Jjapers and iho 
Court marshal on General Hull has been suspended, Pago 126. 

Unclosed. General Orders. 130 

Loiter in explanation dated Quebec, 8th February, 1813, 136 

Return of ordnance, ammunition and stoics captured fron> the enemy 
since the commencement of hostilities : 15ti 

At Michillimackinac, 17lh .July, 1812. 

At Detroit, 16tb August, 1812. 

At Queenstoii, 13th October, 1812. 

At Eiver au Eaisin, 22nd January, 1813. 

At the attack on Ogdonsburg, 2i:nd February, 1813. 

Descriptive return of ordnance captured at the above place. 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 50.) Dospatcbos received. Is gratified 
that the measures he has taken for the defence of Canada have been 
approved. Encloses copy of a report on the British Naval force on 
the Lakes, accompanied by a comparative statement of the British and 
American Marine upon these waters. Has conveyed to Major General 
Sheaffe and the troops under iiim the entire approbation of the Prince 
Regent, of their courage displayed at Queonston on the 13th October 
last, and his regret at the loss of the Attorney General McDonell. Has 
assured the Indians that they will not be forgotten. Is glad to hear 
that the 13th, l)8th and 41st (2nd Batt.) are to be withdrawn from Ber- 
muda and sent to Canada. The exportation of this reinforcement has 
enabled him to strengthen the posts in Upper Canada. Is looking for- 
ward to the an ival of arms, clothing and stores in the spring. Has much 
satisfaction in stating that the "cabal" in Upper Canada operating against 
the person administering the Government has been extinguished. 140 

Enclosed. The report dated Montreal, 12th March. " 147 

Comparative statement of the British and American forces on the 
Lakes. 152 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 51a.) Transmitting retarn of ordnance, 
ammunition and stores captured since the commencement of hostilities. 
Asks that the customary valuation be made in order that a distribution 
can be made to the parties concerned i.n the capture. 155 

Same to Sheaffo. (Confidential.) Instructions for the defence of Upper 
Canada. 169 

(In Provost's No. 516. of 2nd April.) 

Same to Bathurst. (No. 516., should bo 52.) Enclosing copy of his 
letter of instructions for the defence of Upper Canada, to Shoaflfe. 168 

Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Memorial of Herman W. Ryland, clerk of the Kxecutivo Council of 
Lower Canada, asking for an increase of salary. 186 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 53.) Enclosing prices current and rates of 
exchange at Quebec for February and March. 175 

Enclosed. Quebec prices current for February. 176 

Ditto for March. 179 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 54.) Submitting the arrangements he has 
made in the establishments of the offices of Register (sic.) and Clerk of 
the Executive Council and Civil Secretary of the Province. 182 

Same to same. (No. 56.) Despatches 18, 19 and 20 received. Hopes the 
extraordinary efforts made by the enemy to obtain the ascendancy on 
Lake Ontario will justify his measures. Is glad to hear of the approach 



fjyTuiidofHovorat liiival otJicors Honfc from Halifax thoir 


bo moHt o 

ppDrtimo U8 tho Iohm of tlio ascendoncy on Luko Oritii 





»mmo,iiatoly oxpoj^o Upper Canada to dovaHtation! To shield Unit 
rrovince ho has marched Hotno troops from tho lower, thoir place to be 
nlloil by aii.i^nientinj' th '''" " ' i « 

o militia. J 

iHcloHoti a return of the Lower 

April 2?, 

April 23, 
April 28, 

April 28, 

May 2, Yor 

May 5. 

May IS, 

Canadian mi it. a that tho Prince Regent may bo onubied to jndL'o of the 
asHi.stanco ath)rdcd by tho Canadians. Tho difflcultios of forrningofflciont 
Jhl'hM." Upper Canada are groator. Tho logislatur-o there has increased 
the bounty to $8 and Shoatle pionowes a further augmentation to afford 
the recruit a reasonable outfit. Is ploaso.i to hoar that the number of 
iiritiHli seamen ordered to Canada has been increaHcd to JJOO Tho 
observations m denpatch No. 20 not all applicable in tho pronent state of 
the country. After the battle of (^.eonston, Sheatlb lont a glorious 
opportunity of crossing tho river and destroying Fort Niagara. Ho 
(I rovost) has hitherto carefully avoi.lod any offensive movement unon 
tho Amoncan territory except as a just retaliation; when tho reinforco- 
tnents from the Baltic arrive, ho will be enabled to convert his defensive 
into ottensivo operations. pj, jy^ 

Enclosed. Return of militia in Lower Canada. 199 

1 rovost to Bathurst. Reporting that ho has accepto<l an offer made to 
him l)y Mr Coleman a merchant of Montreal, to raise at his own expense 
a troop ot light cavalry consisting of fifty men. Asks for clothing &c 
ior the same. *' ..(-ri 

Same to same. (No. 58.) Has authorized two companies of Provin- 
cial Drivers and one company of Provincial Artificers, to be raised 202 
bame to same. (No. 55.) Enclosing memorial from tho commission- 
eis for rebuilding the church (Protestant Episcopal) at Montreal, to the 
-Prince Regent. ' |q,. 

Enclosed. The memorial. jAi 

Same to same. (No 59.) Enclosing schedule of the Acts passed in 
the last session of tho Legislature of Lower Canada, also printed conies 
of tho Journals of the House of Assembly for tho two preceding sessions 
and a manuscript copy of the Journals of tho Legislative Council for last 
session. ° " ^ 

Enclosed. Tho schedule. 206 

<. W. Allan, Major 3rd York Militia, to Sheaftb. In obedience to orders, 
10 Lt.-Col. Chewett, and Rev. Dr. Strachan entered into terms of capi- 
tulation with tho commander of theenemy's forces on the 27th ulto 
(I'.nc copy.) Tho terms wore not ratified till next afternoon, during 
^yhIch interval the inhabitants were exposed to every sort of depreda- 
tion and insult. After tho ratification, his (Sheaffe's) baggage and all 
public stores wore carried off, tho public buildings burnt arid the troops 
are now embarking, though everyone seems ignorant of their destina- 
tion, bew nouses in the town escaped search and some were badly pil- 
laged, tony wounded men wore left hero without medical assistance. 217 
±jnclosed. Terms of capitulation. 219 

List of killed, wounded and prisoners. 22''a 

Shoaffo to Prevost. Details of the capture of York on tho 27'th 
ultimo. ,y" 

(In Provost's No. fiO of 28th May.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 60.) Transmitting copy of a despatch from 
bheafte containing tho particulars of a successful attack made by the 
enerny on York, on the 27th ult. The small Regular force at his (Pro- 
vosts) disposal and the decided superiority gained by the Americans on 
iiako Ontario in the last six months will show tho gallant efforts made 
by the handful of troops at that post. Tho enemy left York on the 8th 
inst and proceeded to Niagara, where they landed on the American side 
tor the purpose of strengthening their army on that line, and probably 
with a view to a further attack upon Fort Eric or Fort George. Thi 
flotilla afterwards returned to Sackett's Harbour. The force there cou- 










May \H, 

May IH, 

May L'C, 

^ray 27, 
Fort (T(>orge. 

>ray 28, 
Forty Mile 

May 2!». 

May 30, 

May 30. 

May 31, 
Fort (icorgf. 

HtntH of at)()iit n.OOO iiu'n; f Ti«v' iiro msiTdnff ^)ropnmt!(ma for onot!iero3C- 
[)Oiliti(in, I ho oltjwt ofwliidi cunnot lio UHcoriainoU 

(KncloMiiios niloiidarcd iil their- rospoi-iivf dutOM.) 

TiiKO 209 

IVovoHt U) BaMiiiiHt. (No. (II.) IJoportini,' tlio anfval fit QiiuTtoO ct» 
tlio Sth iiiht., ofCoininodorti Sir .lanioH Yco w\{h tlio oIlicciN and 80uiuoa 
uiidt-r liiM comiiiaiid. Tlio tirst and hecoiid divir<ioiiM of tdllooiw ami 
hoamcii liavo univod at tliin pimtiii hutoaiix fiorn Moiitioat. LiMtof Iho 
Hhips in which they will Horvo, In order Ihat tho iiiMtnictlonH of Hji, 
iMaJoHty'w governnioiit rospcding tho aMi-onduncy on Lako Onturio may 
bo c-arnod out. ho has acconi|)aniod Sir James Yeo to thirt post »^(^WH t(> 
allord him ovoiy facility for tho HCcoinpliHhinent of that object. «'23 

Same to sumo. rNo. ti'J.) Despatches IH to 25, with onclo.siires, have 
boon delivered to liiin by Major Cooro. Ih duly senHiblo of the otforto 
boin^'mado by His MajoHty'8(r(.vorninont tohupply him witli thetroopH ho 
necosHury for tho .succeHnfiil roslHtintf of tho f,'rottt ott'ortH tho onomy aro 
' makini,' to con([uer tho ])roviiicoH, particularly tho U|)per, Tho prospect 
of tho Hi)eody ariival of leinforcomonts from Spain and Ireland ha« 
induced him to nond wome troopN from Lower to Up|)er Canada. The 
late HystoMiatic movement of the onomy on York, indicates u stronjj 
diwpo.sition to mstke a Htill more decinivo attempt upon tho province. 
IIo))08 to bo able to succenhfully resist them with tho help of the 
promised reinforcements and the seamen now on, thoir way, 225 

Same to same. (No. 63.) Reporting the arrival at Quebec of troops, 
about 400 mon of tho 41st, and "part of tho lOth Dragoons, to bo sent on 
at once to Upper Canada, Tho growing discontent of the mass of 
tho people in this Province with tho militia laws, and the conHidorablo 
emigration to the United States have called for the best and reserved 
soldiers to support the positions on the Niagara and Detroit, 
frontiers. Praises the bravery of Colonels Vincent and Procter. The 
enemy left Sackett's Harbour on the20tb inst.,and have appeared off Fort 
Georgo with sixteen vessels laden with troops which thoy disembarked 
the following day in rear of thoir Kort at Niagara. In case of immediate 
attack ho has advised Sir James Yeo to sail with the vessels ready foi' 
service and reconnoitre tho enemy's Hotiila that he may form an opinion 
on the practicability of taking reinforcements to Fort Georgo. Will 
accompany this roinforcement of 300 mon and then i-oturn to Lower 
Canada, leaving the Civil ami Military command of the Province to 
Major Generals do Eottonburg and Shoaffe. 'J27 

Eeturn of killed, wounded and missing, in the action with the enemy. 

(In Provost's No. 65 of 3id June.) 

John Vincent, Brigadier General to Prevost. 
at Fort George. 

(In Provost's No. tiS of 3rd June.) 

Return of the killed, wounded and missing in the attack on Sackelt'* 
Ilaibour. 245 

(In Provost's No. 64 of 1st June.) 

Edward Baynes, Col. Glengarry Light Enfantry, to Provost. Account 
of the attack on Sackett's Harbour. ^37 

(In Provost's No. (i4 of 1st June.) 

Return of tho troops at the Forty Mile Creek. 268 

(In Pi'evost's No. 66 of fith June.) 

H. Dearbon,, Major General commanding the U. S. forces on tho 
Frontiers, to Prevost. Has been informed by 11. G. Boasley, U. S. Com- 
missary of Prisoners in London, that twenty-three soldiers of tho Ist, 
6th and 13th U. S, Regiments made prisoners and sent to ICngland are 
held in close confinement as British subjects. Is instructed by his 
Government to put into close confinement a like number of British 

Details of thQ action 

q. I 



•Tune ' 
Head ( 

•Tune 3, 


•Tune 3, 
Inle aux 

Q. m 




■I'linc 3, 
Head of tin 


•Tune 3, 

Isli,' anx Noix. 

8a— 7 

|.o.iorHHfll,oKtat'-.. N..tirteHhim that ho now huH put twonlv-fhree 

8ol( >erH into cir .. .jonfinomimt an c.rdored. ' '.Lo 2.15 

(Ir. P.cvoHt'H No. fj(; of (Hh Juno ) ^^ ^ '^ 

;w:.;r'L"a;z,r •■"'"'''"■'™ """-■ ^^'"'«" ">^~^ 

(III I'lovoHt'M No. Jifi of fith Juno ) "''^^ 

ProvoHt to HathurHt. (No. (54.) Thodo.patch of2(!th ult. waHHoarcolv 
cloHod whon nowH arrivo.1 of tho onorny's fl'otilla bcin^^ off nTZ a wiX 
. *" H«c""'l remforroment of at leant 8,000 J{«K„la.H, Ik4|oh v.-IuEhTu 

nble toieo, Whon last aocountH loft Fort (foorge it had nuntainod a 
^annonado of tvvon.y-fom- hours duration which doprivod ou r ooh of 
©very l.u.ldm^. noar tho woric, oxoopt the pow. or mai^az no a u the 

i. m (IrovoHt) to ombark tho principal part of the L'arriHon of this 

hX?\dr'"A""""''^""!:'^^«^«. '^"^y -'-ived under'coi ay.'L "^^^ 
inHnii Arran^omoMtH were being made for an attack at dawn the 

following morning, which, as will be Hoen by tho report of Col Bavnos 
(encloHod) wan not a complete huccosh. The gallint cond ct o??he 
troops on the occanion. A nhort account of the^ngagomcnt T' ■••rh 
tho enomy ,s conHtantly receiving roinforcemontHfnone have as vet 

(KncloHures calendared at their respective dates ) ^"^^ 

Vincent to Piovost. Enclosing a letter from Major General Dearborn 
and stating that permission is granted to the wives and fami los of Le 
officers lot bohmd at Fort George to embark for Kingston or Yo k 
Has reported his arrival here to the Adjutant General and his intenUon 
to take up a position till either roinforiomonts or ins rue on arr ve 
The troops aro in groat spirits, waiting an order to return to For? George' 

Sttn ;f-^'p'""r ^^ ^■"".''^^'^ ^'™ ^'^h the advanced guard to the 
Pif oen Ml Crook; he received this information from a deserter who 
8ta OS that the fleet sailed for Sackett's Harbour and that 2,OoS men mn- 
barked on boa-.l ,n a great hurry. Is afraid Proctor will bo in pressing 
need o provisions Is sending some cattlo under charge oaCch? 
Tf th« tf'?'/-"!!' ^' ^'u-' ^"""'^ "«* ^"«^^«^- ^«'- this Ho>4o, Col C erk 

want:to'c.;;:\5.;:;nr.' '"" ''' ^"^^"«"^- ^^ "- ^^^-^^^y -"tioned t 

(In Provost's No. 66 of 6th June.) ^^'^ 

Provost to Bathurst (No 65.) On the 27th ult., the enemy effected a about two miles from Fort George. The r superior force not^ 
withstamiuig spirited resistance, obliged Col. Vincent to retire to tho 
head of Lake Ontario with his whole toroe. Encloses Col Vincent's 
•eport. The British loss small. Considering that the nppearanco of 
the floet might give additional courage to tro^ops under hiKohasdes 
patched Sir .Fames Yeo with his ships. The enimy's fleet were ropoi ted ^ 
yes erday to be returning to Sacketfs Harbour.^ Learns that alf ^he'r 
fleet 18 now in that port and that the whole of the naval Xes the^e 
wore burnt on tho day of the attack. Regrets that he cannot report 
West'lTdt "^ " ''" *'''P^ "^ '^^"- ^^^ f'-^"^ ^"'^'^' Malta andThe | 
(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) ~'*^ 

George Taylor, Major 100th Eegiment, to Major General Stovin Pom 
^Sowlfr."' '""""^- "^^^"^"^^''^ '' ^^« ^«kingoTrh^?Eagle''and 
(In Prevost's No. 68 of 12th June.) ^^^ 








Q. 121 

.Tune 6, 

.Tune 7, 

June 12, 

A\igiist 12, 
Downing St. 

No date. 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 66.) Since last writing has received the en- 
closed intelligence from Col. Vincent relating to the Britinh subjects 
taken in arms at Qiieenston in October last and sent to England. Has 
taken measures to reinforce the army at the head of the lake, with part 
of the 104th and Glengarry regiments, which is all that can be done at 
present. The Americans are pressing forward in very superior nvmbers 
for the conqnef*t of Upper Canada. He is afraid his promised reinforce- 
ments will not atfoi'd the means for making one grand effort. Encloses 
letter from the Indian Chief Norton, addressed to iiim (Prevost) after the 
late une(jual co'ilest at Niagara, that the importance of his friendship 
may be seen. The Bri-ish flotilla is on Lake Ontario with si,ores and 
reinfoioements for Col. Vincent. Cannot learn that the American fleet 
has ventured out to contend for the ascendency on the lake. Specie 
urgently needed as paper money cannot now command the hidden 
resources of the country. Page 262 

(Enclosures c^.Iendared at their respective dates.) 

Same to same. (No. 67.) Reporting an action with the enemy near 
Isle aux NoIk wnich terminated in the capture of the "Eagle" and 
"Growler " from the enemy. The capture was made under the direc- 
tion of Major Taylor. Captain Gordon, R.A., Lieut. Williams, Ensigns 
Dawson, Gibbon and Humphries, of the 100th, and Lt. Lowe, of the 
Marine, part^c larly distinguished themselves. In the contest, whicir 
lasted three hours, and a half, we had three men wounded and the enemy 
had eight wounded arid one killed. 278 

Same to same. (No. 68.) Enclosing particulars of the affair at Isle 
aux Noix, mentioned in his despatch No. 67, as detailed in Major Tay- 
lor's letter to Major General Stovin. 280 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. Despatch No. 66, enclosing a letter from 
Dearborn stating that twenty-three British prisoners have been put in 
close confinement as hostages for those confined by Britain, received. 
States that these latter were British born subjects taken while serving 
in the American Army, and that they now await a legal trial. He 
(Prevost) is to inform Dearborn that he has transmitted home a copy 
of bis letter and in answer thereto has been commanded to put into 
close confinement forty-six officers and noncommissioned officers as 
hostages for the twenty-three British subjects imprisoned in the 
United Stales. Also that if on trial any of the soldiers be found guilty 
and sentenced to death and any of the hostages held by the United 
States be executed in consequence, double the number of the officers 
and non-commissioned officers confined here shall immediately be put to 
death. The war will be carried on with unmitigated severity', if after 
this notification the American Government should unhappily put to 
death any British soldiers who are now or may hereafter be kept as 
hostages for the purposes stated. 274 

Return of ordnance, ammunition and stores taken on board the United 
States armed vessels "Eagle "and "Growler " on the morning of the 
3rd June, 1813. 285 

(In Prevost's No. 68 of 12th June.) 

Q. 121 

Q. 122 



GrOVERNOR SiR G, PreVOST, 1813, 

April 23, An 

Q. 122. 

May 5. 
May 5. 

May 0, 

May 7, 

May 7. 
May 7. 

May 14, 


Juno 0, Btir 



June 0. 
June 0. 

June 7, Bui 



June 14, 

June 14, 

June 14, 


Embui kution return of the Wc'stern Array commanded by Brigadier 
(xenei-al Procter on an expedition to the Miainis. ^ p£e is 

(In Prcvo8t'8 No. 69 of l-tih .J.uie.) ^ 

Return of officers, non-commiH8ioned officers and privates talcen ori 
8oner8 from the enemy at the battle fought at the Miamis. ^15 

(In Pievost's No. C!)ori4th.Tune.) 

Return of killed wounded, missing and prisoners from the army under General Procter, at the battle fought at the Miamis. ^ 19 

(In Pi-evost's No. 09 of 14th June ) 

nS^'^'^'p mI^-'"" ^«"t. ^li'itia to Lt.-Col. Waberton, Inspecting Field 
Officer of Mihtm. St^ating that it is necessary, to pi^vent famine that 
the m.lit.u be allowed to go home to attend to their crops ' 20 

(In Prevosts No. 6'9 of I4lh June.) 

Agreement fur the exchange of prisoners made between Brigadier 
General Procter and Major General Harrison 'S^uier 

(In Provost's No. 69 of 14th June.; " 

Procter to Harrison. Ottering to exchange Indian prisoners for an 
equal number of Kentucky militia. ' TX 

(In Prevost's No. 69 of 14th June.) 

Harrison to Procter. Will refer his (Procter's) proposal for an 
exchange of Indians to his Government. ; proposal lor aa 

(In Prevost's No. 69 of 14th June.) ^ 

hiid?s?ricf ^''^' ^^'"'"^ ^''''^'' °^ ^^' oP«'-ations in and present state of 
(In Prevost's No. 69 of 14th June.) ^ 

John Vincent, Biigadier General, to Prevost. Particulars of the 

engagement at Stoney Creek. '"i^iv^uuus 01 tfte 

(In Prevost's of 14th June.) ^° 

Return of killed, wounded and missing in the action Q9 

(In Pievosts No. 70 of Uth June.) "^^ 

hido/Lto'rai'ir-*'"" '"'■■ ""'""■'"' "■'"" ""> ^'"--'- •■"'!'» 

(In Provost's No. 70 of 14th June.) ^* 

^^Rejurnofthe prisoners of war taken from the enemy near Stoney 

(In Prevost's No. 70 of 14th June.) ^^ 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 69) Enclosing report from Colonel Proctor 
Congratulations upon the discipline and vuknir of the . oops on he 
Detroit frontier. By last accounts Procter is still at S,.U' ^ich aw tiii^ 
remforcenients, which he (Prevost) believes are now on their way7vvlef 
HsZt'X^^reigr '' '^''^^^ -eh against Major Gene^rklt^r- 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 

Same to same. (No. 70.) Transmitting particulars of the battle 
of Stoney Creek. <iroat due to Lt.-Col. Harvey. The Com mo 
dure has taken several American vessels. Commodore Chauncevhas 
not again ventured out. Captain McDonall will deliver this despatch 
He IS an officer of groat merit. He will also deliver the colours ta& at 
Ogdensburgh to be laid at the feet of the Prince Retrent. 99 

(Enclosures cuiendured at their respective dates j ""* 

Same to Dearborn. Advising the American Government to withdraw 
the ofhcers serving in their urmy in direct violation of the narol« 
entered into by these officers. ^ ^^^^It 

(In Prevost's No. 71 of 24th July.) °^ 


June 24, 


Q. 122 

June 24, 

June 24, 
Beaver Dam. 

June 24, 
Township of 

June 24. 

June 24. 

June 25 
40 Mile Ore 

July 3, 

July 4, 


(The general 
February, 1813; 

Same to same. 

July (!, 


Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 71.) Enclosing copy of a letter which he 
deemed it hie duty to write lo Major General Dearborn in consequence 
o'i the infoi-mation received that certain officers taken prisoners by the 
British, and allowed to proceed to the United States on parole, were 
serving in the army now invading this province. The American Gov- 
ernment had declared General Hull and other officers exchanged and 
free to serve again before the agreement was ratified. Encloses general 
orders which he had published by way of protest. Particulars of the 

Page 35 

orders are to be found in Q. 121, dated Quebec, 8th 

the other enclosure is calendared at its proper date.) 

(No. 72.) Transmitting copy of a public declaration 

given out by the American commandant of Fort Erie, after the enemy 

had taken popsession of that post, and a proclamation which he (Pievost) 

had issued in consequence. Finding that Major General Sheaft'e had 

quite lost the confidence of the Pi-ovince, he has removed that, officer- to 

Montraal, and substituted Major General de Eottonburg. 41 

Enclosed. The declaration signed by James P. Preston, offering pro- 
tection to life and property to those Canadians who come forward and 
enroll their name, with him and threatening those who hold out. 43 

Answer lo the aoove. ' ^a 

Cecil Bisshopp to Vincent. Has the satisfaction to report the taking 
prisoners a detachment of the United State Army under Lieui -Col 
Boerstler. The Indians under Capt. Kerr were the only force engaged 
Ihe surrender may be attributed to the address of Lieut. FitzGibbon 
Major DeHaren also deserving of praise. Encloses capitulation entered 
into between Col. Boerstler and himself, with a return of prisoners taken. 
Lieut. Barnard who carries this intelligence is a promising young 

(In 'Prevost's No. 73 of 3rd July.) 

J. FitzGibbon, Lt. 49th, to Major DeHaren. Report of the affair on 
this day. go 

(In Prevost's No. 73 of 3rd July.) 

Particulars of the capitulation of a detachment of the United States 
Army under Lt.-Col. Boertsler. gi 

(In Prevost's No. 73 of 3rd July.) 

Return of the American piisoners taken. 62 

(In Pi-evost's No. 73 of 3rd July.) 

Vincent to Prevost. Enclosing report from Col. Bisshopp giving an 
■ex- account of the engagement with the enemy on the 24th inst. Lieut. 
FitzGibbon, 49th, is deserving of great praise 56 

(In's No. 73 of 3rd July.) 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 73.)' Enclosing letters and pawers con- 
taining the gratifying intelligence of the capture ofa body of the enemy's 
troops on the 24th ult. Remarks upon the affair. 52 

(Enclosures ca ^ndared at their respective dates.) 

Same to same. (No. 74.) Asking permission to take into the 
service the two vessels captured from the enemy in the River Richelieu 
as reported in despatch No. 68, and a small vessel lately captured also 
for paying their captors their appraised value. In the absence of instruc- 
tions to guide him he had appointed a board of officers to give an opinion 
on the measures to be adopted on such occasions. 63 

Enclosed. Extract from the proceedings of the Board. 65 

Same to same. (No. 75.) TransmittinL' a nano.. from <h« ^hiof 
'ustice "'"'^ ni-i~«o ^* ti.^ /I — i. _j. T7-- 1 T^ 1 ^„ . ._. 



Court of King's Bencti for the District of 

, The paper dated Ist June, 1813. 

from an Act referred to in the foregoing. 


Q. 122 

July 11. 

•luly 12. 

July 12. 

July 13,,ston. 

July 15, 

July 18, 



July 18, 

July 20, 

July 20, 

July 23, 

August 1, 

lioturn of stores, &c., captured at and brought from Black Eock. 

^Eetu.n of ordnance destroyed and captured from the enemy at BlaJk 
Seturn of killed, wounded and missing at Black Rock. \ll 

Additional General Order after the engagement at Black Rock. 104 

wifhTr!,'*^^^"'"'^ (No. 76.) Since last writing the enemy has 
withdrawn into Fort George and its immediate vicinity where he is 
hemmed ,n by the Indian warriorn. Does not considera^n attack on the 
posts or the Niagara Frontier advisable while the enemy has the la.Vest 
naval force. The naval ascendency is the first point to beSned TheeSv 
seem ready for action. Last ..eports from Col Procter afe dated SandwiSf 
Re.nforcenients have been sent him, he hopes to be able to advance ^ai^r 
the enemy's position at Fort Meigs.' Reports of General Harr son's move 

ZZ moZ""'T''' ^T, P""^i ^- ^•' ^^^h '^^ command of JhefoTce 
on the Richelieu River. The good conduct of the troops 7q 

Lnclosed. The mandement (in French) Iz 

Same to same. (No. 78.) Enclosing extract of a letter from Caotain 

k' WhK'r'' "'"'' 'f""'' .T \^'^« ^'•^^' "'^b ^ ^^-t^'"^"' accompanying 
It What he requires to enable him to man and equip his squadron 

has'^ceiv^d o/the'Xm '^"T^"'^-- ^^'"'^^ ^^« ^P^' Capt!Tar lay 

Statement of the American naval force as last reconnoitred. 97 

Statement of His Majesty's squadron on Lake Erie 08 

ClJ^^rn?thl\r.-;^"r'- ^^«-J^-) J^^nclosing report from Lt.-CoK 

Olaik, of the Mihtia forces, of the result of the Attack on Black Rock bv 

itTtZT ""^r ,^^-Co'. BiBshopp. At the moment wh n the BrS 

o.ce had accomplished Its object a hidden enemy threw upon them a 

::iu^abtmrSe5:^- ^"'- ^'^^•^^P'' -erely^wounded ^and str.-al 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date ) ^^ 

Same to same. (No. 80.) Enclosing copv of a -eneral 

order^respecting the placing of the naval yar^ at tKis p?ace on a bettei 

Enclosed. General order. JJJ 

andT.'n'T- ii^^- ^Jl-^ The enemy continues to occupy Fort George 
and Its vcinity. Major General de Rottenburg is at St. David's about 

S"uu''%tBrhi J'" "1^"^;^ ^'f'^'' ^^'^^ HarSoir on the 
of it R«mTr ? squadron has left Kingston Harbour in search 

2 nnn r^^ °'- ^^^ " ?7^' '"*'"«'■'• ^he arrival of Mr. Dickson with 

2,000 Indian warriors will enable General Procter to carry on offensive 

rS'of m'^TI- '' ?'^PPb'i"^' Amherstburgh and mI h^ilirack "ic 
and^Cal^j/chtS^in^"*' ""• '"" ''' "'' ""'''''' «" ^^^^ ^^ 

e.i|;^X.o^rri;r^L:^;:^3^^h^ur-^- -^ ^--^i 

Comparative ditto of same date. \'^i 

Ditto in the Richeli. u' and Lake Champlain. 124 



Aufrust 1, 


Q. 122 

August 3, 
Isle aux Noix 

A<igust 3, H. 
M.S. "Burke", 
Lake Champ- 

Aupfust 4, 
Isle aux Noix< 

August 4, 
Isle aux Noix. 

August u, 

August 8, 

August 8, 

Prevost to Bathurst, (No. 82.) The large number of prisoners of war has 
made it . xpedient to send a pi-oportion of them to Nova Scotia. About 
thirty officers and five hundred men are to be embarked. Any British 
subjects found among them are to be sent to England to await the pleasure 
of His Majesty's Government. A ship is to be detained at Quebec to 
transport the remainder of the prisoners to England, if it is thought 
advisable. Encloses copy of a letter addressed tc M. General Dearborn, 
appi'ising him of his intention respecting the prisoners and the want of 
attention to his (Prevost's) former communications. Page 125 

Enclosed. Letter to Dearborn, of same date. 128 

J. Murray, Lt.-Col, to Sheaifo. The land forces sent on an expedition 
to Lake Champlain have returned after executing every order. The 
plublic buildings at Plattsburgand the barracks at Saranac have been des- 
troyed, public stores brought olf, the barracks and several bateaux 
at Swanton burned and a detachment sent to destroy those at Champlain 
town. Every assistance was given by Captains Everard and Pring, R. 
N. Lt.-Co!. Williams, 13th, was also of great assistance. The highest 
praise is due to all the troops. General Hampton has concentrated his 
force, about 4,500 regulars, and a large body of militia, at Burlington. 
The militia force at Plattsburg disbanded on the appearance of the 
armament. Capt. Loring, the bearer, can give any further information 
wanted. jgg 

Thomas Everard, Commander of H. M. S. "Wasp," to Prevost. The 
object of Col. Murray's expedition having been fully accomplished, and 
giere being no public buildings on the West side of the hike beyond 
Plattsburg, he stood over to Burlington with the " Shannon " and one 
gunboat to allow the enemy an opportunity of deciding the superiority 
on the Lake. Finding it impossible to induce him to quit his position 
where it was difficult to utack him, ho (Everard) captured and destroyed 
four vessels and is now returning. 142 

J Murray, Lt.-Col., to Sheaffo. Enclosing report from Capt. Eliot, 
D. A. Quarter master General, stating that he has completed the service 
he was detached upon. 140 

(Enclosure calendared at its its pi'oper date. 

G. A. Eliot, D. A, Quartermaster General, to Lt.-Col. ^Murray. Had 
proceeded according to orders to Champlain town and burnt the block 
house and destroyed the Commissary's store. This service was performed 
without opposition. I4I 

(In Murray's of same date.) 

Sheatte to Prevost. Transmitting reports of the Naval and Military 
commanders employed on Lake Champlain. The object has been effected 
in a most satisfactory manner. ' 137 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 83.) The enemy took possession of York 
on the 31st ult., liberated the prisoners confined in the jail, seized all 
the property »,nd stores hoy could carry olf and set fire to buildings 
on Gibraltar Point. Th3 loss to the government is small as the pubi?c 
stores had been removeu. The invading troops consisted of about 250 
men under Commodore Chauncey a.;d Lt.-Col. Scott, an exchanged pri- 
soner of war. The town was in an almost defenceless state when the 
enemy landed. About 500 men had previously been disembarked near 
Brant's house with the intention of storming Burlington Heights, but 
finding Major Maule prepared for them had re-embai ked. Last reports 
from de Kottenburg are up to the 3rd inst., when the enemy's fleet had 
anchored off Niagara. Has i-eceived no tidings of the British squadron 
«iicu iho 3 ist., wbeii ibey saiiud from this place, ~ 131 

Same to same. (No. 84.) Transmitting copy of letter from Sheaff"e 
with the official report of Lt.-Col. Murray detuiling the operations of 
the 29th July, also report from Capt. Everard, E. N. The object of this 

Q. 122 





August 1(), 
Downing St. 

August 11, 
Downing St. 

August 12, 

August 12, 

August 13, 
Downing St. 

August 14, 
Downing St. 

August 14, 
Downing St. 

August 25, 
St. David's, 

Septenibor 5, 
A ni li e rs t - 

September 5, 

service to draw the enemy's attentiort to their own settlements on Lake 
Oharaplain, has been accomplinhed by the total destruction of all their 
arsenals, block houses, &c., at Plattsburg, Swanton, and Chumplain town 
with the extensive barracks at Saranac. Pago 135 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 85.) The Legislative Council of Lower Can- 
ada being deficient in effective members, recommends Pierre Be Boucher- 
villo, as a fit person to be created a Councillor. Eemarks. 144 

Diaft of a letter to Provost. (No. 38.) Lospatches have been received and 
laid before the Prince Regent. His (Prevost's) conduct has met with 
entire approbation. Major General Procter and Brigadier General 
Vincent are to bo informed of the Prince Regent's approval of their con- 
duct. The officers and troops engaged in the attack at Sackett's Harbour 
are also to be complimented. 43 

Same. (No. 39.) Despatch No. TS, enclosing declaration given out by 
the American commandant at Fort Erie, received. Hopes none of Fis 
Majesty's hiibjoets in Upper Canada have accepted the terms offered. A 
law should be passed in Upper Canada banishing such subjects and con- 
fiscating their lands and property, to be applied to the indemnification 
of those who have lost by the war. 50 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 8b'.) Reports the capture of the May and 
Juno packets from Falmouth, which were sunk. Some remarks on the 
subject of the mails. 245 

Same to same. (No. 81.) Respecting his share in the prizes taken. 149 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 41.) Troops are to be sent out. 152 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 42 Secret.) The seamen under Com- 
modore Yeo are to bo reinforced. Respecting the naval arranircinents. 155 

Draft of a letter to Prevost. (No. 43.) Despatch No. 40 will give 
instructions as to the conduct to be pursued and the communications 
to be made to Dearborn. Sir J. B. Warren is to bo notified of the further 
proceedings vnth regard to this important subject. 157 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 88.) The danger to which the Detroit 
frontier was exposed in consequence of the enemy's superiority on 
Lake Erie decided him to move forward to the centre division under de 
Rottenburg, to be able to second Procter's movements which he under- 
takes under such great difficulties. Some account of matters on the 
Niagara frontier. Yeo is making every effort to bring the enemy's 
squadron to a decisive action but in vain. He, however," was fortunate 
enough to capture two of their schooners on the 10th inst. On the 
preceding night two others overset and sunk in carrying sail to escape 
the British. About 100 persons pori.shed. Yoo has gone into Kingston, 
to refit and has seen nothing further of the enemy's fleet. Ho understands 
they are in Sackett's Harbour. The Americans seem dotorminod to put 
off the decision of the Naval superiority. The safe arrival of Indian 
presents. The concentration of a largo part of the enemy's force at 
Sackett's Harbour renders it necessary that he (Prevost) should imme- 
diately proceed to Kingston. 153 

Robert Gilmor, D.A.'C.G., to Edward Couche, D.C.G. The alarming 
situation of this post for want of provisions. Capt. Chambers, who carries 
this, will be able to gi *. fiiller information. 175 

(In Prevost's No. 8C oi .lith September.) 

Procter to Prevost. Announcing and giving particulars of the loss 
of the f5eot on Lake Erie. I83 

09. " " 

S('|)tnuili('i' 14, 

(In Prevost's No. 90 of 22nd September.) 
Provost to Yeo. Reports from the centre and right divisions in 
Upper Canada confirm his apprehensions of the critical situation of 

^ vi 



Q. 122 










October 8, 

both commands from the temporary naval ascendency of the enemy on 
Ijakes hrie and Ontario. The enemy'b policy is evidently to prevent 
Hupphcs &c., beintr forwarded. Encloses extract of a letter from 
ArnherHtburg, showing the distress existing there. As the evacuation 
ot that post would inevitably lead to the loss of the fleet on Lake Erie 
be desires some bold attempt may bo made by Oapt. Barclay for the 
supremacy on that Lake to make an outlet for the supplies at Long 
i'oint. A largo proportion of the officers and seamen of the " Dover " to 
be sent to his assistance. Ho (Yeo) is the best judge as to where Capt 
Drurys services will bo most useful. " Paffe 173 

(In Prevost's JSo. 8 of 15th September.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 8!).) Since the commencement of the second 
campaign he has faithfully reported all occurrences, not hiding the 
difficulties under which he labours. The time is fast approaching when 
a suspension of hostilities must take place. He (Provost) has received 
no instructions since the commencement of the campaign as to how 
3t was to bo conducted. Encloses letter to Yeo, which clearly shows his 
(I' s) embarrassments. Has impressed on Yeo the necessity of 
deciding the supremacy on the L.Uces as soon as possible. The captain 
and crew )f the " Dover " serve on Lake Erie. Has collected £5 000 in 
specie f r ..le centre and right divisions of the army. The movements 
ot the enemy's squadron. Regrets there has been no decisive action as 
yet. jgg 

(Rpclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Edward Baynes, Adjutant General, to de Rottenburg. Instruction for 
the guidance of his conduct. jgg 

(In Prevost's No. 90 of 22nd September.) 

Procter to Prevost. The enemy have been reconnoitred by an officer 
ot the Indian Department. We must exnect an attack soon. The sick 
women, children and stores are on the Thames, the ordnance, except that 
lor use on the field havo been sent off. The enemy having command of the 
waters he has decided to fall buck on the Thames. Expects great help 
trora the Indians; goods required for them. The enemy is advancing. 
Provisions urgently needed. Encloses extract of a letter from Lt.-Coi 
Murray making him (Procter) responsible for the loss of the fleet on 
Liake Erie. Proposes to pay as militia those accompanying the army 
as was done during the American rebellion. Hopes the measures will 
be approved. 265 

(In Prevost's No. 100 of 30th October.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 90.) States again as in despatch of 15th 
inst., the embarrassment caused by the supremacy of the enemy on Lake 
Erie, and hjs disappointment that the British squadron has returned 
with notliing decided on this lake (Ontario). Transmits with deep 
regret a letter from a letter from M. General Procter announcing our 
hiss under Captain Barclay. Some particulars not given in that letter. 
How affairs stand in Upper Canada. Enclosing copy of letter sent to 
M. General de Rottenburg by the Adjutant General previous to the 
arrival of this disastrous intelligence. 177 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 
Same to same. (No. 91.) The reports that the enemy were assembling 
on the Montreal frontier induced him to repair to this place, whore he 
learned that Major General Hampton with about 5,000 regulars after 
overpowering one of our small piquets near Odel Town, had moved to 
the Westward and was encamped near the Chateauguay River. Sheaffe 

VV... . rnL^'i'" , .... .-^..^.^i me ciicmy 3 auvaiii;c. xiomarks on tne 

Militia. Ihe force assembled for the purpose of invading the province 
IS greater than at any other period. Their numbers and disposition. 
Ihe i-einforcements in British seamen for Lakes Ontario and Cbamplain 

Q. 12 


Q. 122 




October 22, 

October 2."), 

Octol)er 25 

October 2.5, 

October 2.5, 

October 2' 


Octoljer 27 

Octol)er 28, 

have urrived. Had they been available a few weeks earlier the Lake 
iine disaster might have been avoided. Transmits Commo<iore Perry's 
official account of the Iosh of the squadron. Han required of Procter his 
reasons for allowing? Captain Barclay to attempt such an action without 
waitini,' for the seamen on their way to assist him. It is a satisfaction 
to find that victory was at one time on our side before the loss of the 
services of Captain Barclay and other officers. By latt accounts from 
Proctor, he is still at Sandwich. Yoo sailed with his squadron from 
Kingston on the 19th ultimo, taking stores, provisions, &c., to the centre 
division of the army. He attempted an action with Chauncey but was 
obliged to make for an anchorage off Burlington Heights whore the 
enemy did not follow them. Our fieet has refitted and gone in search of 
tlie Americans. Hopes by this time some decisive action has taken 
place. Has ordered a ship of 28 guns and a brig of 20 to bo built at 
Kingston. p.^..^ jgg 

Prcvost to Bathurst. (No. 92.) Eeraarks on the present syst^em of 
public accounts. '' 9Qg 

Sumo to ^^ame. (No. 93.) Jnoloses prices current and rates of exchange 
at (Quebec from April to September last inclusive. 214 


Quebec prices current for April. 215 

Ditto for May. ois 

Ditto for June. 221 

Ditto for Julj'. pt>. 

Ditto for August. 227 

Ditto for .September. 230 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 94.) Transmitting copies of the proceedings 
of the Executive Council on matters of State between 26th January and 
24th April, 1813. -^ 233 

Same to same. (No. 96.) Enclosing requisition for stationery for the 
Civil Department of Lower Canada for 1814. 234 

Enclosed. The requisition. 236 

Same to same. (No. 97.) Enclosing statement of the exports and 
imports for the year 1812. 237 

Enclosed. The statement. 238 

Same to Thomas Barclay, British ngent for prisoners of war, stating that 
he has placed forty six American officers and non-commissioned officers in 
close confinement. Encloses copy of despatch from Bathurst with the 
instructions for doing so; also a list of the prisoners still remaining at 
Quebec. Apprises him of this that he mav be prepared for the nego- 
tiations sure to take place. Colonel Gardner has been received as 
American agent of prisoners. The complaints of Dr. McKeehan Mr 
Dickson and other unoffending inhabitants of Niagara, taken prisoners,' 
shall be attended to. Had hoped some arrangement for a general' 
exchange would have been made before now. Eespecting the exchan<re 
of Hull and the other officers. 271 

(In Prevost's No. 101 of 30th October.) 

General orders respecting the prisoners put into close confinement. 
English. 280 

French. > oRR 

(In Prevost's No. 101 of 30th October.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 98.) Mr. Bowen has declined accepting the 
appointment of Attorney General of Upper Canada for reasons stated 
in his letter to Mr. Brenton. an extract of which i.n onclf^yed Bowen is 
continued in his situation on the Bench in Lower Cana'da. Askrfor 
some further explanations respeciing the pensions proposed to be 
granted to Messrs. Williams and De Bonne upon their retirement from 
the Bench. The deficiency of the provincial revenue has been caused 



Q. 122 


October 30, 

October 30, 

October 30, 


Ortoljer 30. 

October 30, 

by the war; and after that is over the pensions of these gentlemen will 
be paid by the Province, as are those of about twenty other persons. 
Enclosing copy of letter from Major General de Rottenburg, with copies 
of two letter* therein referred to on the subject of the appointment of 
an Attorney General in that province. Prom his ('s) knowledge 
of Mr. Robinson, he strongly seconds the Major General's recommenda- 
tion, in his favour. Page 243 
Enclosed. Extract referred to. 249 
Letter from de Rottenburg, dated 27th September, 1813, enclosing 
letters' from Chief Justice Scott and Justice Powell, recommending Mr. 
Robinson to be Attorney General of Upper Canada. 251 
Chief JuHtice Scott to de Rottenburg. 253 
Justice Powell to the same. 254 
Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 99.) Major General Hampton with his 
forces on the 2l8t instant, crossed the line, surprised a small number of 
Indian warriors, drove in some sedentary militia posted at the junction 
of the Outward and Chateauguay Eiivers, encamped there, and is bringing 
forward artillery. On the 25th he commenced operations against the 
British advanced posts. An account of the action. The wise measures 
taken by de Watteville, the bravery of Lt.-Col. do Salaberry and the 
officers and men engaged. Reports say the American force was about 
seven thousand, while ^he British was only about three hundred. En- 
closing a list of killed and wounded. Asking for five pairs of colours for 
the Ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Battalions Canadian Militia. 255 
Enclosed. Return of the killed, wounded and missing. 261 
Same to same. (No. 100.) Encloses tLj only despatch received from 
Procter since the 22nd ult. Has been informed that he commenced his 
retreat from Sandwich on the 24th of September, after dismantling the 
post;} of Amherstburg and Detroit and destroying all public stores, &c. 
About five miles from the Moravian village he was attacked by an over- 
whelming force under General Harrison." He (Procter) was obliged to 
retreat with the remnant of his army and reached Burlington Heights, 
the Headquarters of General Vincent. Tecumseh and the Prophet with 
their bands of warriors were of great service. He is as yet ignorant of the 
British loss. Procter has sent a flag of truce to learn the fate of the 
missing officers and men. Hears that the enemy instead of following up 
their advantage have retreated o Sandwich, followed by Tecumseh and 
his warriors. Five or six hundred Indians from the Right Division are 
reported to have joined the Centre. Regets to say ho is still without an 
official report of Capt. Barclay's action on Lake Erie, which has been the 
cause of our relinquishing the Michigan territory and abandoning the 
posts in Upper Canada beyond the Grand River. Fears Capt. Barclay 
has died of his wounds. 262 
(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Same to same. (No. 101.) Has lost no time in carrying out the com- 
mands conveyed in <lespatch No. 40, namely, the puttinginto close confine- 
ment of forty-six American officers and non-commissioned officers to bo 
held as hostages for the twenty-three men held by the Americans and 
informing Major General Wilkinson of the same. Encloses letters on the 
subject. He will do all in his power to obtain the evidence necessary for 
the conviction of the British subjects taken in arms and now in confine- 
ment in England. In compliance with the instructions in No. 43, ho has 
communicated these proceedings to Sir J. B. Warren. 268 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 
Same to same. (No. 102.) Dcspatchus 2'' 0^.25 lo46 inclueivo, received. 

Same to same. (No. 103.) The disposition of the forces in Canada. 


Q. 122 

OctoV^r 31, 

No date. 



Prevostto Bathurst. (No. 104.) In consoqiionco of his (Prevoot's) repre- 
sentation toSir J. B.Warren of the danger to which the Bight Division of 
the army in Upper Canada was exposed through the loss of the fleet on 
Lake Eiie, he (Warren) has sent ships and marines. By last accounts from 
do Rottenhurg, dated Kingston, 28th instant, the onomy, though still 
threatening that post, have made no attacks as yet. The American fleet 
were within eighteen miles of that place. The state of the weather 
prevented Major General Hampton's attack on Lower Canada and Major 
General Wilkinson's on Kingston being simultaneous as was intended. 
Hopes the attack there will end as did that on Lower Canada. Page 293 

List of American officers and non-commissioned officers in close con- 
finement at Quebec, also the officers on parole. 277 

(In Prevost's No. 101 of 30th October.) 

Governor Sir G. Prevost, and Miscellaneous, 1813. 

Q. 123. 


September 10, 
H.M. latewhi)) 

September 10. 

September 12, 
H.M. late ship 
P>it- in-Bay, 
Lake p]rie. 

October 22, 

October 23, 

November 1, 

November 4, 

An account of the termination of 



November 6, 

November 10, 
N. Y. 

George Inglis to Barclay 
action on Lake Erie. 

(In Prevo^st's No. Ill of 25th Nov.) 

List of killed and wounded in the action on Lake Erie 

(In Provost's No. Ill of 25th Nov.) 

Capt. Barclay to Yeo. Detailed account of the disastrous action on 
Lake Brie. 55 

(In Prevost's No. Ill o'f 25th Nov.) 

Same to Prevost. Has this day concluded an agreement for the 
exchange of prisoners of war. Conditions ot the exchange. 34 

Procter to de Eotten burg. Statement of his movements. 80 

(In Prevost's No. 118 of 30th Nov.) 

Prevost to Bathurst. (No. 105.) Enclosing a memorial from Major 
General Sheaffe, asking for compensation for the loss of his baggage 
which fell into the enemy's hands at York. Kecommends the memorial 
to consideration. 2 

Enclosed. The memorial. 3 

Sumo to same. (No. 106.) His representation to Sir J. B. Warren, 
at Halifax, of the state of the provinces, has brought him reinforce- 
ments. The disposition ho intends to make of them. The movements 
of the enemy's fleet. General Hampton's arnly has quitted the Pro- 
vince and is returning to its original encampment at the Pour Corners. 
He (Prevost) intends to concentrate the remains of the R'ght Division 
with the Centre, and place the whole under Major (xeneral Riall. The 
sicknessamongstthe troops is diminishing. The iSTewfoundland Regiment 
being ho much weakened, he proposes that the remainder be sent to New- 
foundland in the spring, to recruit there. Has just received Procter's 
official report of his retreat from Sandwich on the 26th September, and 
the disastrous affair of the 5th October. The account is so confused 
that he has asked de Rottenhurg to call upon him for a clearer and 
more detailed statement, that it may be brought before His Majesty's 
Government, for their decision upon Procter's conduct. 5 

Charles McGregor, Major 70th Regt., to Prevost. Respecting his regi- 




(In Provost's No. 107 of 15th Nov.) 
Agreement to deliver property and stores. 
(In Prevost's No. 107 of I'yth Nov.) 



Q. 123 





NovM„i«., II, J. vv. MorriHon, Lt.-Col. 8!)th, to de liottenburg. Knclosing copy of 

""^' "nugroement with twoof tho principal ijilmbitants of Hamilton, State 

of Now York, for the dolivory of public property aad storoH ; alHO copy 

of General VVilkinson'n proclamation. Patre 22 

(In PrevoHt's Xo. 107 of 15th Nov.) 

NovtinW 1-2, Same to Hame. Roporlinfr the victory at OhryHlor'n Farm 17 

WilfiZ..,. (I» P''«vo8f8 No. 107 of 15th Nov.) 

NoveinlxT 18, 

NovemlH-r 15, 

November 15, 

N()veinl)er 15, 
"Wolfe, ■' 

November 20, 

Novemljer 24. 

Provost to Barclay. Acknovvledgos letterw. Encloses letter to Major 
Melville or the officer commandin<f at Burlin^'ton, by which it will be 
seen that the American prisonorn at Quebec had Hailed for Halifax a few 
days proviouH to the receipt of the agreement. F]ven had they not 
sailed he does not think he would have been justified in i^ivini? up these 
prisoners, while the retaliating system is being carried on. In case the 
agreement be carried out, ho|)es assurances will be given by the Ameri- 
can (.Tovornment that those taken on Lake Krio and under Procter 
siiould not bo subjected to any retaliation whatever, but be returned in 
the spring. Has allowed Lt.-Col. Booi-stler and Lt. Deacon, to proceed 
on parole to the United States in return for the indulgence shown to 
Lt.-Col. Myers and Capt. Gordon. It would be advisable to make an 
exchange of these officers. The removal of the prisoners to Halifax, 
was a matter of necessity. He hasjust learned that instead of proceeding 
to Halifax, they have, against his orders, been sent with the convoy to 
IJngland. This must have happened through a misunderstanding. 
Hopes the American Government will be convinced of this. Drs. Wood 
and Scott will be permitted to return to the United States as soon as 
Mr. Dickson and other peaceful dtizens made prisoneis of war, are 
allowed to return !o Canada. 39 

Enclosed. Letter to Melville. 48 

Same to Bathuret. (No. 107.) The enemy's attempts to reach'Mont- 
real ended in an action at Chrysler's Farm. Encloses Lt.-Col. Morri- 
son's account of that signal victory. The enemy's movements. Encloses 
copy of another letter and enclosures from Col. Morrison. The zeal 
which all classes have shown in their endeavours to oppose the threat- 
ened invasion. Encloses also report of the 70th Regiment. States for 
the information of His Majesty's Government that " the very great ex- 
ertions made for the preservation of the Canadas by its population in 
conjunction with the small force under my command, may eventually 
degenerate into indifference for the result of the piesent contest, unless 
the support from the Mother Country is equal to the magnitude of the 
stake," J J 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

Same to Bathurst. (No. 108.) Asking for authority to make the 
allotment of land promised to those enlisting in the Glengarry Regi- 
ment (100 acres) and to the Voltigeurs (50 acres) in the Township of 
Sherrington, as he thinks that would prove an inducement. 26 

Yeo to Prevost. Encloses Capt. Barclay's account of the action on 
Lake Erie. The British squadron was deficient both in seamen and guns, 
but the greatest misfortune w.s the loss of every officer, particularly 
Capt. Finnis, who, if spared, would probably have saved the squadron. 


(In Prevost's No. Ill of 25th June.) 

Major General Glasgow to Noah Freer. Explaining how the prisoners 
intended to be kept at Halifax were sent on to England. 51 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 109.) Enclosing memorial of the agents of 
the North-west Company, and recommending it to favourable considera- 
tion. 27 

Enclosed. The memorial. 28 

Q. 123 

Q. 123 

NovmnlHir 24, 



Novoi)ib*>r 2ii, 

General onlor issued in consoquonco of the state of afTuirH in this dis- 
trict and the defeat on Lai<o Erie. p^..^ 67 

Camu?'"^" ■^''^"''" "^' ^''* ^'^^'* ^'^'''"'" "^ ^^"^ '"-'"y i« Upp«r 

(In Prevost's No. Ill of 25th November.) ^^ 

Preyost to Bathurst. (No. 1 10). Transmitting copies of throe letters 

roHiwc iiig the oxohango of prisoners, also one from M. Genl. Glastrow 

m expl.inahon of the sending on to England the American prisoners 

whom lio (Prevost) intended to remain at Halifax. Asks that thov mav 


Nuvemlwr 2.'), 

N<)veiul;x.'r 20, 

Novenibf^r 30, 

December 1], 

Deceiiilwr 12, 

December 12, 
Fort George. 

be returned at once by cartel to the United States in order to remove 
grounds of complaint. .^^ 

Same to same. (No. 111.) Enclosing letter from Yoo, Capt. Barclay's 
official account of the action on Lake Erie, and general order issued in 
consequence of recent events in this command. Capt. Barclay '« re- 
covering. ' M 

(Enclosures calendared at thoir respective dates) 

Same to same. (No. 112.) As no answer has been received to the 
memorial of Isaac Winslow Clarke, transmitted in his (Prevost's) dos- 
patch of 11th November, 1811, he encloses a duplicate and recommends it 
to consideration. ^o 

Enclosed. The memorial, Im 

Same to same. (No. 113.) By despatch No. 106 it will be seen that 
Procters account of his retreat was not satisfactory enough He had 
been ca led on for a more comprehensive statement; as that has not been 
received, he transmits his first account. 79 

datJ)^ ^"'''««"''« <^ated Ancaster, 23rd October, calendared at its proper 

Same to same. (No. 114.) Enclosing copy of a letter from Major 
beneral Wilkinson, on the subject of the prisoners held as hostages with 
his (Prevost h) reply to it. Has also transmitted copies to Sir John 
Warren, at Halifax, asking him as there are only fifteen officers prisoners 
at Quebec, to put into close confinement thirty-one officers prisoners at 
that place jsafraid proof to convict the twenty-three prisoners in Eng- 
land will be difficult to get. Suggests they be brought to trial immedi- 
ately, and if acquitted, they might be restored to the condition of ordinary 
prisoners of war, in this way the difficulty might be settled. 88 

Enclosed. The letter to Wilkinson, dated Malone, 3id December 91 
Ihe answer to the above. ' 05 

Same to same. (No. 115.) The signal defeat of the Americans at the 
Chateauguay Kiver and Chrysler's Farm has relieved both Provinces of 
the invading forces under (lenorals Hampton and Wilkinson ; the latter 
has given up his avowed project of passing the winter at Montreal A 
detachment of troops on board some gunboats which he (Prevost) "had 
ordered to Lake Champlain, burned a large building at Plattsburg and 
brought away some bateaux and stores. The severity of the weather 
compelled them to return. The lateness of the season has frustrated an 
attack on Burlington. Is assured that the two boats building at Kings- 
ton will bo ready by the opening of navigation. 100 
Col. J. Murray to Vincent. Hearing that tho enemy were carrying 
off the loyal inhabitants and were bent on gaining possession of the 
country between Fort George and the advance, he had marched forwai-d 
notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, frustrated their designs 
and compelled the enemy to evacuate this post ; on hearing of our approach 
they laid the town of Newark in ashes and .sent tho. fAnres &e 
across the river. Hopes this movement will save the district from "a ' 
merciless enemy. j«- 
(In Prevost's No. 1 16 of 22nd December.) 


ii i 

? ',.,M 

? f 

M i •■• 






Q. 123 








No d.atf. 
No dnte. 


ProvoMt to Bnthurst. KncloHinjif report to Vincent from Col. Murray 
of his having lukon posHesnion of Fort (loorgo, at Niagaru, on tho 12th 
iiirttarit without opposition. Thin oxpodition Tuih wont I ho oneniy back to 
his own hide of tho river, Tho wanton burning of tho town of Nowark 
haw htainod (ho character of tho Amorican nation. I'raiso duo to Col. 
Murray for tho manner in which ho roscued the Niagara district from 
further phinder, &c, Pago 106 

(Knclosuro calendared at its proper date.) 

(ilasgow to Provost. The groat nood of artillery men and drivora. 
Tho nocosHity for a civil establishinont of the Oidnanco Bopartmont 
being formecl at Kingston and an armourors' establishniont at that place 
and also at Monlroal. 110 

(In ProvoNt's No. 117 of 24th December.) 

Provost to Bathurst. (No. 117.) Enclosing and recommending to 
favourable consideration a letter from Major General Glasgow, asking for 
gunners, ordnance and arms. 109 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date). 

Same to same. (No. 118.) Correcting the statement in despatch No. 
11(5, that the enemy had passed all his stores and cannon over the rivor, 
us several guns and some ammunition liavo been found in a ditch, and 
camp equipage for tif(eon hundred men has fallen into our hands. The 
new barracks at Fort George and Chippawa, owing to the hasty flight of 
tho enemy escaped being burned. 114 

Same to same. (No. 119.) Enclosing returns of the ordnance and 
stores captured from the enemy since tho beginning of tho war, that tho 
ordnance department may make a valuation for tho benefit of tho 
captors. 116 

Enclosed. Eeturn of the ordnance and stores taken at Michilli- 
mackinac, 17th July, 1812. 118 

Ditto at Detroit, 'leih August, 1812. 121 

Descriptive list of brass and iron ordnance at Detroit on the same 
date. 127 

Return of ordnance and stores taken at Queenston, 13th October 

1812. 13l' 
Ditto of small arms taken at the River Eaisin, 22nd Januarj', 1813. 133 
Ditto of ordnance and stores taken at Ogdensbui-gh, 22nd February, 

1813. 134 
Extracts of letters relating to tho stores. 137 to 141 
Proclamation of Major General Wilkinson. 24 
(In Prevost's No. 107 of 15th November.) 

Statement of the British and American squadrons on Lake Erie. 65 
(In Provost's No. HI of 25th November.) 

' i 

January 'i, 

January 3, 
"Koyal Wil- 
liam ", Sjiit- 

•January 4, 



Miscellaneous Papers. 

Simon McGillivary to Goulburn. Respecting the application of the 

North-west Company to the Admiralty for protection to their intended 

expedition. I43 

Admiral Sir Richard Bickerton to J. W. Croker. Enclosing to be laid 

before the Lords of the Admiralty a list of the British born soldiers 

taken prisot .^r fom the American army, with an extract of a letter 

from the A''' .'H'tt Gene ul at Montreal concerning them. 150 

Enclosed- xi^c-.-' Unl 151 

Thee-l-^.-.t 152 

R. H. Crew \ to Col. Bunbury. That a copy of the letter from Prevost, 

dated 5th November, 1812, be laid before Lord Bathurst, that the accou- 

Q. 123 




Jiiniiary 4, 

•laiiuiki'y 5, 
ill Cliiuf'H 
< )ttic«'. 

.Taniiary 5, 



.Taniiarv H, 

Corl. ' 

January 15, 

•January 18, 



.Tan\iary 19, 

January 22, 



January 22, 



January 27, 



February S, 
Doctor's Com 

February 9, 



February 10, 



February ('!) 
Castle St. 

February 11, 




tromcnt8 a»kod for may bo Hent from the Storekeeper General's Donnrt- 

*"""•• I Wo 147 

Enclosed. The letter from I'imvohI. ^^g 

John Barrow to Col. Uiirihiiry. Traiismittitig pupors relating to the 
BriliHh born HubjeclH found serving in the American Army. 149 

J. 0. llorrien to Goulburn. Encli»rtinfr copy of a letter from HarrJHon 
ftHking for a particii'ir information us to the complaints mmle by the 
Indian triboH of Canada on the quality of some of the articleH sent 

out. jgg 

Unclosed. The letter dated 30th December, 1812. 154 

JIarriHon to Goulburn. Knclowing copies of letters from Prcvost 

stating that he has issued warrants for the amount of £5,000 and £15 000 

in aid of the (!ivil expenditure of Lower Canada. '155 

Enclosed. The lotlers dated ;jOth September and 3rd October, 1812. 

T. • , r^ T, . 15(i-167 

David Deano Eoche to Bathurbt. There are many inhabitants of the 
Northern and EaHtorn states who would only be too glad to renounce 
their allegiance to the United States if some help was afforded them by 
the expedition about to sail. Otlors personal services. 158 

Simon McGillivray to A. Gordon. Kospecting the application of the 
North-west Company for protection to their ship. I6I 

Harrison to Goulbui'n. Enclosing copy of a letter from the Commis- 
sioners of transports stating that they have appointed an Agent for 
prisoners of war in the United States. jgs 

Enclosed. The letter dated 7th January, stating that Thomas Barclay 
has been appointed. jjg 

Lord Selkirk to Lord Sidmouth. Unfolding his plan for the formation 
of a body of Canadian Foncibles. jg^ 

John Barrow to Bunbury. Enclosing for consideration a copy of a 
letter from Capt. Dowers, asking to be'remunorated for his expenses in 
conveying Major General Wallis and suite from St. Vincents to Halifax. 


Enclosed. The letter. JYI 

Same to same. Asks what is to be done with the British subjects 
taken prisoners in the American Army as they have arrived at Sheer- 
ness, l»2 

J. W. Croker to Goulburn. (Most secret and confidential.) Giving 
the time of sailing of the convoys for Lord Bathuist's information. 173 

The opinion of the Advocate, Attorney and Solicitor General as to 
whether the British subjects taken prisoners from the American army 
can be legally tried. j-^g 

Harrison to Bunbury. Enclosing for Lord Bathurst's consideration 
copy of a letter from the Paymaster General relative to the reduction 
made in the remuneration granted to Captain Gray for preparing. plans 
in Canada. ^ j^g 

Enclosed. The letter. jqq 

Same to Goulburn. Transmitting letter from Prevost with requisi- 
tions for Indian goods for 1813 and 1814, with the report of the Comp- 
trollers of Army accounts thereon, for Lord Bathurst's opinion. 181 

E. B. Brenton, enclosing general order for Lord Bathurst's informa- 
tion. 100 

(The order is in Vol. 121, enclosed in Prevost's No. 48 of 18 March ) 

Hari'ison to Goulburn. Enclosing report from the Comptroller of 
Army accounts on two letters from Prevost and one from Col. Bunbury 
relative to the public cspotidiiure in Lower Canada. 133 

Selkirk to Bathurst. Enclosing heads of a proposal for raising a re<yi- 
ment in Canada. jg^ 

Enclosed. The proposaL 186 



Q. 123 


Febniary U>, 

February 17, 
Horse GuardH. 

February lit, 
Horse Guards. 

February 23. 

February 25, 



February 2(), 



February 27, 
Horse Guards 

Febr\iary 27, 
Horse (luards 

Marcfi 2, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

Maroli 2. 

March 2, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

March 3, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

March 3, Com- 
missary in 
Chiefs' Office. 

March 4, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

March 4, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

March o, 



March 5, Ord- 
nance Office. 

Rev. Thaddeus Osgood to Goulburn. Enclo.sing papers relating to 
" the case of the destitute poor of his Britannic Majesty's Dominions in 
Canada, " for criticism before it is put in print. Page 188 

Enclosed. The papers. * 189 to 193. 

Torrens to same. Enclosing return of the detachments to be sent to 
North America, for which tonnage will be required. 184 

Enclosed. The i-eturn. 195 

W. Wynyard to Torrens. (Private.) Had some months before pre- 
sented a project, in writing, of Colonel Turner, relative to raising a 
Fencible Corps in Scotland for service in America. Asks if the Dulie's 
decision has been given. 196 

Enclosed. The proposal, dated 21st July, 1812. 197 

John Trotter to Hugh Stuart. Respecting the Indian presents. 200 

John Barrow to Col. Bunbury. Enclosing copy of a letter from 
Captain Austin, stating the destitute situation in which the British sub- 
jects, taken In arms in the United States Army, are for want of cloth- 
ing. 201 

Enclosed. The letter dated 22nd February, 1813. 202 

Harrison to Goulburn. Transmitting copy of a letter for the Com- 
missary-in-Chief respecting the supply of Indian presents. 203 

Enclosed. Letter dated Treasui-y Chambers, 25th February, 1813. 


Torrens to same. Asks that the necessary steps be taken to provide a 
passage to Canada for Major General Stovin and Brigadier General 
Darroch with their staffs. 205 

Duke of York to Bathurst. Returning Lord Selkirk's proposal to 
raise a regiment of fencible infantry with his (York's) remarks. 206 

Enclosed. The proposal. ' 207 

Barrow to Goulburn. Directions have been given to ship the twenty 
carronades and ammunition to Canada. 212 

T. Tackle to Bathurst. As the Indians bordering on the United 
States will soon be quitting their hunting grounds, no time is to be lost 
if His Majesty's Government desires to forward any additional directions 
on the subject. Transmits observations made during his tour in the 
States. 213 

Barrow to Goulburn. Orders have been given for passages to Canada 
for Majors Goore and Fulton on board the " Woolwich " 216 

Same to Banbury. Major General Stovin and Brigadier General 
Darroch are to be provided with passages to Quebec on board the 
"Woolwich." 217 

J. C. Herries to Harrison. Respecting the Indian presents now pre- 
paring to be sent out for Upper and Lower Canada. 264 

Barrow to Goulburn. Respecting the stores for the naval establish- 
ment in Canada. 218 

Barrow to Goulburn. The commander of the " Woolwich " has been 
directed to receive on board the military stores for Quebec. 219 

Alex. McLeay to . Will let him know when the stores to be 

shipped on the " Woolwich " will be ready. 220 

Lt.-Col. Chapman to Goulburn. Orders have been given for the ship- 
ping of thirty-six 32 pounder ship carronades to Quebec instead of 


frt/^p na r\ 


Itt iri|{ii-j(|o(| 


March 5, Ord 
nance Office. 

P. A. Ouvry to same. (Immediate.) Asking for what service the 36 
carronades are intendfed in order to decide the proportion of ammunition 
necessary. 222 

Q. 123 


March \d 
iiiiralty G ice, 



ir from 

eh Hub- 
' Cloth- 


a (Jom- 

, 1813. 

ovide a 

osal to 


tweii ty 

be lost 
in the 


Eird the 

)w pre- 


March 5, Ord 
nance Office. 

March (i, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

Marcli 8, 



March 8, 

March 0, .-VI 
bauy House. 

March !), 
Horse (iiiards, 

March (», Ad 
niiraUy Office 

M.arch !». 

Marcli 10, .Ad- 
miralty Office. 

Marcli 10, 

March 11, Ad- 
miralty Office. 

-March 11, Ord- 
nance Office 

Miirch 11, 

Marcli 12. 

Marcli 12, .Vd- 
luiraltv Office. 

March 12, Ac 

.March 12, 
Horse (Jruard^ 

March 12, 



March 12, Ord- 
nance Office. 

8a— 8 

Barrow to Goulburn. The "Woolwich " is now ready to receive tho 
naval stores for Canada but it is unable to take the barrack stores. 

T) A /^ . ^ , . , Paffo 223 

i . A. Uiivry to Croker. Asks whether tho orders have been mven 
tor equipping the vessels now building in Canada for naval purposes 268 
ni; ; /' n ^«^"^"!'"- The difficulty of supplying the requisite 
naval stores for Canada without a more particular knowledge of what is 
necessary. A number of officers and 400 seamen to be sent out The 
naval officer to be employed on the lakes will be ordered to report on 
the state of the vessels and stores, 2'?4 

McLeay to Bunbury. With what department is it necessary to com- 
municate, respecting the provision of tonnage for t.he conveyance of 150 
horses to Quebec? "^ 226 

Barker to Goulburn. In reply to his note to Mr. Trotter, states the 
iransport Board have been requested to furnish tonnage to Canada. 227 

- Wm. Osgsode to same. (Private.) States that tho nomination of the 
lioman Catholic Bishop of Quebec rests entirely in His Majesty's Gov- 
ernment, How Bishop Plessis was appointed. 228 

Torrens to same. Asks that a passage to Quebec in the transports 
from Cork be furnished to Brigadier General Barroch, if he has not 
already left Ireland. 231 

Croker to same. (Secret.) Respecting naval aff'airs in Canada. 232 

Selkirk to Explaining the points in his (Selkirk's) proposal 
tor raising a regiment which the Commander-in-Chief had objected 


*^:r'^f.i^^ Goulburn. Asks where tho stores not already embarked 
on the " Woolvvich" are to be put on board. It is of importance that 
no delay should occur, 249 

List of troop and cavalry transports appropriated to embark 1204 
men at Portsmouth, and 550 men and 150 horses at Cork, for Quebec. 250 

- Croker to Goulburn. Respecting the stores to be Dut on board the 
'Woolwich. ^ n-. 

. p. A. Ouvry to Bunbury. Transmitting copies of three demands for 

ordnance and ordnance stores for the vessels to bo built in Canad-t for 

the pleasure of His Royal Highne is thereon. '252 

Alex. McLeay to Goulburn. Measures have been taken for shipprnff 

tho stores for Canada in the " Woolwich " with the utmost despatch. 253 

J. C. Heri-ies to same. Respecting the additional articles to be sent 
out as a reserve stock to Canada. 254 

Croker to same. Is commanded by the Admiralty to state that the 
. Woolwich having lyft tho Noro, the guns, sails and articles specified 
in the enclosed list will be put on board at Portsmouth. 256 

Enclosed. List. ' 2517 

Barrow to sumo, (rmmcdiato.) The " Woolwich " passed the Downs 
„ • 261 

Torrens to same. Is directed by the Commander-in-Chief to apply 
for a passage for Major Ogilvie, 8th Regiment, on board the " Wool- 
wich." 202 

Harrison to same. Transmitting copy of a letter from the Commits" 
sary-in-Chief respecting the Indian presents for Canada for 1813 and 
1814. 2(53 

Lt.-Col. Chapman to same. Transmitting copy of a letter on the 
subject of the carronados under orders for Quebec. 9,^5 

....ralty Office. ^^^ j^ ^^^^ ^^ Spithoad. 




Marcli 12, Ord- 
nance Otticc. 

March 12, Ord- 
nance Office. 

March 12, 

Marcli 13, 
War Office. 


Q. 123 

March 13, 

P. A. Ouvry to Lt.-Col. Chapman. Eespecting the carronades to be 
sent to Quebec. Page 266 

Lt.-Col. Chapman to Goulburn. The carronades for Quebec will be 
embarked as soon as the name of the trauBport is signified. 267 

Alex. McLeay to same. Eespecting the convoy of the transpoi-ts carry- 
ing the 4l8t Eegiment to Canada. 269 

W. Merry to same. Transmitting requisition for purveyor's stores 
for Canada. Eequests that after it is laid before the Secretary of State 
he be informed for Lord Palmerston's information whether they be con- 
sidered necessary. 2*70 

James F. Fulton to same. A passage will be provided for Major 
Ogilvy on board the " Woolwich." 271 

Marcli 0, 

March 11, 

March 16, 



March l(i. Ad- 
miralty Office. 

March 17, .■Ad- 
miralty Office. 


March l!l. .Vd 
miralty Office 

1 .; 

March 1!(, \d 
miralty Office 

■ i 

March l!l, 

■ ^ 

I ^ 

March 2il, 




Q. 124. 

Sir J. B. Warren to Croker. Enclosing letter from the Chevalier de 
Ouie and states that he has sent the "Colibri" and "Morgiana" to 
cruise off the coast of the Floridas and to use all efforts to assibt the 
Spaniards in their defence; not having any troops it was impossible 
to afltbid the allied cause further aid. Pa^e 83 

Unclosed. Letter from the Chevalier de Oui . dated Philadelphia, 2nd 
March, with news that General Pinkney is to command an expedition 
of 2,000 men against the Floridas. 84 

Wm. Miller to the Commissioners for conducting H. M. Transport 
Service. Eespecting a difficulty which has occurred in the exchange of 
prisoners of war in North America. 159 

Harrison to Goulburn. Enclosing letter from Prevost, dated Quebec, 
18th December last, with account current of the Eeceiver General of 
Lower Canada, and a report of the committee of the Executive Council 
on the public accounts between 11th April and 10th October, 1811, for 
Lord Bathurht's observations thereon, 2 

Enclosed. Letter from Provost. 3 

Eeport of a committee of the Exeoutive Council. 4 to 42 

Barrow to Goulburn. As matiy as possible of the carronades lor 
Canada are to bo shipped on board the " Woolwich." 43 

Croker to same. (Secret.) The two battalions of the Eoyal Marines 
will embark for Canada in a few daj's. The transports to be employed. 
The " Mariner" has on board an assortment of Congreves Eockets, with 
a lieutenant, two subalterns and fifty men, who have boon exercised in 
the use of these rockets. Asks that Lord Bathurst state his views as to 
the instructions to be given to Admiral Warren, commanding in Canada, 
for the employment of his force. 44 

Croker to same. Enclosing copy of instructions given to Sir James 
Yeo. who is to sail for Canada on the " Woolwich ", for Lord Bathurst's 
information. 4*7 

Enclosed. Copy of instructions. 48 to 59 

List of officers and seamen to be employed on a particular service on 
the Lakes of Canada. 60 

J. Beckett to Goulbui-n. Is directed by Lord Sidraouth to request that 
Lord Balhui'sl givu the uccoKsary directions for having the JJritiHh sub- 
jects found serving in the Army of the United States placed on board 
the tender oft" the Tower in order to undergo examination. 61 

Harrison to Bunbury. Transmitting letter from the Commissary-in- 
Chiof, dated 17th instant, respecting clothing for troops in Canada. 62 

Q. 123 

Q. 124 

March 20, 

March 22, 

March 22, 



March 22, Arl 
iTiiralty Office. 

March 25, Ad 
miralty Office, 

March 26, 
Horse (iuards 

March 27, 
Horse ( Tiiards, 

March 27, 
Tower Hill. 

March 27, 



March 2!», 
War Office. 

March 30, 
Lincoln's Inn 

Marcii 31, 

April 6, 

April (!, Ad 
miralty Office. 

Ajiril 7, Ad- 
nnralty Office. 

April 8, Trans 
liort Office. 

April it, Trans- 
l)ort Office. 

April 10, 





Colonel Archibald Stewart to the Duke of Kent. Asks that an 
Admiralty order be given for passages to Canada for himself and Captain 
Smyth, as on their arrival they found the fleet had sailed. Page Y3 

J. N. Addington to Goulburn. In answer to Lord Bathurst's sugges- 
tions for endeavouring to raise reinforcements for Canada from the Scottish 
Militia. gj^ 

Count de Sieven to Bathurst. (In French.) Eiiclooing memorial of the 
Ahb6 de la Trappe. Eecomraends the memorial to favourable considera- 
tion. g4 
Enclosed. The memorial. 05 
Barrow to (Toulbui-n. The necessary directions have been given for 
having the British subjects taken in the American Array put on board 
the tender off the Tower. gg 
Croker to same. Capt.iin Richbell. Eegulating Officer on Tower Hill, 
is to report to him (Bathurst) the arrival of the prisoners on the 
tender. (jg 
H. Calvert, Adjutant General, to Torrcns. Enclosing letter from the 
Duke of Kent, requesting that application be made to the Lords Com- 
missioners of the Admiralty for piissages to Canada for Colonel Stuart 
and Captain Smyth, Royal Scots. . 71 
Enclosed. Letter from the Duke of Kent, dated 23rd March. 72 
Torreiis to Goulburn. Transmitting copies of two letters asking for 
passages to Canada for Colonel Stuart and Captain Smyth. 70 
T. Richbell to same. Stating that twenty-two British subjects found 
serving in the American Army have arrived and are now on board the 
tender. w^ 
C. Arbuthnot to same. Lord Bathurst is to be assured that he 
(Arbuthnot) will have great pleasure in giving him a clerkship in 
Canada for Mr. Tackle. 75 
W. Merry to same. States, for Lord Bathurst's information, that the 
necessary directions have been given for supplying the Purveyor's stores 
required for Canada. ij6 
H. ilobhouHc to same. Far the names and residences of the witnesses 
against the twenty-two soldiers now awaiting their trial. 77 
Col. Sidney Beckwith to same. I']xpects the Marine battalions will be 
on board their respective ships this afternoon ; is not so sanguine about 
the company from the Isle of Wight, as the officers seem to know 
nothing of their men. The "Success" has not made her appearance 
from Guernsey. Sir Robert Calder is to telegraph whether she is to be 
waited for or not. irg 
Same to same. The " Success " having arrived, the ships are all ready 
for sea. Hopes to set sail next morning. gO 
Barrow to same. Henry Kelley, having arrived at the Tower, asks 
that directions be given respecting the twenty three men taken in the 
American Army. gi 
Same to Bun bury. Transmitting letter and enclosure from Sir John 
Warren, representing that he had sent two vessels to cruise off the 
coast of the Floridas. g2 

List of transports under orders for North America exclusive of those 
collecting at Cork. gg 

Alex McLeay to Goulburn. Enclosing copy of an extract of a letter 
from the agent of this department at Deptford, Capt. Young, respecting 
the loading of the transports with ordnance and Storekeeper General's 
.stores for Qiiobuu and Halifax. yg 

Enclosed. Extract of the letter. gg 

Same to same. Enclosing for Lord Bathurst's information, a list of 
transports from Portsmouth to North America, together with copy of a 

% f 

8a— 8J 



Q. 124 


April 10. 

April 12, 



April 12. 

April 12, 



April 14, 



April 14, 

April 15, 
Horse (tuard.s. 

April 15, 



April 1.5, A(l- 
iniralty < )ltife. 

April ICi, Lat. 
44.10, Long. 

April 10, 

letter from the a^ent at DeiJtford relative to the .ships in the river pre- 
paring for that de.stination. Page 90 
Enclosed. The list, 91 
Copy of the letter. 93 

J. 0. Ilerries to . Finds that the delay in the departure of the 

Storekeeper General's stores rests with the Transport Board. 94 

McLeay to Bunbury. p]nclosing a memorandum to correct an error 

in the return of the 9th inst. 95 

Enclosed. The memoiandum. 96 

Eespecting the number of militia in Canada. 97 

Alex McLeay to . Acknowledging letter of the 3rd Inht., 

with enclosure from Messrs Idle, Ooates and Co., requesting permission 
to load with naval timber any transports which may be returning to this 
countiT empty, upon paying freight lor the same. The disposable 
tonnage in these transports has been transferred to the Commissioners 
of the Navy, which is considered preferable to giving it to private indi- 
viduals. 98 
Same to Goulburn. Enclosing extract of a letter from Captain 
Young, agent for Transports at Doptford, which will show that ao avoid- 
able delay has taken place on the part of ihis department in the appro- 
priation of tonnage for the stores to be shipped to the Storekeeper Gene- 
ral in North America. 100 
Enclosed. The extract, dated 14th April. 102 
_ J. Beckett to same. Encloses the opinion of the Attorney and Soli- 
citor General on the case of the British subjects taken while serving in 
the American Army. Submits to Lord Bathurst whether it might not 
bo advisable to employ these men in some naval or military service in 
this country, as although i;here is evidence enough to detain them, yet 
there is not sufficient legal evidence in this country to support the 
charge before a magistrate. lOY 
Enclosed. Report of the Attorney and Solicitor General. 109 
Torrens to same. Asking that Lord Bathurst give directions that 
tonnage be provided for conveying a detachment of the 1.3th Eegiment 
to Canada. hq 
McLeay to same. Enclosing, for Lord Bathuist's information, a copy 
of a statement from the Transnoit agent at Deptford, showing the pro- 
gress makir^^- in loading the stox^e transports for North America. Ill 
Enclosed. The statement. 112 
Barrow to same. Enclosing copy of a letter from Captain Richbell 
with enclosure from Dr. Downey, stating that the American prisoners 
can no longer be kept on board the Tender without inconvenience and 
asking that they be removed. II4 
Enclosed. Letter from Captain Richbell, 14th April, 1813. 115 
Ditto from Di: Downey. 11(^ 
Sidney Beckwith to Goulburn. Acquainting him that he is thus far on 
his voyage. The troops in the best health. 117 

J. Barkei-. Deputy Storekeeper General, to . Acknowledg- 
ing letter and enclosuies of the 15th inst., relative to the vessels now 
loading for Canada and desiring that the clothing for the Canadian 
Mihtia may bo put on board the first transports. States, in reply, 
that the clothing has been already sent down to be loaded. Names of 
the vessels. P]nclosing return of the articles of clothing roquired for 
this service and the report of Captain Young, Transport agent, on the 
state of the ships now loading. ' 118 

Enclosed. Eeport. 121 

Enclosed. Eeturn, 122 

Q. 124 

an ei'ror 

Q. 124 

April Ki, 

April 17, 
Murk Laiu', 



April 17, 
War ( )tticf . 

April 1!», 



April Ut, (Tuardti, 

April 20, 

A])ril 22. 
( >ffice. 

April 22, 



April 24, 
Horse Uuartln. 

April 24, 
General s 

April 27, 

April 27. 

April 27, 
Audit Office. 

Alox. McLeay to Goulburn. Enclosing extract from the report of the 
Iransport agent at Deptford. Pa„e 123 

Enclosed. Extract. 124 

John Inglis to Buthui-st. Transmitting a printed letter cut out of a 
book of reports on shipping and navigation, published by the Society of 
Ship Owners, in 1807. The author, Lt.-Col. Alex. Fi-aser, of the 34th, is 
well known. Thinks that circumstances may arise during the war which 
may make the suggestions in this letter useful. Advising an expedition 
to New Orleans. Advantages which might bo derived from such an 
expedition. A. P.S. acknowledges letter from him (Bathurst) giving 
permission to use a sum of money for charitable objects. 125 

W, Merry to Goulburn. Eospecting the requisition for purveyor's 
stores tor the use of the troops in Canada. 129 

Alex. McLoay to same. Enclosing copy of an extractof a letter from 
the agent for transports at Cowes, by which it will be seen that the 
detachment of the S'Jth was embarked for Canada on board the '< Lord 
Cathcart." j.^q 

Enclosed. The extract. 131 

Torrens to same. In reply to his letter of the 15th inst., with its en- 
closures relative to the British subjects taken in arms, he.states for Lord 
Bathurst's infc -mation, that His Royal Highness is of opinion that these 
men should have the alternative of returning to the station to be tried 
or of entering the army for general service. They are to be given the 
option immediately. 132 

J. Barker to same. Enclosing a detailed invoice of clothing, nece.ssa- 
sanes and accoutrements shipped on board the " Belltield," " Sarah Ann " 
and "Northumberland," as part of the supply ordered for the use of the 
troops in Canada. 133 

Enclosed. The invoice. 134 to 146 

List of transports sailing under convoy from Cork for Quebec, on the 
17th inst. 147 

List of transports sailing from the Downs for North America, on the 
20th and 21st inst. 14g 

Torrens to Goulburn. The alternative suggested has been offered to 
twenty-two soldiers, who have unanimously rejected the proposal of 
entering the British Army and prefer being ordered to America to stand 
their trial. U^g 

J. Barker to Harrison. Enclosing a return of sundry cases of sta- 
tionery shipped for Canada. 162 
Enclosed. The return. Ig3 

Thos. Leach, Attorney to Samuel Sansum and .John AUsopp, Attorney to 
Eobert AUsop, to Goulburn. Begging that steps may be taken respecting 
the petition of Samuel Sansum and Robert Allsopp, asking for lands in 
Canada on behalf of their children. 150 

Edward, Duke of Kent, to Bathurst. Enclosing the memorial of the 
widow of the late David Lynd, prothonotary of the Court of King's 
Bench for the District of Quebec. A former memorial appears to have 
miscarried. Recommends the prayer of the memorialist. 151 

Enclosed. The memorial asking for a renewal of the lease of the farm 
near, called Belhiiie. 153 

Wm. Walter to Goulburn. The commissioners for auditing the account 
of the late Henry Caldwell as Receiver General of the Trovince of Lower 
Canada, having no further occasion for certain letters and documents 
transmitted in Cooke's letter of 27th June, 1808, return them. 157 





Q. 124 


April 27, 
Trans] )ort 

May 2, 
Horse (iiiards. 

May 4, 


May 9, 
Horse GuardH. 

May 10, 

Hudson's Bay 

MaylS, Tranw- 
I>ort Office. 

May 19, 




May 25, Treas 
ury Chambers, 

ury Cham ber.s, 

May 31, 




June 3, 

June 3, 

June 3, Carle- 
ton House. 

Alex. McLeay to Gonlburn. Transmitting copy of a letter from 
Lieut. Wm. Miller, agent for prisoners of war at Halifax. Page 158 

The Commander-in-Chief to Lord Sidmouth. Respecting the proposi- 
tion for augmenting the forces in Canada by procuring volunteers from 
the militia of Scotland. 165 

J. H. Addington to Goulburn. The proposition for augmenting the 
force in Canada contained in his (Addington's) letters of 17th March and 
27th April, having been referred .o the Commander-in-Chief, he now 
transmits his reply and begs that Lord Bathurst favour Lord Sidmouth 
with his sentiments thereon. 16-t 

The Commander-in-Chief to Bathurst. Further respecting the plan 
for augmenting the forces in Canada. 167 

"Petition of the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England 
trading into Hudson's Bay for and on behalfof the Right Honourable the 
Earl of Selkirk." 169 

Alex. McLeay to Goulburn. Enclosing a list of transports under orders 
for North America, and stating that the " Earl of Moira" will receive the 
170 men of the 22nd Regiment under orders for the Mauritius. 

Enclosed. The list. 

to Harrison. 


J. Barker 
shipped on 


Enclosing a i-eturn of stores 

for Canada 

board the "Northumberland," "Prince of Wales" and 
Bills of lading have been forwarded to Prevost. 211 

The return. 212 

Harrison to Bunbury. Ti'ansmitting letter fiom the Secretary at War 
relative to sending out great coats to Canada for the use of the troops 
for Lord Bathuist's opinion thereon. 175 

Same to Goulburn. Transmitting for Lord Bathurst's information 
a copy of a letter from Prevost, respecting the civil expenditure in 
the Canadas. I73 

Enclosed. Letter from Prevost, dated 28th January. 174 

J. Barker to Hugh Stuart. Encloses, agreeable to his request, a return 
of the stores provided in the present year for the use of the troops in 
Canada, with the Indian presents furnished; also a return of the stores 
shipped for Halifax in December last, with a statement of what have 
been ordered for the present year. 176 

Beckwith to Bathurst. Arrived here .ifter a passage of forty-six days. 
The troops generally healthy. Encloses returns showing how he has 
divided his troops. Has detained D. A, C. G. Osborne, as there is no 
officer of that department with him. Has obtained the services of Lieut. 
Robertson, R. A., who knows thecoastof America, as ho (Beckwith) had 
no oflSccr with him having the requisite knowledge. Remarks on the 
troops. Tne error which has occurred in the Ordnance Department 
respecting the rockets sent out. Cannot close without acknowledging 
obligations to General Horsford. I77 

Enclosed. Account of rockets on board the " Mariner." 182 

"General embarkation return and field equipments in possession and 
wanting to complete the 1st Brigade under Lieut.-Col. C, Napier." 18-} 
Ditto under Lt.-Col. Williams. 185 

General embarkation return of the force under Colonel Sir Sidney 
Beckwith. I84 

Extract fiom the bill of lading of the " Mariner." 186 

Bishop (Anglican) of Quebec to Bathurst. A long paper on ecclesias- 
tical affairs in Canada. 187 to 203 
Proceedings in Council on a Bill intituled "An Act to grant certain 
duties to His Majesty towards supplying the wants of the Province of 
Lower Canada during the present war with the United States of America 
and for other purposes." 204 

Q. 124 



oops in 
B stores 
it have 
X days, 
he has 

June 3, Treas- 
ury ChainberH. 

June 5, 

.Tune H, Ad- 
miralty O.'Hcc. 

June 8, 

June 8, 
Horse (iuiirds. 

Juno 14, Ord- 
nance Office. 

No date. 

Harrison to Goulburn. Enclosing copy of a letter from the Store- 
keeper General's Department reporting the shipment of presents for the 
Indians in Upper and Lower Canada. Page ?08 

Enclosed. The letter. 209 

J. Beckett to same. Transmitting, by direction of Lord Sidmouth, a 
communication from the Adjutant General, requesting some explanation 
as to the terms on which the Scotch Militia will be allowed tj enlist into 
the 49th, for Lord Bathurst's opinion thereon. 210 

Barrow to Bunbury. Asks for a description of the sloop of war on 
Lake Ontario, for which cordage is required. 212 

Jos. Buller to Goulburn. Enclosing copy of a report from the Com- 
mittee for Trade and Foreign Plantations on the Bill for granting certain 
duties to His Majesty to help to defray the expenses of the present war. 
Eemarks. 213 

Enclosed. Proceedings. 215 

Torrens to same. Is ordered by the Commander-in-Chief to repi-e- 
sent the expediency of appointing a second major for the Glengariy Light 
Infantry. 218 

R. H. Oiewo to Bunbury, The ordnance, small arms and ammunition 
required by the Adventurers of England trading to Hudson's Bay having 
been supplied, he asks that the value of these goods, £2,563-4-4 be paid 
by the Treasury to the Treasurer of this department, 219 

A memo, stating what had been done respecting Mrs. Lynd's first 
memorial. 156 

Q. 311-1 


York. ' 


February 13, 

Fclivnai'v •>',), 
York. ' 

Marcli 20, 



Q. 311—1. 

Francis Gore to Edward Cooke. (Private.) Hasnever seen the King's 
instructions to Craig, nor received those mentioned for the guidance of 
his own conduct, but has fortunately anticipated them. Hopes war will 
not take place; if it does, is afraid of the consequences. Thorpe's con- 
duct; his object seemed to be to govern the province. Will say nothlnif 
about Mr. Wyatt, but will bo glad i*'ho can justify himself. Did not a^ 
prove of the prosecution of Thorpe for libel and ordered the business to 
00 stopped. There is no country in the world where grievances are so 
little known as in Canada, and Ibr that reason the people are proud and 
impatient of control. Two classes think they have reason to complain • 
the soldiers that belonged to the Queen's Rangers, reduced in 1805 who 
consider it hard they did not receive lands under the King's instructions 
of 1783, and the troops reduced in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and 
other Loyalists settled in those provinces, who also expect land free from 
expense. An idea prevails, which has been industriously spread by Mr. 
Thorpe and Ins partisans, that the revenues collected on goods im- 
ported from America have not been accounted for. Such a calumny is 
easily contradicted. A great cause of dissatisfaction is the want of 
roads. After the bounty lavished on this country by England, it is 
hardly to be expected she is now to build roads, concede this point and 
she will soon be accused ofunjustness for not having built their houses. 
Thanks for the friendly hints on his conduct. Respects to Lord Cam- 
den. Wishes for a favourablo answer to his letter, No. 26. respectinff 
Lt.-Col. Shaw. ' ^jjgg I 

Gore to Casllereagh. (No. 9, duplicate.) Enclosing two requisitions. 18 

Enclosed. Requisition for Indian presents required in Upper Canada 
for the year 1809. 20 

Requisition for an extra quantity of Indian presents required for Up- 
per Canada in the event of war. 24 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 10.) By reason of the advanced age of 
Messrs. Grant and Russell and the retirement of Lt.-Col. Shawe, the 
Executive Council of this province is at present so circumstanced' that 
the public business is often suspended. Will not bring Mr. Justice 
Powell to his further notice, but recommends Prideaux Selby as a tit 
person to be appointed an honorary member. 29 

Same to same. (No. 11.) The Legislature met on the 20th of January 
^r the despatch of business. Encloses copy of his speech to the two 
Houses and their addresses with his answer. Encloses also copy of his 
speech on prorogation which took place on the 16th inst., also copy of 
an address from the Assembly and answer. The Militia law is much im- 
proved by a Bill last Session, a clause of which provides that in the event 
of the war the person administering the government is empowered to 
march the Militia forces not onlv into Lower Canada, hut fiVAn into the 
United States. Six membeis have been added to the House of Assembly. 
£16,000 has been appropriated for encouraging the growth of hemp' 
The ferment excited in the public minds by Thorpe's party -ppears to 
be gradually subsiding. j i f 



Q. .•Ul-U 


March 21, 

Mardi 2t!, 

Maroli 2«, 

P <■) ' 

I i\'' 

; % 


April 2, 

April 3, 



April 4, 

Enclosed, Spoocli to tlio two Houses. Pa^e 35 

Thoir uddreBHt'H and his answer. 37 to 42 

Spoecli on prorogation. 43 

Address from IlouHe of AHsombly, with answer. 47 

Gore to CaMtloreagh. (No. 12.) In the existing state of affairs had 
thought it prudent toemjjioy a confidential agent to obtain information as 
to the designs of tl)o American Government. Has paid to this person £160 
curroi\cy, but hearing that otherw under a higher authority are at pre- 
sent employed lias recalled him. 51 

Thomas Scott to tioro. (Private.) Haw received this day the news of 
the deatli of Chief .lustice Allcoek. On his (Scott's) apppointment to 
the Attorney Generalship of this province, ho was led to expect the 
Chief .Justiceship first of Upper and then that of f vor Canada as vacan- 
cies should occur. Has no wish to fill the latter post but only desires 
to be Chief Justice of Upper Canada. 67 

(In Gore's of 28th March.) 

Gore to Cooke. (Private.) As the death of Mr.Allcock may occasion 
some alteration in the arrangements for filling the vacancies on the Bench 
of the Canadas, encloses copy of a letter fron^ the Chief Justice. He 
considers himself entirely under the control of Sir James Craig; there- 
fore transmits all reports, &c., respecting the Indian Department to him in- 
stead of troubling Lord Castlereagh. States, however, that there is no 
truth in the assertion made by the newspapers, of the American 
influence over the Indians. He (Cooke) is not to be alarmed at the 
clause of the Militia Act empowering' the Lieut.-Governor to march the 
militia into America, he does not propose to conquer the States with 
the Upper Canadian forces, but in case of war that clause might i+ford 
the means of destroying the enemy's depots in our neighbourhood. Our 
revolutionary press continues its operations. The printer imprisoned 
for seditious libel. The House of Assembly wished to pass a law to 
license the press, but as he (Gore) did not know if such a strong mea- 
sure would bo approved he put a slop to it. If ho is mistaken the next 
Assembly will probably enact the law. Is puzzled what steps to take in 
order to refute the statements made in Mr, Wyatt's reply. Transmits 
report of the Executive Council for perusal ; "hopes it will exonerate 
him from the imputation of fabricating a calumny with the design of 
injuring Mr. Wyatt, All our information hero regarding peace or war 
is derived from the American press. They appear to be as much in the 
dark as ourselves, Eespects to Lord and Lady Camden, Has not 
heard from Commissioner Watson for many months. Has received 
Stewart's letter introducing Colonel Chabot; hopes to show him the lions 
of Upper Canada. 53 

(Elnclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

William Firth, Attorney General for Upper Canada, to Gfore. It is 
his intention to apply to the Secretary of State for War, requesting that 
he be recommended to His Majesty for the position of Chief Justice. 
Asks for a letter of introduction to Lord Castlereagh. 1,34 

(In Gore's No. 13 of 4th April.) 

Gore to Cooke. (Private.) Encloses copy of a report of the Execu- 
tive Council mentioned in a former letter on the charge made against 
Mr. Wyatt of having fraudulently erased the name of a person fiom a 
plan in his office and inserted his own. As Mr. Wyatt has publicly 
stated in his reply to that charge, that he (Gore) fabricated the story, 
writes at length on this subject. (iO 

Enclosed. Bertovt of the Kxp.c.uVwp Council, dated lOth March, 1808, 
with the papers relating to the affair. 68 to 131 

Gore to Castlereagh. " (No. 13.) Enclosing letter from Mr. Firth re- 
specting the Chief justiceship now vacant. " Page 133 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Q. 311-1 

April \ 

April 1H, 



Snme to same. (No. 11.) Cjillin/? attention to the enclosed address of 
tho JIouso of As8en»l)ly on the subject of the growth and ciilturo of horap 
in the province. As the noil and climate of Cana(hi appear well suited 
for the raising of that article and the reports from tho Knglish manu- 
facturers are very favourable as to its quaiit}', recommends every en- 
couragement to the industry. It will be seen by the address that the 
House has given ail tho assistance in its power, which is very inado- 

<l"at«- Pago 136 

Enclosed. The Addresn. " 139 

Same to same. (No. 16.) Enclosing abstract from Auditor's Docket 

Books of grants of land. 142 

Abstract from the Auditor's Docket Books of Grants of Land in Upper 

Canada which have passed the Great Seal of the Province between 

the Ist of Januaiy and Slst December, 1807. 






Nortliuintorland . 



l)UIl(l!l,S, . 
I'll'WfOtt . . 

KusHcU. . . 
•Stonnont. . 

Ciirleton. . 
Leeds. . . . 





Newcastle . 







Esse.x . 
Kent . 

Middlese.x . 
Norfolk . . . 



Lennox iuui Addington. 
Prince Edward 






21 l[ 
12 I J 






Errors excepted. 








2,8.-W) 1 

2,751 r •^' 













No. of Acres- 



4,207 I ... 
3,848 !/ '^-^ 



■l.703t -) 

2,900 I i „. 

4,101 \ I "^ 

2,814 I J 

83,039 ,"0 








241,122,^,! 805 i 244,122/5 


Auditor General. 


i Lh 1 


Q. 311-1 


1* * 

April 1!», 
York. ai», 

April L'S, 


May 31, 
I>o\viiing St 


June 4, 
Downing St. 

J unc 8, 

i , 

.Tune 30, 
Downing St. 


.Tulv 2H, 

n..Jr K r^'*"*.*^''- F"- ^^'^ AhUh lor approval of u warrant to 

pa> tor the fuel and candloH consnmo.l in Govornmont iloiiso. PaL'o 145 

Uoro to Cu«t oreuK h (No. 17.) EncloninK petition of Jiichard Cart 

3.(^1:::^ ,i^: !;ri;:;:r:;s^2f -"^ ^^ '^'"^ ^^•«" '-^ ^^^-^ js; 

Same to ^ame. (No 18.) Knclo.sin^' letter from George IIarri«on 
conveying .nstruc kuih from the TrouHury requiring Mr. igcGill to re- 

coT of- r"rr" " !*'" '^"" '^PPointmoni held hy Sim in this jl ovYnce ; 
copy of h 8 (Gore h) rep y to same. Hopes Iuh retaini,.g Mr. &cGill to 
tCthTin !" ^""'' "^ ''-Ppct..r(reneral of Provincial Accounts untU 
lurther instructions are receivo.l will be approved. It is a meaHuro of 

whom ' L 'Ta^l *^'* ' i'l '"^ 't "'■>' l^"^""" •" ^^- ^'^" DepaKments on 
whom he can deperul for informati.).. m to the accountH: should he be 

renjoved from the office of the Inspector General great confusion would 
bo the result. Thmks that the salary of 10 shillings a day is not ado- 
quato pay for the labour required. The most lucrative of' McGill's ap- 
pointments, agent ior purchases, is now withdrawn. The salaryof Com- 

fT«S Tr"°*'f ;^ ^^''? "" y'"''- Tl'i>'l<8 the salary attachedTo 
theofflceof Inspector General in this Province should bo the same as 
in the Lower, viz., 20 shillings por day. 162 

IsS^'/rnfiifl^'M "'■/'■''•" '^^ Treasury to Gore, dated 7th November, 
W, that McCrill IS to give up two out of the three situations held by 

Answer to the above. jg^ 

hemMo ,u''Sh« '''/r^ Secretary, to McGill. Purchases will in future 
wilfbo wiaSwn ' "^"" '•" appointment of Agent for purchases 

Green to McGill on the same subject. j^G 

Ac^dfunr"* "^ ^^' '^"*'^' ""^ "''' Inspector General of Public Provincial 

Public Notice, signed John McGill, agent for purchases 194 

Letter from the Treasury to Simcoe, dated 2nd April, 1794, respecting 
the purchasing for the posts. ^ ' ' ^"96 

Simcoe to the Treasury, 5th August, 1794, on the same subject. 199 

giv^enTt7eagtr''^"'''"''J"^"'P''''^^^^^^^ '""^ ^'-^^ ^^.^^ 

P. Hunter to McGill, dated Quebec, 23rd February. 1801, hi-hlv ap'- 

proves of his transactions as agent of purchases. 205 

1 S^n''!''!^ ^^^l^l ^'l/^^'v■„.^^"'^'^*^■'^ *^ ^« ^''^'^«" ^»'' having a grant of 
1,200 acres made to Mr. William Bond in order to enable him to carry 
on the culture of hemp This industry is of the greatest importance aid 
every assistance possible is to be afforded him. ^ 207 

h„?'"'!u ^?^' ^-^ ..P^spatches Nos. 1 to 10 inclusive, received and laid 
suteed iVrof-Sl^'' ^^'•''"'^i^ P"^"^^^^ ^« approve' of Mr. McG.U Jo 
Afr Sh^ ;; ? k"''' ''" *'" ordinary member, and of Mr. Powell and 
Mr. belby to be honorary members of the Executive Council 31 

toat^'thJ'clo^o'ofTh^^ Transmitting copies of sixteen Acts assented 

m«rt with « I ^f ^''T\ ^"'^'^"'^ ^^ ^''*^ *^"»^-tb Provincial Parlia- 

Assemriv fnV,f« '*«^ '■'"'' ^""P'"'' ''^ ^''" '^'^""''^l" ^^ the Council and 

Assembly tor the same Session. 210 

i« S'h^ff K ^^T ^7- ^'T C'««tlereagh to Gore. (No. 5.) That he TGore) 

nort spnt totlfT"" """^ accounts of Upper Canada examined and a re- 
poit sent to the Treasury. „„„ 

Gore to Castlcreagh. (No. 19.) Despatches received. , 211 

(i. 311-1 

.luly 2!», 

July »>, 

No dati'. 
X<> flute. 


I«» hi- ^«^^"';ot he 16th October, 1H07, encloHinK ontimate 

estHbl.Hhmontof lJnp„r Cu..u.ia for 1807 rocoivod l'«„o 212 

^«mo. (No 20.). i^apoi-H relatin^Mo tho HairuH of tl,; 13a,t 

Goto to Cooke, 
of tlio ('ivi 
Same to wamo 

o,.OHH Of Lo..,uouil and- Patrick I^a,;,,^ to Vi^uniJ'^.e:;:;;!:: Z,Z 
iHlaridH oppoHito tho town of Kinj^Hton uujaccm 

To tho end of tho volume. 

Proclamation (in Freneh) by John (fraven Simcoe, to those persons 
<loK,r,n.,^ to nettle on Crown Landn in Upper Canada ^ u 

Salary and emohimentH of the Attorney General for 1807. 132 


ame as 


leld by 








to be 

ily ap- 


Decfiuber (>, 

•laniiary 2, 

•Tiinimry 7, 

January S. 

.Tiinujiry 1!), 

January 2.-J, 

Jiinuiiry 28, 
Foley I'lace. 

February 3, 

February .5, 



LiEtJT.-flovERNoii P. Gore and Miscellaneou8-1808. 
Q. 311-11. 

Continuation of the papers relative to Grande Isle and adjacent Islands. 

to GSe^ist ^''""'^ '^""'"' '^'^""°'- ^'^""•^" on'lrdSs'ir^S 

Opinion of the Solicitor (General of England on the same. 344 

John Mt-Gdl o Chrmtie an-l Shaw, lieque.sting them to find out what 

occasions the delaying in forwarding the /«flim«8 appoh ting^'im 

an honorary member of the Kxocutive Council ^' ^ i^S 

John Henry to I<]dvvard Hllice. Asks for his influence in ,,rocurincr 

Thorpe.' '"" "^ ^ "''"' '^'''^^'> ^''^^""^ ^^'-^''^'^ »''« ^Ji^missluof 

II. VVellesley to Cooke Transmitting abstract of warrants issued'^hi 

Governor (ore, on tho Receiver Gene!^al of Upper Canada foLorJ 

Castlereagh's observations thereon ' oo, 

Hm-rison to same. Transmitting letter from Gore, dated 15th Octet 

opinion 'the'ior^' re.iu.s.t.o.s for stationery fur Lord Castlere.^h's 

Roboi^ Thorpe to Castlei-eagh. Had received on the 26th Octobef a 

pnvalo letter from Cooke stating that ho was to be suspeXl from his 

judicm appointment, and not to remain in Canada throu-h the whiter 

setolUhe next day for England. Judges from this that to d -^es 

preferred against hi ni are serious. Asks for a speedv invest gatio.^'as 

e.'c4tVoverty! """" ''"'*^"' ''''''''^ '^" '" P^«^«^ ugSinsrhim 

Wm Johnson, Lt.-Col. 28th Regiment, to Castlereagh. Wishes to^bl 

appointed assistant in the Indian Department under hi.s father 388 

Harrison to Cook. Transmitting the account of Civil expenditure for 

Upper (anada, from 1st .lanuary, to 30lh June, 1807, for Lord St le- 

reagh's observations thereon. ' ' ' '^"^'^ ^'i«^'e- 

James Wyatt tx) Castlereagh. (Private.) Has sutfered great anxiety 

since hearing of his son's suspension from the office of SuiveS 

heai that Ins explanation appears to have exculpated him and that 
though It IS not considered wise to restore him to his forme'r positron 
yet he IS to be recommended to the Treasury for some other eqj^^valent 
appointrnent. Asks for particulars as to the charges &c ^^"'''^'.^J? 
Wm Johnson to Cooke. Does not wish to conceal the fact that he 
applied for the situation of Assistant Superintendent of the Indian 
Department with the hope of Nncffiodi-v hi' ftti-i,- <^:_ -mM-' ^""'^" 

the family. Asks for a final decision ..qr 

Lt.-Col. R. Matthews to Cooke. Knolosing memorial from Mrs Bird 
widow of the late Lt.-Col. Henry Bird. ^q^ 



Q. 311-11 


February fi, 
Y<.rk. ' 

February 10, 

Februn"y — 
Downing St. 


Mareh 19. 


Hj^B ;I|JH|. 


April 4, 


April 28. 

May 23. 

.Tune 1, 




July 3, 






July 10, 



H^^^^B i^lIM 

August 1.'), 

m ' 

August V.i, 

Tlie memorial states that no compensation has ever been made for the 
land at the mouth of the Detroit Eiver, belonging to her late husband 
which was taken possession of by the Government for the purpose of 
building a fort, &c. Page 408 

bketchand memorandum accompanying the memorial. 410a, 411 413 

Wm. Firth, Attorney Gonorul, to same. Soliciting the unappropriated 
salary of the Attorney General of Upper Canada, from the time of the 
appointment of Mr. Scott the late Attorney General, to the Chief Justice- 
ship, up to the date of his appointment. 414 

A P.S. statcH that the House of Assembly arc bringing in a bill to 
establish a Court of Common Pleas in every district, which he thinks 
will have a very injurious tendency. Considers this the first step 
towards declaring the indepondoncy of the Province, as the offices held 
by the Judges appointed by the King will become more sinecures, and 
Judges will be selucted from the few " unlearned native barristers "" 416" 

Edward Ellice to Wm. EUice. Transmitting letter from Mr Henry 
soliciting the appointment of Puisne Judge in Upper Canada vacant 
through Mr. Thorpe's removal. Also several letters recommendinff the 
appointment. 418 

Castlereagh to . Mr. Wyatt, the Surveyor General of Upper 

Canada, having been suspended from his office on account of his conduct 
towards His Majesty's Government, he, Castlereagh, suggests that mea- 
sures be taken for filling the position. Considers the suspension perfectly 
just. Hopes Mr. Wyaa may be employed in the public service in some 
other of His Majesty's colonies, where he may avoid such indiscretion 
for the future. a-jq 

Inglis, Ellice & Co., McTavish, Fraser & Co.,Brickwood,Daniell & Co 
to Castlereagh. Seconding the application made in behalf of John 
Henry, of Montreal, for the appointment of Puisne Judge in Uoner 
Canada. ' *'^^25 

Wm. Firth to Castlereagh. Asking to be appoints 1 to the Chief Justice- 
ship of Lower Canada, vacant by the death of Alcock. 428 

W. D. Adams to Cooke. Asks for the appointments, or certified copies 
thereof, made to John Small, John Powell and Thomas Scott. 435 

TIT ir^^V,*^ '"^"^ ^'^'^^ ^° ^^'"®- ^^^^^ ^'*'^®" the mandamus appointing 
Mr. McGill to a seat in the Council will be received, as he cannot draw 
the salary until it is, although performing the duties. 435 

Harrison to same. Transmitting requisition for stationery for the 
Indian Department, Upper Canada, for the year 1809, and asking for 
-Lord Castlereagh's opinion thereon. 449 

R. Mathews to same. Had transmitted on the 5th of February 

ast a letter on behalf of the widow of Lt.-Col. Bird, accompanied 

by her memorial, to which no answer has as yet been received. Asks 

that they bo submitted for Lord Castlereagh's consideration. 443 

Robert North to same. Respecting his salary. 445 

Gore to Harrison. Transmitting public accounts and vouchers for 
the half years ending 31st December, 1807. Also sends vouchers in sup- 
port of the accounts for the half years ending 31st December 1806 and 
30th June, 1807. ' ' 459 

Same to Castlereagh. Transmitting copy of the proceedings of the 
Executive Council on land matters from 9th September, 180G to 29th 
December, 1807, and on State matters from 13th October, 1807 to 25th 
June, 1808. 047 

Same to same. (No. 21.) A number of troops after serving in the 
American war, wore reduced and had grants of land made to them in 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where they settled, but many of them 

<^. 311-ir 



September 14. 

September 11. 

September l(i, 

September 23. 

September 2(), 

finding after repeated oxortionH that the land was not productive have 
come to Upper Canada and ask for grants free of expense Asks for 
instructions Page 348 

Order in Council appointing Wm. Dummer Powell and Prideaux Selby 
honorary members of the Executive Council of Upper Canada. 447 

Order in Council appointing John McGill an honorary member of the 
Executive Council of Upper Canada. 449 

Core to Cooke. (Private.) Has been informed that Lt.-Col. John- 
son of the 28th Eegiraent has quitted the Army or is about to do so that 
he may return to Canada, hoping to succeed his father, Sir John Johnson 
as hupenntendent General of Indian Affairs, who wishes to resign in 
favour of his son. Personal influence and a thorough knowledge of the 
character and customs of the nations are of the greatest importance in 
filling this responsible position. As Lt.-Col. Johnson is a total stranger 
to the Indians, he does not consider him a fit person for the appointment 
Colonel Claus, the Deputy Superintendent General is the proper person 
to succeed Sir John. Eecommends him in the strongest terms. P^ncloees 
«^"? }f^^i-» which Thorpe may thank him for not having transmitted 
officially. Hopes he is done with that gentleman. Hears that some of 
the merchants of Montreal have memorialed LordCastlereagh to appoint 
a Mr. Henry in Thorpe's place. Can scarcely believe in it, as Henry is 
an Irish adventurer, not even called to the Bar, and also a citizen of the 
United States. ogj 

Encloned. Letters respecting Thorpe's debts. 356 to 364 

OB. Wyatt to . Asking if anything had been done on his 

behalf. ^gj 

Wm Dummer Powell to Cooke. (Private.) Enclosing extract of a 
letter from his son Jeremiah, now at Curacoa. His knowledge of French 

Si'pteuiliiT 2S, 

Ofti)l)(;r 7, 

Octulior i), 

October 12, 

October 14, 



October ll!, 

and Spanish and acquaintance with the trade of the West Indies should 
qualify him (Jeremiah) for some situation. Hopes he will be remembered 
if such an opening occur. 450 

Enclosed. The extract. 455 

W. Fawkener to same. The Lords of the Committee of Council for 
Trade have considered Mr. Wm. Bond's representation respecting the 
culture of hemp. Eecommend that 1,200 acres of land be granted to 
him. ^ ^^g 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 22.) Reporting the death of Poter Russell 
an Executive Councillor, and Receiver General of this Province Has 
appointed Prideaux Selby to act as Receiver General till His Majesty's 
pleasure be known. Recommends Mr. Justice Powell to be a member of 
the Council in the room of the late Mr. Russell. 354 

Same to same. (No. 23.) Despatches received. Mr. Powell and Mr 
Selby have been sworn in as honorary members of the Executive Coun- 

Same to same. (Separate.) Asks that his appointment of Mr Solbv 
as Receiver General be confirmed. ygg 

Harrison to Cooke. Transmitting letter from Lt.-Governor Gore 
dated York, 2!)th July, together with the public accounts and vouchers for 
Upper Canada. Asks for Lord Castlereagh's observations thereon 458 
„,9'f.P^- '^^'"- Armstrong to Cooke. Enclosing a letter to his friend 
VVilliamson, about whom he is uneasy, not having heard of him for some- 
time. Asks that the letter be forwarded. In his last letter had stated 
his intention of asking his (Cooke's) help, in procuiint? him ono of the 
consulships now vacant in the United States, but yesterday had received 
news of the death of Peter Russell, Receiver Gener.-il, of Upper Canada' 
To succeed to this position would be the summit of his wishes. Hears 
that the 3rd Regiment at Halifax is under orders to embark, andthe 98th 
18 to take its place. The vessels under theconvoy of the "Iph'igenia" have 


Q. 311-II 




Octcibir 1!», 

October 20, 

November 25. 

November 30, 



December (i, 



December 15, 

December 23, 



arrived. She sails a^ain at the end of the month. The " Centurion " has 
arrived, but none of her convoy. p^j .g. 

Gore to Ca«tloreagh. (No. 24.) In reply to despatch No. 5, states that 
he has written to the Govornor-in-Chi«f on the subject of the Indian 
Store aecouKts, and encloses copy of letter to him. Had some time a^o 
submitted to Sir .Tames Craig the propriety of appointing a Board of Ac- 
counts in this province; his motive was to have all the accounts, some 
of which are ot many years' standing, finally adjusted. Craig approved 
of his proposition, and requested the names of suitable officers which 
were sent in June last but no further instructions have been received 
Asks that he be allowed to nominate a Board 370 

Enclosed. Same to Craig, 18th October, 1808, respecting the store 
accounts. ' r b ° q^T 

Same to Cooke. (Private.) Is sor.y to trouble him with another , -i- 
vate communication, but the death of the Receiver General calls for in- 
formation respecting that office. In Lower Canada the duties are easily 
executed, but here the Land Granting Department is so extensive that 
the duties are arduous. The small salary will surely not tempt any one 
a "S*^" "^ ^ ^ '' '" ^^^'"^ "^"^^ competent, hopes he will be 

Robert Thorpe to same. Respecting his quarter's salary 464 

Harrison to same. Transmitting the public accounts of Upper Cana- 
da for the half year ending 30th June, 1808, and requesting Lord Castle- 
reaghs observations thereon. ^gg 

Harrison to Cooke Transmitting abstracts of warrants issued bv 
Gore on the Receiver General for Lord Castlereagh's observations there- 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 25.) Enclosing memorial of D'Arcv Boul- 
ton, bohcitor General of Upper Canada ; recommends his petition 377 

The memorial asks for the unappropriated salary for the time he exe- 
cuted the duties of Attorney General. 373 

Harrison to C.joke. Transmitting three re.iuisitions for stationery 
sent by Gore, and requesting Lord Castlereagh's opinion thereon 468 

April S, 
Dov.iiiuf? St. 

No date. 

ISo date. 

Memo, of a letter to the Treasury unsigned. Thouo-h he thinks if -u] 
December 23. visable that Mr. Wyatt should not1,e allowed to return to his office in 
Canada, yet does not by any means wish that he be excluded entirely 
irom the public service. ^r,{. 

Draft of a letter to Gore. (No. 8.) Despatches received. Will trans- 
niit by the next paclcot the opinion of His Majesty's law servants upon 
ho case of Grande Isle. Mr. Justice Powell's appointment as a council- 
lor approved. Will recommend the Treasury to direct the attont of the 
province to pay to M,-. Boulton the portion of the salary attached to the 
otlioe ot Attorney General remaining unappropriated 380 

Thorpe to Cooke Asking that Mr. Adams be authorized to pay his 
salary foi' the last half year. ^^ /!,; 

Memorial of William Bond to the Hon. George Canning, Secretary of 
btate. Asks to be employed in Upper Canada upon the same terms as 
Messrs. Campbell and Grece are in Lower. Also for money to reimburse 
him or that expended in studying the agriculture of the colony and to 
enable him to purchase utensils, &c., to carry on the culture of 

''■ 472 

Enclosed. Memorandum accompanying the memorial 474 

Observationson the culture of hemp, propagation of "the warren rab- 
bit eve., by a member of the Upper Canada Agricultural and Commer- 
cial Society. 478 

Meniorial of Lt.-Col Henry Bird, l«th Regiment, asking for compen- 
sation for land granted to his lather at the mouth of the Detroit River 
which was afterwards taken possession of by Government, to-rether with 
the houses erected thereon by his father. 398 

No date. 


Marcli 20, 

Q. 312-1 

•Tanuary 5, 

January 27, 

January 28, 




th,8 article into general cultivation. Mills in each d fit, 1^?^^ ^ '"^jng 
and scutching would save much manual ahonr a? aAV^"' breaKing 
many difficulties to contend with "u h^ trfiaenUhari te^^^^^^^ ^' 

BHtrlXf '' '^'' ''^' ^^'u%^y^m^4f fbe^s^^T loTe 
Enclosed. Letter, dated 5th April. 1808 samo tn «nm^ v> ■ * 

The address. 8 

Answer. 11 

Grore to Castlereagh. Enclosing? ah^lrnof f,./^»« tu a j-. , . ^^ 

book of grants of la^d from IstV^^n^^^TsSrDetmt'^ISs^ '""^'U 

Abstract from the Auditor's Docket Book of Grants nf T i tt 

Canada which have passed the Great Seal of ^m! p • "V ^''I'^^ 
^^Jhejst of January aKd 31st December 1808 '^''''"'''' ^«*^««" 



Dui Iiain 

Nortliumbfrland . . 





-Diindas. .'. . 
I'ri'sco t . . , 


Stoniiont . . 






30 \iagara. 

( Jrciivillf 
Carlcton . 
Leeds , . , 

Kssex . 
Kent . 

Mi<l<ll(. . . 






■ Eastern. 



Leiino.x and AddinKtoii. 
Prince Edward 






I We.stern. 



!■ Midland. 


Total (Jrants. 
Errors excepted. 


2, .-.00 









13, 757 i 







I 80 
I 32 

;- 180 


No. of acres 







8a— 9 


Auditor General: 





Q. 312-1 

March 1, 

- 'Mr? 


March 14, 

March 20. 

} March 21, 

March 31, 

April 20, 

May 2. 

May 2. 

May .3, 


Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 28.) Captain Joseph Brant, principal chief 
of the MohawkH, died on the 27th November, 1807, leaving a widow and 
children unprovided for. He had been in receipt of a captain's half pay 
and a pennion of 58. a day. Encloses letter fi'om E. B. Littlohales and 
hopen Mrn. Brant's case will be considered. She has much influence over 
the Five Nations who would bo much gratified by any liberality shown 
to her. Page 18 

Enclosed. Littlehales, Simcoe's Secretary, to Brant, (private) dated 
2nd January, 1796, giving the following ex'tract from a- letter of Dorch- 
ester's to Simcoe : "Should any accident happen to Capi. Brant, I have 
no doubt of his wife getting a handsome pension, at least 1 can answer 
for it as far as may depend on my influence and exertions." 20 

Same to same. (No. 29.) The Legislature of this province met on the 
2n(l of Febiuary. Encloses copies of speeches. 21 

Enclosed. Speech deliveied by Gore to the two Houses on the opening 
of the Legislature. 22 

Add^e^^l:■. in answer from the Council. 25 

Ditto from the Assembly. 28 

Speech delivered by Gore on the prorogation which took place on the 
9th March. 31 

Goi e to Castlereagh. (No. 30.) When he came to the province the 
Legislative Council consisted of nine members, since then two have died, 
one vacated his seat, and a fourth is too old and infirm to attend. The 
Council has often the unpopular task of resisting inexpedient measures 
brought forward by the Assembly and forms a useful counterpoise to 
the ra.shness of the latter body. Kecommends Wm. Dummer Powell, 
Thomas Talbot and William Claus to fill the vacancies. 34 

Same to same. (No. 31.) Asks permission to increase the pay of 
James Givins, Agent for Indians at this place, to 10s. a day. His 
reasons. 37 

Loid Selkirk to Gore. Asking for some explanations of the report of 
the Executive Council on his (Selkirk's) memorial. 90 

(In Gore's No. 33 of 19th July.) 

Gore to Cooke. (Private.) Respecting the public accounts. Does not 
doubt but that the difficulty with the Americans will be amicably set- 
tled. When that happens, hopes that the mode of granting land in 
Upper Canada may be changed. ' 40 

Enclosed. List of the only authorities under which public moneys in 
Upper Canada are paid. 45 

Wm. P. Bennett, Captain 6th U.S. Infantry, to Henry Arnold. Stating 
that Capt. Holmes is in no way implicated in the shooting of the deser- 
ter, Underhill. The seigeant was under his (Bennett's) orders, and is 
proud they were executed with so much spirit. The man was not a sub- 
ject of Great Britain, and he does not understand why he should be pro- 
tected. If Capt. Holmes's case is considered calmly, is quite sure his 
men will be discharged. 57 

(No. 1 in Gore's No. 32 of 1st July.) 

Capt. Bennett to Jesse Purdy. As be fears the affair of yesterday mav 
injure Capt. Holmes in his opinion, states thathe (Holmes) was ignorant 
of the attempt to take Underbill. Considers he was quite justified in 
trying to get possession of the deserter, but gave his sergeant orders not 
to injure any inhabitant. 62 

(No. 3 in Gore's No. 32 of Ist JulyO 

Henry Arnold to Capt. Bennett. His letter of the 2nd inst. received, 
the siyie of which would have been astonishing had he not previously 
been informed that it was under his (Bennett's) orders that the atro- 
cious crime was committed. Whether Underhill was a subject of His 
Majesty or not is quite out of the question, he was within the province, 

<i. 312-1 



May 3, 

May (!, 

May 9, 

May 10, 

May 16. 

June 17, 

July 1, 


July 18, 

July If, 


July 20, 

and therefore under the protection of the law. If he fCaot Bennetts or 

h.H pet y officer can be taken in the province, adequate pEnishmentwU 

ZhJ;.^' "'^'"''^' ""t^'thHtanding his pr^etende^d milZy au- 

(No. 2 in Gore's No. 32 of 1st July.) ^**^® ^^ 

Corner's inquest on the body on Iwiac D. Underbill. an 

(JSo. 9 in Gore's No. 32 of Ist July.) 

Elizabeth town Daniel Jones, J.P., Thomas Sherwood, JP and 
Henry ArnoH. J P., to the ma^nstrates of the County of St. Lawrence 
and State of New \ork. Isaac D. Underbill was murdered herein he 
Is inst.; the persons accused are Sergt. John Graves and two mrates 
acting under orders given by their Captain, Wm. P. Bennett^ithev 
have violated the aws of Canada, asfc that the accused, namely CapT 
Bennett, Sergeant Graves, and the two privates be given'up Will Ave 
no particulars of the outrage, as they are probably known.' ^74 

(ISo. 7 in Gore's No. 32 of Ist July ) 

Gore to Castlereagh. Transmitting a continuation of the minutes of 
Lilv ^o^'imrn °""'k' ""^Fjr ?^"'^^^ °" State matters, from ho 72tl 

L?yro2\tD':rcrbt;,'iS'^"'""'^"^ '"^"^^•^' ^--^^« ^^^^z 

Natjnin Ford and Louis llasbrouck, magistrates of the County of 
St. Lawrence to the magistrates of Elizabethtown. In answer to letter 
6th ,nst., state that those accused of the murder of UndeXu are now 
at the.r station at Sackett's Harbour, and consequently out Sthe^ 
junsd.ction. Regret the occurrence and hope it may not disturb the 
good unders andmg existing between the twS countrL. Eedress Jan 
only be had by applying to the Government. -"^caress can 

(No. 8 in Gore's No. 32 of 1st July.) * 

Memorial of the magistrates of the District of Johnstown, assembled 
m Quarter Sessions (o Lt.-Gov. Gore. Consider it their dut} tol™y he 

(No. 10 in Gore's No. 32 of 1st July.) ^* 

me^i^rNos'^l'to^To i^'Xill ^"'"^'"? ^''^^^'"^ ^^ *'^« «"«^«««d docu^ 
ments^os. 1 to 10, it will be seen that some American soldiers seized 

one of their own deserters while residing near Cornwall, without anv 

authority from the ovil power, and that while carrying him away ie 

attempted to escape, and was fired upon and killed. Asks that the ner 

sons accused of the murder bo delivered up. It would b^Vn adtant^Je" 

Svin^ip " ieTerte""' arrangement could be adopted for the mutS 

(No. 11 in Goie's No. 32 of Ist July.) ^^ 

Same to Castlereagh. Transmitting memorial of the magistrates of 

the District of Johnstown, accompanied by several documents re ative 

to the murder of Isaac D. Underbill, by a sergeant and two privates ^J 

the Amencan army. Has forwarded copies of the enclosed papers ?o 

t^ nf -iSine ""'" "' W-J^-'^^O"- Also encloses copy of^iirietter 

'F^nclosures calendared at their respective daies.) 

fl,!ff ^ ;«.Selkirk Letter oftheHlstMarch received. Eegrets extremely contained in the report of the Executive CouncilslS 
have created any preuidice against him rS«ll,!,.iA glj 

1 _ ''*'®^ '*"y prejudice against hmi (Selkirk) 

fea.„e to CasticrcaKh.^ (No. 33.)^ Jiindosingcopy of letter from Lord 


Selkirk with his (Gore's) answer thereto. 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 

Same to same. (No 34 ) Had recommended in'dospatch No 30 that 

^^ Wm. Dummer Powell, Thomas Talbot, and William cFaus be appointed 



Q. 312-1 

■I? ' 




August 1(1, 

August 23, 

September 1, 

September 2, 

September 4, 

September 8, 
Downing St. 

September .S, 
Downing St. 

September 20, 

to the LegiBlative Council. Urging the necessity of filling the vacancies 
botore the meeting of the LegiHlutuie early in February next. Page 100 

Wm. Dummer Powell to Gore. A second season being about to close 
with no prospect of Thorpe's situation being filled, asks that he be 
allowed half the salary of the vacant judgeship as he has an undue 
amount of labour and responsibility. jjg 

(In Gore's No. 36 of 1st September.) 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 35.) Enclosing petition from Mr. Jarvis 
becretary of this province, and the report of the Executive Council 
thereon. Recommends that consideration be given to the memorial 101 

Enclosed. The memorial, dated York, "JSth May, 1809, states that ho 
IS out ot pocket througli hiH appointment, and asking for relief. 104 

Report of the Executive Council on the n'^-^nrial. dafm' 7th"Au<nist 
1809. ' ^jy^' 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 36.) Enclosi' , ^plication from Mr. 

Justice Powell for half Mr. Thorpe's salary fo, j year ending 1st July 
last. Has received great assistance from Powell. 117 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Same to same. (No. 37.) Enclosing memorial of Thomas Ridout, joint 
acting burveyor General of this province. Recommends the petition 
being granted. ^ j2q 

Enclosed. Memorial of Thomas Ridout, staling that ho had been put 
to much expense through the seat of Government being moved fiom 
Niagara to York, and asking for a grant ot land. " 12I 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 38.) Governor Ci'aig transmitted a copy "of 
his (Castlereagh s) despatch of 8th April last, with copies of some cor- 
respondence from Upper Canada, principally from Mr. Norton, upon the 
desire of the Five Nation Indians for alteration in the tenure of the 
lands set apart by General Haldimand for their use, and that of their 
posterity, and stating that an opinion prevails in England that they 
might be civilized ; to that end it =s proposed that they be allowed to 
lease or alienate their lands, and that Mr. Norton be employed in carry- 
ing into ertect any measui'os proposed for improving these Indians 
Enters at length into the different points. 128 

Enclosed. Papers relating to the subject. ISY 145 143 

Draft of a letter to Gore. (No. 10.) bespatches numbered from 26 to 
31 i-eceivod and laid before the King. Messrs. Coutts have been autho- 
rized to accept Col. Claus's bills to (ho extent of the interest on the sum 
vested in the funds for the benefit of the Indians. His (Gore's) repre- 
sentation concerning the culture of hemp is before the Committee of 
C()unci or Irade and Plantations. His Majesty approves of the pension 
enjoyed by the late Joseph Brant being continued to his widow The 
proper wari'ants will be prepared appointing Messrs. Powell. Talbot and 
Glaus to the Council. No increase at present to be allowed Mr. Givens 38 

Draft of a letter to Gore. (No. 9.) The sixteen Acts, No. 156 to No 
171 inclusive, which passed the Provincial Legislature of Upper Cnnada 
in J^ebruary, 1808, have been submitted to the consideration of the Privy 
Council and do rot appear liable to any objection. 150 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 39.) Has been much surprised to learn by 
the English newspapers that notice has been given in the House of 
Commons by a Mr. P. Moure of an intended motion to be made by him 
relative to his (Gore's) conduct as Lieutenant-Governor of Upoer Canada 
and stating in his notice that discontent had prevailed Huh province 
owing to his misconduct and oppression. It is true that fhoipe VVyatt 
and others attempted with ^ome success to create discontent! in Upper 

s specified in the enclosure marked A 

Canada. Reforp him to the letter^ ,^ 

which show the opposition offered to Govei'nment "by these per 
Since Mr. Thorpe's .departure things have become perfectly tranquil 


Q. 312-1 






October 3, 

October 4, 

No date. 

more. It ci-ciit is to bo .tfivon to the addresses of the House of Assembly 
in 1808 (enclo.iure B) uiid in 1809 (enclosure 0) an well as to the tosti- 
mony of the Oluef Justice, who has just returned from visiting five out 
of the eight districty (enclosure D) the inhabitants are in general con- 
tenteu with fhoGovernmont undorwhich they live, Ts unable to transmit 
Justice Powell's report, as ho has not yet returned from the other three 
districts. In case ho may be accused of not having sufficiently attended 
to the iiiterests of the Loyalists refers him to his proclamation respecting 
thorn (enclosure E). If perhaps the attack against him may be caused 
by the recent removal of Thorpe, Wyatt, VViilcocks and Rogers from 
ollice, gives a short account of the reasons fo- such removals. Pago 151 
Enclosures: papers marked. A 155, B 156, C 159, D 162, E 164 

• u ' ^.f" Castlorea-h. (Separate.) In case Mr. Moore's intended motion 
m tho House of Commons should liavo reference to Mr. Wyatt, transmits 
another copy of the report of the E.xecutive Council with several docu- 
ments on the complaint of Ralph Clinch, agent to tho late Sergeant 
Young. Sends this letter by Mr. Thomas Ridout, joint acting Surveyor 
reiieral, on leave, who will be able to give all information relative to 

In nn /»vo n f .a . 

land grants. 




Report of the Executive <Jouncil on tho complaint against 

of Ralph Clinch, dated Ith November, 1807, against 

Papers relating to the charge. 193 to 231 

Wm. Dummer Powell to Gore. Observations made during his late 
circuit, on the actual state of tho colony. 234 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 40.) Transmitting a report from Mr. Justice 
ihorpe, Judge of the Assize, just returned from circuit. 233 

Examination of Francis Davis in the case of the murder of Isaac D 
Underhill. ^1 

Bitto of Robert Hugenon. gg 

Ditto of Rebecca Elliott. ^JQ 

Ditto of Jonathan Fulford. ^1 

(Numbers 4, 5 and 6 in Gore's No. 32 of Ist July.) 

Al.arch 27, 
Downing St. 

January 3, 

January 11. 

March 5, 


Q. 312-11. 

Draft of a letter to Gore. (No. 1.) The papers enclosed in letter of 
6th October last, relating to the decision of the Court of Upper Canada 
in the case of Rogers, having been referred to the consideration of His 
Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General, he transmits copy of their 
report, dated 15th inst. Page 282 

William Dummer Powell to Adam Gordon. Enclosing memorial 
addressed to Lord Castlereagh, asking that as he has been acting as sole 
puisne judge, and his duties have been considerably increased since the 
removal of Thorpe, he may be allowed half the salary of the vacant 
office. " 35^ 

Enclosed. The memorial. 353 

Thomas Coutts & Co. to Edward Cooke. Asking if they may accept 
a bill for £92 10s., drawn upon them by Col. Claus, on account of interest 
arising froni tho Six Nation money funded in the 3 per cents. 360 

Thomas Forsyth (Messrs. McKonzie & Forsyth) to Castlereagh. Is 
requested by some friends of his in Canada to represent him (Castle- 
reagh) that they had some time ago presented a memorial to Governor 
Gore, concerning their claim to some lands acquired by purchase 



Q. 312-11 



April 21. 


Mny 9, 




May 17, 



Jrly 21, 





F '"' 

August 10, 



i' '*','' 



August 17, 




September 4, 



September 11, 


October 6, 



October 14, 

October 21, 

November 1, 

November 3, 

in Upper Canada, which memorial was transmitted for His Majesty's 
deciBion, not yet received. A-ks that in.structions be sent to the 
Governor of Upper Canada to enable him to give a decision. Pago 361 

Order in Council appointing VVm. Dummer Powell an ordinany'mem- 
ber of the Plxocutive Council of Upper Canada. 3(;3 

R. Ward to Cooke. Enclosing a memorial from Michel Alphonse 
Balio!. 3f55 

Enclosed. The memorial. (French.) 366 

Harrison to Cooke. Eespecting the Indian store accounts Upper 
Canada. 3(j8 

Charles Arbuthnot to same. Transmitting the public accounts for 
Upper Canada and vouchers in support of tlie same, for the half year 
ending Hist December, 1808, for Lord Castlereagh's observations 
thereon. 3'j'O 

Wm. Dummer Powell to Adam Gordon. Asking that he use his 
influence to further his (Powell's) claim to half the salary of the non- 
efficient judge. 3'5'2 

Charles Arbuthnot to Cook. Transmitting letters from Mr. C. B. 
Wyatt on the subject of the losses sustained by him in consequence of 
his suspension from office as Surveyor General of Upper Canada. 371 

Charlotte de la Garde (ndo Von Behm) to same. Asking that a 
favourable answer be given to the memorial presented by her husbiind 
some time ago. 374 

Wm. Jarvis to John Brickwood. As Secretary to the province, it has 
fallen to his share to perfect the patents for hinds to the Loyalists, and 
has in that service incurred heavy liabilities (about £1,500 in tenyeais) 
for the parchment, wax, stationery, &c., asks that he (Brickwood) u.e 
his influence to have him reimbursed. 376 

Gore to Castiereagh. (No. 41.) The opinions of the law officers of the 
Crown and the judges of the Court of King's Bench in this province are 
often so much at variance that he does not know on whose opinion to 
rely. Transmits documents relating to the ease of the King ?;s. David 
McGregor Bogers as an instance, and asks for the opinion of the 
Attorney and Solicitor General in England on this case. 240 

Enclosed. Documents relating thereto. 242 to 281 

Same to Edward Cooke. (Private.) Eespecting the motion to be 
made by Mr. Peter Moore at the ensuing session, with the view of cen- 
suring his conduct as Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. 283 

Same to Castiereagh. (No. 42.) Despatch of 21st June received. The 
statement called for of the tenure duties and emoluments of the several 
officers in Upper Canada is herewith transmitted. Also transmits (as 
far as they have been received) the several statements signed by the 
respective officers of their salaries and emoluments. Despatches sent to 
Canada by way of Halifax and Quebec, are generally from four to seven, 
and sometimes eight months on their passage, while those by way of 
New York reach this place usually in about two. 291 

Enclosed. Statements. 293 to 32.5 

Rev. John Stuart to Major Halton, Secretary to Lieut.-Gov. Gore, 
Enclosing statement of the tenure duties and emoluments of his offic3. 
He receives half pay as a reduced chaplain, and is also a missionary of 
the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, lor which he receives £50 
a year; as he does not consider these allowances absolutely con- 
nected with his office as parochial clergyman at Kingston, he has not. 
included them in his statement. ^9g* 

Enclosed statement. 328 

Wm. Bond to the Solicitor General, giving particulars of the pro- 
ceedings of certain "dangerous persons" (Thorpe, Wyatt, and Jos, 

Q. 312-11 




November 14, 

November 15, 

December 21 , 

December 23, 

December 24, 


December 28, 

December 28, 

Willcocks) who aro endeavouring to bow the seeds of sedition and re- 
b llion in Canada. Page 333 

(In Gore's No. 43 of 14th November.) 

Gore to Oastloroagh. (No. 43.) Enclosing a letter to the Solicitor 
General from Mr. Bond, of so extraordinary a nature that ho should 
consider himself wanting in duty did he withhold it. 332 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Same to Hame. (No. 44.) Has been applied to by Wm. ClauH in behalf 
of the Five Nation Indians, whose property amounting to upwards of 
£8,000 was Bent homo some years ago to the banking house of Messrs. 
Coutts to be invested in the 3 per cents. He (Glaus) had only drawn 
for £277-15-6^ last year, and this for £400. Asks that wuch orders be 
given that the bankers in future may state explicitly what sum may 
annually be drawn for. 344 

Same to same. (No. 45.) Sending duplicates of the statements of 
the tenures, duties and emoluments of the several officers in Upper Can- 
ada. Encloses also five returns received since his despatch of 21st 
October. 326 

(The returns are all enclosed with the originals from page 293 to 

Same to same. (No. 46.) Transmits a report of the Executive 
Council respecting an intended road in the Western District. The 
great necessity of opening up roads in a country so thinly populated as 
Upper Canada, has induced the Legislature from time to time to grant 
sums of money for the purpose out of its slender revenue, but as those 
means fell far short of what was required other measures were adopted. 
Two great roads, Young and Dundas streets, have been opened by 
granting lots on each side of these roads on condition that the grantees 
should make and maintain the portion opposite their respective 
settlements. A similar plan is recommended for the Western District 
by the Executive Council, and nothing prevents the plan being brought 
into operation at once, but the Crown and Clergj' Reserves, which, 
must be removed from the proposed lines of communication. Should 
His Majesty give directions for the proposed change, as per diagram 
transmitted, he (Gore) will next turn his attention to the disposing of 
the tract set apart for public schools in the way best calculated to fulfil 
His Majesty's intentions. 347 

Enclosed. Report of the Executive Council. 351 

Col. J. A. Vosey, Deputy Barrackmaster in Canada, to Lt.-Col. Bun- 
bury, Under Secretary of State. In the year 1805, a grant of 5,000 aci-es 
was issued in his favour, but the expense has hitherto prevented his taking 
out the patents. Asks that the said grant may be issued to him free of 
fee. 380 

Enclosed. Letter dated 22nd June, 1805, from Lord Camden to Lt.- 
Goneral Hunter, respecting the grant to Col. Vesey. 3;"'«2 

Harrison to the Hon. Cecil Jenkinson. Transmitting letter from 
Goi'c enclosing requisitions for stationery for the year 1810, for Lord 
Liverpool's opinion thereon. 384 

Same to same. Transmitting letter from Gore enclosing abstr? "its of 
warrants issued by him on the late Receiver General of Jpper 
Canada. 385 

.Tanuiiry 0, 


Q. 313-L 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 47.) Acknowledging circular letters of 
12tL May and 2 1st and 26th June, 180y. Pago 2 


February 1, 


Q. 313-1 

J'ebruarv (5, 
York. ' 

February 7, 
York. ■ 

March 1, 

March 10, 

March 11, 

iJ: !" f"'"''-- (D"P''«J^t«-) The notice by Mr. Peter Moore of an in- 
aZiln ?^ " \" .^u" .""""^ ofCom.uun« to enquire into abuses in the 
fTiT.r^H '"r \^^ ^^overnment in Upper clnada, appearing, to bo 
.'A vl 1?,K l>bel pubh.hed in the name of Mr. Jack«or\ ami entitled 
isns"^ of the political Hituat...n of the Province of Upper Canada in 
1H08 It seems incumbent upon him ((iore) to furnish evidence to L'ive 
In, fT ;'0"t™''^t.on to the motion. Hopes the enclosed will be sViffi- 
wlLf p "''• ,^"*«^« him to former despatches respecting Thorpe and 
VV>att. Komarks on the case of these g'jntlomon. PaL'e "^ 

Enclosed. Brief notices of a " View of the Political situation of 
Upper Canada in 1808," with reference to documents to show the mi" 
representations of the author. ^ ^% 

Enclosed. Papers referred to in the foregoing. 48 to 198 

<h«Tr"^n^'''T^'''-(^'?-^^-) '^^"«lo«i%' the annual establishment of 
«rv f^n ir l^epartmont and requisiiions for Indian presents and station- 
eiy for the year 1810. Also a requisition to be substituted for the ord 
inary requisition for presents in case of war. Great need of a sur- 

S,"".. -"^ '^"^'i"l>' *" '''^/"^' ^^^ '^'^'^ ^"^'""«; the garrison mate 
rn ght bo given 5 shillings a day to attend all cases. Attention to their 
sick has as great an eftect on their minds as the presents given. Asks 

K-^T/r'T T^ n ^''^" *^ P'""« ^'"- J- Chew, storekeeper and 
iT« ;;• 1 L '"'" ^«l»^''t™e"t at Fort George, on the pension list, as 

his mind has given way, principally through family misfortunes. 199 
^^^jidoserf. Proposed establishment of the Indian Department for 

r^.l^'ff of temporary appointments and pensions in the Indian Depart- 
meni lor lolU. ■* o/i.j 

Eequisition for Indian presents for Upper Canada. 204 

^itto for an extra quantity required in case of war. 208 

Requisitions for stationery for Upper Canada. 212,214.216 218 220 

for t^H C'*f''«'-«!»f<h.. (No. 49^) The Legislature met on the Ist'inst. 

tor the despatch ol business. Encloses speeches on the occasion. 222 
Enclosed. Speech by Gore to both Houses, on the opening of Parlia- 

Address from the House of Assembly in answer to the above. 225 
JJitto from the Legislative Council. 228 

Gore to Castlereagh. (No. 50.) Since the half pay of reduced officers 

?) J„?. p''''/"'"*t n''^'^ ".^"''"^ '" ^his province, has been paid by the 
Deputy Postmaster General, a regulation has been acted upon by which 
no person holding any provincial office is allowed to draw ha!f pa- 
This has a very bad effect on the Colony from the transfer of theofflces 
of district judges, sheriffs, coroners, clerks of the peace, registrars &c 
ft-om tried and faithful subjects to new settlers. tLsc e3ument;ti"e 
ess than the half pay of many of these officers who will be compelled 
to resign and will thereby be greatly distressed. ^ 930 

Same to same. (No. 51.) Enclosing unanimous addresses of the two 
Houses on the occasion of the King entering the fiftieth year of his 
reign. Also the proclamation of the Governor of Lower Canada announc- 
ing a general pardon ; as this seemed to call for a similar one from him 
(Gore) and having dounts of the propriety as well as the legality of so 
full a pardon, he called upon the Executive Council for their tdvice who 
unanimously agreed that it would be more respectful to wait His Maj- 
esty s commands. ^.jJ 
Enclosed. Addresses, * oqk o-A 
Proclan.Ation. ^' .-^ 
Proceedings of the Executive Council, 243 
Gore to Castlereagh, Mr. Jackson's pamphlet carried with it such 
e Mdent condemnation that he would have allowed it to pass unnoticed 

Q. 313-1 


March 12. 

March 31, 



had not tho motion of Mr. P. Mooro in the IToiiHe indiicod him (Caetle- 
reugh) to oxpress ii wiwh to bo furniHiiod with tho mouns of refuting its 
miHropresontations, dociiinonts for which purposo wore forwarded with- 
out delay. With tlus despatch transmits copy of tho unanimous vote of 
the House of Assembly as folio wh: — "Resolving that the pamphlet en- 
" titled ' A View of tho Province of Upper Canada,' signed John Miles 
Jackson, contains a false, scandalous and seditious liboi, comprising ox- 
" pressions of tho most unexampled insolonce and contumely towards 
"His Majesty's (lovernmont of the Province, the grossest anporsions upon 
"the House of Assembly, the Courts of Justice therein, and thoofflcersof 
"the Civil Establishment of the said Government, and most manifestly 
" tending to alienate the atfo.-tionsof tho people from His Majesty's Crov- 
"ernment of this Province, to withdraw tboin from their obedience to 
" the laws of the country, and to excite them to insurrection." Page 245 
Enclosed. Tho vote of the House. " 247 

Same to same. (No. 53.) Has this day prorogued the Legislature. 
Encloses copies of tho speeches on the occasion. 248 

Enclosed. Speech on prorogation. 249 

Speech from tho House of Assembly. 252 

Gore to Castlereagh. Enclosing abstract froii the Auditor's Docket 
Books of grants of land between ist January and Slst Docoraber, 1809. 

Abstract from tho Auditor's Docket Books of Grants of Land in Upper 
Canada which have passed the Groat Seal of the Province between 
the 1st January and Slst December, 1809. 






Durham . . . 

. . . 6 



. .. 28 

Lincobi .... 



Home . 

- Newcastle 




21,. 532 

! Total 
j Number 

I Grants. 





PrpHcdtt . . 
Russell . . . 
Stormont. . 








)■ Eastern. 

Carleton, . 

Kent . 

Norfolk . . . 
Oxford . 



Lennox and ^Vddington. . . . 
Prince Edward 



>■ .Johnstown. 


[■ Western. 


f London. 













No. of Acres 








40 h 
16 i| 



- Midland. 



!- 79 I 14,648 J ,5^ 

I I 

500 1105,624 HA 


Auditor General. 




April 21, 


Q. 313-1 

April 2.'<, 

May 4, 

CToretoLivoi-pool. (No. 1.) ITiivinf,. been <iirocto(l by Lord CnHtleroutrh 
to K^uit Mr. \Vm. HoikI 12,0(10 acroH of Imul, un,| U, Htlord that L'ontio- 
man every HK.^ in liis power to brin^' to perfoetion the culture of 
liemp in ihm |)rovin("o, ho HtutoH that ut'tor a search of many months Mr 
Bond wan unable to Hnd land titled for his purpose without purehasinir" 
but lest tho season for sowinir Hhoiild pass without anythinir bointr done 
has issued a warrant on the Receiver General for £200 to assist Mr Bond 
in some oxpennients he intends to make on some waste lands in the 
Western District. Piitfo 258 

Same to same. (No. 2.) Transmittint? a representation from the ma.ris- 
t rates ot the District ot Nia>,'ara, in favour of a Mr. Warren. AlthouL'h 
ills Majesty has been pleased to remove Mr. Justice Thorpe from the 
province, Mr. Warren's case calls no less lur the intervention of the 
Crown, more particularly as his zeal was exerted to protect fbieiL'n pro- 
perty vvrccked on our shores. Mr. Justice Powell has stated that when 
he dischuru'od Hawn for the irregularity of the commitment, the law 
comnollo.1 him to do an injustice, as he merited a capital punishment in- 
stead of imprisonment Asks that the representation of the maLnstrales 
be avourably cnnsideied, and that he be authorized to pay the damaires 
and expenses incurred by Mr. Warren on the case referred to. 260 

(The enclosure "A Report of the Magistrutes of the District of Nia- 
gara respecting the wreck <>f an American vessel," given to Governor 
Gore in original the 12th April, 1810.) 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 3.) Knclosing report of a Committee of the 
hxecutive Council as a board of audit for accounts on certain changes in 
the account of the Attorney General of this Province. The articles sus- 
pended by that Board are: 1st. Certain warrants ot returning officers for 
elections, and 2iid, Certain commissions which have passed the groat 
seal ot this Province (not for places of emolument or profit) viz.: Com- 
missioners of Assize, 7iisi prius Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deli- 
very, and also proclamations. Previous to the year 1802, the Auditor 
Ixeneral of Upper Canada was authorized to receive like foes to those re- 
ceived by the Auditor General of the Lower Province, according to ihe 
table enclosed. Hven after the Order in Council of 1802, the Attorney 
General continued to receive his foes, as well as the Lieut.-Governor and 
Secretary of the Province, and he (Gore) considers that order did not 
extend further than regulating the Attorney's fees in criminal and civil 
suits. Encloses table adopted by Governor Simcoe, in 179:1 but men- 
tioned by the Board of Audit as being of doubtful authority. Usage, how- 
ever, has sanctioned its adoption, ilas directed that his (Gore's) own 
account should bo withdrawn, as he considers it due to his situation that 
ho should receive no fees about which a shadow of doubt can arise Ad- 
vises that such fees as are sanctioned by usage be made lawful until a 
complete table shall be made out. The unple:tsant situation of the Lt- 
trovornora respecting fees. Asks for commands relative to the allowance 
of the fees now for the first time suspended by the Board of Audit as 
the Attorney General considers himself aggrieved by such suspen- 
sion. 2(J3 
Enclosed. Eeport. 269 to 2(5 
Items suspended in former accounts. 2*76 
iwrni'''^'"®-^ tJeneral's account for the half year ending December 31st, 
ISO.t. 280 
Copy of the proceedings in Council on 30th Dec., 1802, respecting the 
Attorney General's fees. ' ^ <,q-, 

T l^^'lJIno ^""""l ^*"^ proceedings of Liout.-Gov. Simcoe in Council on 19th 
July, 1793, with a copy of the Nova Scotia fee tables. 292 

Q. 313-1. 



June 11, 

June 11, 

July 2H, 

Gorti to Liverpool. Transmitting (iopies of thirtoon Actn to which ho 
gave the R ^ya\ aHsent at the clone of the Hocond HOHHion of the Fifth Pro- 
vincial Parliament, with Hi^hedule. AIho copieH of Journals of the riO|,'i8- 
Itttive Council and House of AHsombly for the sumo hohbIou. Paj^o 297 

P. Langan to (roro. Kospecting \m claim to (rrando Isle. " 2U1> 

(In (Jore's No. 4 of 28th .Fuly.) 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 4.) Having been nolitiotl by Lord Castlo- 
rough in answer to his dosnatch, No. IH, that tho opinion of the Attorney 
and Solicitor (lenoral should ho transmitted to him (Gore) on the claim 
of the Baroness of Lonyuoiiil and Patrick L-mgan to the Grand Isle, he 
asks that the opinion bo forwarded as soon as possible. Kncloses letter 
lately rcceivod from Langan. 298 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates. 



NovpuiIh'I' 21), 

December 21, 


Mav li), 
Duulin Castle. 

July 1, 

Q. 313-11. 

N. Lo Favre, lato of Dublin, lottery offleo keeper, to Mr. .Justice 
Thorpe. Had written him at Xiagara and previously handed S250 to 
Mr. Clinch to bo given to him (Thorpe.) Has no doubt, but both have 
been delivered. Asks fron\ what part of Fngland Governor (roro comes 
and his connections, that he may know to whom to apply for a letter to 
him. Asks that his son-in-law's name (VVm. Uonohiic) be put in his 
place for receiving lands. Ovves more to tho candour of Col. Glaus than 
to all the parties ho had previously communicated with. Asks for the 
continuance of his (Thorpe's) conHdonce. Pag%489 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

Samuel Thompson to Justice Thorpe. Is laid up from the effect of 
the Journey from York. Thinks he is being made too much the butt of 
the party and after the election Mr. VVillcocks must get some one else 
in his place. Mr. Vildison afraid of the risk. Is astonished to hear 
Mr. (rough is taking such an active part in the electioneering, but the 
freeholders must know his choice cannot be good, as he expended $200 
last election in opposing their candidate. Thinks, instead of keeping the 
taverns open, something lo eat and drink might bo kept in some con- 
venient i)lace. Has too good an opinion of the freeholders of the coun- 
try to think they would sell their votes for a glass of grog. Capt. 
Brant, Mi'. Jones, and several others from the head of the lake will be at 
York. Hopes for the good of the country that he (Thorpe) will be 
elected. 442 

Endorsed, "An intimate connection between the writer, the Rev- 
"erend Eobert Addison, Mr. Justice Thorpe, the Indian Brant and the 
"future Editor of the (rwarrfum newspaper recommending economy at 
"the election." 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

C. B. Wyatt to Robert Thorpe. Projecting a charge against the ad- 
ministration of Government in Upper Canada, o. exercising arbitrary 
power, sacrificing the beneficent promises of the Sovereign, misapplying 
grants of land and stores, abuses in the Indian Department, dissatisfaction 
of the Five Nations, infringement upon the freedom of election, &c. 428 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

Jiev. Robert Addison to Mrs. Thorpe. Promising to assist the under- 
illcocks. 325 



(In Gore's of 9th August.) 


July 1, 



July 24. 


Julv It. 


Q. 313-ir 

July li), 

Samu el Thompson to Robert Thorpe. Accident met with bv Robert 

r ' '^'^'^ *"'^ «"^ broke a Hmall bone in his -irm P- mf r'^A? n 

hun the Dutchmen are gone up the luke\;Uh tCmo-fe/^ofS S 
expects thonLsoon with Mr. Joues, and hopes he (tZS will^^eras-^ 
s stance then Ml ti,e money way. Mr. Justice Poiei 7oni to Madr^^^ 
Hea, s John Powell is to have an appointment here. sS , ape^-s a nd 

!t^u •no^::;^;i;t!^o{hi;r '• ''-' ''- '-'-^-^ ^^ ^-°F ? 

" tendent General of Indian Affairs ^Col Claii^) " ^ ^ ^^"''''''"• 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) '^' 

-^o-^cph Willcocks to Messrs. J. and D Cozens ISThw V,-,,-!- a„ 

(In Goi'e's of 9th August ) ^^^ 

On'S. o^fTh A^L-t.f """"' °""°''° """""'"• ==" "^ ''' 

C. B Wyatt^ to Rev. Robert Addison. Has been informed Ihnt tKn 

chaplaincy of Niagara is at last settled in his (AddLn's) favou, Is to 

Sen Sve^^^^^^ V]^ '^' Legislature and a noticHa 

ihU- J^l^ ^'1^ ^''"^^ of Commons of a motion to investin-ate 
S xJ ■n''^u^''^^^"*''^^' •" consequence of Mr. JacksoiVs nZnhiot 
Mr, Wardle has also touched on thesubieft- thmnfv^ pamphlet. 

vestigation is likely to take prace^urdtt'ts'^TntmeTri f^Von 
Z/'^";'"'.^ n' 'S :R«'"«'«brancestoallhisWendr 45S 

"vfant ofintei?™''^''f"^""^A"-''^^'^^« '^^ ^'^« ^Jolonial Office and of 
''sirpl.fnf ^^a"/® ^™™ UPI'"'' <=^="'«^'^ attributing the genera 

" Inect n/Tll" with M^'r^'" *'^ ''"l^'^'" '" Lowe? CanaSri 
" nnd Mr w 1.7 . "^^ * ''«l^«o" « pamphlet, Mr. Peter Moore's motion 
and Mr. VVardle's pui-suit of investigation " moiion 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

John Mills Jackson to Joseph Willoocks. Hopes his two last letters 
id some pamphlets have been ron«,-,rn,i t., „.,L .i, _ .^ ^^^^ '®"?'? 

Soi'thali^pton. and somrn mS^'K "^ u"^^ Willoocks. Hopes his two last letters 
nouco w,«(-,vo„ ofa motion t„ bo broufiht before So Commoni at he 

Q. 313-11 




September 2, 

.Tainiary 1(>, 

February 8, 

Febmary 8. 

Fehriiaiv 14. 

tants giving an impartial view of tho present state of the Colony, and 
their opinion of what must be the result of the present system. Has 
already many documents and letters inc'uding the correspondence of 
Brant and Norton with Mr. Wilberforce. Mr. Owen and Sir Evan 
Nepean and some Indian speeches. If Mr. Moore succeeds in his endea- 
vour to elfect a change in Upper Canada by his application to the 
Imperial Parliament, he will deserve our gratitude, as the peopleshould 
have much better treatment than they have experienced from the late 
and present Lieut.-Governors. Shall write to Capt. Dumont; had written 
on first arriving in the province, but supposes the letter miscari'ied. Is 
sorry not to have heard from he would have given a faithful account 
of the state of the province. Understands the House is to meet in Nov- 
ember, therefore any communications from Upper Canada must be 
received before that time and be sent by a trusty hand. Hopes to see 
him next summer, when he apprehends changes will have taken place. 
Has received a letter from hisold friendCheniquy, who wishes to resume 
his former situation and seems much to regret his having loft his (Jack- 
son's) service; he says : " McGill gave him handfuUs of cash and pro- 
mised him a great deal more if ho would go on and persist in his 
evidence." According to Mr. Addison, it was his (Cheniquy's) evidence 
which put him (Willcocks) out of office. Asks to be informed in time 
for the investigation, of all the circumstances connected with the election 
in which Thorpe was a candidate. Wishes to know what goods it will 
be advisable to bring out, he intends to erect stills and a brewery at 
Springfield, and will take him (Willcocks) into a partnership. Pago 460 

Endorsed. " Soliciting grievances for Mr. Peter Moore, This letter 
" directed to the care of the Eov. Jiobert Addison.'" Endorsed and for- 
warded by Mr. Wyatt. 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

Gore to Castleieagh. Transmitting memorial of Thomas Eidout. Re- 
commends tho prayer. 525 

Enclosed. Extract of despatch from Lieut.-Governor Hunter to Lord 
Hobart, datod York_ Upper Canada, 5th January, 1803, ordering an in- 
crease to the salary of Thomas llidont. " 526 

Thomas Eidout, joint acting Surveyor General of Upper Canada, to 
Hon. C. Jenkinson, Under Secretary of State. Eospocting lands which 
ho wishes to obtain in Upper Canada. 507 

Enclosed. Extract from the minutes, dated York, llth July, 1799, on 
the petition of Thomas Eidout. 510. 

Thorpe to Joseph Cheniquy. Will be in town soon and will call for 
breakfast on Sunday. Asks that he (Cheniquy) have as much informa- 
tion there for him as possible, Hopes Mr. C. VVyatt's conversation with 
Mr. Eidout has been useful. Has any news about Canada come? 445 

Endorsed. " Soliciting infornia'ion from Upper Canada, and calling 
for notes from Binglo (on Mr. Jackson's pamphlet) who had been a con- 
fidential clork in Lieut.-Governor Gore's office and now engaged bv 
Messrs. Jackson, Wyatt and Thorpe to betray his trust." 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

Memorial of Sarah Margaret Clai-ke, daughter of the late .lohn Clarke, 
Capt. 59th Eegiment, to the Earl of Liverpool. For an increased pen- 
sion. 511 

Enclosed. Eecommendation of tho above from the Duko of Kent. 


Thorpe to Cheniquy. Thanks for the friendly communicrttion. If he 
(Cheniquy) wishes to serve Mr. Dickson, he ought to advise him to avoid 
Mr. llonry Wookos, who is in Exeter. Has received a letter from xMr. 
Jackson, ho is going to Canada immediately. Encloses two notes to be 
delivered in tlio hope of getting the Governor's commission witliout 




if ' 



Pfbniary 22. 

Fehni.irv 2(J, 

Feln-narv 27 

February 28. 

Fel iniarv 28. 
York. ' 

Marcli 1." 

Alarch 15, 
Lincoln'.s Inn, 


Q. 313-11 

March 16, 



March 22, 

Thorpe but does not know his residence ''''" '''' ^V:; 

indorsed. "To introdn^'e him u. Mi- tk^ u • , "**" 

''WyattWithaletterCMr rcklon^ '^^ '"'"^ been at Mr. 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) 

J»g» in futuie ho make no appoinlment unless ho Intends 1,0 kjp 

observes that he will be neither forced norTiIiillL '^^'^'^«""' ^"d 
circumstances into any measu ,^ he does no an 11^ W ''^" ^^ P'^'-'^J 

(In trores of 9th August.) 

Enclosed. Copy of leave. '^^^ 

The Attorney and Solicitor General to Liverpool Inrenlvtoth! 

mandamus to Mr. i^ogers to dS- ip^ e^egist ^ £lfs STn""^ 

in question to Mr. Ward. Thev consider th-Vf M.. r? • P"'"'^'"'* 

was for life and cannot conS thTt the Cou t^ -^<^^^^ 

have directed the documents to be de ivered ui toan offi/^ 

in the manner prescribed by law ^ '^^^ "''^ apponUed 

J;rtJ:::Lt^''i^^;^^^^^^^^ Asking that his grant of ll'd 

fees-upon\irgr;nt" in^he fo^.^ "' '''"''^^' "^ ^^^"""* «^ ^^« -'"«"- 
Sal MartareTcJa^IT- ''"'"^^- ^~«ding the case of M^; 

Q. 31H-II 




Ain'il 4, 

April 7, 

April 10, 

April 13. 

April 14. 

Joseph Cheniquy to Wm. Dixon. Mr. Moore and his friends have at 
last concluded to bring on the Upper Canada enquiry the moment the 
Walcheren bunincHS is disposed of, but cannot say when that will bo. 
Yesterday Wyatt received a letter of the utmost importance to Jackson's 
cause from Mr. Addison, dated lllh .January, it was communicated in 
confidence; therefore ho cannot repeat it. A spirited answer to Lord 
Oastlereagh's letter has been printed in the Upper Canada Guardian. If 
Gore is really guilty as accused, he should certainly be removed from 
office and punished. ' The report that he (Cheniquy) was going to Eng- 
land to assist the party formed to remove Mr. Goi'e is without foundation, 
as Mr. Gore must in common justice acknowledge. Mr. Wyatt wishes 
newspapers sent him. Asks for an advance of a few pounds. Thorpe 
has not "shown his face to the Sun for the twenty days past." Pago 474 

Endorsed. "Stating thsit the Cabal had settled, that Mr. P. Moore's 
" motion should be brought forward the moment the Walcheren business 
"was disposed of Noticing the receipt by Mr. Wyatt, the preceding, 
"of a letter from the Jlov. Eobt. Addison of the utmost import to Mr. 
"Jackson's cause, the matter of which he could not put to paper, but 
" intimates that it related to an answer to the letter to Lord Castlereagh 
" in the Upper Canada (rwarf/wn, and accusations against Governor Gore, 
" which it true, ought to insure his immediate removal and punishment." 

(In Gore's of 9th August.) • 

Arbulhonot to Hon. C, Jenkinson. For information on the enclosed 
memorial. Page 524 

(No memorial enclosed.) 

John Mills Jackson to Joseph Cheniquy. Apprehends that the time 
draws near, that the united efforts of those friends to Upper Canada will 
prove beneficial to the inhabitants. Ai«ks when his (Jackson's) brother 
intends to sail. Requests that he tell Bingle that he would be glad to 
hear from him and wishes to know his addiess. Is Mr. Dixon in 
London ? 447 

Endorsed. " To find out Single's new residence and to obtain the residue 
of his remarks." 

Wm. Firth, Attorney Geneial of Upper Canada, to Liverpool. 
(Private.) Respecting several items in his contingent account suspended 
by the Board of Audit. 527 

Enclosed. Papers relating to the above. 551, 555 

Joseph Cheniquy to Wm. Dixon. Has communicated to Mr. Wyatt 
the result of last evening's conversation. Assisted by his intimate 
friends, Wyatt has written a letter to him (Dixon) which ho hopes will 
be the baso of a happy arrangement. Hopes the fact of his (VVyatt's) 
having abjured Mr. Thorpe as he did, will be mentioned to his Excellency. 
Thinks the best plan would be for Gore to appoint some friend in London 
to I'oceivo an apology fi'om Wyatt. Any attempt Jackson may succeed 
in persuading Mr. Moore to make in Parliament wdl bo opposed with 
success. Asks to have the amount for which ho may draw on him 
specified. 472 

Endorsed. " Explaining Mr. Wyatt's letter to Mr. Dickson to have 
"been composed with great attention by advice of Sir Richard Harding, 
" Major Palmer and his father-in-law, Mr. Rogers. That Mr. Wyatt's 
" abjuration of Mr. Thorpe, in presence of JVir. Dickson, should befavour- 
" able to Lt.-Governor Gore." 

(In (iore's of 9lh August.) 

C. B. Wyatt to Wm. Dickson, Capt. Patton's agent for Transports, 
Portsmouth. Thanking him for his liberal conduct in oifering to speak 
to Governor Gore on his behalf. Conveying hir, thanks to Gore for his 
honourable mention. Considers that an understanding might be come 
•to without loss of dignity on either side and in future the respective 



r ■ 


April 1!), 
J"'oley Place 

April 19, 
Foley Place 

May 1. 

June 11, 

August 0, 

Q. 3I3-II 

Aujfust 16. 

departments might co-operate With ad vantae-fl AfiH„„ f i- . 
him (Dixon) civing his opinion on iZ nnn.T ♦ -^^^'"S ^or a line from 

"ation in luiure, and invhiiis Mi Dixon (oErA'i, '''",«/*"P''''- 
(Jn (jore s of 9th August.) 

addressed to Lord Castlereagh in wS Tis n?Z • ^"r^'r"' '«"«^ 
;;2ntK.ed, this oppo^nit^^'^^^H^ S/t^r^J 

(In his letter of 19th April, addressed to Lord Liverpool ) ^^^ 

feame lo Hon. CecilJenkinson. Enclosing letter of 19th An,.;! ^ 

askmg h.s k.nd offices in having it laid befor^e LoS L^vcpool ^^"' m 

pet hopes of success. Ts sut mS^ storied ;7b'e fab^^'^^^?^^ ^.^« 
lead his friends in Upper Canada as to whn? ^ • ^'^^^^'^'ed to mis- 
ing the provincial ^o^itics'" Hop:: no"t' ^itfl^'' \:(r Iw^'^l^ 

Eidoul'areabo .^iro4fycon^r^ '''?'*^ '''^'' ^'^«" «'• 

. justice of the Council. AskZh^ toTerW?llcoX'i '"""fK"'" ^"^ '" ^'^^ 

sent by Dixon have never arrived ^illcocks know that the papers 

"ably ,0 hiH^and^ChX^B leue'i^to M "DrxonT:"l" ^,'t"''"« P^^^" 

that tbe.r claim to Grande We be considered ' ^^''' '^'^'''"f " 

(In Gore's No. 4 of 28th July.) •'^04 

Gore to Liverpool. The publication of the libellous nnn-,.KUf i it 
Jackson, entitled "A view of the .it, .• /tt P^'^* ^y *^'"- 
has induced him to no' ce Vt,t,£ he 1^11:^/7; 5 ^P^^"^' ^'^"=''^«'" 
Mr. Moore's motion in the House oCotm of mrrTT''"^ '\'^ 
subject were trani^mitted to T.ord fCi u • ,- ^^^arks on the 

Fc^nary, 18.0. ,vh:;?"l,o':..«:i^,t t : wig^is^irJx'f'i r' '-' 

ooodeU from ll,e ,,e„ „f Mr. Thmpe, „„J that hore \ho,° eit,e i^ ';','°" 

po8.session, and since then incontrovertible evidence his^^^m t-" 

hands. The object of this "cabal " will ^Innl.i ? f f"'"® "^'" ^'^ 

only to bo tl,„ i,„„val of .l.^tLt.lo le :. 'The'j;S''™''d''Jl "'T 
noxious mombere of the Kxcouiive Counpil T 1'' ^ .? ^° "''■ 

a,,,,d^_.o, a» be wo„,d e„„.,ido,. ^^ii^'::^:^-:':^^^^^^^ 


. 3I3-H 

Q. 313-11 

August 16, 



August 23, 

August 28, 

September 1. 

September 10 

September 10, 

September 2: 

October 12, 

October 12, 


Harnson to Peel. Transmitting letter from Gore, dated 11th June 
last, enclosimi; the public accounts of Upper Canada for the half 
year ending Slst December, 1809, for Lord Liverpool's observations 

r"^""; T- , rn . . Page 566 

trore to Jjiverpool. Transmitting report from the Executive Council 
for the opinion of His Majesty's law servants. Having been misled on 
an important point by the Attorney and Solicitor General of the Pro- 
vince, has no longer confidence in their opinion in a matter of such 
weight. ^gg 

Same to Hamo Has authorized Col. Claus, Deputy Superintendent 
Geneial of Indian Affairs, to draw on Messrs. Coutts & Co., for £561 Is Id 
being the amount of the dividends due to the Six Nations. If this sum' 
should not prove correct, asks that directions be given Messrs. Coutts 
not to protest the bills. 492 

Wm. Dummer Powell to Adam Gordon. The evil arising from the 
appointment of judges and law officers not sufficiently well known in 
Downing Street will justify this communication. Mr. Boulton has been 
given leave of absence to go to England, it is apprehended with the 
object of soliciting the vacaiitseat on the Bench, the appointment of this 
gentleman would not meet with approbation, as it was understood when 
the court was first organized that the judges should be barristers of 
Westminster Hall, until our own Bar could furnish fit subjects, and 
hitherto there has been no exception to this rule. Asks that we'have 
the goodness to second Gore's representation on this subject, so impor- 
tant to the Colony. ' ggw 
Gore to Liverpool. Enclosing a memorial to the Treasury on the sub- 
ject of fees and asking his (Liverpool's) support. 493 
Enclosed. Memorial of Francis Gore. 495 
Ajjstract of Lieut.-Governor Hunter's fees. 497^ 
Ditto of Lieut.-Governor Gore's. 497ft 
Wm. Bond to John Small, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery. Enclos- 
ing a letter to Lord Bathurst and a certificate from the farmers in the 
neighbourhood and asking for a few words in his favour when next writ- 
ing to Bathurst. gg9 
Enclosed. Bond to Bathurst, Delaware Township, London District 
10th September, 1810. His experiments in the culture of hemp will 
bring him ruin without some assistance from Government. He has been 
obliged to rent a farm, as the land he was sent to make use of was not 
fit for tillage and encloses some of his memorials on the subject. 571 
Certificate from the principal farmers in the Township of Delaware 
stating that Mr. Bond is a judicious farmer, and well able to carry on the 
culture of hemp. g»g 
Memorial, dated 19th February, 1810, from Wm. Bond, on the subiect 
of a grant to be made him in the London District. 583 
Another from the same, dated York, 30th July, 1810. 585 
Gore to Liverpool. The Solicitor General of this Province, Mr. Boul- 
ton, has obtained his leave to visit England. Has learned by experience 
that too much caution cannot be used in selecting proper subjects for the 
King's Bench, for which appointment Mr. Boulton is not properly quali- 
fied. Is convinced of the advantage of augmenting the Puisne Judges' 
salary to £1,000 a year. 49g 
Same to same. Transmitting a continuation of the minutes of the 
ExecutiveCouncilof this Province on State matters from 1st January 
1809, to 30th June, 1810, and on Land matters for the same period. 501 
Same to same. In his letter of Ist August, 1809, had asked for leave 
of absence to visit England on private affairs, stating that should leave 
be granted he would appoint the Chief Justice to administer the Govern- 
ment, and soliciting that the vacant office of Puisne Judge might be 




Q. 313-11 


November 20, 
Lincoln's Inn. 

December 20, 

December 28, 



filled up. The reasons which persuaded hitn to ask for that leave are 
now very much str- 3r, and ho again applies for that indulgence. The 
advantage of sendi, >ut a gentleman of ability to fill the vacant judge- 
ship. Page 502 

The Attorney and Solicitor General to same. In answer to letter of 
10th November, transmitting a despatch from Lieut.-Governor Gore, 
submitting for the opinion of His Majesty's law servants the case of the 
grant of land to the late Captain Thomas Gummersal, wtate that they 
consider it proper to comply with the petition of the administrator. 589 

Gore to same. Understanding that Mr. Small, Cleric of the Crown, 
has sent his son to England to solicit the appointment to that ofliice on 
his resignation, thinks it his duty to state that that appointment would 
not meet with approbation here. 505 

Harrison to Peel. Transmitting abstract of warrants issued on the 
Eeceiver General of Upper Canada for Lord Liverpool's observations 
thereon. 591 

Acting Governor L Brock and Miscellaneoi s.— 1811. 

July 9, • 

October, 7, 

October 10, 

November 5, 

November 15, 

November 10, 

November 29, 
Lt. -Gover- 
nor's office. 

Q. 314. 

Matthew Elliott to Wra. Ciaus. The Sackies and Poxes to the num- 
ber of 125 had arrived some days before and demanded a council. After 
asking for provisions, guns, ammunition, &c., they requested that the 
King should be assured of their attachment. Page 39 

(Li Gore's No. 12 of 1st March.) 

Substance of speeches of the Indians at the Council at the Big Rock. 45 

(In Gore's No. 12 of 1st March.) 

Matthew Elliot to Wm. Claus. Transmitting heads of what passed at 
the Council at Brown's Town, excepting the answer of the Huron's. Red 
.Jacket's mission seems to have proved abortive in every point of view. 
Believes that the Indians are more ripe than ever for war. Dreads they 
may of themselves soon commence hostilities and our Governmeni 
be blamed for encouraging them. Some Indians from Bufi'alo Creek had 
gone to Detroit where Hull furnished them with a boat to carry them 
home. Shall attend to his instructions respecting those left at the Grand 
River. 42 

(In Gore's No. 12 o; 1st March.) 

Memorial of the North-west Company relative to a new route in Upper 
Canada. 142 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

Speech of the Shaweiiese Prophet's brother. 54 

(In Gore's No. 12 of Ist March.) 

Matthew Elliott to Wm. Claus. Transmitting speech of the Shawe- 
nese Prophet's brother, vvhioh fully convinces him that the Americans 
are on the eve of an Indian war. In answer to the demand of the In- 
dians for supplies, can only tell them that no time will be lost in laying 
their speech before the King, Asks for directions as to the future treat- 
ment of the Prophet and his adherents. The reason for the unusually 
large issue of presents and provisions. 18th November, called the Pro- 
phet's brother to a private conference respecting the intentions of the 
Indians. 50 

(In Gore's No. 12 of Ist March.) 

Wm. Halton, secretary, to Wm, McGillivray, Answer to the memor- 
ial of the North-west Company in Upper Canada. 148 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

Q. 314 



.Tanuary 2, 
York. ■ 



January 7, 

January 7, 

.January 11, 

January 24, 

January 2G, 

February 1!>, 

February 26, 

March 1, 

Gore to Liverpool, Enclosing report from the Executive Council on 

the petition of'M. de Purcy, one of ihe French Eoyulist emigrants, and 

asking for His Majesty's further commands on the subject. AsUs how 

far It may be advisable to grant special charters to enable the French 

Loyalists to obtain the promised grants. Pase 2 

Enclosed. Eeport of the Executive Council on the petition of Captain 

de Farcy, dated 13th December, 1810. 5 

Copy of a letter from the Attorney and Solicitor General to Lord 

Hobart, dated 5th January, 1802, giving an opinion on the subject of 

grants of Land to aliens. U 

List of French Loyalists proposed to be given a special charter of 

denization, to enable them to obtain land grants. 14 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 9.; Enclosing a letter and memorial from Mr. 

bt. George, late a major in Royalist Army. Eecoramends the memorial 16 

Enclosed. Memorial in French from Quotton St. George to Livornool 

dated 5th January, 1811. ^ iq 

Another of the same date, in English, also to Liverpool. 20 

Certificate signed by Gore, stating during what period Thomas Ridout 

has been filling the position of Surveyor General. 193 

(In Harrison's of 28th April.) 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 10.) Transmitting the annual establishment 
and annual requisitions. 24 

Enclosed. Pi-oposed establishment of the Indian Departraentin Upoer 
Canada, for 1811. 24a 

List of persons holding temporary appointments in t!io Indian Depart- 
ment Upper Canada. 24b 
Requisition for Indian stores for 1811. 25 
Ditto for stationery for the Indian Department for 1811. 30 
Gore to Liverpool. Enclosing memorial from Thomas Ridout and 
Wm. Chewett for the emoluments of office since the suspension of Mr. 
Wyatt. Recommends that the petition be granted. 32 
Enclosed. The memorial. ;^4 
Bill of exchange drawn on W. H. Adams by Thomas Ridout, for salary 
as Surveyor General of Upper Canada. 192 
(In Harrison's of 28lh April.) 

Statement signed H. W.R. (H. W. Ryland) concerning Bishop Plessis 
who had issued a mandement in which he had assumed titles and iiuthor- 
ity to which he was not legally entitled. Is he not liable to criminal 
prosecution ? Under what statute an action might be brou"-ht To 
what penalty might he be subject if prosecuted ? "^ " 180 

(In Ryland's of 19th February to Mr. Secretary Peel.) 
Gore to Wm. Glaus, Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He is 
to instruct Elliott to be more than usually circumspect in his com- 
munications with the Indians so as to give no suspicion of favouring 
their hoj-tile designs against t! . United States. They are to be inf- 
pressed with the certainty of misfortune if they attack the Whites, and 
convinced that the Americans are now becoming so strong that it would 
be impossible to prevail against them. They are also to be assured that 
this advice is given from a sincere regard for their welfare 37 

(In Gore's No. 12 of Ist March.) 

Same to Liverpool. (No. 12.) Enclosing copies of three letters with 
their enclosures from Mr. Elliott, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs 
at Amherstburg to the Deputy Superintendent General. These letters 
biiin^ conuuunicatod to Sir James Craig, he (Gore; in conformity to his 
opinion, has instructed the D. S. G. of Indian Affairs to restrain the 
Indians from committing any act of hostility on the subjects of the 
United States. og 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 





Marcli 4, 

Mrrch 5. 

March 7, 
Attorney (ten 
eral's ottice. 
March 8, 
Attonu^ Gen- 
eral's office. 
March 8, 
March 18, 


Q. 3U 

Harneon to Peel. Transmitting public accounts for Upper Canada for 
the half year ending 30th Juno, 1810, with vouchors, &c., for Lord Liver- 
pool's obseivations thereon. Page 185 

J. Watkins (for M. Winter) to Messrs. Coutts & Co. Eespocting the 
duty on the 3 per cent consolidated annuities belonging to the Six Nation 
Indians. 206 

Wm. Firth, Attorney General, to Wm. ilalton, claiming a fee 74 

(In Gore's No. 14 of 9th April.) 

Same to same. Respecting his claim for a fee. 77 

(In Gore's No. 14 of 9th April.) 

Harrison to Peel. Transmitting letter from Governor Gore with 
requiHitions for stationery for Lord Liverpool's opinion thereon. 187 

Gore to Liverpool. Enclosing abstract from Auditor's ' Docket 
Books. 5g 

Abstract from the Auditor's Docket Books of Grants of Land in Upper 
Canada, which have passed the Great Seal of this Province be- 
tween the Ist of January and 31st December, 1810. ' 



1 No. 
] (.Trants, 










^ 2.5 


■ 00 



No. of Acres 











!• Newc 'sti';. 

i 1,738 
t 3,850 


















J- Eastern. 



02 • 

3 714 






j- Johnstown. 


• 118 





r Western. 

3,400 , 

) 30 

;■ 20 1 

) j 









22 i 

> London. 

2,. 70 





Lennox and Aldington . . . j 
Prince Edward | 


11.220 ! 

Total. . , 


',■ 155 ' 




104,.5.37i i 

Errors excepted. 

P. sr 

<]T,RV A 

iiflitnr 1 






March 1!», 
nor'B office. 

March 21, 


April 4. 

April !l, 

Aiiril 1.5, 

St. .Taii.cs' 

April 2.S, 


May (I, 

June 1, 

.T\me 3, 

June 8. 

June 8, 

June 11, 
Downing St, 


William TIalton to John Small, Clerk of the Executive Council. 
Transmitting copy of a letter from Wm, Firth for the opinion of the 
J'jxecutivo Council. Page 80 

In Gores No. 14 of 9th April.) 

ore to Liverpool. The Legislature met on the Ist of February last. 
BncloHes speeches. gj 

Enclosed. The Liout.-Governor's speech on the opening of the Legis- 
lature of Upper Canada. Q2 
Speech from the Council in answer to the above. 66 
Speech from the Assembly. q>j 
The Lieutenant-Governor's speech on proroguing the Legislature. 70 

Harrison to Concerning his application in favour of Mr. 

Campbell for the situation of Assistant Judge of Upper Canada. His 
reasons for recommending the appointment. 208 

Copy of a report of a committee of the Executive Council on the 
Attorney General's letter of the 8th March, 1811, respecting his claims 
concerning the groat seal. 81 

Enclosed. Extract fi'om the proceedings in Council of 13th July, 
1709. -85' 

Enclosed. Extract from the proceedings in Council of 5th November 
1799. 86 

(In Gore's No. 14 of 9th April.) 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 14.) Enclosing letters respecting a fee for 
the Great Seal claimeu by the Attorney General. 72 

(Knclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

W. I). Adams to Harrison. Enclosing copies of a bill of exchange 
and accompanying certificate drawn on him by Mr. Thomas Ridout for 
the directions of the Lords of the Treasury. Reason why he does not 
feel justified in paying it. 189 

(In Harrison's of 28th April.) 

Harrison to Peel. Enclosing letter from W. D. Adunia with copy 
of Bill of Exchange drawn upon him by Thomas Ridout for Lord Liver- 
pool's opinion whether the bill is to bo paid. 188 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates.) 

P. Langan to Colonel Bunbury respecting his title to some property, 
and enclosing memorial, &c. 194 

Enclosed. Memorial. 198 

Appointment of P. Langan to be Assistant Paymaster of Contingencies 
at Monti'eal. 202 

Wm. Campbell to P-^el. Respecting his case and his application for 
the vacant situation of Assistant Justice in Upper Canada. 203 

Same to same. Mr. Harrison having informed him of his appoint- 
ment to the situation of Assistant Judge in Upper Canada, he is anxious 
to have the mandamus and other necessary papers made out as soon as 
possible that he may return home by the June packet. 211 

Gore to Liverpool. Transmitting Schedule of Bills passed in the 
third session of the Fifth Provincial Parliament; also copies of the 
Journals of the two Houses during the same session. 87 

Enclosed. Schedule. 88 

Provisional agreement with the Chippewa Indians for a tract of 
land. 154 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) . 

Proceedings of a meeting with the Chippewas. 157 I 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) | 

Peel to Harrison. Asking that Lord Liverpool be furnished with an 
account of the total cost of the Indian Department for the years 1806, 
'7, '8, '9, '10, to enable him to judge of the propriety of adopting a plan 




Q. 3U 


.Tune 13, 



July i), 

July 11. 
July 11. 

July 13, 
Downing St. 

July 18, 

July 24. 

July 24. 

July 2ii, 

August 9, 

August 0, 
Lincoln's Inn 

August 10, 

August 1.5, 
Downing St. 

August 15, 

proposed for giving a cafh allowance to the Indians on the borders of 
Upper Canada, in lieu of presents. p,ige 247 

Thomas Coutts it Co., to James Chapman and Adam Gordon After 
much correspondence with the Tux Commissioners they say that unlebs 
It -an be declared that the Indian Nations are not subjects of His Bri- 
tannic Majesty, they cannot comply with the request for the return of 
the 1 roperty Tax collected on the Consolidated 3 per cent stock belonir- 
ing to the Six Nation Indians in Upper Canada. 212 

P. Langan to Peel. Enclosing a memorial addressed to Lord Livei^- 
pool on behalf of himself and the Baroness of Longueuil, widow of 
the late David Alexander Grunt. 214 

Enclosed. The Memorial. 219 

Harrison to Liverpool. In consequence of Mr. Peel'H request for a 
certificate as to Mr. Campbell's character and fitness for the situation of 
Assistant Judge, has no hesitation in recommending him. 230 

Eyland to Peel. Concerning .he rights of the Crown with regard to 
the ht. Sulpician estates and properties of the Church of Rome in gen- 
eral, in Lower Canada. 223 
Draft of a letter to Gore. (No. 5.) His request for leave of absence 
has been approved by the Prince Regent. The Civil Administration of 
the Colony is to be committed to the Officer Commanding the Forces. 92 
Gore to Liverpool (No. 15.) In his despatch No. 14, had transmitted 
papers relating to Mr. Firth's claim respecting the Groat Seal, he has now 
to transmit a letter from that gentleman, claiming the right to conduct 
all the criminal prosecutions on the circuit at the charge of the Crown 
-hincloses nine papers relating to Mr. Firth's pretensions. 94 
Enclosed. The papei-s. gg ^^ jjg 
Provisional agreement with the Mississaguas for land in Thurlow 164 
(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

Proceedings of a meeting with the Mississagua Indians of the River 
• Moira. jgg 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

Gore to Liverpool. (No. 16.) Before an opportunity offered to des- 
patch his letter, No. 15, had received a request from Mr. Firth for leave 
to go to Englan.l, not to return. His reasons for refusing to consent ile 
has been informed that Mr. Firth is determined to embark without oei'- 
mission. <,,, 


Enclosed. Four letters on the subject. 119 121 123 126 

John Black to Peel. Enclosing his memorial addiessed' to Lord 

-Liverpool. 23'> 

Enclosed. The memorial. 235 

Opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor General addressed to Liverpool 

on the case referred to them, whether all instruments under the Great 

Seal should pass through the office of Attorney General of the Pro- 

Vine©, f>QQ 

Gore to Liverpool. Has di rected Col. Claus to draw on Messrt . Coutts 
and 1.0 for the sum of £496 2h. 6d., ac< uing to the Six Nation Indians 
from the money invested in the funds. 127 

TT ^^^^V. *'* * '®"®'" ^^ ^^^ Officer Administering the Government of 
aP^'^ ^"^^^- Transmitting copy of the opinion of the Law Officers 
of the Crown on the claim of the Attorney General that all Instruments 
under the Great Seal should pass throusrh his office and .-bc^Jvo hi« 
liat. "' J 28 

Gore to Liverpool. Recommending Mr. Cartwright for a grant of 
3,000 acres of waste lands without fees. 130 





AugiiMt 31, 

August 31, 

Heniember (>, 

Heptcinljer 15, 

Sejjteinber 28, 

Sfpteinber 30, 

Septt'inber 3(1, 


OctolxM- 8, 

October 8, 

October 9, 

November 4, 

Novenibfr .">, 

Xnvpinbf^r 1!*-. 

Harrison to Peol. EnoloHUig copy ot* tho report of the Coramissionors 
of Taxes relative to the deduction of tho Property Duty from the divi- 
dends beh>nging to the Six Nation '^.idians, for Lord Livorpool's infor- 
mution. Page 241 

Enclosed, Tho leport. 242 

SSame to same. Enclosing copy of the report of tho Commissioners 
for auditing tho Public Accounts, on the expenses of the Indian Depart- 
ment in Upper Canada, for Lord Liverpool's information. 243 

Enclosed. Tho report, dated 16th August. L»44 

Plans of a tract of land intended to be purchased from thoMississagua 
Indians in the Township of Thurlow. 150 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

Wm. Firth, Attorney General, to Liverpool. As the Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor has refused him leave of absence, asks his (Liverpool's) permis- 
sion to return home to make some disclosures. 249 

Gore to same. Respecting the claim of Mr. Jarvis, secretary of tho 
province, for the expense incurred by him in perfecting 1,040 patents of 
land. 133 

Same to same. Apprising him of the unprecedented conduct of Mr. 
Firth, who has left the province to embark at Quobec. Has, with the 
advice of the Executive Council, named John McDonnell to perform the 
duties of Attorney General till Ilia Majesty's pleasure be Known. Too 
much care cannot be exorcised in choosing a successor to Mi-. Firth. 135 

Enclosed. Extract from the proceedings of the Executive Coun- 
cil. 137 

Harrison to Peel. In answer to letter of 11th June, on the subject of 
commuting the Indian presents, and requesting to be furnished with an 
account of the total cost of the Indian Department, for some years past, 
is commanded to transmit copies of the Indian accounts. 252 

Enclosed. Extract of a report of the Comptrollers of Army accounts, 
dated September 23rd, 1811. 254 

An account of expenses paid by the Indian Department for presents 
for the years 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810 and 1811. 257 

Account of provisions issued to tho Indians for the years 1H06 and 
1.807. 258 

Gore to Liverpool. Acknowledging receipt of letter conveying to 
him (Gore) leave of absence for twelve months on private business. 
Major General Isaac Brock, on whom the adminintration of the Govern- 
ment devolves, has been sworn in as a member of the Council. 138 

Harrison to Peel. Enclosing letter from Mr. Adams, asking instruc- 
tions relative to the acceptance of a bill drawn by Mr. Thomas Eidout 
for his salary, for Lord Liverpool's opinion thereon. 259 

Encloced. The letter, dated 3rd October. 260 

Major General Isaac Brock to Liverpool. States that the usual oaths 
were this day administered in Council to enable him to preside over the 
Civil Government of the Province. 139 

Harrison to Peel. Transmitting letter from Gore with a memorial 
fromCapt. Claus, praying for an increase of salary, for Lord Liverpool's 
opinion thereon. 262 

Same to same. Transmitting report ot" the Comptrollers of Army 
accounts of 24th u^fc., on a letter from Gore enclosing the accounts of 
Upper Canada, that Lord Liverpool may make any observations he 
wishes prior to their oeing seat to the Audit Office. 264 

Harrison to . Respocting the public accounts of Upper 

Canada. 265 

Enclosed. Extract of report of Comptrollers of Army accounts, dated 
Ist October, 1807. 267 





_Nov«ii)l)er 10, 

NdvcniiMT :;<►, 

Fort (ieorge. 

November 2<», 
Fort (Jeorge. 

Novenilxjr 23, 

NovenilMr 2'), 
Downing St. 

Decenilwr 3, 
Downing St. 

December 3, 

December 3, 



December 5, 
Downing St. 

December 20, 

Extract of report of Comptrolloi-B of Army acconntB, dated 24th 
uctoDor, loll. Paffo 268 

HairiHon to Peol. The CommiHsionors approve of an increase boinir 
made to the salary ot Captain CIuuh. 269 

EequiHition for goods intended as payment for a tract of land purchaBod 
trom the Chippewa Indians. *^ i>) 

(In Brock's of 23rd November.) 

EequiHition for goods intended as payment for hmd purchased from 
toe Mississaguas. ,-, 

(In J3rock'H of 23rd November.) 

Brock to Liverpool Enolosing memorial and accompanying papers 
from the North-west Company. . uo 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 

I)raft of a letter to Gore. (No. (5.) Querios on several points connected 
with the annual estimate for defraying the- charge of the Civil Establish- 
ment of Upper Canada. j»3 

Same. (No. 7.) Transmitting copy of a letter from the Treasury with 
Its encloHures relative to the impropriety of including military expenses 
in the accounts of the Province of Upper Canada 175 

.rrfnTof 1 mo 'J"''''''''' /^J^'^o^ledging letter, stating that an annual 
giant of £100 for every future missionary sent to this colony had been 
sanctioned. The great need of more workei-s. Reports the arrival of 
Mr. Justice Campbell. 

Croker to Peel. Having laid before the Commissioners of the 
Admiralty a letter transmitting an extract of one from Mr. Boulton 
bohcitor General of Upper Canada, who was captured on board the 

Minerva on his passage from Quebec, suggesting how an application 
for his release might bo made, is coramunded by the Commissioners to 
Htate, for Lord Liverpool's information, that the French Government will 
be applied to for his release. 9»j 

Enclosed. Extract of letter, dated Verdun, Ist October, 1811 272 

Draft of a letter to Gore or the Officer administering the Government 
of lipporCanada. (No. 8.) The Coramissionersof the Treasury approve 
of a.i increase to the salary of Col. Claus. j^jg 

Harrison to Peel. Transmitting letter'from Brock containing requisi- 
tions for stationery for 1812, for Lord Livorpool's opinion thereon. 270 

February 7, 

Aorma Governoe I. Brook, Lieut.-Governoh E. H. Sheaffe— 1812. 
Q. 315. 

bownhl^sL U^n?r^^a2Hf'^v'' Qr^'^®''''/^'^'^*"''^^""^ *^'« Government of 

Upper Canada. (No 9) Transmitting an application made by Lord 

Amherst in favour of Mr. Hale, Deputy Paymaster General at Quebec 

y^oso\,oxi, a grant of land. Eecommends^he application. Page i 

jl^i:i- ^K. TT ^^'^ft «f a etter to Brook or Officer adminiHtering the Government of 

Do«„,„gst. Upper Canada. (No. 1 ) Transmitting copy of a letter from GoreTeom! 

Prin.1% """ additional grant to Mr. Cartwright of 3,000 acres. Thl 

Prince Eegent approves of the grant. 3 

Brock to Liverpool. The Legislature met on the 3rd ult. Enclosed 

rnced'''TbfrM-if'^"^*f^' '''"P^'" ^^'^^^ ^^''^ ^he session com- 
menced. The first bill passed was one to give an additional reward of 
£5 for every deserter from His Majesty's service. From the number of 

Ir.T '" ^^ ^'''^ j^'^f r"^ ''" "'^^^ of abjuration advisable, but failed in 

passing the measure. Had also attempted to pass in the Legislative 
Council a bill for the suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act but failed in 

Marcli 23, 

Q. 31S 




April 2, 
Downing? St. 

April 10, 
Dowiiiii(f St. 

April 14, 
Downing St. 

April 14, 

Downing St. 

April l(i, 
York. ' "1 

April 18, 

thnt also. The sum of £5,000 has boon appiopriatod to tho use of the 
Militia, on wlmih he will liniw if the nHpect of public uffaii-H Hhoukl call 
for activo moaMuroH. Porfoct roliarico can bo placed on tho loyalty of 
tho original inhubitants and thoir doHcondants. Tho proceedin^^H inOon- 
gresH have induced several Americans to withdraw fioin this Province 
and many more are preparing to follow. Transmits sohedulo of Bills 
which passed tho Logislaturo. Also papers on different subjects. The 
instructions of Sir James Craig have been well enforced by the officers of 
the Indian Department to prevent the commencement of hostilities; and 
though about 300 liave had recourse to arms yot the neutrality hold by 
numerous tribes has saved the Western country from .iestruction. Page 4 
Enclosed. Sneechos on tho opening of tho Legislature. U to 27 

Schedule of Bills passed. 28 

Address from tho House of Assembly to Prince Regent respecting a 
number of Loyalists, &c., who have not received grants of land. 31 

Eoport of the Executive Council on tho above. 3(j 

Reportfrom tho House of AsHorably to tho Prince Regent; praying 
for redress from the decision of Chief^.Tustico Scott who had liberated 
Robert Nichol's from prison. 39 

Papers on tho subject of Robert Nichol's commitraont. 41 to 69 

Speeches on prorogation. ^0 Tl 

Observations on the actual state of the Province signed bv Brock and 
dated 3rd Decombor, 1811. ^ J . ^^ 

Draft of a letter to Brock. (No. 2.) Sir George Provost has boon ap- 
pointed Liout.-Govornor. ^5 

Same. (No. 3.) Respecting dulieson goods imported from the United 
States. Qn 

Same (No. 4.) Informing them that requisition for goods required 
to pay for lands to bo purchased from the Chippawas and Mississaguas 
will bo forwarded to Canada. gg 

Draft of a letter to (iore. The Prince Regent ha.s confirmed the ap- 
pointment of Alexander McDonell to be Attorney General of UoDor 
Canada. *^^yp 

Brock to Liverpool. Transmitting continuation of tho minutes of the 
Kxocutive Council on State matters from 3rd August, 1810, to 5th Octo- 
J®\"« 1811, and on Land matters from Ist July, 1810, to 5th October, 

loll. g^ 

Brock to Liverpool. Enclosing abstract from the Auditor's Docket 
Books. Q, 



Q. 315 



f, ^ I 


April 20, 

May 11, 


Abstract from the Auditor's Docket Books of Grants of Land in Upper 
Canada which have passed the Great Seal of this Province be^^ween 
the 1st January and 3l8t December, 1811, inclusive. 











} - 


- 70 

1 23 

- 83 


No. of Acres 

















Total. . . 





1 Newcastle. 















}- Eastern. 












1 Western. 







!• London. 


Fronteiiac . . . 


Lennox and Afldington 

Prince Edward 

■ Midland. 




Errors excepted. 


Auditor General. 

Page 92 

Brock to Liverpool. Transmittiiig copies of the hiws of the Fourth 
Session of the Fifth Provincial Parliament, also copies of the Joui-nal of 
the two Houses during the same session. 94 

Same to same. Acknowledging receipt of letter of 3rd December 
addressed to Gore, with its enclosures relating to the impropriety of in- 
clnding Military expenses in the accounts of Upper Canada. " Every 
attention will be given to the instructions. 95 

Q. 315 









Q. 315 

May 11, 

May 19. 



May 23, 

Downing St. 

May 23, 
Downing St. 

May 23, 
Downing St. 

May 23, 

Downing St. 

May 25, 


June 3, 
Downing St. 

■fuly 4, 
Downing St. 

•Tuly 12, 

July 22, 
Fort (ieorg(i. 

July 28. 

July 30, 
Downing St. 

July 31, 
Downing St. 

August 3, 

August 5. 

AiiKu^t 10, 
Downing St. 

Same to Peel. Acknowledging circular letters of 5th and 17th Dec- 
ember together with the London Gazette's extraordinary, detailing the 
brilliant achievements of the British Army under Lieut. Generals Hill 
and Achmutz. Page 97 

p]xtract from the proceedings in Council approving of the measure 
proposed by Brock. 114 

Enclosed. General Brock's proposal that at the present juncture the 
Prince Eegent should be moved to give permission to place the family 
of every soldier, regular and militia, also of every mariner on the Lakes, 
who may be killed in the coming contest, upon the U. E. list and to ex- 
tend this advantage to every mariner and militia man who may be or disabled upon actual service. 115 

Draft of a letter to Gore or Officer administering the Government in 
Upper Canada. Transmitting letter from the Treasury containing the 
decision upon the application of the Baroness De Longuouil and Mr. 
Langan. 98 

Same. (No. b\) Transmitting decision of the Treasury on the 
memorial of Messrs. Eidout and Chewett. 99 

Same. (No. 7.) Transmitting copy of letter from the Treasury stat- 
mg that the goods asked for to pay for certain tracts of land purchased 
from the Indians will bo shipped to Canada. 100 

Draft of a letter to Brock or OflScor administering the Government. 
Transmitting memorial of Mr. Firth, Ime Attorney General of Upper 
Canada. Observations on the memorial. 101 

General order. Application has been made to the Prince Eegent ask- 
ing that lands be alotted to the wives and children of such soldiers and 
marines as may be killed in the present contest, and relief afforded to 
those who may be wounded and for whom no other provision is made. 

^ 110 

Draft of a letter to Brock or Officer administering the Government. 
(No. 8.) The nine Acts passed by the Legislatuie of Upper Canada in 
March, 1811, have been submitted to the Privy Counil and do not appear 
liable to any objection. List of the Acts. 104 

Draft of a letter to Brock (No. 1.) Transmitting extract of a letter 
written to Mr. Firth by Lord Liverpool's direction.^on the subject of his 






Proclamation of General Hull to the inhabitants of Canada. 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) 

Proclamation issued by General Brock in answer to Hull's. 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) 

Speeches on the opening of the Legislature of Upper Canada. 

131 to 

(In Brook's of 29th August.) 

Draft of a letter to Brock (No. 2 ) Transmitting letter from 

Treasury, enclosing copy of a report from the commissioners of taxes 
respecting the salaries of Civil Officers in Upper Canada. 110 

Same. (No. 3.) Transmitting copy of a memorial from Mr. Davenport 
Phelps praying for lands. HI 

Proceedings in Council deciding that Martial Law may be proclaimed 
and exorcised. , 126 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) 

Speeches on the closim;; of the Legislature of Upper Canada. 143 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) 

Draft of a letter to Brock (No, 4.) DcKpatclics received and laid be- 
fore the Prince Eegent who approves of the measures already taken and 
is confident that his zeal and activity have increased in proportion to 
the hostility shown by the United States. Is convinced support may be 



Q. 315 


August 10. 

Aufoist 16, 

August 17, 

August 2!», 
Yi irk. 

August 30, 

August 31, 

August 31, 

September 1, 

Sentember 14 
Fort George. 

September 14 
Fort (ieorge. 

Septenibei- 20, 

September 28, 

had if roquired from Sir George Prevost. The liberal aDDroui-iation« 
made by both provinces and the loyal spirit of the TnhabS leaves 
luUe apprehenBion of the ultimate result of any action Page S 

Teritory"" ^^ ^'•"' ^'""'"^ ^''''^ ^^ the%eople of the Micliigan 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) ^'^^ 

Capitulation for the surrender of Fort Detroit entered into between 

Maior General Brock and Major General Hull ^ll 

(In Brock's of 2!)th August.) " ^^^ 

Brock to Prevost The enemy crossed the Detroit River on the 12th 

ult., without opposition, established himself at Sandwich and ravaged the 

tZ Th? ^'"" "' '^!, ^"'y^"" *"^"- '^°«^« skirmishes took pS be! 
tween the enemy and the troops under Lt.-Col. St. George An account 

tl letiriugtr '''"' "^' ''^ capitulation of Hulllnd hlrarmy on 
(In Brock's of 29th August.) ^^"^ 

Same to Liverpool. The invasion by General Hull having produced 

dutt ?o" Iw tt *'^"' \^' J"'"'"'^ ^^'''^''-^ ^«^"^^d ^« "^^^-^^ he thSu^ht it his 
duty to lay he enclosed representation before the Executive Council 
The Legislature prorogued after passing the monev bills. TransS 
Tthe di^o'v ""^'T'^ l"^ *I'"^^"° ''^ ^""'^ Houses.' Is much tJSu bled 
tame^tHnrof/.°"^^T\^^ '^'^ ^t""^},^ ^^^^^ Western district to submit 
closes copy of Hull s proclamation on taking possession of Sandwich and 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) ^^^ 

Same to Liverpool. Before the despatch respecting the duties to be 

b7thTunUed%rr "ZT'T"''' r •■^^^'"^^' ^^^^h^d been declared 
be obeyed tranquility is restored the commands will 

Same to sanie. Despatches received. Encloses answers to questiint 
contained in that of 25th November 1811 questions 

Enclosed. Questions, j'o 

Same to same. Eocommending that John McDonnell be confirmed in 
h.s_^ appointment as Attorney General of Upper Canada. 185 

Same to same. Acknowledging despatch respecting foreigners arriv- 

nAll Pr rp"'' ^'""^ '^^ P"^**^ of Europe that are^under the cm i^ol 
01 the Ereiic'b Government. VoL 

' n;f/""!< w^^it""'''*- (^^- ^-^ Despatch stating that the seals of the Colo- 
nial and War Department had been entrusted to him (Bathurst) received. 

Same to same (No. 2.) Despatch enclosing memorial of the late At^ 

orney General Firth received. The explanations asked for cannot he 

tran.smitted by this opportunity. Encloses copy of the general ouar 

resecting Mr. Lees, of the 100th Regiment, 'of which Mr. Fi?t^h com' 

Enclosed. The General order. }q? 

received.''' '""'" ^^''- ^'^ ^^^^'^P^^^'^S ^'- I^i^th's accounts. Despatches 
Lo^ro/?h?T'^' Harrison. Transmitting for the information of III 
Me srs rlr^I if'^'J'r' '""^T' "' '^^ i^^ccutive Council as to whether 

b}' ttieir bonds to encourage the culture of hemp 
Enclosed. The report. ' 


Q. 315 

Q. 315 



i to be 
rls will 



med in 



October 20, 

Novenib(ir 10, 
Downing St. 

December 14, 
Downing St. 

December 15, 
Downing St. 

December 15, 
Downing St. 

December 31, 
Fort (ieorge. 

December .31, 
Fort George. 

December 31, 

Fort (ireorge. 

December 31, 
Fort George. 


Draft of a letter to Brock, (No. 5.) Transmitting copy of a letter re- 
specting the shipment of stationery for the Indian Department, Upper 
Canada. Page 204 

Major General E. H. SheaflFe to Bathurst. (No. 1.) lu consequence of 
the death of Major General Brock, has taken the oaths as President to 
administer the Civil Government. Encloses extract of his (Sheaffe's) 
despatch on the subject of the public loss. No word from Proctor 
at Detroit lately. The stated that troops were on the march against 
him. The enemy has been reinforced on the Niagara Frontier since the 
13th inst., and expect more help. They seem determined to repeat the 
attacks and by the aid of numbers and perseverance they may eventu- 
ally succeed in gaining possession of a small part of the Province unless 
reinforcements speedily arrive. At present an armistice exists between 
himself and Brigadier General Smyth, thirty hours' notice to be given of 
intended rupture. Lt.-Col. McDonnell, Provincial Aide-de-camp to Brock, 
and Attorney General of this Province, died on the 14th inst., of wounds 
received in the action at Queenston. Shall appoint some one to act in 
his place till His Majesty's pleasure be known.; 205 

Enclosed. Extract, dated 13th Oct., 1812, and addrcHsed to Sir George 
Prevost. 208 

Draft of a letter to Brock. (No. 6.) Despatches received and laid be- 
fore the Prince Eegent, who approves of his (Brock's) conduct. As the 
success in Upper Canada has secured peace there for some time, he trusts 
that duo preparations will be made to meet future invasions. Mr. Mc- 
Donnell's appointment has been confirmed. The conductof many of the 
Indian tribes gives them a fair claim to protection and reward. 189 

Draft of a letter to the Officer administering the Government of Uppei- 
Canada. (No. 1.) Giving authority to increase the salary of Mr. Givens, 
Superintendent of Indians. Grant of land to be made to Mr. Selby, Ee- 
ceiver General of Upper Canada. ' 211 

Same (No. 2.) Edward Bowen has been appointed Attorney General 
of Upper Canada. 213 

Same. (No. 3.) Transmitting memorial of Mr. McGillivray and papers 
relating thereto. The subject to be put before the Council. 214 

Sheaffo to Bathurst. (No. 1.' Being constantly in the presence of the 
enemy, has prevented him from, writing frequently. Eespecting the 
Militia and the Provincial Marine. Proposes going to York, where he 
will consult the Executive Council as to the expediency of assembling 
the Legislature before the close of the winter. 219 

Same to same. (No. 2.) John Beverly Eobinson was sworn in on the 
3rd inst. to act as Attorney General of the Province. 216 

Same to same. (No. 2.) Enclosing requisition for an extra quantity 
of Indian presents for 1813, in the event of war continuing. 223 

Enclosed. The requisition. 224 

Same to same. (No. 3.) Acknowledging despatches. The Executive 
Council has not yet prepared a report on the memorial of Mr.jDavenport 
Phelps. ' 218 

Plan of Fort at Detroit. 173a. 

Schedule of the Acts passed in the first (extra) session of the 6th 
Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada. 145 

(In Brock's of 29th August.) 





Q. 316 



li 'i 

July 30, 

.laniiar}' I. 

January 1, 

January ", 

Miscellaneous. — 1812. 
Q. 316 

Gore to Oastlereagh. Enclosing papers respecting Mr. Langan's 
claim to Grand Isle, opposite Kingston, and asking directions on the 
«"^«ct Page 289 

H^nclosed. Petition of Baroness de Longueuil and Patrick Langan 
stating that they are the lawful proprietors of Grande Isle and the three 
small adjacent islands. Garden, Forest and Nut, and asking that they be 
left in possession. Opinion of the Solicitor General of England respect- 
ing His Majesty's title to Grand Isle, dated 28th January, 1796. 304 

The report of Attorney General Powell, of Lower Canada, respectinir 
Grand Isle, *^ gng 

Certificate that D'Arcy Boulton, Solicitor General for Upper Canada 
is held prisoner at Verdun, Prance. 3 

Amherst to Liverpool. Soliciting a grant of 5,000 acres in Upper 
Canada for his brother-in-law, Mr. Hale, Deputy Paymaster General 4 

Alex. McDonnell to Gore. Asking that he, as sole executor for the 
late Solicitor General Gray, drowned on the " Speedy " on Lake On- 
tario, be given an order for for the salary due him. 272 

Enclosed. Copy of letter of administration certified by Joseph 
Cheniquy, 274 

Certificate, that Joseph Cheniquy is a duly commissioned Notary 
Public. 277 

Certificate that Eobert Isaac DeyGray fulfilled his duties as Solicitor 
General of Lppcr Canada from 13th June to 8th October, when he em- 
barked on the " Speedy " which is supposed to have foundered. 278 

John Wm. McGiue to Liverpool. Asking for 40,000 acres of land. 6 

Enclosed. Some reflections, in addition to the memorial presented to 
Liverpool, by John McGrue, 9 

^Nm. Firth, Attorney General of Upper Canada, to Liverpool. Re- 
capitulation of his complaints against the Governor and Executive 
Council of Upper Canada. I3 

IliirriHon to Peel. Respecting the provisions for the Indian Depart- 
ment and the pensions for ofticers of the same. 28 

Same to same. Asking from what fund the pension of Captain 
Steele, of the Provincial Marine, is to be paid. 30 

February 24. Gore to same. Respecting the provisions and rum for the Indians 
and also the pensions of the department. 31 

February 2-1. Same to same. Captain Steele's pension is paid out of the Military 
chest at Quebec. 33 

Tr~v""' ^ K. Wharton to same. Transmitting abstracts of warrants issued by 

(J n ambers. 

Marcli 5, 

January 13, 

Janiiary 18, 

February 19, 



February li>, 



starch !), 

March 10. 

March 11. 

Gore on the Receiver General of Upper Canada, from 1st October, 1810, 
to 7th Oct., 1811, for Lord Liverpool's observations thereon. 34 

Harrison to same. Transmitting letter from Brock, enclosing two 
requisitions for goods required to pay for lands to be pui-chased, from 
the Chippawa and Mississagua Indians in Upper Canada, for' Lord 
Liverpool's opinion thereon. 35 

Wm. Smith to . Transmitting a memorial from Mr. Firth 

Attorney General of Upper Canada. 36 

■Toro to Peel. His reasons for entering into a provisional agreeniouL 
with the Indians of Matchedash and Lake Simcoe for the purchase of 
about 250,000 acres of land. 38 

Same to same. Observations on Mr. Firth's me morial. 42 


Q. 316 



March 12. 

March 13, 

March 21. 

March 21, 

March 21. 

March 31, 



April 6, 



April 9, 
Downing St. 

Aitril 10, 
April 11. 
April 11. 

April 11. 

April 13, 
Downing St. 

April 14, 

April 14. 

Wyatt to same. Asking again for copies of certain official letters 
written by Lord Castlereagh, relative to his suspension from office, the 
first copies having been mislaid. Page 66 

Foster, His Majesty's Envoy, to . Believes the information 

he has received of the defenceless state of Detroit to be correct, has 
written to Prevost to put him on his guard against surprising it even 
should a declaration of war be proposed in Congress. After war has 
actually commenced is time enough to take otfonsive measures. 174 

(In Hamilton's of 5th May.) 

Wyatt to Peel. Thanks for the copies of the letters asked for. Gives 

the following extract of a letter from Castlereagh. "What might be 

" deemed charges against Mr. Wyatt, I considered he had satisfactorily 

" explained when I recommended to the Treasury to employ Mr. Wyatt 

'"elsewher"." 68 

John Wm. Grue (or McGi-ue ?) to same. Thanks for his note 
stating that the Governor of Upper Canada will make out a grant of 
such proportion of land as he considers proper. Asks for some official 
lette:- to present on arriving in Canada, 69 

W. D. Adams to Harrison. Staling that a moiety of Mr. Wyatt's 
salary has been paid. to Messrs. Chewettand Ridoat. 139 

(In Harrison's of 14th April.) 

h. Wharton to Peel. The Lords Commissioners see no objection to 
Mr. Gore's suggestions respecting the proposed road in the Western 
District. »70 

Harrison to same. Respecting the salary of Mr. Justice Powell. 71 

Peel to Gore. In reference to letter of 11th ultimo, states that Lord 
Liverpool has selected such extracts from the letters addressed to him 
by Mr. Firth as appear to comprehend the specific grounds of Mr. 
Firth's complaint. 44 

Unclosed. The extracts. 45 to 65 

Wyatt to Liverpool. Asking to be furnished with such parts of Mr. 
Gore's letters as constitute charges against him (Wyatt). 72 

Gore to (Private). Has made a few notes for his (Gore's) 

information on the conduct of Mr. Firth while in Canada. 73 

Same to Pee!. Letter of 9th instant, transmitting extracts from letters 
of Mr. Firth received. Encloses explanations upon some of the circum- 
stances referred to in the extracts which come within his own personal 
knowledge and suggests that such passages as relate to the Executive 
Council, IBench, &c., in Canada be forwarded to them. 74 

Enclosed. The explanations. 75 to 87 

Gore's reply to an extract of a letter from Wm. Firth, dated York, 
lOiL April, 1810. 88 

Enclosed. Documents relating to the same. 93 to 126 

Draft of a letter to Gore. The letters on the subject of Firth's accounts 
and his conduct in quitting the Province without leave have been laid 
before the Prince Regent, who upholds his (Gore's) conduct. 136 

Harrison to Peel. Ti'ansmitting letter from Mr. Adams upon the 
memorial of Messrs. Ridout and Chewett, praying for a ruoinfcy of Mr. 
Wyatt's salary during his suspension while they performed his duties, 
for Lord Liverpool's opinion on the application. 138 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Adams to same. Bnclo.sing certificate that Mr. McDonoll has dis- 
charged the duties of the Attorney General from 28th September to3l8t 
December, 1811, with an order to pay the salary due to Mr. Wm. Allan. 
Asks for directions. 141 

Enclosed. The certificate. 143 




April 21. 


Q. 316 

April 24, 

April 24, 
April 27. 

April 2!t, 

April 30. 

May 2. 

May 2. 

May 5. 
May .5. 

May 5, 



May 9. 

May 18, 



May 19. 

May 20, 

May 25, 


May 26. 











Memorial of Win. McGillivrny. Asking that the St. Regis Indim.s be 
ITn™ e ofSt^'lfe'Ts *' Pe'-Petuul leabe of their lands opposite the 

Endoaed, Petition of the Iroquois Indians of St. Regis to Gort* 
with the sumo request. ^ 150 

Gore's answei- to the above refusing the request 152 

Harrison to Peel. The goods asked for by Brock to pay for certain 
lands in Upper Canada purchaned from the Indians are to be forwarded 
to Canada. ,^ . 

Firth to same. Observations on his letter of 13th instant, 166 

Goi-e to Liverpool. Expressing his satisfaction that Mr. McDonell has 
been conhrmod in his appointment of Attorney General 161 

Harrison to Peel. Transmitting letter from Brock, inclosing requisi- 
tions for stationery for the Indian Department for Lord Livornoors 
opinion thereon. ' ,p,° 

w^'"\V'V.^M^"*' '"",* ^"'i^'^- 'Stating in connection with the memorial of 

Wm McGiIliyray that they have known him for many years and believe 

him to bo of high character. jgn 

Gore to Liverpool. Respecting the fees which form part of the emolu- 

ment of the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. \a± 

Enclosed. Stuitment. 2g» 

Thomas Scott to Gore. An account of his dispute with the House of 

Adams to Peel. Respecting the salary of Major General Brock lYl 

John Honeyman agent for Wm. Campbell to same. RespectinL' Camp- 
bell s salary as Judge of the King's Bench in Upper Canada. I72 

Wm. Hamilton to same Transmitting extract from a despatch from 
His Majesty s Envoy at Washington, dated 13th March. 173 

TEnclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

A ^m"*® mL '^*'^^' i^*^*"'*"^ communication from the Treasury of 29th 
April. The arrears of stationery for the Indian Department should be 
ordered out to this country. j^k 

Harrison to same. Directions as to the salary of Mr. Wvatt durino- 
bis suspension. ' •' .J^ 

Wyatt to same. Asking for copies of the charges preferred against 

Chetwynd to same. Returning Acts passed by the Legislature of 
Upper Canada which do not appear to require cor.lirmation but may be 
left to their own operation. 2gQ 

Torrens to same. Having laid before the Commander-in-Chief his 
letter of 23rd instant, with enclosure, states that no such general order 
as therein alluded to is reported to have been issued. The subject will 
be referred to Prevost. •' jg, 

outTJ?u "p™"- (P'7«,*«-) I« """ch pleased with the decision on the 
claim of the Baroness de Longueuil and Mr. Langan. Asks for a copy of 
Mr. Harrison's letter on the subject, jgo 

John Wm. Grue (or McGrue) to same. Asking for such a letter to 
the Governor of Upper Canada as will entitle him to attention 183 

Memorial of Margaret Vesey to the Earl of Liverpool, for a grant of 
icinu. i8fi 

,J^Z^ u ^^®J- , .Conditions I'.nder which he thinks the 'and reserved for 
the bt. Regis Indians might bfl granted to Mr. McGillivray. 187 

Same to same. Askin;/ whothfii- h« think" U "'•nbibh ' - rd T i ' 

would tind any difficulty in granting him""a tract of la..i ' '''''''^'(^^ 

Copy of the proceedings of Council relative to the rnetDorial of Mr 
becretaryJarvis asking for compensation for the stationoiy, &o.. used 
for deeds in the land granting office. ^ ' 279 




diaits be 

site the 


) Gore, 








ouse of 

. Ill 


h from 


.rune 30, 


.Tilly !), 



.hilv II. 

July 15. 
.Inly 21. 

.Inly L':!. 

Augimt 5, 



.\\it,'ust !.'<. 
Auffiist II. 


.\iiKiist 20, 

.\nKUsl: 22, 



SciitfiiilMi- 1, 

fSfptcliiliri II, 



S('|iti^i]ilicr lli. 




Win. .lurvis, .Socrotiu^ of lJ))por CiUiiKJa, to (Juio. Ahhurin;^ him that 
lio (.TarviH) had iiovor uutliorizod Mi-. i''irth to use Ills iiiuiic, and donioH 
beiiij^ aggrieved by ids ((roro's) conduct. I'ago l.'i2 

Adams to Peel. RoH))ecling Mr. D'Arey lioulton's tialary as Solicitor 
(icneral of Upper Canada. 191 

Harrison to same. Transmitting a memorial from i)r. Jiidoiit, ]»i'ay- 
ing for the payment of salaiy duo his brother, Thomas Jiidout. W^ 

(lOio to Bathurst. Knclosing memorial of Prideaux Holby, iioceivor- 

(Iciicral of Upper Canada. 194 

Enclosed. The memorial. 195 

Wyatt to Bathurst. Repeating his request for a copy of the (.'hargos 
jiieferred against him. 197 

E. W. Phelps to Peel. Enclosing a memorial from Davenport Phelps 
asking for a grant of land. 200 

Enclosed. The memorial. 201 

(iore to same. Boeommending that I bo nioiiiorial of Davenport 
Phelps be referred to the Council of Upi)er Canada. 204 

J. Barker, De- »ty iStorekeoper General, to Harrison. Heporting the 
shipmentof the stationery for the use of the Indian Department ii! Up- 
per Canada. 212 

Sam<! to samo. Be))or(ing the shipment of the Indian stores to 
])ay for the land purchased from the Chippawa and Mississagua In- 
dians. 214 

WyatI to Batbur.-^t. Asking for an answer to his letter of the 15tb 
lilt. 206 

Gore to Peel. Calling his attention to the following jioints which 
should be settled before he (Peel) leaves the office, viz. : Mr. (Hven's 
salary to he increased; grant of land to be made to Mr. Sclby; a))proval 
of certain sums lor secret services expended by him ((rore) to be for- 
warded to Canada; attention to be given to the House of Assembly who 
have jietitioned the Prince Regent to remove the Chief .Justice. Has 
received a private note from Harrison stating that liiverpool had 
acceded to the arrangements tor increasing the salary of the Lieut.- 
(rovernor of Upper Canada. 207 

Wharton to same. Enclosing a copy of a letter from the Deputy 
Storekeeper General reporting the shipment ol" stationery tor the Indian 
Department. 211 

(The enclosure calendared at its proper date.) 

Memorial of Count .loseph de Puisaye to Liverpool. Asking that Com- 
missioners be aj)])winted to enquire into his own claims and those of the 
Koyalists he had brought out from France. 217 

(In Wharton's of !Hli Seiitember.) 

\l. Wharton to Colonel Jiunbury. I'Jielosing copy ol'a letter from the 
Dejiuty Storekeeper General, rejiortiiig the shipment of Indian stores. 


(En('losure calendared at its jiroper date. 

Same to same. The four items in Gore's account mentioned in Peel's 
letter of 18th Mai'ch last, have been allowed for. 2ir) 

Same to Henry Goulburn. Kudosing letter, &e., from Count de 
Puisaye, I'espectiiig the investigation of his claims, for Lor(J Bathuist's 
observations thei-eon. 216 

(Enclosure oalen iared at its j)ioper date.) 

ITarrison to same. In reply to Gore's suggestion thai a fixed salary 
bo given the Governors in lieu of fees, the (commissioners of the Treasury 
have directed that all the fees in future be paid to the Roeoiver General 
and£l,000 be given to the Lieut.-Governors in their stead. 


yeptoiiihcr ;<(». 


Q. 316 

Octiiliir 22, 

Octl.lHT 21, 

DDwning St. 

Octoher 2! I, 






Deuciiilxjr 4. 

Doucmher .S. 

Deceinl)f r 18. 

Dect'inhcr 18, 



Dtjcciuher 31, 



No date. 

No date. 
No date. 

I)'\tv n^ >. iT'V' '''"«'?«;"^. " cortificute fn.m Verdun (,hu(, 

is itiKl 'i '^" '^'t'"-/'«"^'»-''' f\>i- UpporCunada held priHoner tl.oro 

yoaS sala^ "^ ^"^ *^' *''" °''^''' ^'^'^"^ ^^°''^ Bathul-«l for^his halt 
^ndoser/. " The certificate. ^'"^'® ?pf 

Extract of letter from Mrs. to Mrs. . Tl.o newn of the tak 

ingof Detroit has been followe.i by the nown ot another dear bought 
victory, owing o the death of Major Cenera! Brock. He k univerHaMy 
regretted, and had much influence over the Canadians and Ind a is 
biyoH copy of a siioech made to liim by Tecumseh 245 

Mr. (xordon to Mr. AchoHon, acting for Wm. McGillivray. The nanerH 
on he subject of- McCi^Ilivray's petition have been sent t,Tthe SSry 

to the rXnf in "' '^ '*:? ^'''''"° '' f'''^«»^-«ble, instructions shall beS 
to the Colony to carry the arrangements into effect. '>9., 

bimon McGillivray to Sir .James Hhaw, M.P. Asking that he uhcMh 
influence to further the application of his brother, Wm M.^i ivrJ;" 
who wi.3heH to secure an order from Ciovernment pel-mitting hi,n 1,7^ 
chase a trac of land opposite St. Regis from the Indians. ^ ^2"'? 

Wharton to Goulburn The Commissioners of the Troasiiry having 
considered Wm. McUillivray's memorial, think that he m Xt I,? 
alknved to acquire at least a part of the land under certain restric- 

John Savery Brook to Bathurst. In compliance with his request^ 
encloses an account of the near relations of his brother, the lateTaTor 
General Brock, who had determined that all should profi't fmm hi pay 
and emoluments. ' •^'.y 

Enclosed. The account. ir^ 

Extracts of letters from Brock to his brothers S? 

nL^7l\t'?'' ^? ^^"''.T"- J*^''«'««'»S copies of three letters from 
sliXntoaath^S:'^' "'"'' ^^^ '''''' ''""''''^^y his character, should be 
^^^J^<^losed. Extract of letters from Brock to his brothers in Eng^- 

^^Edward Begg to Bathurst. Urging the claims of the relatives^tf 

Gore to same. Asking for an extension of his leave. 256 

W m Brock to . Thanking His Majesty's Alinisters for their 

sympathy and thei- benevolent intention of reionfmendi i' r. iLance 
o each of Brock's relatives standing in need of it. Asks for some pos" 
tion to enable him to support his family. ^Tl 

Harrison to Goulburn. In order to prevent any future dissatisfictioi 

SriSi L';;1;hV'''r" l "^^^^i^- *beir stores, T^ks th^t le Tmis ^ 
Oe turnistied with particulars of the complaints. ?no 

i^^^^^^^^'^'"'' ^^^^^--^ ^^-^"« ^^--i^ to reside in 

of ^heSuU:^^:^^^""^'- ^"^'"^'^^^ ^'^ ^'^ ^'- '^'^ "f the paym!| 
Memorandum, unsigned, respecting the fees and Mr. Firth's conduct'' 

t'olnt ro^ '^"' ''T "r;f"'^' ^^•^""^<^"t before presented t the S 
tenant-Governor should be entered in the Council books as an official 
document and an answer to Mr. Firth's reproach on the Board of 
^^'^' 262 




October 24 



I'lirt (icorgc. 

f !lii|i|iM«ii. 

Deomiibi'i' 1, 
('icck, near 
l''ort Uric. 
.biiMuvrv 1, 

.liiiMi.iiy If, 

• liiiuiiiiy IT), 
l''(prt < ii'orgi'. 

.(aiiiiaiv ■_'."), 
S.'ukIu icli. 

LiEUT.-fJovERNOR R. If. Sjieappe, Lledt.-Governor. p. de Rottenbubo 
AMJ Miscellaneous— 1813. 

Q. 317. 

Address from some inliabitunts of Upper Canudu, statiiiix theii- satis- 
taction at the removal of Gore. "Pafo 177 

Sheatto to Provost. Fire was eommonced on Port Niagara on the 
2 1st inst. hnclosing a report of the oventn of the day. The advantage 
though not 80 great as might have been expected, is on our side! 
Captain bry, an old half pay otHcor, was killed while collecting shot as 
he said to send back to the enemy. A private in the 49th was also 
killed, ihe enemy's expenditure of ammunition was very great. Has 
observed two of the enemy's camp.s, one at Schlossor and the other at 
ilack Kock Ihe greatest number of troops are said to be near Buffalo, 
lias sent Indians to watch their movements. Colonel Bisshopp com- 
mands that Hank instead of Major (ieneral Shaw, who returns to his 
duty as Adjutant General of Militia. The number of Militia in the field 
has considerably increased since the notice of the termination of the 
armistice. ., 

Enclosed. Report of Christopher Myers, Lieut.-Col. acting, Quarter- 
master General, and commanding Port OJeorge. ' 7 

Sheafte to Pievost. p]arly in the morning of the 28th inst., an attack 
was made by the enemy on our batteries opposite Black Rock. At first 
their superior numbers overcame us, but reinforcoraents arrivin" thev 
were forced to retire, lie (Sheafte) went up on receiving notice of the 
action and found the enemy in gi-eat force and making a display of it 
evidently to give effect to the summons sent to Col. Bisshopp to sur- 
render l^ort Erie. Is now at this post, as it is a central situation for 
receiving news. Captain Fitzgerald, 49th Regiment, was employed to 
carry Lieut.-Col. Bissliopj/s answer to Black Rock, where he saw Brig 
General Smyth, who showed him the large force there. Has not yet 
received the official report and returns from Lieut.-Col. Bisshopp He 
and his officers deserve high commendation. Lieuts. King and Lamont 
of the 49th were early disabled. n 

Cecil Bissho])p, Lieiit.-Colonel commanding, toSheaffe. Report of the 
affair with the enemy on the 28th November near Fort Erie. 14 

Enclosed. Return of the killed, wounded and mis.sing, ' 22 

Wm. Brock to Goulburn. Thanks for the liberal manner in which 
he and las brothers have been treated. 175 

John Mills Jackson to Bathurst. Having been entrusted with an 
address to the Prince Regent from the inhabitants of Upper Cansuia 
forwards the same and requests it may be laid before the Prince 176 

Sheaffe to same. Transmitting duplicates of his despatches to Prevost 
of 23rd and 30th November. 2 

Henry Procter, Colonel commanding, to Sheaffe. Account of the en- 
gag(;ment at F'rench Town. 25 

Enclosed. Return of the whole of the troops, Regulars Militia 
Marine and Indian Department engaged in the action at^ French Town' 
with number of killed and wounded. 31 

List of the officers in the action. 32 

Return of arms, ammunition, &c., taken from the enemy. 34 

Return of the prisoners of war taken. ' 3(7 


Fcl Hilary 14, 
l''((rt (Ji'iirgi-. 


Q. 317 

Fi'lH'iiaiy 17. 

F«l)riiiiiy IS, 



l''<'brimry '22, 

Maiili 1. 

March 1, 

Af ch.-f. 

Mai . 8. 

March IH, 

March 15, 

bheaflo to (No. 2.) Tiansmittin^r copy of a deHpuU-h from 
Colonel ProettM-, <'()iiunari(lin<i; ut. Detroit, reporting liin defout of the 
ArnercanH under Uriiradier «ioneral VVinclicstor, at French Town, on 
the River '?iiisin. The .naihii,t conduct of I'roctor and hin littio cdrps 
entitle tliem to the hij^'iiest cominen(hUion. The enemy (lui' in thi.s 
vicinity. The LegiHJiUnrn 'm ,„,H,t on the 25th inat. .'airo 23 

John Franivliii u. rouilnirn iJospocfing the salary of Mr. D'Arcy 
Houlton. jq,; 

Wm. Urock- to (Jjwtloreagh. Hncloeing two letters from Siv IsaacH 
Aide-de-camp, one Irom an inhabitant of Montreal, and the addroHK of 
the Executive Council to his (Major (feneial Brock ) successor, all of 
whici go to show the general opinion entertained of the late </ulhint 
offlco/. "^ 202 

Enclosed. K.xtructs of letters fr'/u M,ij;)r Cilogg to Wm. HrocU the 
first d:ited 14th October, 1812, and the second the 25th of the same 
)iionth. 203 204 

hctters from Isaac Todd, Montreal, to Wm. Brock, " ' 209 

Address of the Executive (council. 211 

(in Castlereagh'sof 3rd March.) 

Kliazar W. Phelps to Bathurst. Urging that attention bo given to 
the memorial of the Rev. Davenport I'helps. 187 

C. B. Wyatt to same. Enclosing memorial, and asking that bis hard 
case be considered. jgc) 

Enclosed. The memorial addressed to the Prince Regent and asking 
that inasmuch as he was suspiinded from otlico without any just cause, 
lie i)e reinstated and paid arrears ol^alary or such other compensation 
as may be considered proper. |i(3 

(^ol Fitzgerald to Cas* leieagh. Transmits accompaiiyinu' papers from 
VVm. Brock and urging ihat he be given some active «>mploymont, for 
which he would willingly resign his jiension. 201 

(In Castlereagh's of 3rd March.) 

Castlereagh to Ikthurst. Enclosing note from Col. FitzGorald M.l' 
for the County of Clare, with the accompanying papers from Wm. Brock' 
eldest brother of Sir Isaac, and recommending them to Lord Bathurst's 
favourable consideration. ' 200 

(Knclosures calendared at their respective dates. 

H J Boulton to (Bathurst?) Asking for the situation loft vacant 

by the decease of the Attorney General of Upper Canada. 214 

Sheaftb to Provost. The Legislature will close this day. Some of the 
amcnc ments to the Militia Act promise some benefit, others are doubtful 
Jlas directed a copy of the titles of the Bills passed to be transmitted 
with this letter. An Incorporated Militia is to be formed with a bounty 
of eight dollars. Asks for an addition as that sum is not sufficient, 95 

Same to Bathurst. (No. 3.) The Legis' lure assembled on the 25th of 
l<obruary, and prorogue.! on the 13th insL, being the second Session of 
the bixth Parliament, I'inclosos speeches, &c. ;}7 

Enclosed. Speech by Sheaftc on the opening of Parliament 39 

Answer by House of Assem biy. ' 43 

Answer by Shcaft'e. ' 4g 

Address of the Legislative Council in answer to the President's 
speech. ^t. 

Answer by Phoaffo. gy 

Address from the House cf Assembly to the President (Sheatte) on liis 
accession to the Government of the Province and on his success in repel 
iing the attempts of the enemy. 54 

Answer by Sheatte. 5g 

Q. 317 

March 15, 




\fiir( li 1(i. 

Manli IC. 

iMiiroh 17, 

Speocli by Shoaffo on jnorogation. Page 60 

Scheiliile of tlie lawn pawsod. (;h 

Kxplanatory roinark.s oii certain AcIh paHsed. (JC 

Slieatlc to HatliiirHt. (No. 4.) In cctnpliaiico with a reqiiost from the 
lloiisn of AsHombly nxprenHod, in tln> cnclosod Hpooch, oncloaes an ad- 
dross froMi tliut bixly U> tho Piinci! llogont, aHl<in^ that, lio would grant 
some of the waste landH in Ujjpor Canada to tho family of tliu late Major 
froneral Brock, to i<oop tho n.iine alivo in tho Province. 70 

Unclosed. Spooch. 72 

AddroHH to the Priiico Ilogiuit. 74 

l/Abb^ do hi Tiappo to Ijivorpool. (In French.) Asking Cor lundH, 
provisionH, and a t'lvm piiHHago into Upper Canada for iiimsclf and hi8 
folio wors, if that is not possible, a passport to go to the bordors of tho 
MissiBsippi. 21tJ 

Enclosed. Tho raoinorial. 218 

Shoaffo to Ikthiirst. (No. 5.) Knciosiiig a momorial and accompany- 
ing pai^'ra from Thomas Ilidoiit. Rccoinmciuls the jKaition. 78 
Enclosed. Memorial of Thomas Ridoiit, Surveyor Ironc'i'al of lJ|)por 
Canada, for the suspended moiety of his nalary from 3(»th May to 24th 
December, 1810, with the accompauyii ■■: documents. 80 to 85 
Slioatfo to Bathurs'.. (No. 0.) Transmittingabstract from the Docket 
Books of the Auditor (reneral, of grants of lands in Upper ('anada. 87 




Afaroli IK, 

March IS, 

Maitli IS, 
I'Vii-t Ei'if. 


Q. 317 

Um,U« wuch have pasHed the (}r«at Seal of thiH Provinco t- 









Si) Houie. 











1 23 

Total No. 
of A<'n'H 


2!l Niagara. 

(I'lciiKarrv., . 


I'le.scott . . . 

ItlLSUHJI . . . 

Stoi'iiiont . . . . 

• ironvilln 

fai'lftoii , , 










WH) ■-"■> (l.SIIO 



.Midilhwpx , 
Norfolk . . . 



lifiiiiox and .VddiiiKtoii. . 
ri'iucc Kdward 

•'t / 












! H. 

(Hie). V,,mi 

7,rm ) 

4,20(1 j 


i?i J 


1,21 Of: 
S24 i 

r>,(ifio jj 








(Sic.) • 

Ri-i'ors excepted. 

(.Signed) P. SELBY, 

Auditor General. 

confrrrS o"n htrnTu ^p'''' ^T'''^ "cknow lodgements of the^'hrou' rred on luiu by tl.e Pnnce Eegent, who hm created him a baronet. 

.J!^l^ i" ^]'r?^' •^f''' """^'^'^^ ^^" "'^^"t'o" of ten dollars to the bounty 
grunted by the Legislature of Upper Canada tr, .nlunt..... <v,, ?1 I ' oT 
l>Oialed M.litia. Thinks the state of the IVovince will justify lis hav'in- 
done so w.thout waiting for an answer to his application ^ 97 

o..mmen^Ml h?ft.^'"'-"^"'^"''' '"/incent. An account of a cannonade 
c.mmenml by the enemy .-igamsl (he Fort on the morning ol' tl.e 1711, 




Mnnli I'd, 

Miiiili 21, 
l'"iirt ( i()iir(,'i'. 

.Mill, I, L'a, 


Miircli 3H, 

Miiitli 2H, 

Murch Li), 

.Vpiil 3, 


tioiir Exoter. 



hnrlosed. Uoturn ofiho killed mid woimde.! inr 

Shouffo to Brtthui.t. Tho vftiioiiM .lociimoiiU oonn(,clo.l with the lati! 

mmvm wind, aro proparini,' for will no doubt bo vorvm tin 

factory "h ,ho spirit, <,f unanimity and patriotiHui vhi^h 1 „„ 

,i,'ovorned that body Tho .nour.n at Ihoir disposal 'boini? so snm I thev 

could only voto .Mght dollarn as a bounty to each voIunte^,r for lo ncor 

.0 atod M> htni. Tho sum being n.ucd, too small, ho transmits copio" of 

otters lo Provost. asking for further aid. Intends to rocommond the 

Incorporated Militia for grants of land. "u'uona tne 

rii,t'l.^.'"'7n' '\'''K'''"^''- ««"«'-''l, to Shoado. Kn(dosing lottor from 
Liout.-i.olonol B.sshopp, o<,mmanding at Fort Krio, with an aceour 
a cannona.le on that lA,rt and a list of killed an.l woundod. 1 as " ,,co 
boon at tho Fort and found all (luiot. '^" 

(Fnolosuros calendared at their reH|)Octivo dates.) . 

SheartotoHathurst. Transmitting copies of .lospatchos which have 
boon o,vvarJe.l to his Kxcollency, reporting a canno'nado on the rig ,? 
or line on the Niagara Frontier, on tlio Hth instant. Brigadier Genor 
Vincent ,s of opinion that it was a more St. Patrick's day^f?-olic '"' 

Same to same. (No 7 ) Letter authorizing an increase of salary "to 

r. (.ivons and a grant of land to Mr. Selby, received. ^06 


Same to same. (No. 8.) Lottor notifying the appointment of Kdwin 
Howen to be Attorney General of the Province, received iq^ 

Same to same (No !).) Knolosing report of the Executive C<,uncil on 
the memorial of Mr. Davenport Phelps. Tho opinion is unfavourable 

Enclosed. The report. JJ^ 

Gore to Goulburn. States in reply to letter ofHOth March that two 
hundred acres of land n Upper Canada is tho quantity usually grante 
to persons of tho description of those whose names are subscribed to the 
papers accompanying the letter, the fees to bo paid by the public The 
practice of g.v'.ng provisions has been discontinued for somi years The 
emigrants the Count do Puisaye wore tho last to reco vo\h s induT- 
fZ2\ -^l" '•'^^''^U-'-llfts «f '"ind to Loyalists, disbanded soldier Ic 
caused jealousy. Should the petitioners bo allowed free passages' and 

rthroTigit, Voy";rtt^.f ^'' '-'"^'-^ '' ^^-'^ --- ^^« '--"HiJ 

ShoaflPe to Bathurst. Hopes to return to Fort George in a few days 
Wishes before leaving this place to see it put in a hotter state to resS 
the attacks of the enemy which aro expected in the spring. Tho Ar^eri 
can flotilla ut present; looked up in tho ice at Sackett's^Harbout To 
destroy the ship building here would be a groat object with them Last 
intelligence of Procter was dated 21st March; at that time. General 
Harrison with about 2,000 men wore entrenched at the foot of he Ss 
of the Mianus. Part of the 41st have been sent to Proc^ei si.3ls 
defeat of Winchester Has reports of Captain Eoberts, commanding 
Michilhmackinac, to the 19th March, he had received infonnaS, f h! 
advance of 4,000 Americans under fJonoral Clarke up hTS; .^^^^ 
with the design of g:aining Lake Michigan. The Sioux and Xr t .ffles 
have declared their intention of vigorously opposing them. Mr Robert 
Dickson, whose influence them is great/has prolmbly joined them! 

Same to same. (No. 10.) Letter enclosing one from'Mr. Wharton with 
another from he Deputy Storekeeper General, reporting the sh^nment 
ol stationery for tho Indian Department received ^ shipment 




April 7, 

A) Til 7, 

April 7, 

.\pril 10. 

April 10, 


Q. 317 

Ma,v :>, 

iVIay a, 

May 10, 

Misy 12, 


/ Muy 13, 
I Kingston. 

Miiy r.i, 

Miiy l(i, 

May 17, 

Sairic f ^ Hjime. (No. 11.) Letter of 16th November received. Ivleasurew 
liave been taken to communicate both to the Loyal inhabit antH and to 
the i?ithful Indians iho gracious approbation it conveys. Page 118 

Same to same. (No. 12.) Acknowledging circular lettci-of 16th Nov- 
ember, containing inbtiuctions concerning the disposal of'coii or bullion 
found on American vessels. The letter referred to of 12tli September 
not received. jjy 

Same to same. (No. 13.) Acknowledging letter of 24th November, 
with copy of one of same date from IFarnson, together wit-i copies of 
the enclosures therein referred to, respecting the rcturn.'^j of" American 
property taken on tbreign stations. • 120 

Wyatt to same. Asl<ing that some stops be taken in respect to his 
letter of 1st ultimo. 228 

John E, Small to same. Mr. Boulton's liberation gives lu'm a safe 
opjiortunity for forwarding •■> letter from Mr, Bond, hoping even at this 
late period he (Bond) will get the redress he prays for," if he appears 
unworthy it i.s from no fault of his own, but from the shame fid neglect 
with which His Majesty's orders were treated by Mr. ( iore, then Governor 
of Upper Canada. Refrains from saying more or entering i' to the de- 
tails of the o])pression and cruelty with which he had "treafed some 
individuals. Sees no brightening of the ])ro8pects of his release, and is 
quite in th'i dark as to his father's affairs, therefore forwards a statement 
of the grievances he was groaning under when he left Canada to endea- 
vour to obtain justice for his father, but was taken prisoner on the way 
across. Asks for all assi.stanco in his endeavours to relieve him, an old 
manof 70, and his wife and child, from whom he is separated' while- 
Avasting his life in a useless capivity. 229 

Shealfe to Prevost. Detailing the circumstances relating to the sur- 
render of York on the 27th ultimo. i;5;> 

Enclosed. Terms of the capitulation entered into. I37 

List of killed, wounded, prisoners, and missing. 140a 

Extracts from letters addressed to Prevost by .Sheatle, dated 29th 
March and 5th May, 181!!, explaining his detention at Yoi'k. 144 

Same to same. Detailed accouut of the capture of York. 150 

Memorial of Eleazar W. Phelps, asking for a township in Upper Canada, 
on condition that he settle the said township and on any other conditions 
it may be thought proper to impose. " 283 

Sheaffe to Bathurst. Acknowledging loiter of 15tli December, 
covering one from Wharton, with its enclosure respecting grant of land' 
to Mr. Mctiillivrrty. The instructions will be complied with as early 
as possible. 121 

Same to same. Regrets to have to state that the money in the Pro- 
vincial Treasury fell into the enemy's hands when he obtained posses- 
sion of York. The amount was about £2,000. Mr. Selby was insensible 
at the time from the illness to whicli he soon afterwards succumbed. 122 

Same to same. Hopes there may be no ditliculty about the payment 
for the house in York bought for public offices frc a the representatives 
of the late Chief Justice Elmsley. The Government House, that in 
which the Legislature assembled, and two block houses were destroyed 
by the enemy. ]23 

Same to same. Explanation of the causes of the extraordinary in- 
crease in the expenditure of the Province. 12(> 

Same to same. Enclosing copy of a letter which he had addressed to 
the Troasuiy on Mr. Selby 's decease and Mr. McGill's ai)])ointment. 128 

(Enclosure calendared at its proper date). 

Q. 31T 


May 17, 

May 18, 

Jll.u, '!. 

War (j.'*iiv 

June 11, 

June 1,5, 

June 10. 

June 17, 



June 17, 
(in^ n. 
June 1!), 

June 19, 


June 22, 

June 29. 

July 10, riead 
(Quarters, 12, 
Mile Creek, 
near Fort 

July 10, Hea( 
t^lu-irters, 12, 
Mile Creek, 
near Fort 

August 2, 

August 'A, 

Same to the Treasury. Mr. Selby, the Eoceiver General of this Pro 
v.nce having died on the 9th in.t., he has appointed Mr John McGiU to 
irto^Srthept't'''"^'^^ i.Wr„ction/' Eeeommends tha^t" J^ 

Sanoe to iBathurnt. Transmitting.- copies of a letter with itffacloT 

t,IV' f,":r^*^'V*"'*^'^«^'^ "» ^^« 27th ult., to^re hei with ex 
tracts of letter explaining his detention at that plac^. "^ ni 

Lord Palmerston to (xoulburn. The Prince Eogent annroves of h« 

monument U, h,. la.e brother. D„.» ,„ i„ ca.e i. migkl ii^^Tot hte 

r.'fA^'i '"llu 'i" "'"'''°'" """'be'" »f 'be Exooalive Council of Vofjr 
dreforh'^'';S,"''"""""'""'' '-"-''—ay he ha. fu,«/,e^X 

Enclosed. Sheaffe's answer. V'^ 

Shoaffe to Bathur^t Recommending Samuel Smith, to till thevacancv 
caused by the death of the Hon. Aiexjfnder Grant "^^e vacancy 

bame to same. Transmittinir copy of his reoort to P.-omMt ..oio+- 
o d;;!!'"" ?'h"'' '^ ^-'^ e-W.' MajorGerraM^E. ttent :t^ 
Ind H''erShtffr''r'' '"' t'''^ Beniortohim will ta4 com": 
mand. He (Shoaife) will assume the command of the Montreal Distriot 
as directed. Transmits also copies of a letter addressed to ht , by the 
residen members of the Executive Council and his answer thereto^ 148 

(Enclosures calendared at their respective dates ) 

Cla^krrthf 59d?Ee^n ''^r l{ ^.'^^ 'r^'^'^^^ '''^' '^*« C^P^^i" John 
Olarke, ot he 59th Eegt., to Bathurst. For an increase of income. 239 

Francis De Rottenburg to same. lUs assumed command of the forces 

nlL' "?•'""•''''"?"" f'^', ^^'^'" t^o^«rnment. Encloses copy of a 

proclamation issued on his taking the oaths of office ^ lao 

Unclosed. Theproclamatic-n. "^ ' :^^ 

DeEottenbnrgtoEichard Wharton. Has this day assumed the ad 

minis mtion ot the Givil Government of the Province o^l 

E. W. Phelps to (roulburn. Havinir been informo.l tU»t » „ I 

gom the Executive Council of Upper ctnat^on "t'm'emt al' of^f 

onrCfbi'^tlirsamr-^^^^'^^^'^^'^'^ '''^'^^^^y ^^-^'^ ^^ ~nt 
Eobert Eyre to same. Asking for information on the subiect of the 

De Eottenbui^ to Bathurst. Acknowledging the following lette!f 
1st. Dated 2nd February, respecting certain alterations in the Order in 

icd Dated 26th March, announcing the death of the Duchess -^f R.. fn 
wick. 3rd. Dated 26th March, with a form of pAver fo. fb. P ' 
Regent. 4th. Dated 5th February, Hignifying '^^[Xva? of t^^ 
passed by the Legislature in March, 1812 ^ ^ ^^ ^" ^^^ 

Sameto Goulburn. Acknowledging letters addressed to Sheaffe ac 
companied by a copy of of an estimate upon which the House of Com 
mons has voted the sum of £8,441 for the Civil Establishment of thl 
Province for the present year. u"io"i or ine 

Board of Transport to Harrison. Indian stores and cordage for he 
naval service will be shipped without loss of time 9V« 

Harrison to Goulburn. Having laid before the Commissio.rers 
of the Treasury his letter of 9th June last, disputing the jmym^t 



Q. 317 


August 3. 



August 20, 

August 30, 

September 15, 



Octol)er 3, 
Camp, Four 
Mile Creek, 
near Fort 

October 3, 
Camp, Four 
IMile Creek. 

October 11 , 



October 25, 

November 18, 

No date. 

No date. 

of the Surveyor General of Upper Canada's salary, is commanded to 
state that the letter and enclosures have been forwarded to the agent of 
Upper Canada with orders to divide the unappropriated moiety of the 
salary in question between Messrs. Chewett and Ridout. Page 244 

Same to same. Transmitting letter from the Transport Office relative 
to the conveyance of Indian stores to Upper Canada. 245 

J. Barker, Deputy Storekeeper General, 
appointments for use of the troops in 

to Harrison. Clothing and 
Upper Canada have been 


D'Arcy Boulton to Goulburn. For an extension of leave. 


Arbuthnot to same. Transmitting letter from Major General de 
Rottenburg stating ,that in the absence of the Lieut.-Governor of Upper 
Canada the Civil Government has devolved on him. 250 

De Rottenburg to Bathurst. Acknowledging despatches addressed to 
Sheaffe, to which due attention shall be paid. 169 

Same to Goulburn. Acknowledging letter addressed to Sheaffe with 
a Gazette extraordinary, containing an account of a glorious victory near 
Vittoria, obtained over the French armies in Spain by the forces under 
Wellington. The news cannot fail to please this colony. 170 

Harrison to 8am( . Transmitting report of the Comptroller of Army 
Accounts on a letter from Sheaffe, with the public accounts of Upper 
Canada for the half year ending 30th June, for Lord Bathurst's opinion 
thereon, 252 

De Rottenburg to Bathurst. Acknowledging letter of 9th August. 
The list of titles of all the Acts passed by the Legislature of the pro- 
vince and also a complete collection of all the laws will be forwarded as 
soon as possible. These documents w^ill not probably be ready till after 
the close of navigation. Causes of the delay. 171 

Memorial of Sarah Margaret Clarke to Bathurst. Praying for an in- 
crease to her allowance. 253 

Memorandum on sale of lands. 223 

Memorandum on the Militia of Upper Canada. 225 

J. 317 

led to 
ent of 
of the 

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led to 







ed as 



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